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Fandom basic dictionary
  • because getting into fandoms is hard, here's some basic vocabulary for you
  • fandom: a group of people who are fan of the same thing
  • ship: a couple you like and think they should date
  • shipping: liking two people as a couple
  • OTP: one true pairing, your favourite ship
  • canon: confirmed by the original writer
  • head canon: what someone thinks should be canon/could be canon
  • AU: Alternate Universe, what could be if characters were place in different time/space/jobs/etc
  • OC: original character
  • OOC: Out Of Character, not their usual behaviour
  • oneshot: fanfiction with only one chapter
  • smut/lemon: fanfiction involving sex/explicit scenes
  • Mpreg: male pregnancy
  • PWP: 'plot, what plot?' or 'Porn without plot', smut without a strong or clear storyline
  • RP: roleplay, playing to be a certain character
  • slash: gay couple/ pairing
  • yaoi: gay pairing, usually involves smut
  • yuri: lesbian pairing, usually involves smut
  • het: hetero/straight pairing
  • TLDR: Too Long, Didn't Read/ summarising
  • fluff: happy fanfictions with a happy plot, very little bad stuff happens
  • !: used to assign a category in fanfiction (example: Dark!Harry (unusual))
  • cosplay: costume play, dressing up an acting as a certain character
  • nsfw: not safe for work
  • crossover: mixing two fandoms (mainly in fanfiction)
  • A/N: author's note
  • beta: (/beta reading) a person proofreads a fanfic before posting
  • drabble: really short fanfic, usually around 100 words at most
  • OP: original poster
  • POV: point of view
  • plot: storyline
  • prompt: story idea given by one person and written by another
  • R&R: read and review
  • TBC: to be continued
  • WIP: work in progress

Hey everybody! I’ve finally got some money put back for this, and just in time — to celebrate 20,000 follows and 300 Ask Sam Stuff entries, I’m whipping out a contest parallel to Sam’s big beautiful B-day.

For the month of April, I’m hosting an Ask Sam Stuff contest that leads up to Sam’s birthday!

The basics are simple: pick an asksamstuff entry that you enjoyed or have some interest in, and expand upon it or recreate it in whatever way you want!

It can be fanfiction, fanart, crafts of some kind, or even edits! So long as they link with the selected entry in some way in subject matter, they’re all perfectly within the guidelines.  I want to see how amazingly creative all y'all are and expand our love for our boy, Sam Winchester (though of course, other characters are totally welcome, so long as you have Sam in there as a focal point). Post your creation to your blog with the hashtag #asksamcontest so I can find your entry throughout the month of April; you can also use @asksamstuff in your entry somewhere to ping me to it, or e-mail me a link at

Be sure to link the asksamstuff entry that it is based on in your contest post, or let me know which entry your post is based on via message!!

At the end of April, I will collect the entries and pick the winners of a select group of prizes!

The categories are: fanfiction, fanart, and fanedits (crafts will be placed under fanart unless I recieve a decent enough count to make a fourth category). Judging will be based on how well the entry is done — not just in artistic ability, but in effort, creativity, uniqueness, and so on! So don’t feel discouraged; a lot of it will come down to personal preferences and different ways of selecting winners.

There is ONE person who will get a top prize — a unique and one of a kind Sam-centric fancomic, 15-20 pages in length, printed and shipped to their house with a special thanks printed in the back! And it will be entirely based on one of your own prompts that you supply when the contest is over. It will have a thank you letter and will be solely your own to do with as you please; your eyes only, unless you’d like to post it or what have you. It’s all yours! (As a note, it may take a few weeks for this to be completed and shipped out, so bear with me; light character shipping is alright but nothing too dirty, I’m a prude).

From there, here are the prizes for winners of individual categories!

Two winners of each category will get to choose between a grayscale copy of any of the asksamstuff volumes, a color copy of The Little Golden Hunter’s Book — OR a piece of art based on a prompt they offer, if they already own the books or prefer a drawn picture. The art will be personalized with a thank you and can be sent to you, if you would like that instead of being gifted digitally.

A listed number of runners up will recieve a notecard with an original hand drawn Sam Winchester and a personalized thank you, as well as some stickers, in a cute little envelope!

Everyone who participated will be listed on a masterlist of entries for all to see, as well as a link to your blogs, that will remain linked on the asksamstuff blog’s navigation page. ♥

The only requirements for entering is the following:

• Fanfic should not be any longer than 10,000 words. People who can pump out more than that are so cool and I want your powers, but I want to be able to judge everyone quickly, and I fear I may not have time to go through long entries! 

Mark anything NSFW as such! But these things are not excluded, so long as they’re connected to the asksamstuff entry you selected.

• You have to be willing to give me an address to ship things to! If you’re very private and you’d rather enter but get an art piece or whatnot via e-mail, let me know when I announce the winners. I will ask winners to e-mail me at that time with addresses and what prize they want. Please be sure to be available via e-mail! Tumblr is very wonky sometimes.

Also again, be sure to use #asksamcontest so I can see it!


Have fun, and I’ll see you then!! ;)

(And don’t be afraid to ask questions if needed.)

— Ashlee

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Getting your work featured on our blog:

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Hard To Say Goodbye

Summary: Johnny’s extended family is successfully trying to pull him away from his jailed father, which means away from the New Moon Theater crew, as well.

Johnny sighed and ran a hand over the piano keys one last time. His hand fell to his side and he walked downstairs to the rehearsal rooms, stopping only when he saw Ash plucking out a lonesome melody on her guitar. She was unusually quiet. “Ash?”

The porcupine looked up, then turned back to her music, spines drooping. “Do you have to go?” She chuckled sadly. “It’s usually considered bad luck to break up the band.”

Johnny sighed and sat next to her. “I can’t exactly keep living in an abandoned gas station. I’ll come back eventually.”

Silence fell between them like a fog – they both knew that was a lie. Johnny’s extended family didn’t want him anywhere near his father, not even in the same state.

“Don’t tell me I’m what’s got you so down,” Johnny fairly plead. “I’m not going to forget you, Ash. None of you.”

Ash stood on the box and reached behind her to pull out a spine. “Here.” She offered the striped quill to Johnny, and when he didn’t move, she skillfully threaded it through his leather jacket. “For luck.” She sat back down and started playing.

Sensing her dismissal, Johnny walked to the door, then paused, turning back. After a moment of indecision, he walked back and gently pressed his lips to her forehead. “Luck,” he said simply.

Ash gave a sad smile.

Johnny grinned encouragingly. “Maybe I’ll see you.” With that, he turned and walked out of the theater.

Ash turned to her guitar and started to sing.

How do I say goodbye to what we had?
The good times that made us laugh, outweighed the bad
I thought we’d get to see forever, but forever has blown away
It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday

I don’t know where this road is gonna lead to
All I know is where we’ve been and what we’ve been through
If it gets me to tomorrow, I hope it’s worth all the pain
It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday

And I’ll take with me the memories to be my sunshine after the rain
It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday

Disclaimer: Sing and its characters are the property of Illumination Entertainment. It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday is the property of Boyz II Men. The author is not making any money off of this.

A/N: I tried to write this so it could be read as platonic or something more. Personally, I ship these two so hard, but I understand not everybody does. (*glares at my sister*) I hope you enjoyed.


Category: Minific

Rating: M

Notes/Warnings: Long time, no see! This chapter is completely clean, so no warnings. It’s a little short compared to what the other parts in this minific will be in length, but since I hadn’t posted in eight million years I pushed some events over to the next chapter so I could get some contnet out here. I hope you enjoy!

First Part

Part 2

April 8th, 1912

               The next morning, Loki sprang up and dressed the moment he opened his eyes, not even bothering to tidy his hair before stepping over to Camryn’s door, hoping to catch her before she left. He rapped upon the dark wood, reasoning with himself that it was barely light outside and that she surely couldn’t have gone yet, but after several tries he still had no answer. A plump housekeeper laden with fresh linens eventually passed him, and noticed his predicament.

               “She’s already left, sir,” she informed with a sympathetic cluck. “Said she was catching the first train out.”

               “How long ago did she leave?” Loki demanded, turning away from the door and hovering over his witness with an unintentional menace.

               The maid blanched, taken aback by his intensity. “Before first light, sir,” she answered with surprising composure. “Why, she was going out the door as I came in.”

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It’s here... it’s the Ron/Hermione Awards 2016!

Welcome back to a new edition of the Awards celebrating fanfic and fanart creators for our Ron/Hermione fandom corner! 2016 was a tough year, but so many amazing fanworks were there to offer us some respite from the real world, it’s only right we give something back to the people behind them. Not to mention, this is a great opportunity for shippers to be aware of stuff they might have missed!

How does this work? You take a look back at your favourite works of fanart and fanfiction posted during 2016 and nominate them to one of the several categories we have; we will then post all the nominations and contact the authors; you consider all the nominated works and cast your votes!

There are several rules and guidelines that we ask you to please read before doing anything, as it will really simplify our work; you can find those here.

We have seventeen categories for fanfiction and nine categories for fanart, which you can also find in this link.

To submit your nominations, you need to go here and fill the required information.

Nominations are going to be accepted from January 5 to January 27. We’re going to keep a page updated with the nominations as they come, and if all goes well, we’ll be making it into a post for you to reblog during the first week of February. Afterwards, polls for voting will go up, but let’s not get ahead!

If you have any questions about the rules, think we missed something or would want us to reconsider anything, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Go show your favourite authors and artists some love!

Originally posted by shiemi-li

Statistics, Shipping, and Smut

Yesterday I was wondering about the distribution of fanfiction categories vs. ratings in, so I decided to run some statistics to satisfy my curiosity. I chose Fire Emblem: Fates for two reasons: because I’m familiar with the fandom, and because there is a roughly equal distribution of male and female characters.

Then, when someone in the Sin Bin linked me to this post about the hyper-sexualization of mlm in fandom circles, I decided that this is the sort of thing that I should share (and I encourage you to as well). My results are far from perfect, as they don’t account for overlap in category tagging, but they do, I think, a fairly adequate job of getting the point across.

Works rated M or E are shown in red; all others are shown in grey.

As of 8/14/2016, there were 2510 total works on AO3 under the Fire Emblem: Fates fandom tag. Of these 2510 total works:

  • 681 (27.1% of all works) were rated M or E
  • 909 (36.2% of all works) were categorized as F/M, 268 of which were rated M or E (29.5% of the category)
  • 907 (36.1% of all works) were categorized as M/M, 328 of which were rated M or E (36.2% of the category)
  • 377 (15.0% of all works) were categorized as F/F, 106 of which were rated M or E (28.1% of the category)

In the remainder of this post, I break down the percentages of M+ rated works (or “theoretical smut”) in each category, as well as in the three most popular pairings for each category.

More detailed statistics, graphs, and rating analysis below the cut.

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silent night

So, I’ve been reading a lot of very fluffy Christmas fics and thought to myself- Gee, these are so cute! I’d like to write one!

This is my attempt. It’s not that fluffy. Seriously, it’s a bit sad. So be warned! TW for grief and dealing with the loss of loved ones around the holidays.

(I do see it as Sterek pre-relationship though. So some fluff)

I hope you enjoy it even though it’s not very happy!


            Despite the preconceived notions circling the pack, Derek didn’t actually hate Christmas.

            In fact, he loved Christmas.

            He had loved it as a kid, when the whole family would spend an entire weekend decorating every inch of the house, when their dad would drag home the biggest tree he could find and the amount of presents still wouldn’t fit underneath it, when the whole day was spent together. He had even loved it after the fire, when it was just him and Laura in New York City. It wasn’t the same, but they hadn’t ignored it. They’d built it back up slowly, made a little more of an effort each year and he’d loved it.

            He even loved it now. He secretly loved that Stiles and Scott had somehow managed to decorate his entire loft when he was away one day. He loved that Allison had bought them all Christmas sweaters and that her mixture of sweetness and deadliness was so great that no one thought of not wearing them. He loved that Isaac had brought home a tree, that Lydia had procured ornaments from somewhere, that Scott constantly had Christmas music playing over the radio.

            Togetherness was key for a pack and this Christmas – the first Christmas they had where they were all together and there was no current supernatural threats looming over their heads – this Christmas seemed like the start of a new era.

            At least, that’s what Scott had declared often enough that the pack had taken to rolling their eyes whenever he said it.

            So, yes, Derek loved Christmas. And he was happy that the entire pack could be at his loft for Christmas Eve since Allison and Lydia would be with their own families tomorrow and even Scott had his own tradition of attending Mass with his mother on their own before meeting up with the Stilinskis for diner.

             He loved Christmas. He did. He just-

            Needed a moment.

            Because the loft was glittering with lights and Christmas music had been playing for three hours and everyone was smiling and laughing and he didn’t want to bring the others down.

            So, quietly, softly, when he knew that everyone had been distracted by the fresh batch of cookies Isaac pulled from the oven, he stepped out.

            The balcony that wrapped around almost his entire apartment had honestly never been his favorite spot, probably because he was never that comfortable with heights. (And almost dying due to a fall from the third floor of an abandoned mall certainly hadn’t helped matters.). But, at the moment, it was just what he needed.

            It was quiet and he could put his back to the windows and gaze out into the darkness and let the sadness which had been creeping up all night take over for just a moment.

            Because Derek could love Christmas as much as he wanted and he could love his new pack and he could be truly and honestly happy but-

            But it wasn’t the same.


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How to prepare for writing an essay on love

Step 1: Read excessive fanfiction* to give yourself background on the topic of love.

Step 2: Repeat step 1 until 6 or so hours remain before the deadline.

Step 3: Write**.

*recommended fanfictions fall under the categories of SnowBaz, Drarry, Malec, Rowaelin, and SnowBaz, among others.                                                             **scatter a reasonable amount of breakdowns in the writing process. Remedy these by reading more fanfiction.

PTX Awards is back!

Hey everyone!! I’m @pentaholic01. Last year @asmallqueen and @timeforourweeklyobsessions did the PTX Awards and it was so fun to get nominated and win, so I decided to bring this back!! Yes, the 2nd PTX Awards is OFFICIAL!! 


1)  40 notes or this doesn’t happen.

2) Nominate someone by messaging me OFF ANON. (username and category)

3) Nominations end April 18th.

4) Categories need AT LEAST 5 NOMINEES EACH.

5) You can’t nominate yourself, but you can definitely promote yourself.

6) April 19th, the top 5 nominees will be up for voting, via a poll

7) Please don’t try cheating or anything else, this is for fun!!



Best One Shot

Best Overall Fanfic


Best Gifs

Best Wallpapers

Best Edits

Best Fan Videos

Best Fanart


Friendliest Blogger

Most Helpful Blogger

Best New Blogger (5 months or less in the fandom)

Best URL

Most Knowledgeable Blogger


Fandom Parent

Has A Gif For Everything

Has A Superfruit Quote For Everything

Most Likely To Pass Out In A PTX Concert

Most Likely To Kill Someone For Tickets

Most Likely To Be Chair Girl

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Have fun nominating your favorite blogs and who knows, maybe you will get nominated!,)

Edit: I changed the dates!!

So this is something I’ve noticed since I was like 13. When you go to and you click on “Anime/Manga” it automatically organizes it by the amount of fanfiction written for the category and Inuyasha has always been second to Naruto.

And I’m okay with this because on the fandom scale, Naruto had 6 times as many episodes and chapters. 




We are not going to be okay with 2nd (Not counting Naruto, because we are never going to be at 300k, sorry believers). We are not. You hear me, Inuyasha fandom?


Okay, hands in!….anddddd….break! 

crapyouknowme  asked:

I don't understand, how good can one fic possibly be?

I’m not sure what fic you’re referring to or what exactly the context for you sending in this ask is but while I’m trying to figure out dinner I’m gonna use this opportunity to talk about fanfiction and why it’s important and valuable. 

A few days ago I saw this post come across my dash and it ended up spawning an interesting conversation with one of my mutuals about how originality and realism being placed as the pinnacle of creativity is false and frankly damaging. Fanfiction in all it’s forms is seen as something silly, time wasting and uncreative by a lot of the world at large which is completely ridiculous and it discussed extensively in the post I linked to earlier and in this post. However, we’re all here at this blog because we like fanfiction to some degree and we read it so I’m assuming that I don’t need to convince everyone here that fanfiction has value. The last post I referenced has this really great section in it 

“ In a purely literary sense, fanfic doesn’t exist. There is only fiction. Fanfic is a legal category created by the modern system of trademarks and copyrights. Putting that label on a work of fiction says nothing about its quality, its creativity, or the intent of the writer who created it.”

I emphatically agree with this. Fanfiction is just as worthy of love and strong emotional responses as any capital L literature is. I was just as moved reading Not Easily Conquered, Ain’t No Grave, Into That Good Night, Our Golden Age as I was reading Slaughterhouse Five, The Martian, Lord of the Rings, The Ocean at the End of the Lane. The only line between fanfiction and fiction at large in my eye is 20th century legal/social constructs and literary pretentiousness. 

Value judgments in fiction are subjective and strongly influenced by social expectations. As a reader, you know what you liked, what you loved, what made you feel. Fiction is as good as the reader thinks it is. If that fiction fits into the category of fanfiction suddenly social attitudes step in and condemn it as unworthy. The same thing happened to the novel when it appeared in the 18th century by the way. Plenty of acclaimed literature could easily be considered fanfiction if it was not published and having money made off of it’s sale. Loungborne, a book which I collected for holds daily when I worked in a library is Pride and Prejudice fanfiction with the POV of an OC. Critically acclaimed fanfiction.  A reader can enjoy fanfiction, have it be as amazing to them as any piece of fiction because that is exactly what it is. 

Fanfiction does amazing things, it really does. It is full of queer protagonists, subversive plots and wonderful, creative, lyrical, touching writing. The community around all fanworks, not just fic is so incredible, it’s full of people who share their creations with the community for nothing other than the enthusiasm and happiness of other people. This community, and it is a community, is something special. People want to love what creators are making, theres this sense of unbridled joy and celebration of creativity around fanworks that it’s difficult to find elsewhere. People love fanworks as much as they love any other storytelling or art. I see how much passion and hapiness this community has every single day running this blog, I never stop being amazed by how incredible it is.

There are some works of fiction, of art that effect you strongly. A work someone created can effect you strongly enough to make it feel like your heart is being squeezed, that you can’t breathe, to make you stop and be still, to make you cry or smile uncontrollably. Transformative fanworks have that power as much as any other creation. 

So to answer your question, all fiction, including fanfiction, is as good as the reader think it is. 

RvB Fluff Week Winners

But, really, after a week of absolute fluff and fandom joy, aren’t we all winners just a bit? 

Once again I just want to sincerely thank the community for its wonderful support of these fandom challenges and for all the fantastic work put into it by the participants. This fandom blows it away again and again when it comes to pulling together and showing off its talent, and everyone deserves accolades for that. 

You guys are great!

Because of the way voting broke down this time, the other mods and I also wanted to let Overall Artist and Overall Author be shown, as sometimes people with multiple entries received a tremendous number of votes across all their entries. 

We also had a multi-way tie in the fanfiction category for second place and third places (the voting was very tight for fanfiction, one vote each separating every place!)

So without further ado: 

Art Winners:

First: #1 by @papanorth

Second: #1 by @randomdraggon

Third: #5 by @powerfulpomegranate

Artist Overall

First: @papanorth

Second: @powerfulpomegranate

Third: @ashleystlawrence

Fic Winners:

First: Her Name is Flora by @prettyarbitrary

Second (in no particular order):

Third (in no particular order):

Author Overall:

First: @renaroo

Second: @autisticblueteam

Third (in no particular order):

And that brings Fluff Week to an official closing. 

Congratulations to absolutely everyone, and thank you to everyone who put the time and effort in to making this week possible from running this blog, to contributing submissions, to just boosting the news and voting. You all are wonderful and made this week an absolute blast.

And if you haven’t read all the amazing entries for Fluff Week, feel free to visit the masterlist and give these feel good contributions a look over!

Much love,

Chelsie Holiday Exchange Gift Masterlist

I am astounded by the amount of creativity in the Chelsie fandom. Under the cut you’ll find the Masterlist of all the published gifts. (Some Santas decided to share their gifts privately.)

Each gift is linked to the blog post, and I have also included the external link where appropriate. I’ve organized them into three categories: fanart, fanfiction and fanvideos.

Thank you for making this exchange possible.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I was thinking it would be fun for the writers to like do a "Dirty talking Larry" contest or a "Tear jerker Laurent" contest where whoever is interested would submit a one shot and the readers could judge and choose a winner. It's just an idea I came across when I was scrolling through other fanfiction fandoms. The contest categories could be anything really. I thought it was a fun idea because I know the fic awards take a lot of work.

I love this idea, anon! Authors? I’m open to more category ideas, too.