Dumbledore: *asks Newt to go to France on an extremely important mission, possibly save the entire wizarding world from exposion, save the magical world from war, and save countless lives*

Newt: sorry I can’t I have an international traveling ban

Jacob: hey mate guess what Tina’s in France

Newt: let’s go to France


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Hope || Anticipation


when you first started dating oikawa the initial reaction your friends gave you was enough to spark up an underlying insecurity you would’ve never even thought of.

they warned you of all the times he’d stay out too late because of practice or the girls he’d have to deal with on a daily basis since his elite status as captain gained him an unwarranted fan club.

to be frank, you didn’t really care for all of that since you knew how important volleyball was to him but you’re not gonna lie when you say you might’ve felt a bit nervous when you heard about the girl he dumped in order to focus more on his sport.

oikawa was different. he was so kind to you that you forget of his reputable nature, the times he’d insist on walking you home and carrying your book bag to class was enough to fade away the anxiety you always had in mind.

“penny for your thoughts?” he smiles, the tone in his voice escalating as you realize that you’ve finally reached the campus gym.

you loved walking with him every afternoon but on days when he couldn’t take you home due to practice, you two came up with the compromise that you walk him to the gym as slow as you can instead.

you shake your head, “sorry, i didn’t realize i was spacing out.”

“you were thinking of me, weren’t you?” he asks, his usual joyful tone lacing his voice and he sighs as he looks back at the big doors that meant your leave.

you smile at his dramatic expression, “i’ll call you when i get home.”

“as you should,” he says back, his features threatening a better off grin at your words.

you hand him his team jacket that he insisted on you holding on to and a water jug that you kept in your bag just in case he forgot his.

he nods as he takes them in his grasp, bidding you an over dramatic goodbye mixed with a bit of a “stay safe” and “we’ll talk more later.” kind of mumbling.

“well,” he leans in for a quick peck on the lips, a usual thing for whenever you two part ways and he says, “i’ll walk you to school tomorrow.”

you agree with the urge to push him inside the gym already since you felt like you’ve been holding him back, a soft laugh bouncing off your shoulders as he insist that he was probably still the first one to arrive.

you turn once he’s gone, gripping your book bag a bit tighter than before and you almost wish that he didn’t have to leave just yet.

“i didn’t realize you and shittykawa were getting serious— good for him.” iwaizumi smiles from your left, completely startling you with his unannounced appearance.

“that’s so uncool.” you breathe out a sigh of relief, “you just got here?”

he shrugs, “i was a bit behind you guys.”

“oh, i didn’t realize.” you feel your face reddening in embarrassment.

“i should really get inside,” he tells you again and you nod him off as he walks, reminding him to take it easy with all the practicing to which he easily responds with a look that basically said ‘not me you should be saying that to’ knowing fully well that your boyfriend would be more fitting.

you think back to what iwaizumi said about you and oikawa getting serious, and a part of you eases in the fact that if you two can exchange kisses as if it’s a natural part of your routines, then maybe you had nothing to be insecure about after all.

J.C- Little witch

Originally posted by emptyhourglasses

Summary: You accidentally cursed Caius and are now on the run from the Volturi. Luckily, you meet Jasper in the woods and he offers you a place to stay.

Request: YES/no Anon: I would like to request with Jasper Hale. Something about Jasper and Y/N meeting, y/n being half-vampire half-witch. Btw I loveee your work😍💞💞 (sorry about my English 😅) 

Warnings: none

Wordcount: 1148

You had fucked up. Royally fucked up. You had accidentally cast a curse over Caius, the most vicious member of the Volturi. Someone had asked you to cast a curse on him and you hadn’t realized who it was until the curse was already cast. So now, you are on the run. Running away from the Volturi isn’t easy but being a witch did help with it. Currently, you’re hiding riding through the forests of Washington. The bad weather mixed with the small towns gave you a good idea that the Volturi wouldn’t come here. 

You actually enjoy your little escape so far. Nature was doing you good. The green forest is bringing you some peace and taking away some of your anxiety. You’re so zoned out that you don’t notice a man standing on the middle of the road until you almost hit him. You manage to press the breaks in time and swerve out of the way so you don’t hit him. Once your car has come to a halt, you quickly get out of the car to make sure the man is okay. “O God, I’m so sorry,” you say as you stumble out of your car.

The man slowly turns around to face you. Long, blond waves of hair fall over his face. His golden eyes stare at you with an unnatural. A shiver runs down your spine and you quickly realize what he is. Vampire. “A-Are you alright?” you ask as you take a careful step towards him. He nods, hair bouncing up and down as he moves. You let out a sigh as you run a hand through your hair. You nod at him.

“I’m so sorry. I wasn’t paying attention,” you say. The man cuts you off. “Do I know you?” he says with a southern accent. You shake your head. He lets out a hum. “Are you Y/n Y/l/n?”. Your blood runs cold. You quickly shake your head as you take some steps away from him and towards your care.

“Nope, I’m definitely not whoever that is. I’m gonna-I’m gonna go. Yeah, I’m leaving,” you say as you open your car door. The man lets out a chuckle. He uses his speed to rush over to you, closing the car door and stopping you from entering the vehicle. You gulp down your fear.
“You cursed one of the kings,” the man says with a smile. You shake your head. You don’t trust your voice enough to speak. He nods his head. “Yeah you did,” he says to which you shake your head again. You push his hand away from your car and he allows you to do so. You open the door and step into your car.

“Maybe I’m Y/n. Just…” you say as you look at him with pleading eyes. “Just let me live. I’ll leave.”. His smile drops as his features soften. He bends down a little.
“I won’t hurt you,” he says. You let out a sigh as you start your car. You try to close the door but the man keeps holding it open. “You look tired. I can offer you a place to sleep?” he asks. You quickly nod at him. “Pease,” you beg. He nods and mentions for you to get into the passenger’s seat. You crawl over the console and plop down on the seat as he gets into the driver’s seat. It’s probably a bad idea to let a stranger ride your car towards their home but oh well.

Jasper,” he says as he holds his hand out to you. You take his hand and shake it. A cold shiver runs through your spine as his cold skin touches yours. “You already know my name,” you say. He nods. Jasper closes the car door and starts to drive away. You two remain silent for a couple of minutes until Jasper starts to speak.

“So you’re a…witch?” he asks. You nod your head as you shrug.
“Half witch, technically, but yeah,” you say. He nods. You can see a house coming closer and closer. You point at it. “Is that yours?” you ask. He nods. The house is big, way too big for one person. A tall, muscular man and a blond woman are sitting on two chairs in front of the house, looking up at the cloudy sky.

Your body tenses up at the sight of them. Are they part of the Volturi? Jasper senses your fear and uses his gift to replace it with happiness. “Calm down, little witch, you’re safe here,”. You can feel your cheeks heat up at the pet name. You nod as you let the tension in your shoulders go. He parks the car and you quickly get out of it the moment the vehicle as come to a halt. The muscular man looks up as he sees you. He nudges the woman next to him who looks up to you as well. “That’s Emmett and Rosalie,” Jasper says as he locks your car and hands you your keys. You thank him and walk with him to the entrance of the house.

“Who’d you bring?” Emmett asks. Jasper shrugs as he opens the front door with you. He doesn’t answer his brother’s question. The inside of the house is surprisingly warm. Vampires normally didn’t bother to buy or use a heater, but clearly, they did. As you two reach the living room, you see a blond man. He’s older than the rest. A couple of wrinkles litter his face but his golden eyes give away his immortality. “Carlisle, this is Y/n. They’re going to stay here for a bit if that’s okay,” Jasper says.

Carlisle nods and walks over to you. He shakes your hand. Anther cold shiver runs through your body. “Y/n? As in…”. He doesn’t finish his sentence but Jasper nods, understanding what he means. Clearly, word has gotten around about you. Carlisle looks you up and down. “I’ve heard that you’re quite powerful.”. Your cheeks heat up at the compliment. You shrug. “You look tired, you should rest.”. Carlisle looks up at Jasper.

“You’re safe here,” a brown-haired woman says as she wraps her arm around Carlisle’s waist. You nod. “Jasper, why don’t you bring Y/n to the guest room?”. Jasper nods and points to the stairs and you follow him up to them. You wave your goodbyes to Carlilse and the woman as you disappear upstairs. Jasper opens the door to the guest bedroom for you. You walk over to the bed and let yourself fall onto it. Jasper lets out a chuckle.

“Go to sleep. We’ll keep you safe,” he says. You hum at him in agreement as you can already feel yourself drifting off to sleep. Jasper laughs at you again. Maybe going for a walk this morning in the forest was a good idea, he thinks. A really good idea.

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2o-done  asked:

Hey there! Can I request hc with Midoriya, Todoroki, Bakugo and Dabi (if you're okay with him) when their s/o takes a blow that was for them and ends severely injured? How do they (the guys) react? UwU

Thank you for requesting! Sorry it’s literally a year late lmao. I hope you don’t mind but I will be splitting it between two posts since I prefer doing two characters per post.

Their S/O gets injured taking a blow for them (Bakugou and Midoriya)



Originally posted by eagle-flies

  • it was getting hard when the two of you were fighting a villain who could create multiple illusions of himself. While Bakugou’s incredible instincts helped him attack most of the illusions jumping at him, he failed to notice one lunging at him from the back. 
  • there was way too little time for you to use your quirk so the only thing you could do to protect your boyfriend was to use yourself as a physical barrier.
  • Bakugou’s head whipped around instantly at the sound you made as the villains knife pierced your body.
  • ‘(Name)!’
  • so far, Bakugou has always thought before attacking, but for the first time, he cannot think straight. The sight of your body hitting the ground with a knife in you has set. him. off. 
  • his body reacts at a speed he didn’t know he was capable of reaching.
  • the villain that was once over you body is now blasted away, writhing with burns on his body he may never recover from, but he isn’t spared even a glace from the Hero.

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When things were really bad—when the Carrows had done their very worst—Ginny thought about her brothers. Well, some of them.

She couldn’t think about Ron. If Ginny thought about Ron, that meant she had to think about him, and that was too much in moments when even hearing his name whispered in the corridors made her ribcage feel like it was cracking, splintering in her chest. She couldn’t do it. Bravery sometimes meant facing fears, but in the absence of being able to do that, Ginny did the next best thing: she buried them. 

Ginny couldn’t think about Percy, either. It wasn’t fear that Percy ignited in Ginny’s chest—it was rage. He’d done the one thing they’d all promised each other they’d never do, on those childhood nights when they’d squashed themselves into the treehouse behind the Burrow, Ron and Ginny inevitably on someone’s lap. They’d sworn that they were Weasleys, and that meant something. It meant they’d do the right thing. 

Fred and George, Ginny knew they were alright. They were living with Lee Jordan; although from what she heard on the radio late at night when she tuned in, they were constantly on the move. Hearing their voices—it was a small comfort, but a comfort nonetheless because it was real and tangible evidence that they were alive and still fighting. More than that, they were still laughing. 

So, Ginny thought about Charlie and Bill. Specifically, she thought about the night of Bill and Fleur’s wedding, after the ceremony and before the Burrow had come under attack, when the three of them had gathered together on one side of the marquee. It wasn’t planned; those sort of catch-ups rarely were. They’d had champagne and toasted Bill and talked about Quidditch, and for those brief moments the scars on Bill’s face were a little less visible and their hearts a little less heavy. 

Ron had always been her best friend growing up; the second set of twins, their father had called them with a smile. It was funny, really. Only, then Ron had gone away to Hogwarts and come home with a new best friend, a boy who was more famous than any of them could ever have dreamed of being, and how could Ginny compete with that? She didn’t want to, either, because she’d loved him for as long as she could remember, and there was no competition in love. 

So she had leant on Charlie and Bill a little more when they came home to visit—she’d hang on their every word as they swapped stories about life beyond the boundaries of Hogwarts and the Burrow. Bill would tell them about drinking with Egyptian wizards in Cairo, about the Gringotts outpost there with its long marble hall and the sarcophagus in the corner that everyone said was haunted. Charlie would show off his new battle scars; a raised scar from a Romanian Ridgeback, a neat half-moon ring from a Madagascan Sandscale. They’d make jokes that sometimes she didn’t understand but would laugh at anyway because for once—just once—Ginny felt like she belonged again. 

That’s what she would think of in the darkness of what seemed to be perpetual night at Hogwarts that year. She thought of Charlie and Bill, brothers who had always been a comfort even when they were far away, and she hoped to God that one day, they’d raise a glass again. 


@hogwartsonline​ | Family 

Perfect Symmetry


A tiny one shot born out of insomnia and intense brooding. The title is taken from Keane’s ‘Perfect Symmetry’- go listen to that song right now, it’s amazing! Huge thanks to @pikapeppa​ as always for beta reading and fixing my crimes against the English language!



   He never gives away, but rather gifts and is immediately rewarded tenfold. He never feels bereft or taken advantage of, but invited, welcomed and cherished.
   Where once his pain, his blood and sweat had meant less than nothing, and pleasure was a foreign concept not of this reality, now… now his every breath and little sigh of contentment are treated as wondrous things to be collected and treasured.
   Bit by bit, metal spikes and feathers fall off of him, unnecessary; his battered skin not wanting to be hidden, but craving her touch, to be caressed and soothed.

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sirgwaines  asked:

Elain has a wet dream about Azriel and is really embarrassed about it

“I saw the way you were looking at me tonight,” Azriel murmured, his voice low. He prowled closer to me until my back hit the kitchen counter, breathless as his full lips neared mine.
“How was I looking at you?” I asked innocently. He towered over my small frame. Strong arms caged me in as he rested his hands on the counter behind me. 
“Like you wanted me to fuck you until you couldn’t move.” He pulled my golden hair to one side, leaving my neck exposed for him. He looked at me with lust filled eyes. “Like you wanted everyone to know you were mine.”
I clenched my legs together, a motion that didn’t go unnoticed. Azriel smirked. My core was on fire. 
“And what do you want?” I looked up through my lashes and pouted. His eyes flickered down to my lips. Kiss me, I pleaded.
“I don’t think you can handle that answer, dove.” Then, he pressed his body flush against mine. I suppressed my gasp at the feeling of his hardness, and I couldn’t help but arch my back to press my breasts against his chest. Before I could tease him more, Azriel dipped his head down and dragged his tongue down my bare neck.

A moan left my mouth, and he growled primitively in response. His large hands clasped my hips to sit me on the counter.
“Please tell me,” I begged him. 
Another smirk. “I didn’t realize you liked dirty talk, Elain.”
I could only nod, unable to form a coherent sentence. I was so, so wet for him. 
He pulled my legs apart and wrapped them around his waist. Those sinful hands slid up my thighs, closer and closer to the part that begged for his tongue, his fingers, his cock, everything.
He leaned in and whispered in my ear, “You need to beg more if you want me to tell you.”
His hand brushed over my core, and he felt the wetness that seeped into my pajama shorts. Azriel’s eyes flared with heat, and he rubbed slowly until I was gasping for breath. 
“Az,” I moaned. “Please tell me what you want… please.” His fingers dipped below the waistband of my shorts and under my panties. I clamped my mouth on his shoulder to keep from being too loud.
He chuckled softly as he teased me, pleased with my reaction. Satisfied with his effect on me. His fingers found my clit and circled around it, watching me gasp with pleasure and frustration.
“You want to know what I want?” he asked roughly. I nodded, whimpering quietly. “I want to -”
Elain’s eyes flew open at the sound of a knock on her door. She blearily took in her surroundings, the bed she lay in. Wrapped in sweaty sheets, her cheeks were flushed with warmth.
A dream, she realized. It was just a dream.
She couldn’t tell if she was disappointed or relieved.
“Elain?” Azriel’s voice called from the door. She froze, panic flooding into her.
I can’t let him in, she said to herself. I was just fantasizing about having sex with him!
She clenched her sheets around her glistening body, making sure everything looked normal. Smoothing down her hair, Elain told him to come in.
Azriel opened the door, staring at her with an unreadable expression, save for the soft smile he seemed to reserve only for her.
“Good morning,” Elain chirped in an unnaturally high voice. Shit.
He raised a brow at her unusual behavior. She willed herself not to let her eyes wander from his face down to his broad chest and strong legs… she almost groaned as her core was filled with heat again.
Elain cleared her throat, forcing herself out of those dangerous thoughts. “What’s up?”
“Just making sure you’re awake. Your class starts soon, dove.”
Her heart warmed at his nickname for her, but even more… 
“You know my schedule?”
Azriel blushed subtly. It wasn’t that noticeable, but Elain paid more attention to Azriel than most. She couldn’t help the slight curve of her lips. She bit down to keep from full-out grinning.
“I guess you’re special,” he teased, flashing her that smile again. He stared at her for a moment before saying, “I’m going for a run, but I’ll see you tonight?”
It was a question. A unnecessary question, seeing as Elain would spend every damn day with him if it were up to her. She nodded to confirm.
With an (adorably) awkward wave, he closed the door behind him with a click.
“I guess so,” Elain murmured to herself. It wasn’t until she dragged herself out of bed and looked in the mirror that she realized she was still beaming. Her eyes were brighter than ever before.
She was entirely, utterly fucked.

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Sometimes I’ll read fics and they’ll have like 4000 hits and 70 kudos and I get so confused. Like kudoing is one press of a button. If you really like a fic and have time, well then please leave a comment (even just a heart emoji or something). But kudos should just be the norm anytime u read a fic.

Give fanfic authors love!!! 💕

Personal Space

Bucky Barnes x Reader

“This was my lap. Now this is your lap.”

Word Count: around 3,500

Summary: The team dinner Tony plans goes awry, but seeing Bucky for the first time in two weeks is all you wanted anyway as you prepare yourself to leave on a mission the following day without him. Intel for the mission is limited, but just as you are preparing to leave you get some new information.

A/N: once again something that was meant to be so much shorter lol, but it just kept going

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In Fields of White: Chapter 1

In Fields of White ~ Chapter One ~ “We Have a Deal”

pairing: din djarin (the mandalorian) x f!reader

warnings: rated T for violence; reference to mild injuries; death; mild swearing; mentions of hunger

word count: 4.1k

summary: fleeing from the life you wish more than anything to forget, you are left to navigate the galaxy alone as a wide-eyed wanderer. in the process of evading the dangers linked to your previous life, your path is forever altered when you cross paths with an intimidating mandalorian and his unusually gifted child

a/n: First, I must thank my amazing beta readers @sana-katarn @disneyjedi19 @barrissoffee77 for their fantastic feedback and for cheering me on throughout this whole process. Secondly, I must thank @kaminobiwan @royalhandmaidens @fancycheesebread @arda-ancalima @babyomen  @highlycommendable​ for their kind comments and enthusiasm towards this story. I can’t thank you all enough. I can’t even put into words just how much it means to me. I love you all very much, and I am so excited to begin the adventure that is In Fields of White. 

also found on: Ao3

In Fields of White

Chapter One: “We Have a Deal”

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the worst part about having multiple fanfics open at once is when you have to open up a new tab to look something up and completely forget which story you were currently reading so you scroll through them all to find it but thej you stop at a story that you know is not the one you wanted but you’re like “i forgot about you my old friend” so you get completely sidetracked reading that story now and forget about the original story you were going to finish.

All of Mine, Beloved

Hey everyone! I’ve got a new fic at last! This is just like 4 super super soft scenes between Bruce & Dick, Dick & Damian, and Bruce & Damian with snuggles, forehead kisses, and all that good father son bonding. 

I hope you enjoy! 

AO3 Link



A rustling noise from outside caused Bruce to glance up from the book on aviation he was reading. His eyes scanned the driveway that led up to the front of the house, searching for a car. There was nothing but the swaying of trees, their leaves caught by a sudden burst of wind. It felt like the seventh such sudden in five minutes.

Bruce was sure it had been longer than that, but looking at the progress he’d made through his book one would think he’d only just sat down. Normally a fast reader, especially with content he was familiar with, Bruce would have been fifty pages further on a normal day, settled in his office with a cup of coffee or tea. Today, he was waiting, and that waiting kept dragging his attention up, off the pages, and outside.

He forced his attention back down to the chapter on early engine development and made it a few more paragraphs before he realized he’d taken in almost none of the text. Bruce sighed, and plucked the thin sticky note from where he’d put it on the cover off, placing it instead by the last bit of text he’d really understood and folded the book closed.

It was then that the actual sound of a car pricked at his ears, the hum of the engine and crunch of tires on the driveway declaring the arrival of those he’d been waiting on.

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Game Over 1

Summary: You’re in love with him, he is in love with the idea of love

Or, Kim SeokJin plays with your feelings to win a bet

Paring: Kim SeokJin x Reader

Genre: Angst, fluff, future smut, College!, Fake dating!

Word count: 5003


Chapter: 1

Warnings: Swearing and Jin being an Asshole

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Can’t Help It [Spencer Reid]


note - hey, guys! i hope you like this. enjoy!

summary - you are an intern fresh out of college and happen to like spencer. he picks up on it and confronts you about it. (also spencer is 25 in this lol).


*gif isnt mine*


Originally posted by criminalmindsmanic

You were a 22 year old intern fresh out of college. You were interning at the BAU for the year, wanting to get a feel for what you might be doing the rest of your life. Since you started, you immediately fell in love. Sure, you didn’t get to actually work on the cases and go and kick down doors like Derek, but it was still awesome.

You interning included shadowing each agent twice every week. You mostly shadowed Emily, Derek, and Spencer because they were actual profilers and the team figured they could relate to you more since Hotch and Rossi were older. You did, however, form a strong bond with Penelope and JJ; even Hotch had a soft spot for you. You were considered the baby of the team and everyone adored you.

They also gave you old cases to help you with your profiling skills. Every time you profiled it right, Penelope gave you a cookie, which was what made you love the place even more. And the last thing was that you were able to listen to them talk about current cases and take notes.

Right now, you were doing just that. You were in the conference room, listening to the team talk details. You were seated next to Spencer, scribbling quickly and quietly.

“Y/n, what type of person do you think would do this?” Hotch asked.

You looked up from your notes. “Uh, what?” You were rarely asked these questions on a current case. Rarely meaning this was your first time. You were just supposed to be there and ask them questions, not the other way around.

“You’ve been here for five months. Give it a shot,” Rossi smiled.

You nodded and got up to get a closer look at the board. You looked at each picture of the killings and the ransom notes that followed.

“Well, I would say that it’s probably a team.”

They all looked at you, surprised.

“Why would you say that?” Hotch asked.

“Well, how can you shoot each person without the other one noticing? One of the people killed the dad and the other killed the mom at the same time, and in the same way. If it was just one person, then it wouldn’t have been that clean of a kill. Also, the ransom note says ‘we’ and ‘us’. We know they aren’t holding anybody captive, so it could be a team. Probably a couple of siblings or even a relationship,” you explained. “I think whoever the team is has a woman because of the ransom note. She is so much more detailed than a male unsub would usually be.”

They all smiled and Derek got up. He clapped you on the back. “We have another genius in here!”

You blushed, “Not really. I just payed attention.”

“No, he’s right. Nice job, Y/n,” Spencer smiled.

“Thank you, Dr. Reid,” you said bashfully. You then sat back down.

The team talked more until they decided to talk to the family. You knew you didn’t have to be there so you went back to your desk to work on a case they gave you. You put in your earbuds and went to work.

Meanwhile Spencer, Penelope, and Derek were talking about the case some more- feeding Penelope details over the phone.

“While I am hacking, why don’t you tell me about Miss Y/n, Spencer,” Penelope said.

Spencer was confused, “What do you mean?”

Derek smirked, “She likes you.”

Spencer looked at them, confused. “No, she doesn’t”

Penelope laughed over the phone. “Nope, Spence, she has a big crush on you.”

Spencer’s eyes widened and his throat went dry. He’s liked you, too, from day one.

“H-how do you know?” He asked.

“For one, she calls you ‘Dr. Reid’. I know you’ve told her to just call you Spencer. Second, she always looks away when you catch her staring. Third, she is always more shy and quiet when you’re in the room,” Penelope explained.

Spencer scoffed, “That’s how you can tell a person likes you?”

“Yep. Spence, you need to brush up on social cues,” Penelope chuckled.

“Yeah, well, you’re never in the conference room,” Spencer said.

“True, but I am in the bullpen a lot,” she said.

“She’s right, kid,” Morgan said.

“Really? I thought she was just being nice.”

“Nope, she has the hots for you,” Penelope giggled. Derek couldn’t help but laugh with her.

“Well, what do I do?” Spencer asked.

“You could ask her out,” Derek suggested.

“What, why?”

“C’mon, you know you like her. She’s cute and super smart,” Penelope said.

“Isn’t it unprofessional to date an intern?”

“It’s not like she works here. I don’t see a problem,” Morgan shrugged. “Plus you can’t help who you like.”

“Right. When should I ask her out?” Spencer asked.

“Now!” Penelope exclaimed.

“Why now? We have a case,” Spencer said. “You can spare 5 minutes. Go get your girl!” Derek nudged him.

Spencer looked over through the conference room window. He saw you hunched over the desk, mouthing the lyrics to whatever song you were listening to. You looked absolutely adorable.

“Okay,” he said and walked out of the conference room. He approched your desk and tapped on your shoulder.

You glanced up then went back to your work. But once you realized who it was, you immediately pulled your earbuds out and stood up.

“I’m sorry, Dr. Reid. I thought you were, um, someone else,” you mumbled.

Spencer smiled, “It’s all good. And it’s Spencer.”

“Right, D-Spencer,” you blushed. “So, what’s up?”

“I was just seeing how you were doing,” he said.

You looked over his face and smiled, “I’m okay. You?”

“Fantastic. You close on profiling the unsub?”

“Yeah, I think so,” you said.

“Let’s here it!”

Your eyes widened. “No, no. I could be wrong. I need to look over the files again.”

Spencer put his hand on your forearm. You felt your heart race and you gulped. You weren’t used to being close to him. You tried to avoid him at all costs. It was stupid, you knew that. But you always felt like an awkward middle-school girl when it came to crushes. And Spencer was no execption.

He was handsome, very intelligent, kind, funny, and hot. You couldn’t belive you were able to shadow him. He graduated high school at 12 for godsake. He was so cool in your eyes.

“Y/n, you’re easily one of the best profilers here. Even better than Hotch and Rossi, and they’ve been doing this for a long, long time. And you’re so smart, even smarter than me at times. You don’t have to, but I would like to hear what you have so far,” he said.

You looked into his eyes, grinning He was also so supportive, too.

“O-okay, well, I think the unsub is a woman,” you started.

“And why do you think that?” Spencer asked, crossing his arms.

“Well, judging by the type of men the unsub kills, it’s probably a girl. I mean, who would kill rich men?” You asked. You then mentally smacked yourself. “Wait that was stupid. I mean, it looks like she poisons them. And the men she choices to kill are old enough to be her dad. I take that as she probably has daddy issues or something and kills men because her own father wronged her. Also there’s a paper of the phone call Hotch and her had, and she mentions ‘him’ a lot,” you finished.

Spencer smiled, “You’re right.”

“Really?” You asked. “Yep, but you didn’t hear that from me,” he winked.

You laughed and your stomach tightened.

“Well, thank you.”

“No problem. I also have another question.”


Now it was Spencer’s turn to be nervous. “I-I… well, Penelope said you li-liked me. Is that…uh true?”

Your eyes widened and you started to sweat. “I m-mean. Yeah, as a-a menor.”

“Well she said you like-like me,” Spencer suggested.

You sighed. You knew he would notice eventually. “Yeah, I-I do. I’m so sorry. You’re just so handsome and cute. And so smart, like crazy smart. It’s hot,” you laughed nervously. “I know it’s so unprofessional, but I couldn’t help it. You can’t help who you like, right?”

Spencer nodded and smiled. “Well, I’m glad you confirmed Garcia and Derek’s thoughts. And you don’t have anything to be worried about.”

“I don’t?” You asked and titled your head in confusion.

“Yeah, I like you, too. Ever since I met you, actually. I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date,” he said.

You squealed, but then remembered you were in a public setting. You settled yourself down and smiled at Spencer.

“I would love to.”

“Great! Um, after this case? Maybe tomorrow night?” Spencer said.

“Sounds good. Here’s my, uh, number.” You wrote it on a peice of paper and gave it to Spencer.

“Awesome! We can talk more about it later. I gotta get back to work,” he said.

You nodded and let him go. You watched as he went back to the conference room. Spencer told Derek and Derek clapped loudly and whistled. He caught your eye and gave you a thumbs up.

You chuckled and sat back down to do your work. You couldn’t wait for your date.

Six Sentence Sunday

The ever delightful @gaycrouton tagged me to post six sentences from a WIP and we’re a day early and a sentence long, but it’s 2020 and you know what that means: there are no rules here.

Lake Michigan was grey and roiling, the waves with their foaming whitecaps thundering into boulders meant to prop up the shore. They passed by stately Victorian manses erected a stone’s throw from the water, onto the grounds of a Methodist chautauqua, the owners on the porch, sipping lemonade and nodding only to fellow sophisticates summering from downstate. Mulder saw the plaques on the houses as they passed, 1889, 1878, 1874. He thought of his mother in Quonochontaug, her patrician lips dipping into a rocks glass of gin.

A herring gull wheeled overhead, dropping the carapace of a half-eaten crawfish. Another gull swooped by, trying and failing to catch it. It bounced off the second’s gull’s beak and cartwheeled slowly to the earth, landing in the grass as lightly as the husk of a sunflower seed.

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This list is not curated in any way, the only pre-requisite is that they were posted the month prior and that it’s Lukanette endgame. So yeah, check the tags if you have no blacklistings.

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