The Signs as Generic Fanfiction Things
  • Aries:Crazy jealous (ex)girlfriend/most popular girl in school/thinks everyone loves her
  • Taurus:How does the bad boy have a crush on me? I'm just the nerd of the school with no friends...
  • Gemini:Vampires. Vampires everywhere.
  • Cancer:Like where is this chick's parents, they haven't been mentioned or seen once in this whole story
  • Leo:She's an outcast and everyone hates her but dresses like a supermodel to school everyday and does the things that all the popular people at my school do. Wtf man.
  • Virgo:I'm just a normal girl *best friend is Harry Styles*
  • Libra:Orbs
  • Scorpio:Whoa, smut in the second chapter, like, damn. Easy there tiger.
  • Sagittarius:"Adopted by _____?!" Or "My New Step-Brother, _____?!"
  • Capricorn:"My mom sold me to One Direction as a sex slave to pay off her drug debt!" Who the hell in the One Direction management is selling your mother drugs?!
  • Aquarius:Messy bun all day everyday
  • Pisces:Hella Mary Sue. No depth, just the perfect person you will ever meet. She could probably cure cancer and feed everyone in a third-world country at the same time cos that's how perfect she is.
Laws of Motion & Attraction (V, You) Part 6

“What goes up, must come down.” - Isaac Newton

Part 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05

7 years ago

Taehyung always walked with his head down low; chest in and chin down, occasionally looking behind him or keeping his peripherals in check.

He walked like a spy, he always thought. Always cautious…keeping his steps as silent as possible, almost liked he’d like to blend into the background.

Taehyung wished he blended right in. But that was most unlikely considering that being a 16-year-old majoring in advanced Physics and Chemistry made you stick out like a zit on a fair face.

The library came into view and Taehyung felt like he could finally breathe. Upon entering the premises, he checked in his things and went upstairs to the Science section where he can finally be at peace.

The university library was so much better than the public library he always went to back in high school. They had complete collections here, ranging from journals to theses, textbooks and scientific digests. Taehyung gladly took advantage of this and drowned in these heavy bounded books every single day. His uncle always told him that he literally ate Science for breakfast. 

Sitting down at the far end of the floor, he placed a chemistry textbook down and brought out his pen and notebook. He glanced at his watch and saw that it was 5 PM. He huffed, knowing that it was still too early to leave…

A set of footsteps echoed through and Taehyung tensed, knowing those footsteps didn’t belong here. Snickers and whispers followed, and he knew for sure that those didn’t belong here either. He practically lived here to know that fact.

He closed his eyes and winced as heavy hands clamped down on his shoulders abruptly, and lifted him up; the sound of low chuckles echoing in his eardrums.

He gasped as his back made contact with the concrete wall next to the shelves, and a pair of hands fisted on the collars of his shirt.

“Hey buddy. So this where you’ve been hiding?” A menacing voice said and Taehyung whimpered inwardly, knowing what’s to come. 

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I just found on amazon these supernatural book and downloaded them on my Kindle as sample and then I found out that those are COPIED FANFICTIONS!!! Someone is SELLING THEM!!

Please, please help me find the rightful authors of these stories, so we can contact them.

The author on amazon is called: BRIAN LEWIS

These are the books:

Supernatural: A Tale of Two

ORIGINAL FANFICTION:      Shake, Rattle and Roll   by  Ealasaid

Supernatural: Hell Inn

FANFICTION: When the Fiddler Stops by CaffieneKitty

Supernatural: As God is my witness

ORIGINAL FANFICTION: 3 AM  by stillwaters01


Supernatural: Castiel’s fate

Supernatural: Lucifer’s own




This time it’s under the name: Bruce Brenson

ORGINAL FANFICTION: While Angels Watched by sharlot1926


Contrary to popular stereotypes associated with fanfiction, I have never written a sex scene, but I did once write a scene in which Voldemort went on a blind date with someone he met on the internet, but it turned out to be Harry Potter catfishing him, so I’m not sure what’s worse


A little something that wouldn’t leave me alone until it was written down. Set at some point in the future.

It’s an acquired quirk of his to watch her get ready in the mornings. He is intrigued by each and every one of her rituals. Most of all, he is entranced by the way she puts on her make up.

Robin is of the opinion Regina doesn’t need it, that she is the fairest of them all whether or not she puts her mask on, but there is a part of him that rejoices at the idea that she feels safe enough around him to peel back the protective layers she wraps herself in for everyone else.

She had surprised him once, as he believed she was in the bathroom and had decided to snoop around in her room. He hadn’t been quite familiar with it at that time and old habits die hard as they say.

He had approached her vanity and opened wide eyes at the amount of powders, little tools, pencils and many other things he had never seen before. He had stayed there longer than he had thought and jumped when she chuckled at the sight of him standing dumbfounded in the middle of her, their, bedroom.

She had then proceeded to sit in front of the mirror and applied the different layers that composed her armour, explaining to him what each item was. He had been captivated by the way she curled her eyelashes and applied the dark mascara, enraptured by each stroke of the various brushes she used to powder her eyelids and her cheeks (blusher and eye shadows she called them). He had licked his lips as she had painted hers.

He had been transfixed as his Regina slowly transformed into her Mayor persona. When she had been done and turned towards him, her smile had widened at his expression. She had him spellbound, and from that day on he has stayed each morning to watch her.

He is bewitched body and soul and there is no denying it, but what Regina doesn’t realise is that if Robin loves to contemplate her in the mornings, his favourite moment of their day is always when she joins him in their bed, her skin fresh, clean and soft, her face and body bare for him to ravish.

She is enchanting no matter what she wears -or doesn’t- and Robin knows that his fascination with her will never end, he is way too far gone for that to happen.

that absolute DREAD that fills you when everyone is happy and everything is perfect and there’s still 7 more chapters

Just For Me - One Shot || Tłumaczenie

Oryginał: Just For Me

Autorka:  iwillpaintasongforlou

Zgoda: Jest

Pairing: Larry

Bohaterowie: Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik

Opis: Harry jest super modelem z fałszywym chłopakiem. Louis jest kapitanem i gwiazdorskim napastnikiem Manchester United z fałszywą dziewczyną. Oni powinni nie mieć problemu ze zjedzeniem całkowicie platonicznego lunchu między przyjaciółmi.
(Mają go.)

Uwagi: AU, Piłkarz!Louis, Model!Harry, fałszywe związki, sceny erotyczne, smut, fluff, 

Liczba słów: 8316

Banner: geniusz fotoszopa Caflin

Tłumaczka: Fu3go

Poprawki i Pomoc: Marcelowa <3

Dedykacja:  Marcelowej - za twoja wielką pomoc xx

Od tłumaczki: Przetłumaczyłam go z okazji zakończenia szkoły xD Trochę się spóźniałem, ale co tam! Mam nadzieje, że zdaliście, a jak nie do powodzenia w sierpniu!

To niesamowite, naprawdę, że ktoś tam autentycznie myśli, iż Niall jest tym dominującym w ich związku. Harry czyta prawie wszystkie fanfiction pod jego imieniem (to interesujące, dobra?) z wyjątkiem prawdziwie dziwne rzeczy, i przez większość ma go leżącego plackiem na plecach jęczącego tatusiu, podczas gdy apodyktyczny blondyn podskakuje na jego kutasie. Co jest w porządku, mówiąc ogólnie; Harry jest bardzo wielkim fanem dobrego główkowania.

Tyle, że jeśli fani mogliby usłyszeć, jak fachowo błaga Niall, nigdy ponownie nie daliby mu kontroli nad fikcjonalną schadzką.

- Harry, słodki Harry, najdroższy Harry, proszę – prosi Niall – proszę zrób to dla mnie. Pomyśl o wszystkim, co dla ciebie zrobiłem. Czy nie zasługuję na tę jedną rzecz? Jestem twoim chłopakiem.

- Jesteś irytującym ciulem, to jest to, czym jesteś – tchnął Harry w zamian, wargami ledwo się poruszającymi. Charakterystyczny uśmieszek Stylesa jest wciąż na swoim miejscu, więc jeżeli ktoś ich ogląda, prawdopodobnie nie będzie w stanie powiedzieć, że on w ogóle nie jest chamski.

Niall rechocze w jego nieznacznie-mniej-charakterystyczny sposób. – Taa. Ale jestem irytującym ciulem, że masz zamiar oświadczyć mi się za pięć tygodni, nawet jeśli złamię twoje serce.

- Niall, bądź cicho-

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fic: behind the scenes

rated m for sex.

Every Wednesday night, Laura touches herself in front of a camera to anonymously post online for extra cash. Usually when Carmilla is not around so she could freely fantasize about her roommate.

Until Laura misses one Wednesday night only to end up with Carmilla walking in on her during a 'recording session’.


consider soulmate aus that aren’t aro spec/poly exclusive, for instance:

aromantic au where the world is in black and white until you find your best friend/favourite person/animal/thing

akoiromantic au where the world is in colour until you get into a romantic relationship, at which point it turns into black and white 

grey-aro au where the world turns pink when you feel romantic attraction and goes back to normal once it stops

aroflux au where the world phases in and out of vibrant colours and lighter pastels depending on how your romantic orientation falls that day

polyamorous au where only when all people in the relationship are together does the world spark up in bright colours
Another BillDip fanfic idea

Bill manages to piss off a witch and gets put under a love curse, that causes him to fall in love with Dipper.

After days of Dipper getting frustrated with Bill’s ideas of flirting, animal teeth and skulls, offers to torture and kill his enemies, bouqets of poisonous flowers, Dipper either reads about the love curse in the journal, or he meets the witch that Bill pissed off. From here on, the cure for the curse would be one of two things:

A true love’s kiss, which basically means Dipper needs to fall in love Bill and kiss him to break the curse, or a potion that can break the curse if Bill drinks it.

In the case of the first scenario, Bill wouldn’t know that Dipper and Mabel were trying to break the curse, so when Dipper starts spending more time with him willingly, he’s ecstatic. And slowly, but surely, Dipper starts falling for Bill, and even forgets that he started doing all this to break a curse. So, after dating for two months, they’re having a picnic in the forest. Dipper kisses Bill, and Bill pushes him off.

So, with the second option, Dipper and Mabel gather the ingredients for the potion and brews it, but when it’s done Bill refuses to take it, saying he likes to be in love with Dipper and doesn’t want it to stop. So Dipper, without Bill seeing it, puts some of the potion in his mouth, and kisses Bill to transfer the potion to him, ending with Bill pushing him away.In both cases, Bill is furious and leaves immediatly. In the first storyline, Dipper is heartbroken, in the second he is relieved. But stories would end with Dipper waking up the next day, to find a deer skull on his desk.

It’s on your face.

Kaneki was staring, he just couldn’t help it though. He was captivated by Hide’s dazzling smile, as though the sun beamed straight out of the other’s mouth. Maybe it was more like the moon, like the sun light shone off of Hide’s teeth. It just lit up that face, that face that was just so soft for him. Kaneki had noticed it, the way that Hide looked at him was different from the way the other looked at anyone else, gentle and candid expression reserved only of Kaneki. It made his own face heat up. 

“I really like your smile,” Kaneki found himself blurting out, tongue loose from the way Hide’s smile undid him. 

“You do?” Hide asked, doing something that Kaneki wasn’t privy to often, the sunflower haired boy blushed as he scratched at his cheek, adverting his eyes. 

“Y-yeah,” Kaneki replied, nodding as he hoped to see more of that tentative face. 

Kissing Married Men (Oneshot)

Violet just turned 18 and she has a crush on her father’s older married friend, Harry, and he has a crush on her as well. He refuses to cheat on his wife, but what is his definition of cheating?

-Daddy Kink
-Young girl, older man

An hour had passed and i wanted to touch him. He stood there in front of me with a smirk on his face and i knew he wanted to touch me too as his eyes kept drifting toward me. His arm was wrapped around his wife’s waist as my father spoke to them both about their dinner plans for the night. My father was oblivious to the fact that his friend, Harry, was checking me out, as he was directing most of his attention to his wife, Janine. Maybe Harry was looking at me because he was just being nice, maybe i was just daydreaming. Either way he was lovely and i wanted to see more of him. I stared at his green eyes, the way they glistened as the sun shined through the living room window. I imagined what he would look like shirtless, if he would just unbutton two more buttons on his shirt. The way he chewed his gum and his long hair made me only imagine him using his mouth for something a little more fun and how i’d pull his hair nice and rough because of it. He seemed like the type of man to enjoy that.

“This is my daughter, Violet.” My father said, making me snap out of my daydream.

Harry and Janine looked over at me.

“Nice to meet you.” Janine said politely, putting her hand out in front of her.

I hesitated for a moment before shaking her hand and giving her a fake smile. Harry didn’t do as Janine had and a part of me felt upset. I wanted to feel the warmth of his large hands.

I let out a soft sigh in disappointment.

“Today is her birthday.” My father added with a big smile on his face.

He wrapped his arm around my shoulders and pulled me into him before placing a soft kiss on my forehead as i rolled my eyes.

“Oh really? H-” Janine began before she was cut off.

“How old are you?” Harry asked immediately.

His British accent caught me off guard, making me feel things i had never felt before. He wanted to know my age. I believe he instantly felt strange asking as he scratched the side of his nose awkwardly and looked away for a second. Before i could speak, my dad opened his mouth and answered for me.

“She’s 18 today. My baby is all grown up.”

Harry put his hands in his pockets and looked down at the ground as i stared straight at him. Without even realizing that i was becoming lost in him, i glanced at Janine who was giving me a dirty look. I pushed my hair behind my ear and let out a soft cough.

“Um, i think maybe i should go upstairs. I have to get ready.”

My father nodded and i walked away quickly. As i rushed up the staircase i felt somewhat afraid. I had made a horrible first impression on Janine and now she probably thinks i’m in love with her husband. I wasn’t in love with him. I just wanted to feel him. Every single inch of him.

I walked into my bedroom and shut the door behind me, leaning back against it. My cell phone sat on my dresser and i rushed to grab it and call my friend, Destiny. I pulled up her name and hit the green button on the screen. After the third ring she answered.

“What’s up?” Her voice echoed through the phone.

“Des, oh my god.”

“What happened?” She sounded worried.

“Nothing, nothing. I just… My dad’s friend is over and he…” My voice faded out slowly as i didn’t know how to describe what i felt exactly.

“Spit it out!” She shouted before letting out a chuckle.

“His name is Harry. Remember David from freshman year? He looks like him, but he’s a grown ass man and i was staring at him and his wife-”

“His wife?” She asked.

I sighed, catching myself. What was i talking about? He’s a 20 something year old man who is married. He’s friends with my dad and i’m upstairs in my bedroom about ask my friend advice on how i can get him to fuck me. I’m in a complete daydream.

“I know… I don’t know what i’m talking about.” I groaned.

“How old is this guy? He’s your dad’s friend. He’s like 40?”

“No, he has to be 20 something. Maybe his late 20’s.”

I threw myself back onto my bed and stared at the ceiling. Destiny rambled on about something through the phone but i couldn’t help but keep thinking about his big hands. I wanted them to grab me and take control of me. I wanted them to hold me down.

My mind was in a weird place when i heard a creak at my bedroom door. I sat up and waited for someone to open it.

“Hold on.” I whispered to Destiny.

She instantly stood quiet and i waited bit longer before there was a soft knock. I groaned. My dad always had to interrupt me when i was on the phone. I stood up and made my way over.

“Dad i’m-” I opened the door and my mouth stood open as Harry stood there.

“Hi, love.” He whispered.

I tried to speak to tell Destiny i’d call her later but i couldn’t form any words. Instead i pressed the red button on my phone screen and attempted to place it in my pocket before dropping it on the floor. I didn’t bother to pick it up as Harry did it for me. He put the phone out to hand it to me and i stood staring into his eyes. As i took the phone from him the tips of my fingers brushed against his hand and i felt a rush.

“Why… What… Why are you… What happened?” I asked softly, brushing my hair behind my ear once more and looking down at the ground.

Harry smiled. I stared at his mouth and began dreaming of it hanging wide open in awe as i ride him harder than anyone ever has and i bite my lip. As i caught myself i covered my mouth with my hand and looked away.

“What did you call me when you opened the door?” He asked quietly.

“I… I thought… I thought you were my dad.” I answered hesitantly.

He chuckled softly and moved closer to me. He placed his right hand on my arm and brought the other up to my mouth slowly. His thumb pressed against my bottom lip and i gasped at the sensation. I had been waiting for this, for him to touch me, and i wouldn’t have had this moment any other way. I wouldn’t have asked him to touch me anywhere else.

His big hands. He’s touched his cock with these hands and who knows what else. His big dirty British cock. God, i am so dirty. My heart began to pound in my chest and i closed my eyes as the tip of his thumb entered my mouth. He moved even closer to me and leaned in to whisper in my ear as i began sucking on his thumb. His other hand moved to the bottom hem of my shirt and he snuck his hand underneath, making me gasp once more.

“Open your pretty little eyes, love.” He demanded, still trying to stay as silent as possible.

My eyes opened slowly and i was in awe as his face was only an inch from mine.

“Tell me again. Who did you think i was?” He added.

I knew exactly what he was doing, where he was taking this and i loved every second. We stood there in the doorway and i felt afraid that my father would walk upstairs, or worse, Janine. As i opened my mouth to speak, his hand trailed higher and higher up my shirt.

“I… I thought. I thought you were my dad.”

“Who?” He asked knowingly.

“My dad.” I replied once more.

His eyes were locked on mine and his breath hit my face. I wanted to kiss him. I had to taste him. Even better, i wanted him to taste me. I wanted him to taste my youth. I wanted him to feel like a dirty man, cheating on his wife with a young girl.

“What did you call him when you were a little girl?” He asked.

My legs began to quiver and i could feel my panties soaked between my legs. Something took ahold of me and i felt myself becoming bad.

“Daddy.” I said in a childlike voice.

Harry bit his lip and shook his head in amazement. He sighed and i felt the tips of his fingers pitter patter against my stomach.

He stared into my eyes, almost as if he refused to look away, as if he would die if he did so. He leaned in closer and rested his forehead against mine, still not moving his thumb from my bottom lip. Harry was such a tall man and i was such a little girl, he was leaning completely forward. I knew the feeling brought him dominance and i loved it.

“Say it again.” He begged.

I opened my mouth and began rocking my body back and forth before standing on my tip toes begging him to move his hand into my pants and touch my wet pussy.

“Daddy…” I said before i bit down on his thumb gently.

“Good little girl.” He was unsettled as he spoke.

The tone of his voice let me know that he couldn’t hold back any longer. I was going to kiss him and show him that i’m not the little girl he thinks i am. I shut my eyes and leaned forward, hoping he would move his hand away so our lips could meet. When he didn’t, i was shocked. He let out a smug laugh and pulled his hand out from beneath my shirt. He grabbed ahold of my chin with the hand that was once placed against my lips and moved in, his lips nearly meeting mine, before placing a soft kiss on my cheek. He pulls away and grins.

“I’m a married man. You can’t be kissing married men, love.”

The reader, part 2

I just wanna thank everyone who’ve read and liked my first part. It really means a lot that you guys actually read my stuff.. haha. 

Part 1


The days went by. She continued doing her thing, reading - and he did his thing, spreading joy. He couldn’t help, but notice how she wouldn’t be as captivated in her books like she used to, though. Her eyes wouldn’t crinkle as much. She wouldn’t run her hand trough her hair as often. Every since the accoutre it seemed like she was thinking more than reading, which was not like her at all. He couldn’t help, but wonder if he were the reason to it. He actually hoped he was, because that would at least mean she was thinking of him, which was more than enough for him.

He was right though. She couldn’t seem to concentrate ever since he all of sudden decided to talk to her. For some reason she couldn’t get him off her mind. No matter what she did to prevent having him on her mind, he just seemed the appear the second later. His words just replayed over and over again like music in her ears. “You’re not one of many, you’re actually one of the few.”  

She wasn’t sure if she regretted claiming Calum went out with a lot of girls. She did feel bad about it, she actually did, but maybe that was for the best? At least he didn’t talk to her anymore, so in a way she kind of did what she really intended to, push him away. But, for some reason there was a part of her that hoped he would come talk to her again. There was a part of her that was longing for his presence and it terrified her. It terrified her how a guy she’d barely talked to made her want to break out of her shell, it made her want to interact with people. Somehow his presence made her want to be in this world and not escape to the world she knew best, her books.


“You’ve never really told us what happened the other day.” Ashton said as he noticed Calum staring at her. He had noticed Calum being distant ever since he went talking to her. All though Calum was still happy and quirky, Ashton could sense when he was genuinely happy and when he was faking. He knew Calum that well, he knew Calum was definitely faking.

Calum turned his head slowly to stare at his friend, but as he did he quickly turned his gaze back at her. “I warned you, bro. She’s cold. We’ve all been through it.” Ashton continued ignoring the fact that he knew Calum was ignoring him. Ashton knew what she had putted Calum trough. He had been there himself. He knew she would turn him down coldly and smoothly without even showing any signs of sympathy. That was what she always did. Therefor he didn’t want Calum to get his hopes up. He didn’t want his best friend getting hurt, once again. He knew Calum saw something in her that no one did, he saw a warm and soft side. He didn’t want Calum to loose that belief. Talking to her might just do that.

 "There’s nothing to say, really. She turned me down, which I guess is not something new.“ Calum finally muttered after what felt like hours of silence. His voice was wound and his eyes didn’t shine with happiness as it used to. Ashton could tell he was hurt and he figured it couldn’t have just been, because she turned him down. Calum was fully aware of the fact that he probably would be. It just couldn’t be the only reason why he was hurt. It was more to it. It was something Calum wasn’t telling him and he wanted to figure out what it was.


 She walked to her locker with a book under her arm and a coffee in her hand putting away the stuff she didn’t needed into her locker, just like she always did. This time it was different though. This time she could feel someone coming up to her, which wasn’t a part of her routine. She would put her things back into her locker, then she would head home. No one used to interrupt her as she did, except for today.

“May I ask you about something?” She heard someone asking. She recognized the voice. It was one of Calum’s friends. The one who would laugh so loudly that she was sure the entire world could hear him. It was no one other than, Ashton Irwin.

“Sure, go ahead” -She answered quickly, not really sure if she was nervous about what he was about to ask or not. He probably wanted to ask about Calum, but she couldn’t figure out what he wanted to ask about. There was just a thousands of questions running trough her mind at once, she was sure she could faint in any minute.

“What happened the other day? The day Calum went to talk to you. What happened?” He asked curiously, obviously worried about his friend.  She just stared at him, not knowing what to answer. She wasn’t sure what he wanted her to say. Did he want her to confess her rudeness through-wards Calum? He probably did. He probably wanted her to apologize.

“Okay.. I don’t know whatever happened the other day. I know for a fact that you turned him down and I’m just here to say that I really think you should give him a chance. I know that’s not your thing, letting people in and stuff. You push people away. You block them out of your life and that’s okay. I just want you to know that Calum sees something in you that no one else does. He really believes there’s warmth behind the wall you’ve put up. He really put his heart out there when he went talking to you. He will probably kill me for saying this, but- he had his heart broken once and it was a hell of a fight getting back up again, but for some reason his willing to take the risk of having to fight again for you, so I just want you to at least think about it.” His tone was serious and he was looking at her straight in the eyes obviously looking for some reaction from her side, but she just stood there as a tree. She didn’t even flinch one muscle. She just stared at him in shock. He couldn’t really be serious could he? It was Calum he was talking about, the guy who could get every girl at school, the guy everyone surrounded. How could he possibly have any interest in her? He couldn’t, he just couldn’t. But, Ashton sounded dead serious though.

Then Ashton walked away slowly, leaving her there standing by the locker. She stood there for what felt like a decade, just replaying Ashton’s words over and over again. She wasn’t sure what to do next. She knew she probably should apologize to Calum for being so rude. All of the time she thought Calum was the kind of guy who would easily break someone’s heart, simply because he could, but she seemed to be wrong. She had claimed he was some kind of player, she has claimed he was everything he wasn’t, a heart breaker. Turns out, he was the one getting his heart broken and now she had broken it again. Turns out she claimed him to be everything she was, a heartbreaker.

Without even knowing it she stood in front of Calum’s locker, waiting for him. She had no clue what to say, but she stood there either way. She could hear his laugh getting closer and as she looked up, he stood there standing right in front of her, staring at her….


So that was part 2, I hope you guys enjoyed it. Please let me know what you think about it and let me know if you want a part 3!  I noticed that I had not put on the question thing, haha I felt sort of stupid.

Imagine going on a school trip with Cas. Original imagine by souffles-and-sarcasm. Written by Castielle.

You had felt really, really embarrassed when Ms. Alexis, your teacher, had asked your older brother, Dean, if he would like to be one of the chaperones on the upcoming school trip. “I wouldn’t usually bother the parents and guardians, but unless we get a few more adults, we won’t be allowed to take the kids to the museum,” she had said.

But then Castiel had offered to come. He had been introduced to Ms. Alexis as your uncle. Dean had given him one surprised look, but left it up to him. As it was, Sam and Dean had been called on a hunt, so Cas was the only one left at home.

As you clambered onto the bus for the hour-long ride to the museum, you stepped aside, nodding to Cas to let him know that he could take the window seat. You were a little annoyed, however, that you had a chaperone who would be specifically watching your move.

The two of you remained silent for a little while. The other kids began to talk. You didn’t have any real friends among them. This was just another school that you would leave as soon as Sam and Dean found other cases far away.

“When I was about your age, I went on a sort of field trip, too,” Castiel suddenly spoke up.

You suddenly became interested. “Really? Where did you go?”

“I got to watch the creation of the stars. There were a couple of us young angels, but it was an honour, all the same. Only a few of us were chosen. We got to watch as Lucifer and Michael spread them across the sky.”

As the minutes passed by, Castiel’s deep voice relating different stories of creation, you suddenly realized that this was actually a good idea after all. You certainly wouldn’t be bored.

Alistair’s Dance

Modern Warden x Alistair AU Fluff

I do not have a good reason as to why this exists, only that it’s utter nonsense inspired by the dance scene in Risky Business.  

(AO3 Link)

“I shouldn’t have said anything.”  She squeaks, her cheeks still burning from the embarrassment of answering his question.

What’s a fantasy you’ve never told anyone?

Alistair shoots her a glance, silencing her next protest, as he trots over to the dresser at the other side of the bedroom, wiggling his pajamas pants down his legs as he goes.  The sight of his naked body before her almost has her calling him back to the bed and stopping this silliness before it even begins with some well-placed kisses.  But she could see the determined set of his brow, knowing he was doing this for her.  All for her.  

“I did say before that your desire was my command, love, and if this is your desire…”  Reaching into the dresser, he pulls out a pair of boxer briefs, slipping them on before heading to the closet.  "Just remember that it’s my turn next.“  He wiggles his eyebrows and she groans.

She hadn’t really expected him to say yes. What she had expected was for him to make a joke about it.  It wasn’t much of a fantasy anyway, it was practically rated G, a silly notion she got in her head as a teenager as a way to find the man that was perfect for her.  Someone silly and spontaneous.  If a man was comfortable enough to make a fool of himself in front of her like this, then she would know he was right for her.  Right?

And now, Alistair was about to make it happen.

"Are you sure about your song choice, Mira? You don’t want to go with the song from the movie?”  He was searching through the closet now for his white dress shirt, murmuring a quiet ‘aha’ as his fingers close over the material.

“I’m sure.”

“Alright.”  He gives her a little grin as he shrugs on the shirt, slowly closing the buttons. He knows it’s her favourite song, knows it’s their song, but he wants to make sure he gets it all perfect.

He grabs his sunglasses as he heads back towards the bed.  Without even a word, he lifts her up, his hands cheekily squeezing her bottom as he does.  She squeals as her legs wrap around his back, her hands clinging to his shoulders for support.

“This isn’t a part of it!”

He silences her with a kiss before setting her down in a sitting position at the end of the bed.  When she opens her eyes from the kiss, he’s gone.  His voice calls from the hallway to start the music.  

He stays out of sight while the first few bars of music play, only to come sliding down the hardwood floors past the door as the lyrics start.

When I wake up, well, I know I’m gonna be I’m gonna be the man who wakes up next to you…

His back is to her, but his hips are already swaying to the beat of the music.  When he turns around, she can see he’s lip syncing along.  She giggles at the sight, she’s never thought that anyone would ever do this silly idea for her.   She’s always expected that her reaction would be to burst out laughing at the sight, but to her surprise she can already feel the heating pooling between her thighs.

Maker, the things this man did to her.

His hips start to gyrate as his grabs her hair brush off the dresser, using it as his microphone.  He forgets about lip synching and begins to sing along with the words.  What he lacks in talent, singing rather far off-key, he makes up for with cheesy enthusiasm.  He dances back and forth across the room, strutting, wiggling, thrusting… anything to get a laugh from her.  But each time he glances her way, he sees her sitting there staring, her mouth fallen open as a blush threatens to consume her.  

One hand reaches up to pop the collar of his shirt as he dances towards her.  

He moves in close, his face hovering above hers as he continues to dance,  turning the silly moment into something more.  Every inch of her body is attuned to his presence, her body aching with desire for him.

I’m gonna be the man who’s coming home with you…

He almost whispers along with the words, sincerity flowing through them.  Without hesitation, she grabs his collar and crashes his lips into hers.  

His dance is forgotten long before the song ends.  His clothes scattered next to hers on the floor before the last few bars of music play.

Song: I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers.