“Are those fairy lights?”

“… possibly.”

“Ginny, it’s December 2nd.”

“Are you telling me it’s too early for Christmas decoration?”

“Well … yes, I am.”

“Sorry, I can’t find … damn, where’s – hold on – “

“Where’s what?”


Ron doesn’t stop laughing for half an hour.

Who’s on Katsuki Yuuri’s Wall?

Fandom: Yuri!!! On Ice

Pairing: Victuuri

Summary: It all started with a phone call taken at the wrong time.

Tags: Fluff, the posters of Victor, Humor, Phichit and his damn phone

It all started with a most unfortunate call from Yuuri’s sister. At the most unfortunate time too. Minutes before the GPF woudl fully begin.

“Yuuri, kaa-san did your laundry but accidentally left your door wide open, so Makkachin got inside. Everything was fine until he got to the bed and found your stash of posters.”

Yuuri suddenly wished that he hadn’t put the mobile on Speaker in order to hear better, because everyone within the vicinity had heard and were gathering around, interested in their conversation.

Why was Mari talking in English anyway?

“A few of the good posters got torn up though. Sorry.”

Yuuri was suddenly panicked. “The platinum one wasn’t among them, right?!” Yuuri asked, practically pleading for her to tell him what he needed to hear.

“No, that one’s fine. The one with the poodle is torn apart. Almost as if in jealousy actually.”

Mari sounded amused, but this was not amusing. He’d loved the poster of Victor and his first poodle. It was what made him want to get a poodle of his own. And Victor’s long hair was so beautiful then.

After the call, Phichit had decided to open his mouth. “So which poster got it?”

“An unimportant one,” Yuuri murmured, placing his mobile in his pocket. He at least had several others of smaller sizes. So it wasn’t too much of a loss.

“Are there any posters of me?” the Thai skater asked, a wide smile on his face.

“N-No!” Yuuri squeaked. “I have a photo of both of us on my desk if it helps.”

“Meh,” Phichit shrugged and pulled out his own mobile. Yuuri didn’t even want to imagine what he was up to on it.

“Any posters of me?” Chris whispered in his ear as he leaned over Yuuri’s shoulder, only to be pulled away by Victor who was frowning heavily at him.


“My heart is broken, Yuuri! How could you not have my gorgeous self on your wall?!”

“I’m sure you’ll manage,” the brunet murmured without remorse.

Phichit smiled and sent Chris a pitying look. “Don’t feel bad, I guarantee that Victor’s body takes up most of every wall in Yuuri’s room.”

Shut up!” Yuuri’s voice had literally just ascended two octaves.

Phichit merely gave him that smile that the world was beginning to know him for. The one that told Yuuri that he was not ashamed of what he was doing and would most likely be doing it again in the future.

“What about my body being on Yuuri’s wall?”

Of all the times to be paying attention, it had to be now?

Yuuri’s mortified glance in Victor’s direction was met with Victor’s adorable confusion.

Phichit went to open his mouth again, but Yuuri was quick to slam a hand over it, to halt any further embarrassment to himself. The look he sent his long time friend could silence the loudest of crowds.

“I’m no longer on Yuuri’s wall. He took down all the posters of me and hid them under his bed.”

Yuuri would swear that he could hear the rapid acceleration of his own heartbeat. That was how silent it got in the arena. For him at least.

Victor knew. He somehow knew about Yuuri’s shrine to him.

His horrified look was met with a cute grin.

“You were drunk on sake and decided to show me your collection. You were very proud of it, and kissed the long-haired ones of me, several times.”


Victor merely wrapped an arm around his trembling shoulders. “I was very flattered and immediately got Minako to get me some posters of you so I could enjoy you as well.”

Phichit’s phone was flashing every few seconds, and Yuuri knew this was going to make it to Instagram. And Twitter. And probably Tumblr if Phichit had any say in the matter.

Enjoy, eh?” Chris winked, quirking his brow suggestively.

Yurio gave a disgusted noise, finally announcing his presence. “You’re all disgusting.”

“Don’t worry, little kitten, one day you’ll be ‘enjoying’ yourself when you look at photos of other people. Fear not!” Chris cheered, giving a small wiggle of the hips.

Shut up!”

Yuuri sighed in relief as the others took to teasing Yurio over his lack of physical and sexual maturity. That meant they had gotten over his embarrassing revelation.

“Yuuri, when we move in together, we’re going to have to designate which wall gets what poster.”

Of course Victor hadn’t forgotten, had he?

“I have this nice one that makes me want to bite your ass.”


The man shrugged. “Just telling the truth, Yuuri.”

There was a giggle that didn’t come from either of them, and both looked up to see Phichit. The light on his phone’s camera was flashing, illuminating their figures.

“Twitter is going to love this confession!”


The other skater giggled again as he stepped away before Yuuri could grab him.

“Phichit, I swear!”

“Oooh, swearing means serious business! My followers are going to love it!”

“I hate you!”

“No you don’t!” Phichit sang in return. And damn it all was he right.

The jerk.

A/N: I had to. Sorry not sorry.


“Yuuri,” a familiar voice whispered.

Who was it again? He was sure he knew that voice. A voice that belonged to someone dear to his heart.

“Yuuri, I’m going back to Russia.”

What? No. You can’t leave.

“I’m sorry. I’m happier on the ice.”


He was leaving?

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

No. I don’t want you to go.

Please, don’t leave.

Ah, but Yuuri knew it would happen eventually, didn’t he? He knew it all along. Victor belonged in the ice. He was only going to be with Yuuri for a short time. A little moment to get some inspiration back for his career.

Where were they? It was so dark. So cold. So empty. All that Yuuri could see was Victor’s back as he was leaving. Yuuri’s hands reached out on their own, trying to hold onto Victor’s fading image. His heart felt like giving out from the force of denying the desire to go after the other man. He didn’t have the right to hinder Victor from what he had decided to do.

But I don’t want this.

Come back. Come back.

Please stay. I want you to stay with me.


Yuuri crushed that voice that kept threatening his resolve to let Victor go. If that was what Victor wanted, then he would honor it. He had decided, hadn’t he?

He had taken Victor’s time. Had taken whatever the man could give him. He wouldn’t take anything else from Victor anymore, especially not his happiness.

I don’t want this.

I don’t want this.

That voice inside his head just wouldn’t stop. His voice. Why won’t it stop?

Stay with me.

Stay by my side!


Yuuri was panting, his heart hammering in his chest. Confused, he looked around to get his bearings. What had happened to him?


That same voice, the one he heard just moments ago. The voice he loved hearing alongside his own. He turned toward the speaker, and found Victor’s worried expression looking back at him.

“You’re still here,” Yuuri breathed. He was still affected by the emotions from his dream. Was that relief he could hear in his tone?

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Victor returned, sounding as puzzled as he looked. “What’s wrong, Yuuri? You look so scared. Bad dream?” Victor slid towards him, the sheets rustling as he did.

Ah, Yuuri remembered now. That was the day he had gotten back from the Rostelecom Cup. Tired from the flight, Yuuri was intending to sleep once he got home which Victor agreed to.

At Yuuri’s door, Victor had grabbed his hand and requested, “Sleep beside me, tonight?”

Yuuri couldn’t say no to that. Not when he had missed Victor so much. Their time apart had been too long, had been so lonely. The older man must have been feeling so as well to ask them to sleep together.

So both of them decided to sleep that night in Victor’s bed. It was still dark outside though, which meant they had woken up in the middle of the night.

Warmth enveloped Yuuri as he was wrapped in a tight embrace, pulling him away from his thoughts of earlier that night. After that nightmare, Victor’s hug was definitely what he needed to steady himself. “Mmm,” was all that Yuuri managed to say in reply to Victor. He was still shaken from that dream.

He knew he shouldn’t have slept that night while he was thinking. But honestly, he hadn’t noticed he had fallen asleep. He only planned to think about everything that had transpired recently, but his mind wandered to what happens after the Grand Prix Final. In a few days, they were leaving for Barcelona. The Grand Prix Final was just around the corner, so of course he got waylaid by thoughts of the future.

Sure, he was determined to make Victor stop being his coach, and he was resolved to support the man in whatever he planned to do next. They had only talked about the Grand Prix Final, never broaching the subject beyond that.

Yuuri had no clue about what Victor wanted to do after the competition. In a way, he was touched by how much Victor had focused only on him throughout the Grand Prix Series. But the end was nearing, and with it, might come the end for their stay together.

What did Victor want to do afterwards? More importantly, what was Yuuri planning to do? He was set on retiring after this season. What would he do once he retired, then? He wasn’t sure of that yet.

A thought kept pushing its way to Yuuri’s mind. A wish, a small hope, really. One he kept tightly locked up inside himself. He was so afraid that once he had given it a chance, it would grow into something more. He was afraid he would desire it so strongly. He wouldn’t be able to take it if he was denied, and so he kept ignoring it. Wishful thinking wouldn’t get him anywhere.

But what if?

Damn that voice. What did he have to do to make it stop?

His thoughts were interrupted by a touch between his brows.

“You get this ‘V’ right here,” Victor murmured as he pressed onto the area, “whenever you’re thinking too much, Yuuri.”

“I’m sorry. I got lost in thought,” Yuuri said apologetically. He looked up at Victor and offered a small smile.

“The same thoughts that had you screaming awake?”

Had he screamed? He couldn’t remember now. If only the dream was as easily forgotten.

“You want to talk about it?” Victor offered softly. He started stroking up and down Yuuri’s back to comfort the skater.

“I’m fine, Vitya,” Yuuri declared firmly. “I guess I was just feeling a bit stressed.”

Victor didn’t seem convinced, but the Russian let it go with a shake of his head. He did that whenever he thought the younger man was being needlessly stubborn. Deciding to take a different course of action, Victor asked, “Can’t I do anything for you?”

Yuuri gave a genuine smile at that. He was always so thoughtful of him and his feelings, his Victor. Nothing had changed.

Nothing had to change, right?

That thought snuck its way into Yuuri’s head, catching him off-guard that he clutched at Victor reflexively. He laid his head on Victor’s shoulder to hide his expression. His distress was surely on his face right now and he didn’t want to show it.

“Yuuri?” Victor sounded worried again.

“Just, please. I just need this,” Yuuri rasped as he clung tighter to Victor. He wasn’t lying. He needed to be held as much as he wanted to hold onto Victor. He could still recall the emptiness he suffered after his Free Skate performance. He felt that something was missing. Try as he might, he couldn’t find it.

Until he saw Victor again. Those hours Yuuri spent far apart from his coach were excruciating. He hadn’t experienced that before. The temporary loss hurt more than he thought it would. It was only relieved the moment he felt Victor’s hug, as if his soul knew it had come home right there in Victor’s arms.

That was from just a temporary separation. What if it became permanent?

You can’t take it. You won’t.

It hurt. His thoughts hurt too much.

“Shh,”Victor whispered in Yuuri’s ear. “Why the tears, Yuuri?”

Yuuri hadn’t realized he was crying. Try as he might, he couldn’t say anything to respond. He was a mess–his thoughts were overwhelming and his heart was feeling too much. Yuuri tightened his grip on Victor’s shirt in a silent plea for more. What more, he didn’t know. He knew nothing anymore.

“I’m here, Yuuri,” Victor reassured empathically. “I’m right here.”

Yuuri cried harder, his emotions spiralling out of control. Maybe this was what Yuuri needed right now-to purge whatever negativity his nightmare had given him. Victor must have known. It must be why Victor didn’t stop Yuuri from weeping. Victor just held on tighter to Yuuri’s trembling form and kept murmuring the same words: I’m right here.

When the tears finally abated, Yuuri felt so worn out but also relieved. Crying his heart out helped ease his distress.

Victor was now stroking Yuuri’s head with one hand, the other enfolding Yuuri in a loose hold. “Feel better?”

Hai,” Yuuri sighed. He definitely felt lighter.

“You got snot on my shirt, Yuuri,” the older man teased.

Yuuri lifted his head up so fast he became dizzy. “I’m so sorry,” he exclaimed in embarrassment as he looked up at Victor.

“You finally looked at me.” Victor cupped Yuuri’s face in his hands, warmth in every touch. His expression was one of utmost tenderness. Perhaps it was because of the lighting, or the intimacy of their positions, or most likely the combination of the two, but Yuuri thought Victor was so beautiful at that moment.

Yuuri never wanted to lose this.

You won’t have to. Just say it.

Tell him.

Tell him what you want the most.

If only he could, but no. Yuuri wouldn’t be that selfish.

You want to stay together with him, that voice insisted.

Yes, he acquiesced, finally admitting to himself that painful desire.

Then ask him to stay.

Only if that was what Victor wanted as well.

On that, he wouldn’t budge. Yuuri was all too aware of what awaited Victor if his coach ever decided to return to skating. His fans would still be there for him, were even now clamoring for him to come back. And if Victor did decide to skate again, he would support the other man.

But it wouldn’t necessarily mean they wouldn’t be together then. Now that Yuuri had acknowledged his desire to stay with the Russian man, new thoughts were beginning to take form. After all, Victor had left his skating career on hold for Yuuri. Why couldn’t Yuuri do the same this time around?

Once Yuuri retired, nothing would hold him back from going with Victor. And if, or when, the time comes for Victor to retire, they would still be together. They had been through so much and had grown stronger together.

How many times had he claimed that they would win with the power of love? They wouldn’t just fall apart. Yuuri was starting to really believe that now.

“Ah, happy thoughts at last, my Yuuri?”

That startled the skater back into focus. “How did you know?” he asked as he gazed into Victor’s eyes which held only affection.

Victor gave Yuuri a fond smile. “Your face says whatever it is you’re thinking or feeling. I’ve been with you long enough to know.”


Victor waited a beat, and then blew out a breath. Yuuri obviously wasn’t planning on sharing anything with him. Well, he hadn’t shared yet either. He was still waiting for the right time, and Yuuri evidently was as well. Guess they were both going to play a waiting game, then.

Deciding to take the subject somewhere else, Victor reminded the dark-haired man, “My birthday’s coming up, Yuuri. What are you giving me?”

Yuuri glanced at Victor, seeing the quirky smile he adored on Victor’s lips. Thankful that they were moving on to other matters, Yuuri played along and muttered, “Something round and golden.”

“Wow,” Victor rejoiced, “Is this the continuation for your proposal from the airport?”

Heat crept up from Yuuri’s neck to his cheeks. Victor was never going to let that go. Groaning from embarrassment, Yuuri hid under the blanket and ignored Victor’s teasing grin.

“Yuuri, ne, Yuuri, is it?” Victor kept bugging Yuuri for an answer playfully. He was glad that his skater was feeling better. The scream Victor heard from Yuuri was branded onto his memory. He never wanted his Yuuri to do that again.

“Go back to sleep, Victor,” Yuuri said, his voice muffled from under the covers.

Victor laughed, the sound like music to Yuuri’s ears. Victor gave up on pestering Yuuri and settled down to lie beside him.

“I do need the blanket as well, Yuuri.”

Yuuri lifted one side of the blanket, an invitation for the silver-haired man. One which Victor took, of course. He wasn’t an idiot.

Victor pulled Yuuri towards him, his front to Yuuri’s back. Spooning, they were spooning. Victor’s arm was fastened at Yuuri’s middle, the latter’s hand entwined with the former.

Yuuri was about to fall asleep when he heard Victor whisper, “Let’s take this one moment at a time, Yuuri.”


“I wish we’d never stop,” Victor muttered sleepily.

Those words, they wove their way into Yuuri’s fearful heart and anchored themselves there. They might have been words said unwittingly, but it was enough to give Yuuri some hope of a positive future.

They still have this moment. Yuuri was sure they would get where they both wanted to be. Wherever and whatever that may be, he will just have to trust that the power of love would guide them.

Victor was right. They just have to take it one moment at a time.

Okay. So, we’ve gotten a glimpse of what Yuuri’s thought process was like in Episode 9, but nothing yet from Victor. How I wish Episode 10 would help and give us a damn clue already. We’ll have to wait for another week to find out.

I took full liberty with this one. I’ve been seeing a lot of positive and negative thoughts on Episode 9 that it got me thinking: What can I do to get the fandom’s spirits back up? I can’t draw for sh!t, and my laptop breaks down every time I try to make an AMV. The last resort was this: a hastily written fanfic with a bad attempt on cheering people up. Do pardon any mistake or poorly written sentence I have made.

Now, we’ve all watched over them both since Episode 1. Wherever Victor and Yuuri’s journey takes them, whatever path they both decide to go on, let’s all believe in the show and what Victor and Yuuri had always shown us: the power of love can win it all.

I love this show, I love this fandom, and I love Victuri.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

All I can imagine right now, laying in bed, is how Percival would react to you being like frigidity freezing.

You had only begun working under Percival recently, a few months. There had yet to be a bond of trust between the two of you, but would there ever be? Percival remained rather distant from others and liked to keep things to himself, so how do you build trust off of a man who was like that? Graves was a big man, broad shouldered and held himself with a mature confidence you hadn’t quite seen in any other person before. He was vividly aware of his surroundings and kept a looking eye on what you were doing to make sure it was being done correctly. You found it difficult sometimes to work with him breathing down your neck, but you figured it was just the sort of person he was and always had been.

 Not to say you didn’t enjoy your job, because you did. It required just the right amount of desk work and out in the field sort of work so it lacked the sense of dullness you’d get behind a desk, and lacked the instant dangers that were often seen with a lot of field work.

You’re striding beside to him, and for it being the dead middle of winter, there was surely a breeze like no other. It shot through your own jacket and seemed to chill your bones the longer you walked in it. Accompanying that, the wind hit your cheeks roughly, leaving them feeling scraped and extremely red. Your fingers felt slightly numb as you pressed them deeply inside of your jacket.

Of course, these are all things he noticed. But, being the man he was, he merely said to you in a rather stoic voice, “You should have brought a bigger jacket.”

Yeah, you thought and glanced up at him through hot eyes, seemingly contradicting the cold you found yourself in. “I know.” You admitted, “I just didn’t expect the weather to be so overcasted today.” His dark, piercing eyes studied as you shuddered beside him. You wondered for a second, why he didn’t appear to be as icy as you were. But, for an ice-hearted man, this must have been like summer. You snorted, laughing at your own joke as you paced your walking speed.

“I was perfectly fine walking there by myself, I don’t know why you insisted on going.” You could have sworn a few snowflakes flew by your eyes, but maybe it was just the dim light of the cloudy covered sun playing tricks on you.

Licking his bottom lip, he hummed a response to your blunder and gazed around. You knew the response he wanted to spit, but he remained rather silent in a stubborn way. His voice rocketed into your mind, ‘Because you’re new, and you’re sickly prone to attracting any sort of danger. That’s why I’m walking you there.’

Shaking his voice out of your head, you glanced down at your feet. What exactly was his issue? What he always like this? Was he always so unappealingly grumpy to others, remaining hard-headed for the rest of the world? Were it even possible for a man like him to feel any—

A blue scarf found itself way into your vision. Subtly at first, and then your entire face was enthralled with it, “Bring a bigger jacket next time.” Graves stated, his voice charmingly amused as he took a few steps forwards so he was leading you now. It took you a few moments to realize what had happened as you held the scarf in your hands before snuggling it around your neck. It smelt heavily like tea and aftershave, and left something lingering in your mind.

You re-thought the last thing your mind was on. It was possible for a man like him to feel something other than grumpiness. He appeared compassionate, and that was a good enough start for you as you jogged a bit to catch up with his pace. Smiling to yourself, you traced the fabric of the scarf and gazed up at him. 

Maybe, just maybe, Percival Graves wasn’t as ice-hearted as people thought he was.

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Cuddling (Newt Scamander x Reader Imagine)

You and Newt sat on the small sofa in your apartment in New York. Your head was resting on his shoulder and his was leaning on yours slightly. Your hands were intertwined and there was a big thick blanket covering you. The fire in the fireplace was cracking softly while the cold wind was howling outside and the snow almost seemed as if it were dancing on it. You could feel Newt’s warmth and cuddled closer to him as he put his arm around your shoulder. You felt that you could stay like this forever. After some time you started to drift away and closed your eyes. When he saw that you were sleeping Newt kissed your head and whispered: ‘I love you.’

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The Man With the Case - Chapter 2


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You woke to an embarrassing trail of drool leaking onto your pillow through your parted lips. What time was it? A glance out the window revealed that the sun was up, so it had to be later than when you usually woke up.

A delightful aroma traveled up from the kitchen, and you suspected that Queenie, the thoughtful witch that she was, had made breakfast for you and your peculiar guest; a glance to your right revealed that Newt was still fast asleep, completely covered head to toe in your bedspread. Could he even breathe under there? The steady rise and fall of the long lump on the bed answered your question.

Careful not to wake the man next to you, you tip-toed out of the bedroom, easing the door shut behind you. As you suspected, Queenie was seated at the dining room with a plate full of fresh pastries, though they didn’t look like the ones she usually made. These ones were…funny looking. You noticed that they resembled the magical creatures you remembered briefly studying at Ilvermorny, decorated with white frosting and powdered sugar.

“What’s with the baked goods?” You asked, having a seat next to Queenie.

Queenie laughed warmly. “Oh, these aren’t my own creations. I actually picked them up at a bakery. They’re darling, aren’t they?” She admired the creations, though there was a twinge of sadness in her eyes.

“Yeah…they’re cute.” You admitted.

Just then, you heard the creak of a floorboard behind you. A glance back revealed that the cause of the noise was none other than Newt Scamander himself, displaying an awful case of bedhead and the cutest pair of matching striped pyjamas you’d ever seen.

“She likes your pyjamas,” Queenie chirped at him.

Newts eyes widened a little in embarrassment and flattery, glancing down at his pants. “I-I, well, I…t-thank you, I l-like yours t-too.” He seemed to have trouble getting the sentence out, and wouldn’t look you in the eye as he spoke.

“So, did you two sleep well?” The blonde asked, the hint of a mischievous smile on her lips.

“Well, y-yes, actually.” Newt said, fiddling with the tablecloth in his fingers. “I tend to have a bit of trouble sleeping, but last night–”

“That’s because I slipped a bit of (Y/N)’s famous sleeping draught in your tea.” Queenie confessed, looking between the two of you with a grin stretched across her face. One of her eyes fluttered shut, winking in your direction.

It made perfect sense. You had been amazed that you’d managed to fall asleep as quickly as you had. Now that she mentioned it, you recognized the familiar effects of the dormitive concoction you had perfected so many years ago. The potion prolonged periods of REM sleep, creating pleasant dreams, and providing a refreshing feeling upon the drinker’s awakening.

“Queenie–you know that stuff’s expensive to make.” You scolded, though you were a little thankful for her intervention.

“You’re a potioneer?!” Newt exclaimed suddenly, a look of pure excitement on his face. It was the first time you’d seen him that bold before; you liked it. The fact that his excitement was directed at you made you like it even more, and his joy reawakened the butterflies residing in your abdomen.

“Well, I…yes. I am.” You said, feeling a bit bashful.

The brightness in Newts eyes made your heart swell.

“That’s perfect!” He exclaimed, grabbing your hand and pulling you up from your seat. He had not initiated voluntary physical contact with you before then. That meant that you had to be making at least some progress with the British wizard…right? Of course, you still weren’t sure if Tina had feelings for him, which made you feel a bit guilty about your sudden blossoming affection. Queenie took a sip from her cup of coffee, giving you a knowing look, causing color to rise to your cheeks. “Get out of my head!” You mentally reprimanded her for the invasion of your privacy.

“You know I can’t help it,” She pouted, setting her mug down.

Newt seemed to be too preoccupied with thoughts of potions to notice Queenie’s most recent comment.

“(Y/N), come on, we’ve got to go! I really am short on time and, see, Annie, my Occamy–she isn’t getting any better. I’ve got her in quarantine, which I feel utterly terrible about, but–”

“Newt.” You stopped him dead in his tracks, trying to ignore the fact that his hand was still clamped over yours. “We’re in our pyjamas.”

The man paused, mortified at both his outburst and carelessness regarding his attire. He let go of your hand, leaving the skin he had held feeling completely electrified.

“R-right.” He mumbled, looking away from you. “I’m s-sorry.”

You noticed that his stutter had returned, though only moments ago his speaking pattern had been flawless. Why? What was different?

“I’ll go change into something more…appropriate for the day,” You explained. “And then we can head down to my workshop to take care of Annie’s problem. Okay?” You sounded the tiniest bit more condescending than you had intended, which you deeply regretted.

Newt, nodding in understanding, scuttled away from the table and towards your bedroom. Just as you were about to follow him, Queenie grabbed you by your hand.

“Please don’t flirt with him…for Tina’s sake.” She pleaded.

This startled you. So, your suspicions were correct. Tina and Newt had feelings for each other. How could you disrespect those feelings, after Tina and Queenie had taken you into their own home? You nodded curtly and began to pull away from her hold on you, but she held you back with light force. 

“(Y/N), it’d break her heart.” She whispered.

Seeing the overwhelming concern for her sister’s wellbeing etched on Queenie’s face was enough to break you.

“Okay.” You replied, with a genuine intention to keep your word, hard as it would be.

Queenie smiled. “Thank you. Truly.”

A wave of your wand tamed your hair and transformed your lavender nightgown into your work uniform; a black blouse, grey pleated skirt, white necktie, and leather kitten heels. Grabbing your favorite cloche and coat off the hat rack, you waited patiently by the door for Newt. When he finally did appear, he was in the same outfit he had arrived in last night. You wondered if he owned another set of clothing at all.

“Ready?” You asked, keeping Queenie’s request in mind as you suppressed the butterflies in your stomach.


“Hold on tight,” You instructed.

Newt grabbed his suitcase, (What the hell did he keep in there?!), awkwardly took hold of your shoulder, and you apparated into the dusty potion shop where you worked.

You hadn’t been employed there very long–a month, at most–but you had gotten to know the building well during the late nights you’d spent there. You had nearly memorized where all the ingredients were kept in the basement—goat’s kidney was kept next to the fresh basil, and whatnot.


You winced at the sound of your boss’s voice, and Newt removed his hand from where it was resting on your shoulder.

“God, you’re late!” The corpulent woman gasped, tottering towards you. She was a mess, with black dust smeared across her forehead and her smoky grey hair sticking up on one side.

“Sorry, Lianne.” You grimaced.

Madame Lianne Delevaux had been the only shopkeeper willing to hire a somewhat-inexperienced young witch fresh off the train. She was a funny woman who was easily flustered and wasn’t great at dealing with customers, but lord, did she know a lot about potions. More than you did, which was saying something, seeing as you had studied with some of the best potion masters in the wizarding world.

“I can’t believe you left me to fend for the shop on my own–get in here!” She cried, her voice riddled with panic.

“Sorry,” You apologized to Newt. “I’ll be right back–let me just speak to a few customers, then we’ll get you sorted out.” You gave him a reassuring smile, tied on your ‘Madame Delevaux’s Potion Emporium’ apron, and scurried to your boss’s aid.

Well, “a few customers” turned into ten, and ten turned into twenty, which eventually became fifty. Before you knew it, the sun was setting.

“Ma’am, Polyjuice Potions are highly illegal in the United States. May I interest you in something else instead?” You sighed, wiping the sweat from your brow while you dealt  with a particularly infuriating customer. (A middle-aged woman intent on impersonating her husband’s mistress.)

“No, no–I know that you have some stored in the back, you’ve got to–” The woman’s shrill voice was interrupted by a loud banging sound coming from your office.

“Newt!” You blanched, remembering the timid wizard you had abandoned in the back room. “Shit!”

“Just a moment, ma’am.” You left the customer and scurried to the source of the noise.

Poking your head through the cracked door, you searched for the freckled man. “Newt!” You whisper-yelled.

To your surprise, the office was completely empty, save Mr. Scamander’s curious case, which was propped open next to your desk.

“Newt?” You asked, a little louder, as you fully entered the room. Cautiously, you approached the case, leaning down to peer inside…

“Down here!” Newt’s voice reached your ears just as his head popped out of the case, colliding with your own.

The force of the collision caused you to fall back, landing on your rear with an “Oomph!” You rubbed your sore forehead and looked down at the man in the case, who was massaging the top of his own bumped head.

He smiled apologetically. “S-sorry, (Y/N).”

Your eyes widened at the realization of why Newt kept his case so close to his side. “An undetectable extension charm,” You observed.

“Right.” He responded.

You just stared at one-another for a minute. Another precious moment of eye contact. His eyes really were gorgeous, the most stunning shade of green you’d ever seen. His freckles were adorable, they kind of reminded you of the poppy seeds adorning your favorite lemon muffins. Or maybe they were more like the stars? And his nose–you’d never admired anybody’s nose before, but Newt certainly had a nice–

He cleared his throat. “W-would you…like to come in?” He asked, lifting his eyes off yours and pointing them firmly on the ceiling.

“Well, my shift’s not over yet, but…” You looked between the door and Newt. “What the hell, right?” You finally decided, and held out your hand.

Mending Burned Bridges


Chapters: 1, 2, 3

Summary: After a weekend out with the Gems goes awry, Steven finds himself face to face with his most dangerous enemy yet…and he’s the only one who can help her.

Note: Credit for this version of Yellow Diamond goes to @kibbles-bits, creator of the Steven Universe AU comic New Home (for context for this character, and to read an awesome webcomic, go read it)

Another note: Unlike New Home, which is only canon up to Catch and Release, this fic is canon up to at least Bubbled. Consider it an AU of an AU

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JunkFish and MakoShark

I tried a quick write for @froggyflan ;~; I said I was gonna write them a fic, and here it is. It’s not what it could be but I tried! Hope it doesn’t suck. 

   What’s he doing…? Mako thought. That was a fishing boat, and this fish was swimming right up to it. Was he dumb? Probably. Maybe he got shook around too much. He certainly looked like it. Stupid merman had some torn up gangly tail and some sickly green color. Scars littered up and down his tail as well as on his more human looking back and arm. He had what looked like a fishing hook lodged in his fin and ridiculously enough, a plastic can holder managed to get itself stuck on his tail years ago. It’s been there as long as anyone could remember. Among the mer-people in the sea, he’d been affectionately given the nickname Junkfish… 

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Okay, so–a while back I posed the question of what would happen if two Sapphires met and started looking at the future at the same time (because Sapphire sees how people will act when given the information she gives them; she thought that a fixture of fate, but it DOES change things in subtle ways), and I’ve sort of plotted out a little Thing about it.  Granted, I’m not done with the show (I’ve only liveblogged up to Earthlings as of writing this, for those just tuning in), but it makes sense with what I’ve seen so far.

Steven and Connie are sitting with Garnet and asking her about gem stuff, and Connie asks:

“So, wait, Sapphires can see the future, right?”

“Sort of.  Sapphire could see one future, before she met Ruby.  Now she–and I–can see possibility.”

“Looking at the future changes it, right?”


“So what happens if two Sapphires start looking at the future at the same time?”

Garnet pauses, smiles, and shouts–“AMETHYST!  STORY TIME!"  Amethyst jumps through the window and somersaults to a spot next to the kids, and Garnet says "You see, there’s a reason Sapphires keep their eyes covered…” as we transition to a shot of Ruby and Sapphire and a couple other Crystal Gems regrouping in a Gem structure here on Earth during the rebellion.

Sapphire hands out directions–she’s going after one artifact, Ruby after another, a couple of the others after a third and the final group after the fourth.  She runs down a hall, avoiding the Homeworld Gems in the hallways, but as she rounds a corner, she comes face-to-face with a Homeworld Sapphire–because this was a trap, one set for her specifically, meant to remove the rebellion’s ability to utilize her future vision.  She springs backwards, but it’s too late–they lock eyes, and the trap is sprung; both freeze in place.  Each tries to move, but as if paralyzed by some unseen force–which they are–all they can manage is small twitches; but with every twitch, the corridor between them begins to frost over.  Ice crystals grow from the walls, and electricity begins to arc, and between them, space begins to warp–because when two Sapphires look into the future in close proximity, the feedback loop of small alterations begins to overload them and, eventually, destroys local space-time in a bubble around them.

But Sapphire has something her Homeworld counterpart doesn’t.

Ruby rounds the corner behind her, looking to regroup now that she’s retrieved her goal; she tries to shake Sapphire out of her reverie unsuccessfully, and when she tries to move to block Sapphire’s vision, she finds that pockets of atmosphere are moving at different speeds through time.  Some places are like moving through mud, others are like being pushed forward; still others are like quicksand, making it hard to pull out of them, but she struggles through them all, summons her gauntlet, and punches the Homeworld Sapphire directly in her face, poofing her and freeing OUR Sapphire.

I’m not…entirely sure how to finish it, but that’s the basic idea


I’d love to see something where your daughter is not only a daddy’s girl but a mommys girl. She’s very shy & not loud at all. She’d rather cuddle up with you and read with you and Harry than play with her dolls etc. I’d love to see her journey growing up being the shy quiet person who finds it hard to make friends but she doesn’t care cos she has her dad and mum and family.  


From the moment your little girl was old enough to gain her own personality beyond just being a “baby”, you knew that she was going to be a very shy little girl. When she was really little, you noticed that she seemed to have some extreme separation anxiety. She would fall asleep fine if you or Harry held her but the moment you put her down to sleep in her own crib, she would immediately stir and start to cry, causing you to pick her up once more which would instantly calm her again.

You knew you were supposed to let her cry herself out and not indulge in her constant need to be held by one of you, but it was your first baby and the thought of letting her sob for hours was not something you or Harry could handle, but especially not Harry.

The fact that your baby could seemingly only be calmed by the arms of either you or Harry didn’t really bother you. You were more than happy to get in extra cuddles whenever you could, especially while she was still little, but it also worried you a bit. The first time you and Harry left to have a date night and Anne came to babysit, your daughter screamed and cried long after you were out the front door.

When she was able to walk on her own, she would stay by your side as best she could. If you were in the kitchen making dinner, she was clinging to your leg. No matter how much you tried to coax her away to play with her toys in her bedroom, she would just shake her head and stick her thumb in her mouth.

It seemed as though she was a pretty equal opportunity clinger. It didn’t matter whether it was you or Harry, as long as one of you was around, she would find a leg or a lap or an arm to hold on to. She didn’t seem to favor one parent over the other, as long as she was with one of you.

Your biggest challenge came when she stared preschool. You knew that you were going to have a fight in order to get her there to begin with, and then an absolute meltdown when you left.

Harry volunteered to be the one to take her on her first day because you weren’t sure you’d be able to handle it. You promised to take her in the future; you just couldn’t do it on the first day.

As expected, she insisted that Harry carry her from the car into the school. She was just past three at this point and still very timid about new people and places. She had never been to this school before; therefore, she was incredibly nervous.

The moment they were inside, Harry made a move to put her down.

“Nooo, daddy!” she insisted, clinging to his neck.

“I’m just goin’ to put you down so you can walk, sweetheart. M’not leavin’ you, I promise.”

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Hidden Sights Of Emotions - Part Three (Final Part)- A Mystic Messenger fanfic (MCxV)

Here it is! FINALLY~ The final part of the fic, it has been a hell of a ride writing this, I hope you all enjoy it. I apologise for my grammar and mistakes as I haven’t proof read it properly, just excited to post it ^^;;

Thank you for being patient, your lovely comments, and being awesome in general. 

Love Bee~

For those who want to read the first two parts are here [PART ONE] [PART TWO]



Jumin stared blankly at his friend, V sighed slouching as if he was exhausted and sat down on the the couch, head in his hands.

“Jumin, please……tell me if you know where she is…” V begged

Jumin blinks as he takes everything in, V had just confessed to him his feelings for MC. Jumin had already made assumptions of V’s feelings before, but hearing the actual words from his friends mouth had shook him. The pain in his heart, was a new experience, uncomfortable, uncontrollable, he turns around to have his back face V, staring out the window. Stuffing his hands in his pockets he grits his teeth and questions himself, was he was angry? Sad?

“You’re too late..” Jumin says, barely a whisper

“What did you say?” V’s head looked up to see Jumin looking out the window

“I said…you’re too late V” Jumin clears his throat and spoke clearly

“What do you mean too late? What are you talking about?” V rushes over to Jumin, spinning him round to face him, the panic in his voice rises.

V’s hands grip onto Jumins arms tightly in suspense, Jumin sighs as his head hung, avoiding his friend’s eyes.

“Jumin, talk to me!” V says giving him a gentle shake

“MC….moved away” Jumin replies in sadness

“Moved away where?” V asks, afraid of the answer

“She’s not in this country, I don’t know where she is V” Jumin says getting out of his grip

“Not in this country? Why? Why would she move?” V asks desperately, his voice cracking

“She has her reasons-“

“Tell me!”

“It’s not for me to tell!” Jumin raises his voice

“Why? Why didn’t you STOP HER!” V felt himself breaking down inside, his shoulders weighed him down, his chest pricked a hundred times, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“You think I didn’t try? You think I wanted her to go? Do you honestly think I DIDN’T TRY EVERYTHING I CAN TO GET HER TO STAY?” Jumin’s voice grew louder until he was yelling by the end of the sentence, slamming a hand on his desk, making V jump

“Are you?…Do you…” V was surprised at his friend’s reaction

“I care a lot for MC, she is the only one other than you that I can be myself to, if you wanted to ask what I think you were thinking of asking, don’t. I won’t be answering it” Jumin interrupts him, composing himself and fixing his tie.

That was all V needed to hear to know what the answer was, he could see that Jumin was in as much pain as he was over MC. V wasn’t sure what to say to make the tension in the room lighter, breaking the silence he looks over at his friend.

“She…still has the same number, right?” He asks

“Yes, last I talked to her, she still has the same number” Jumin says, subconsciously checking his phone.

“Thank you Jumin, for being honest with me” V says gratefully, giving his friend a pat on the shoulder

“Of course, but V…” V stops himself from opening the door and turns to hear what Jumin had to say

“I’m telling you this now because I promised I wouldn’t tell anyone, but I don’t see the point of keeping it to myself any more. MC was staying with me for the past few weeks, when you had your surgery till when she left two days ago” Jumin spoke bluntly

V stood still, his mouth opening and closing, words not coming out. Too many question was already flowing through his mind already, he was aware that he suddenly had a whole lot more, like hearing a bunch of people whispering to him. He turns back around and opens the door.

“Thanks for telling me Jumin, I appreciate it. We’ll talk later” He says before leaving

Jumin fell back into his armchair with a sigh, running over his face. A part of him wanted to call MC and tell her everything that had happened, on the other hand, he wasn’t sure if he should be one to tell her. Her face flashes in his mind, groaning loudly he pinches the bridge of his nose, not wanting to deal with his thoughts, he decides to pull out a bottle of wine from his cabinet.

V had no idea how to go about with the information he had received from his friend, he wanted to so badly rush to Seayoungs house to track her, but he knew that MC didn’t want that. He looks out the window of the car while on the way home, seeing the scenery pass by in a blur. Regret filled him as everything sunk in, what he wanted to do, was impossible as he respects MC too much to go against her word.

In a different time zone, MC laid in bed trying to sleep, she had been tossing and turning for hours and she was still wide awake. Feeling for her phone, she holds it close to her heart, using all her will power to not dial she blinks the silent tears away once again and puts her phone back on the side.

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, MC, this is the best decision’

She was certain that she made the right decision on moving, but the niggling feeling she had in her gut wouldn’t leave. Pulling a pillow over her face she groans in frustration, just as a soft tune plays throughout the room, realising it was her phone, she instinctively grabs it and picks up straight away.


“MC!” She hears V’s voice

“V! Hi” A smile naturally forms on her face and her anxiety quickly calms

“Hello, how have you been? I hope I’m not disturbing you” she hears him say

“No no, not bothering me at all. I’m..okay, how are things?” MC asks

“MC, Jumin’s told me about what’s happened” V sighs down the phone

“What? What did he say?” MC suddenly bolts up from the bed, trying to hide the tremble in her voice

“Don’t be angry with him, I made him tell me” He says only to be answered with silence, but he knew she was still there

“Now that you’re no longer in the same Country, can you tell me where you are?” He asks

“…Jumin…told you I moved..?” She asks

“Yes he told me, and I take full responsibility for him telling me as I sort of forced it out of him” V apologises

“I see, I’m not angry, don’t worry. It was something that everyone will find out eventually, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you” MC says, relaxing

“I have to admit, I was surprised…I do wish that you had told me when you was here, I was really hoping to see you…before you left” She could hear the pain in his voice

“I’m really sorry V, it was all sudden, I didn’t get to see the others either” She says regretfully

“But Jumin knew..” V knew how he sounded, but he didn’t care

“Jumin knew..because he helped me prepare for the move” MC replied, she was stunned at the jealousy in his voice

“You didn’t tell me but you told Jumin….” His voice trails into whispers, she could barely hear

“V, the only reason why Jumin knew, is because I didn’t want to worry you while you was in recovery stage, which you still are in by the way, I hope you’re not straining yourself” MC Says

“(Sigh) I understand that, I….I hope you’re well and happy” She was almost convinced that V’s voice was trembling as she heard his words

“I’m very well V, thank you. Please don’t worry. I…have to go now, I’ll be in touch” She didn’t want to end the conversation, but she was feeling herself welling up inside didn’t want him to hear.

“Yes…by the way, I hope you come into chat soon..everyone misses you…and Yoosung, he’s worried that he’s offended you in some way” He says to her, wanting to stay on the phone a little longer

“Offended? Why would he think that?” She asks confused

“I’m sure it was a misunderstanding, but they do all miss you…I do too” He says

“Okay,  I will do, I miss everyone too-“ Her breathe hitches as he doesn’t let her finish

“And me? Do you miss me?” He asks with hope

“..Of course I miss you…I miss you the most..” MC says as a tear trails down her cheek

“Then…why did you leave….?” MC hears his voice break as he whispers

“I have to go, I’m sorry” MC quickly says and hangs up the call

Falling back on the bed, replaying his voice in her head, her cries muffled by her plunging her face into the soft pillow. She wanted to believe that this was the right thing to do, she questions why it hurt so much when it’s the right thing.

V stares at the phone in his hands, his tears flowing freely, covering his face he missed her, after hearing her voice, he didn’t know it was possible to miss her more. The empty feeling now filled with pain and regret.

If only…’ he says to himself

The RFA had waited and waited for MC to show up in the chat room, but each day their hopes were dampened. V ended up telling everyone that she had moved, he knew that hiding it any more would only cause more worry and possibly meaning Saeyoung would hack her phone to find her. Jumin had gone far to even threatened them to respect her privacy.

Each day V would resist the urge to call her, when he finally couldn’t take it any more and called, he was answered by an answer machine. He tried again and again only to hear her voice message, even then he wasn’t sure whether he was feeling worse or not, hearing her voice message made him feel closer to her than reality.

It had been a few months since he had heard from her, if it wasn’t for a text message confirming she was okay, he would have already gone to Saeyoung for help. However, this only made him feel worse, feeling pushed aside, he wondered if it was him that did something wrong.

V walks down the busy street filled with people bustling in and out of retail shops, he wandered aimlessly not knowing where he was going but letting his feet carry him. Holding his camera, he remembers that MC had asked him to take more pictures for her to see, he wanted to take the most beautiful photographs for her. The security guard following close by behind him. As he walks pass a boutique his eye catches a piece of antique locket, he stares at it for a few minutes when a reflection of chocolate brown hair flashes in the window, turning his head quickly, he sees MC, only it wasn’t her, as the woman turns around laughing at something with a man besides her, his heart ached. Pinching the bridge of his nose, he carries on down the row of shops, each time he saw a woman pass by he was certain he saw MC, only to be mistaken by his eyes.

V walked pass a toy shop when another woman walks out with a man, his eyes darted over, watching as the pair cross the street. The woman had her arm linked with the man, reminding him of when MC use to do that with him. He couldn’t make out the face of the woman as she was wearing a hat, as her face turns to the side to talk to the man she was with, he was disappointed to see that she was wearing black glasses, covering half her face. The smile on the woman’s face was beautiful but sad, he quickly snaps a picture. V sighs as he figured his eyes were playing tricks on him again and carries walking.

Jumin stood by the window, watching the tiny dotted people below moving around. For a long time he had never thought he would have that empty feeling again, of course he had Elizabeth, but she can only do so much as a cat. He wondered what she was doing, how she was doing, if she ate that day already. His thoughts let him wander to the last conversation he had with V.


Maybe she doesn’t want to be found V” Jumin heard himself say

You really believe that?” V’s face dropped as he heard his friend’s words

No, I don’t want to believe that, but it’s been a while since we have really heard from her.” Jumin sighs and runs a hand through his hair

I don’t think she would just leave everyone and the RFA, she’ll be back, she just needs time” V says, trying to sound rational

Maybe, but V, don’t hold yourself back because of  MC not being around physically. You know she wouldn't want that” said Jumin

I can say the same to you” V replied

If you are referring to me holding myself back, then I can tell you that I am not. I am perfectly content with my work and everything else around me” Jumin folds his arms

Jumin, I've known you since we were kids, don’t think you can hide from me. You have reverted back to keeping everything to yourself and throwing yourself in work and countless cat projects. You have put up that wall again since she left” V says irritated

Sitting opposite his friend, he stares at him for a while before hanging his head.

Yes, because it’s what I know, it’s comfortable for me and it works”

MC wouldn’t have wanted you to be this way either” He hears his friend say

(Sigh) When did this happen to us?” Jumin asks

V smiled as he hears Jumins words, he wasn’t sure himself.

Since she joined the RFA maybe?” V answered


Jumin sighs and goes to pour a glass of wine for himself before sitting at his desk again. He was aware that he had been drinking more lately, but it soothed him a little and made the day easier. He knew that it wasn’t good for him, but he didn’t care any more.

Taking out his phone, he was preparing himself to hear her voice message again, but it didn’t stop him from calling just to hear her voice. He had been doing it at least once a week, on the rare occasion she would reply via text message. His worries never ceased, the only thing he knew was that she was safe.

“Hello?” Almost spitting his wine out as he hears her voice, he puts the glass down on the desk rapidly, spilling some of the red liquid

“MC?” Jumin asks, disregarding the spilt wine over the documents

“Jumin! hello, how are you?” MC asks him

“Me? I’m fine, more importantly, how are you? Where are you now? How has your health been? Are you coming back? Do you need something? I can send someone over, no, I can come to wherever you are-” As Jumin bombards her with questions, MC stops him

“Jumin…JUMIN!” He hears her voice calls out


“Jumin, I’m fine, please stop worrying, I don’t need anything. I just happened to be holding my phone when you called so I could pick up. My health is good, but I’d like to know how you have been and the rest of the RFA, how is V? Is he well? Have you been treating Jaehee well? How is Elizabeth?” MC asks softly.

“(Sigh) MC, I think you need to speak to V yourself. The rest of the RFA are doing well, Zen being the narcissist he is, I’m sure he mentioned something about a new musical, but I don’t really pay attention to what he says, Yoosung, hmm, he’s the same, he talks about you a lot, Saeyoung is Saeyoung, still the same aloof genius and I’m convinced he’s still trying to kidnap Elizabeth the 3rd, which by the way, she is doing very well, she just had her haircut and looks exquisite. Assistant Kang is good, her work is still very well up to standard, I have been treating her like any other employer does, and yes, she has been eating.”

“I’m glad to hear everyone’s doing well. Tell me, what’s new with you?” Jumin hears her say, purposely avoiding the topic of V

“Everyone misses you as you know already, and I think V wants to talk to you in person. I also think you should come back, it would be much more beneficial for you, at least I can help you if anything happens” Jumin says, he was happy to hear her voice, but saddened by the reminder of her still being far away.

“I miss everyone too. How’s work Jumin?” MC replies

“Fine as always. When are you going to stop avoiding talking about V?” Jumin sighs again

“I’m not avoiding talking about him” He hears her reply quickly

“I have mentioned him twice already and you brushed my questions of quickly” She could hear the irritation in his voice

“I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to talk to V in person, and I’m content where I am, really, don’t worry so much, you’ll get wrinkles!” MC says trying to make the conversation lighter

“Wrinkles…I’m not Zen, that won’t work on me MC. You’re content, but are you happy?” Jumin questions her

“…..” The pause from MC gave away the answer

“As I expected. MC, it’s been months already, this is not something you can run away from forever!” Jumin could hear her sigh down the phone

“Jumin, we’ve been over this, I-“

“No, you’ve been over this, I never once agreed to it. You really need to talk to V, do you have any idea how he’s been since you’ve left? Do you know what he’s going through?” Jumin interrupts her

“I know, I don’t know how he is, but I believe you and the rest of the RFA are being there for him” MC stood strongly on her decision

“He’s barely spoken to anyone in the RFA! He barely even talks to me, he just hides away at home or wanders around taking photos” his voice raises slightly

“How is Rika?” Jumin was struck with a question he wasn’t prepared for  

“..Last I heard, she’s the same as always, no improvement, but not any worse either. We’re not talking about Rika here, we’re talking about you and V!” Frustrated, Jumin gulps down the last bit of wine that was in his glass

“V is a dear friend, that’s it! There is no me and him, I would appreciate it if we could stop talking as if there is, and are you drinking again? Jumin, I told you to not drink so much, especially during the day, aren’t you at the office?” MC says firmly

“This isn’t the time for you to nag me MC, when you’re running away from your problems” Jumin grits his teeth

“I will nag you when I can Mr. Boss man, and I am not running away, I am just taking a detour” Jumin couldn’t help but snicker as he heard her reply.

Cutting the tension of the conversation as they both fall into fits of giggles.

“Glad to hear you can still laugh Boss man” MC says through the giggles

“I have never lost my laughter MC, there just isn’t much to be smiling or laughing about. Stop calling me that!” Jumin could feel hear smiling on the other side of the phone

“Yes Mr. Boss Man” MC laughs again

“(Groan) MC, seriously, just think about what I said, you really need to talk to V properly, trust me!” Jumin says after coming down from the laughter

“(Sigh) Jumin..-“

“Please MC! Just consider it” Jumin begs

“Alright…I’ll think about it” MC says, as Jumin never begs for anything

“Good, I really hope you come back…V isn’t the only one that’s having a difficult time” Jumin admits

“…I have to go now Jumin, I’m glad to have spoken to you. Stay well and please take care of the others” MC’s voice saddened

“…MC….V always asked me to take care of the others too. Who am I going to turn to when I need taking care off?” Jumins voice cracked as he spoke

“….I…” MC was stumped as she didn’t know how to reply.

“What am I saying, I apologise, that was very unlike me. Do take care of yourself, please contact me if you need anything. I sincerely hope you return soon” Jumin slaps his forehead with his hand while clearing his throat

“..I have to go now Jumin, take care too” He hears the click the click on the phone indicating she had hung up.

Groaning to himself as he replayed the conversation in his head, he had said more than he should have. He needed to detach his emotions, pouring himself another glass of wine, he throws himself back into work.


Months felt as though it was dragging, as the season changed to winter, the weather became dull and frosty. V still wasn’t use to the mornings, waking up to silence, no cooking smell from the kitchen, no coffee smell, radio not turned on. He realised how much he took for granted when MC was around, each day was harder than the day before. Getting his camera ready, V heads out to visit Rika again. Feeling the cold air hit him, he could see his own breath floating away slowly from him, he wonders if MC was in some place warm. V could hear the security walking behind him, the scrunching in each step from the gravel under their feet. He looks up to see grey clouds, he wondered if it was day time were MC was.

Trying to focus on his day, he shakes his head slightly and carries walking to the mental health facility. He still remembered how it felt when MC use to link into his arm when crossing the road, hearing the familiar beep from the traffic lights, he pulls out his black glasses and puts them on as he crosses. Even though he doesn’t need the glasses any more, he was more comfortable with them on, the glasses hid him from the world, he could see the world in darker shades, dimming his surroundings and closing himself from the colors, much like how he feels.

Stopping at a bakery to pick up something for Rika, another memory flows in as he remembers how MC use test him on what she bought by letting him smell the baked goods. Without thinking, he picks up MC’s favourite sweet bean bun amongst other things for Rika. Keeping his word, he still visits Rika, and continues to care for her needs, but his heart hasn’t been there in so long. Even visiting Rika reminds him of MC.

After visiting the doctor, only to be told the same thing, he enters Rika’s room once again. However, things seemed different, there were fresh flowers in the vase, a bag with what looked like tubs of food, placed on the table. The curtains on the window was hooked to the side properly rather than spread sporadically. Rika still in the same position sitting looking out the window, except she had a cardigan draped over her shoulders.

Putting the bag of bake goods on the table, he peers inside the bag that had tubs of food in. He wondered if Jumin had stopped by, or maybe Yoosung, but remembering that both of them had work and wouldn’t have been able to visit unless it was the weekend.

Walking round and crouching in front of Rika, he looks at her questioningly. He wondered if she would answer.

“Rika? It’s me V” He watches her to see if there was any motion

“Rika, did someone come by to visit you earlier?” He asks her, hoping for an answer

Sighing as Rika made no movement, making a mental note to himself to check up on who had been visiting her. He carries out the rest of the visit as usual. He couldn’t help but notice that the food in the bag that was left for Rika seemed similar to the food that MC use to prepare for her. His head telling him to not think too much on the subject, but his instincts telling him something else.

He wasn’t sure when he decided, but his feet were already making their way out the door and down the corridor to the reception. His fingers tapped impatiently as the receptionist looks through the visitors record for the day. Feeling a sharp breeze of cold air blasting through the automatic doors as a couple walked out, he shivers and glances over to see a man guiding a woman out the building.

“I’m sorry sir, but I can’t find any records on any other visitors today for Miss Rika, are you sure that someone has been?” The receptionist asks him, taking his attention away from the back of the couple that walked out.

“No other visitors? I am certain someone else has been in there, can you check again please?” Confused on the outcome, he asks her

“I’ve double checked Sir, I don’t see any other visitors. She had been seen by three doctors today and two nurses for changes, but no outside visitors” She says to him

With no other way to find out who had visited Rika, V slowly made his way back to her room. Passing the garden, he notices the frost on the window distracting him from his surroundings, as he felt someone collided into him. As he turned around he notices two children apologising, recognising one of the little girl to be the one that MC had spoken to before. He smiles as he sees her fixing a rather large hat that obviously did not belong to her.

“Hello again. Your hat is lovely” V crouches down to her eye level

“Oh hello Mr, we’re so sorry for bumping into you.” The young bows

“No, I’m sorry for not seeing you, I was too busy being a scatterbrain” V says making the girls giggle

“Do you like my hat? It’s pretty isn’t it!” The girl smile shines

“Yes, it’s very pretty indeed. A little big, but it looks lovely on you” Fixing the lop sided hat for her

“It is big, but Dr C said I’ll grow and it will fit me perfectly!” V’s hand stops as he heard what the girl said

“Dr.C?” He asks her

“Yes, did you have a fall out with her Mr? Why don’t you come with her no more” The girl asks curiously

“No, we didn’t have a falling out…Did she come see you?” V felt as though his heart stops as he waits for the answer

“My mommy said if you have a falling out, you should say sorry and make up”

“Of course, your mommy is right. Has Dr.C been visiting you?” He asks again

“Yes, she was here before, and gave me the hat!” V’s legs gave in as he felt the cold ground underneath him.

The security guard rushes over to pull V back up in standing position

“Mr! Mr! Are you okay?” The two girls both looks worriedly

“Yes..yes, I’m fine, don’t worry. Um, so Dr.C was here today?” V asks composing himself

“Mhmm, she left not long ago with a man” The girl nods

“With a man? What did he looks like?” V couldn’t stop himself from asking

“Um…tall…I don’t know sir, I don’t remember” The girls face scrunches up as she tries to remember

“That’s okay, don’t worry” Feeling guilty as he realises that he was practically berating the young one

“Is it okay if we go play now Mr?” The girl’s friend asks timidly

“Of course you can, I’m sorry to keep you” V replies

He waves at the two young girls as they ran off, quickly pacing back to Rika’s room to grab his belongings. The sudden realisation of what the receptionist had said before, figuring out that MC must have signed in as a doctor not a regular visitor. He wondered whether to call her or not, as pulls his coat over him, he remembers the little girl mentioning seeing her with another man. V’s heart sank as he wasn’t sure if he wanted to know who this man was. Pushing the thoughts away, he was determined to at least see her.

Rushing out the facility, the cold air hits him sharply, the memory of the couple he saw earlier flashes through his mind, everything in slow motion, as his memory pin points on the woman’s face, her hair covering the side of the face.

‘Could it be…’ He thought to himself

Sighing loudly, he taps his head trying to remember what he had saw. The woman’s height, hair, face, bits of blank spots fill the areas that he couldn’t think of. His gut instinct was sure he saw her, he wanted to kick himself as he realised that he had literally let her walk pass. Standing outside of building, he wasn’t sure which way to go, where would she go, how far has she gone, did she get around by car or has she walked.

He felt so close, but still at a dead end. Panicking as he was afraid that he had lost his only chance in reuniting with MC, he runs down the road, the security guard calling out to him, but he didn’t hear. Looking at every direction possible, spinning to see every car going pass, frustration rising as he couldn’t spot her anywhere.

Just as he thought he had no hope, he sees her. Across the busy road, MC smiling at a man that was helping her get into a car, she had glasses on, but he knew it was her. His feet felt heavy as he was struck by her beauty. The smile she gave to the man he didn’t know, he felt a prick to his heart. As he realises that the man was about the close the car door, he heard his own voice call out.


V rushes to the side of the road, cars zooming pass making it near impossible for him to cross. He watches as the man closes the car door and gets into the driver seat.

“MC!!!…MC!” He yells out.

As the car slowly drives away, his feet carrying him the same direction, he calls out to her more and waves to get her attention. Running and watching as the car drives away, he stops out of breath, feeling angry that he couldn’t get to her, he felt tears prickling in his eyes in frustration.

Pulling out his phone, he presses her name, listening to the ringing tone, he waits, only to be answered by the voice mail service.

“Dammit!” Yelling out as he crouches down to catch his breath

Starting to breathe regularly again, many thoughts run through his mind, V’s eyes widened as he suddenly as one of his thoughts struck him. Feeling sick he tries to push the thought away but his instincts not allowing him. He lets the security guard pull him up and decides to go to the place where he could possibly find answers.

Rushing down the corridor of the office, V walks pass Jaehee’s desk, only to ignore her calling and heads straight into Jumins office, slamming the door open. Jumin jumps at the noise and sight of his friend, with security guards surrounding him. Standing up quickly he waves of the security, once V was freely standing, he swings the door aggressively, with another slam as it closes. Jumin stood confused at the scenario, only to be struck as V had rushed over, grabbing his collar with both hands.

“Did you know!?” was all came out of V

“V, what are you doing?” Jumin says furiously, trying to undo his friends hands that was gripped tightly

“DID YOU KNOW ABOUT MC?!” V cries out angrily

Jumin looks at his friend, he could see his eyes glistening as it starts to fill with tears.

“You’ll have to let me go first” Jumin says without breaking a sweat

V glares at him for a bit before letting out a long sigh and loosens his grip, once Jumin felt his hands move away slowly, he backs away from his friend and fixes his suit.

“Now, what has made you so angry?” Jumin asks, folding his arms

“I saw her today Jumin, I saw MC!” V says as he finally slumps into a chair

“You…spoke to her?” Jumin asks carefully

“No, I saw her leave the hospital and get into a car” V answers, clasping his hand over his eyes

“Are you sure it-”

“YES, I’m sure it was her!” V cries out again before Jumin could finish speaking

“You need to calm down, nothing would come out of it being the way you are” Jumin says sternly

“….I’m sorry, I know. I am finding it difficult to control my emotions” V apologises after a pause

“So you saw MC, but you didn’t speak to her?” Jumin asks as he sits down opposite his friend

“I tried to call out to her, but she didn’t hear me..” Gritting his teeth, V tries to hold back his anger

“I see…you assumed I knew she was back in the country?” Jumin arches an eyebrow at him

“I don’t know. I just know that you’re the only person she may have told” V says groaning

“(Tsk) Well, I can tell you that I was not aware of her returning” Jumin replied, also sounding annoyed

Jumin felt hurt that she had never mentioned it to him, he knew he couldn’t be angry with her over it, but it didn’t stop the pain. Did she not trust him? He couldn’t help but think that.

Taking her seat back at her desk, she pulls out her phone to log into messenger only to be startled once again by V swinging the door open and strides out without acknowledging anyone. With the door left open, Jaehee stops the security in going in. Peering inside the office, she sees Jumin opening his drinks cabinet once again and pulling out a bottle of wine.


“Assistant Kang, please cancel all my meetings for the rest of the day, I do not wish to be disturbed” Jumin says without looking her way.

“But Mr.Han I-” Jaehee shocked at what she heard

“I don’t want to see anyone today” Jumin says lowly while pouring out a glass of wine

“Is there anything I can do?” she asks worriedly

“No, please get back to work” Jumin says waving her away and taking a sip

Jaehee closes the door behind her and sighs, she had no idea what just happened. Sitting back down at her desk, she stares at her phone that she left out earlier, wondering if she should log into the messenger. She was confident that she was perfectly capable dealing with most situations that arises, except situations that involved emotions. Any sort of quarrels or fall outs they had in the RFA, MC was the one to calm things down, it was one of the aspects of MC’s personality that shone, she was always the mediator in some way, the voice of reason, how she wished that she could get hold of MC at that moment.

Jumin could hear the buzzing from the phone vibrating on the other side of the room, figuring that it must have fell out of his pocket when V had grabbed him earlier. He downs the rest of the wine from the glass and takes another gulp of wine from the bottle, he tuts at himself of stooping a new low, drinking from a bottle. Once the phone stops vibrating, he calls out for the chief security.

“Yes Mr. Han?” The Chief opens the door to see him still seated in the arm chair

“I need you to contact the security I sent to protect MC, find out where they are” Jumin says, finally putting the bottle down

“But Mr.Han, you said that no one was to find them” The Chief says

“I know what I said, I’m retracting that, find them and tell me when you do” Jumin snaps

“Yes sir!” The chief security quickly says before leaving the office

Standing up, Jumin fixes his outfit and smooths out his tie, taking a look round his office. He rather be working than sitting around drowning his sorrows. Tutting to himself as he remembers what V said, he frowns as pain fills his heart on the thought of MC being back and not contacting him.

He knew that she had her reasons on staying away and avoiding everyone else, but she had told him everything, he couldn’t understand why she never called to let him know she was back. What kept him sane was knowing that she would turn to him, just knowing that he an MC had that level of trust in each other made him feel closer to her, and that was enough for him to let her go. Now that image was blurred as the thought of MC trying to avoid him too.

In a hotel restaurant not too far away from C&R building, MC picked at her food, her appetite was so bad these days, she barely ate and grazes through out the day. MC could hear the clinking of cutlery against plates as she takes another bite, she knew that she was damaging her health, but the feeling of eating made her feel nausea. Putting the fork down, MC takes a sip of the glass of water. Leaning back in her chair, she hums along to the music in the restaurant. Hearing a presence sitting opposite her from the chair scraping, she figured it to be her security guard checking up on her as usual.

“I’m pretty much done, don’t have much of an appetite again” MC says without moving, she felt relaxed hearing the smooth piano track that was playing

“So this is taking care of yourself” She hears a familiar voice, sitting up properly she gasps


“How much do you eat in a day? And you’re always telling everyone how important it is to eat properly” Jumin says looking at the plate of food

“What…How…” Lost for words, MC manages to stutter out

“You’ve lost weight, you told me that you was fine. I do not see this as fine MC” Jumin carries on

“I…wait…” Trying to grasp what was happening, MC rubs her head

“I’m here to take you home” Jumin says without giving her time to think

“What? Where do you mean? I fly home tomorrow” MC says quickly

“Your home here” Jumin says as he orders a glass of wine

“You’re drinking again?” MC asks as she hears his order

“You cannot say anything as you don’t even eat”

“How…did you know I was here? Is the security guard you hired spying on me?!” MC suddenly says

“Security guards are to protect you, if I wanted to spy on you, I’d hire a professional” She hears Jumin answer, which sound about right to her, her shoulders relaxing back, subconsciously biting her lip as she was aware that they hadn’t been face – face for a long time.

“So…how..” MC starts to ask when Jumin stops her sentence with the answer

“V saw you earlier. I respected you so I never asked the guard where you was, but with how things are going right now, I had no choice. Just be glad V hasn’t gone to Saeyoung” Jumin says taking a sip of the wine

“He saw me..? Where?”

“Does that matter?” She could almost sense his eyes rolling

“Jumin, I leave tomorrow. I only came for a couple of days to sort out my medical files to be transferred” MC says knowing that he was probably upset with not knowing

“What time tomorrow?” He asks her

“Mm..why?” MC replies warily

“Why are you being suspicious? Do you not trust me? Is that why you never contacted me when you came back?” She could tell he was upset

“Don’t be silly Jumin, you know I trust you-”

“But not enough to contact me to let me know you’re back” Jumin interrupts then quickly sighs

“I apologise, I’m sure you had your reasons on why you hadn’t been in touch about visiting. I only reacted that way because I feel like you are slipping away from us.” MC hears Jumin says before taking another sip of wine

“I leave at 16:40…..” MC replies, feeling guilt drowning her.

MC knew that it would cause problems for Jumin and V when she suddenly disappeared from the RFA, she had hoped with her being in the group the least amount of time, that things will eventually settle, deep down she knew that it was wishful thinking. The RFA to her was family, even though she hadn’t known them for a long time, they all welcomed her and accepted her. The guilt of her disappearing would never leave her.

“I got to get going now. I’ll talk to you later” MC’s train of thought broke as Jumin says finishing his wine and standing up

“What? Wait? You’re going? Already?” She was surprised at his actions, having not seen each other in so long, she didn’t know how to react to him being so cold towards her.

“I have some things I need to do, I’ll call you later” Jumin replies, lightly patting her head as he couldn’t get any closer to her.

“Okay…talk to you later” MC mumbled feeling saddened by the short visit they had

MC was waiting for Jumin to call, but he never did that night, she hated that he was upset with her, it was the last thing she wanted to do to him, throwing a pillow over her head, she sighs trying to get some sleep before flying the next day.

Jumin knew that telling V would be breaking his promise, but it was a promise worth risking to break as he knew the outcome. He wanted to be selfish and not do anything, he wanted to believe it was none of his business, but her happiness was his business, he had made it his business. He didn’t care how he felt, as long as she was happy. Dialling his friends number, he listens to the ringing until he hears V’s voice.


“Listen carefully, because I don’t think I can repeat anything. She’s leaving tomorrow, her flight is 16:40, I don’t know what gate or where she is heading, but she’ll be at the airport, you might be able to catch her if you get there early” V hears Jumin say, his voice cold, but stern

“….Thank you…” V couldn’t find words of how thankful he was, as he knew that his friend was in love with her too

“…I don’t want a 'thank you’. Just….make her happy..” Jumin says before hanging up, he didn’t want to wait to hear what V was going to say.

Switching his phone off for the first time in many years, he takes a gulp of wine from a glass he had filled before the call.

V didn’t sleep, as soon as Jumin told him, he had went straight to the airport, wandering round, hoping to find her, he didn’t want to leave any chance of missing her. Fighting the drowsiness away, he stands by the entrance of the airport, waiting for her to arrival, the crisp cold air hitting him as he stands outside.

Not remembering when he had gotten there himself, or how long he was waiting, but the sun had risen and he could feel hunger claiming his stomach. Not wanting to leave the entrance for too long in case he missed her, he quickly jogged to a vending machine and got himself some hot coffee.

He waited hours, until the sun was setting, the clouds turned dark pink as the sun hid behind them. The temperature dropping as the afternoon gets closer to evening. Rubbing his hands together to keep himself warm, jumping slightly on the spot and pacing around the area.

He scans the area as he turns around whilst pacing, he sees her, as she walks into the airport, she smiles at the man that she was linking onto, a pain pricked at his heart. Stood still he watches as they check in, he didn’t know what was stopping him, maybe the thought that she seemed happy with the man. He followed them to the gate, watching the man walk away while MC stands waiting for him.

'Now, walk over now!’ He hears his thoughts say

“MC!!……MC!!” Froze at the spot, she recognises the voice calling her, not wanting to turn around, she quickly tried to walk further away from him

“MC! STOP!! MC!” A hand catches her elbow pulling her to a halt, her hair slides down covering the side of her face

Tears started to fill the brim of her eyes as she was afraid of what may happen next, not wanting to face him, her head hung.

“Why are you running away from me?” panting, V asks her

“Please let go, I can’t do this” He hears her voice shake as she holds back her tears

Pain soars through him as he didn’t want to ever make her cry, but he didn’t want to let her go either.

“MC, look at me please” V says

“I’m going to be late for my flight…”MC sniffs

“Are you really going to do this? Just disappearing again? MC, please look at me” V’s voice crack as he spoke

Gently he pulls her closer to him, MC’s head looking to the side with her hair still covering her face. She wanted to run away, but feeling his touch, her feet locked to the floor, being so close she could smell the scent of the cologne once again, she wanted to hold him and never let go. She felt V’s hand slowly brushing her hair behind her ear, and his breathe hitched. Not being able to hold back any longer, tears fall freely down her face. V’s hand gripped onto her arms tighter as realisation hit him, all the pieces falling into place.

“MC……your eyes…” V couldn’t get the words out as he see in front of him the woman he loved

Not hearing an answer from MC, his heart filled with pain of knowing, if he had known beforehand, he wouldn’t have allowed it.

“You…why…WHY MC? Why would you give up your sight for me!” V cries, his hands not letting her go, he cried freely

MC couldn’t reply as she sobs, her body shakes as she tries to keep it silent, her heart broke again as she hears him crying.

“Tell me why….why did you do it…” V says between sobs, his grip loosens but not letting go, with no response from her, he shakes her gently repeating the question.

“Because…..because I love you!” Not being able to hold back any longer, she cried out, trying to push him away, only for his grip to tighten again.

Falling to her knees she sobbed into her hands, she didn’t want him to ever find out, that was the reason why she had to leave.

“I wanted to, I wanted to because I love you, and I know how much pain you was in. I want you to do things that you wanted to do, I wanted you to be happy, I wanted to give you everything” Confessing everything, MC cries into her hands.

In the midst of her cries, she suddenly felt something pulling her and she crashes into V’s chest, with his arms tightly around her. She squirmed to get free only for him to hold onto her tighter.

“All I want MC… you” Her body froze as she hears him say

Speechless, MC didn’t move, her arms hung down, tears flowing, she wondered if something was wrong with her hearing.

“I want you MC, I love you! I have loved you for a long time….you ARE my everything” V says holding her as close as possible.

“I….what…?” MC found herself mumbling

“I’m in love with you, you….you are my reason, please…don’t leave me again” She hears V say, feeling his tears soak into the fabric against her shoulder

“I…I…” MC couldn’t find words to express how she felt.

“Please, let me take care of you, like you did for me….” She heard him say, prompting a thought to mind.

Surprising V, she pushes him off her and starts feeling around for her walking stick, gripping hold of it tightly she stands up, sniffing.

“I don’t need anyone to take care of me, I am fine on my own. I did what I did because I love you and want you to be happy. I don’t want anything in return V, just be happy, that’s my only request” MC says, her lips still trembling

“You think…you think I’m doing this out of guilt?” V scrambles up quickly

“MC, I love you, I am so in love with you. I loved you before I could see again, I love you now, I will love you tomorrow, the next day, next week, next month, next year, and after that. I am in love with you! Please believe me, I want to look after you, I want to be there for you, I want to be WITH you. I don’t want to lose you again, I have already lost you once. I woke up from surgery and the first person I wanted to see was you. Please MC….I can’t you lose you again…” V cries, at the end he slid down onto his knees, hugging her legs, afraid that she would walk away from him.

“I…can’t burden you” She mumbles unconvincingly

For so long, she had wanted to hear him say he loved her, now that he’s said it, she didn’t know what to do. She was torn as she never wanted to leave him, but she couldn’t bear the thought of being around him knowing that he is guilt ridden. She didn’t know if she was convinced that he wasn’t saying these lovely words to her from confusing love with guilt, or if he really did love her. She felt warm hands cupped her face, taking her by surprise.

“I want you to be my side again, I miss you so much it hurts, I miss how you  nag me about tapping my leg, I miss you yell when I go out with out a jacket, I miss you poking me in the face like you always do..I miss your laughter, your anger, your rants…..I will be forever grateful and in your debt for what you did. You gave me my sight back, but you have taken my heart, I was yours before you left, please….come home..” She hears him say, no words came out as she couldn’t stop herself from crying still

A sudden warmth fills her as his lips crashed into hers, it was soft yet aggressive, like he had been hungry for her kiss, he wraps his arms around her waist, pulling her closer to him. MC arms rises and wraps around his neck, their bodies melding together, as if they fit like missing jigsaw pieces, their arms hold onto each other, never wanting the other to go.

V parts breathlessly, he sees her face forming a small smile, he didn’t want to celebrate just yet, but he couldn’t help himself from smiling.

“Will you come home?” He asks her, watching her face expression, as she bites her swollen lips.

“Yes…I’ll come home” MC says after a pause, as she finishes the sentence, she felt herself suddenly lifted in the air and swung round, squealing as her legs still mid air flowing.

Once the ground was under her feet, she giggles as her head slowly stops spinning, feeling his arms still holding onto her waist.

“I love you so much” V says bursting with happiness

“I love you too V” Now with happy tears, MC smiles brightly.

They had been unaware of the audience that they had attracted, with cheers of people and wolf whistles, the picture looked perfect for a happy ending.

Watching from a distance, leaning on a pillar, Jumin sighs, smiling at the scene in front of him, he had watched the whole thing unfold. Standing up to straighten his jacket, he sniffs the slight tear away. They were happy, that was all he needed to feel content. He walks away back to his car, his heart broke, but it was still patched as he knew she was happy, and that was what mattered most to him. He would protect both of them for as long as they were together.

First time with Graves headcanons

a/n: Graves isn’t one of my favorites, but he’s very good to write smut for. I had a lot of fun with this one. Please give me feedback, though! Thanks, next fic will be up soon. Enjoy;)

-he has this look when he’s in the mood, he kind of tilts his head down a little and smirks up at you

-it gets you every time

-he’ll push you up against the wall and pin up one of your arms as he kisses you

-have I mentioned he’s a really good kisser

-because man

-he’s very passionate, especially when you’re into it

-with his other arm he’ll lift up hem of your shirt and touch the warm skin of your waist

-(he’ll grab your butt while you’re making out)

-(you’ve got to admit it’s pretty hot)

-before you go to far, he’ll ask if you’re ready

-he promises he’ll be gentle with you and tells you how much he loves you as he lays you on the bed

-he really gets off on undressing you, but on occasion you’ll strip for him which he’ll admit is really sexy

-he’s insanely good at dirty talk

-literally insane

-at fist you were a little shocked by it, but now it’s kind of a turn on

-it’s nothing too hardcore, but you’ve got a safe word anyway because he wants you to feel comfortable

-he’s very vocal, which is kind of a help if you’re honest

-he likes looking at you

-his eyes will roam all over your body while he touches you

-he loves to see you moan

-you’ve always got at least candles, if not some soft lights

(here comes the real sex part, skip if you’d like)

-he likes to play with your breasts, licking one while he massages the other

-as he does this you give him a handjob

-you grind on him and he can feel how wet you are

-when you’re both ready, he lines himself up with your entrance

-he penetrates you at your speed, and then starts to pump in and out

-he goes really slow at first, mostly so you both get used to it

-but a little bit because he likes you begging

-he loves to hear you beg

-at this point you’re both moaning in immense pleasure

-when he’s about to cum he throws his head back and lets out one last moan

-he grabs your hips and fills you up with his warmth

-after a few seconds he pulls out and lays down beside you

-you snuggle together for half an hour or so

-you talk for a little bit, but end up making out again

-since you’re both still naked, things escalate pretty quickly

-and then, you wind up having round two

-you’re both warmed up already, so it gets real hot real fast

-spoiler: it is even better than round one

-the next morning you wake up in his collared shirt and nothing else

-you both have coffee together before getting dressed

-he has to admit you’re hard to resist, but you’ve both got responsibilities

-as you both walk out, he tells you in a husky voice that you’re all his tonight

-before giving you a kiss, of course

-that day, neither of you can really focus

anonymous asked:

Kara find out that she's pregnant of Lena (you know how it works aha)

Nothing special. Just a quick something I wrote on my tablet while in a waiting room, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. First venture into Supercorp, but there’ll certainly be more to come! (Alternatively, this has given me an idea where the roles are reversed, and Lena is pregnant and gains temporary super powers through the baby and… *sigh*)

It isn’t possible. It shouldn’t be possible… and yet… 

And yet, here she sits (or rather slumps), in prostrate to the porcelain god, hands clenched so forcefully against the toilet that she cracks the seat. A second wave of nausea rolls through her, and though she desperately attempts to keep it in, nothing can stop the rush of bile that swiftly and mercilessly forces its way up her throat. 

With speed that would make even Barry jealous, she throws herself over the bowl just in time to avoid cleaning up a sticky mess, heaving powerfully into the toilet an offering of last night’s pot stickers. Behind her, Lena hovers worryingly, a gentle hand kneading into the blonde’s back as she offers what little comfort she can.

“It’s okay, it’ll all be over soon,” she coos, wincing as Kara replies with a wet gag. 

“This is all your fault,” she grumbles, voice muffled by the bowl. “If I didn’t love you so much, I’m pretty sure I’d melt your face off.”

Though she knows the threat is empty, Lena can’t help but cringe and wonder how exactly she, and the world, is going to handle a pregnant Kryptonian in the months to come. 

‘Carefully,’ she thinks, as the toilet snaps in two, ‘Very… very… carefully.’