types of writers

The Lore-ist 

  • has detailed if not meticulous notes on the universe they’ve created, down to the food eaten and language quirks, they use mythos and setting to bring it all together
  • most of the character’s backstories are already loving laid out, though may not be all connected yet. 
  • Has yet to write a full chapter. (But they’re getting there!)

The Bae

  • Story is centered around a complex and engaging OC that they’ve spent years developing
  • said OC has been through A Lot, the love is real, so is the pain
  • OC may sort of be a loser? ie the story is a character-driven piece where the plot is moved ahead by said character’s bad decisions and questionable habits

The Researcher

  • akin to the lore-ist but spends more of their time on wikipedia articles jotting down notes and things like how much a watermelon weighs 
  • Everything from knowing Too Much about child-care to how a body decomposes or flapper chest-binding is on the table, their breadth is large and Should Be Feared
  • takes a long time to start but make the most of their words, from spot-on sci-fi to history to murder, readers will learn something on the way

The Lemon Flavored Factory

  • alright take it back now y’all, this writer has written enough smut to make a tom cat blush, they can write other things too, and often well, but there will inevitably be bed-rattling at some point (or car or shower)
  • either unusually creative or just sticks to classics like Aliens Made Them Do It, neither is necessarily bad but there is oddly little in between
  • their author’s notes tend to be hilarious or at least very self-aware

The Word Vomit Canoe

  • action oriented writer who spews out the words before they know what is happening, no plans, no outlines, 10k of the first thing that comes to mind, sometimes things like ‘maybe dragons?’ & they go with it
  • their strengths are productivity, weaknesses are not knowing what the hell is going on
  • style is marked by fast-paced tone and downright impressive word count

The Muse

  • their inspiration doesn’t come as often, but they are always listening for her & redy 2 go
  • update schedule is…sporadic at best, but makes up for it with long chapters and clean editing
  • Will write 30 pages in a day and then take a few months off, enjoys one-shots but can do longer works
  • doesn’t have the best sense of time and when they are in The Zone may forget to eat or shower
When you find a good fanfic with just the right amount of smut with the rigth person topping, with fluffy fluff here and there and it’s well written and you’re just like damn

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Day and Night AU


i will update the list whenever a new fic comes up!!!

When the Sun Met the Moon by Birdieee (incomplete)

Finally Here by darklilcorner (complete)

Of Dusk and Dawn and a Love Beyond by exile-wrath (complete)

Dusk & Dawn by helly-watermelonsmellinfellon (incomplete)

When The Sun Chases The Moon From The Sky by shrubbyscribe (incomplete)

Morning and Night by cosmofluous (incomplete)

Of Cloudless Skies and Starry Skies by singacrossthemoon (complete)

For Your Time (I’ll Give You This Smile) by Liana_Legaspi (complete)

Open up the Stars by snarkyauthor (incomplete)

The Tale of the Sun and Moon by katiefrog217 (complete)

Supernova by mythonik (incomplete)

The Legend of the Eclipse by xxdrowningbutbreathingxx (complete)

Carpe Diem, Carpe Noctem by realm-of-spells (complete)

Sky of Endless Love by littlemissmoony (incomplete)

A Lunar Eclipse to Remember by reblogmonstah (complete)

The Eclipse of Roses by OrionHunts (complete)

Nychthemeron by lunaticscribe (complete)

What Dreams May Bloom by shepard-vas-normandy (incomplete)

Stardust by iki-victuri (complete)

Astra Inclinant, Sed Non Obligant by singacrossthemoon (complete)

Other pairings:

Ad Vitam Aeternam by realms-of-spells (Phichit/Christophe)

The Beauty of Dawn by reblogmonstah (Otabek/Yuri)

Modern version. inspired from the artwork of @gittana

Golden Sun and Midnight Moon by d2diamond


Writer Problem

In Science class: I kinda want to write

In art: Hm yeah I want to write

In PE: Definitely wish I could write 

In math: REALLY want to write atm

In language: Just give me a damn laptop and let me write

In band: UGH I need to wriiiiite


Finally at home: …

oh there’s a new anime out-