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Justin Bieber is engaged. Nick Jonas is marrying Priyanka. Niall Horan has a public girlfriend. Pete Davidson proposed the day he met Ariana. An orange is still the president of the United States.

Artists: Here’s a little doodle I did yesterday

Me: that’s so pretty- you call that a doodle?

Writers: Here’s a 10k slowburn + fluff + angst + smut fic i wrote in one day

Me: that’s- wow- how did y-

Theorists: Here’s a small (3 pages long) theory that I came up with last night at 3am

Me: What the fu-

Editors: I made this 4 minutes edit (with perfect transition and coloring and audio) in 2 hours! Enjoy-

Me: whAT THE-

August 21st is Fanfic Writer’s Appreciation Day  💕

Let’s be honest - we all forget to leave a comment sometimes. We don’t always go out of our way to click the “come talk to me on tumblr” link on AO3 to scream about the fic in the author’s inbox. On August 21st I encourage you to take a moment and show fanfic writers that you appreciate them!

How can you do it?

  • leave a comment and kudos on every fic you finish reading. Doesn’t matter how short. Doesn’t matter if you’re just repeating what other people have already said. Just be kind! Keysmashing, Caps Lock, and live commenting appreciated! (Bonus points if you leave a comment on every chapter)
    • ideas for what to put in a comment: one | two
    • floaty review box for ao3 (super useful for commenting as you read + it has a ‘review tips’ button if you feel stuck)
  • reblog ficlets, drabbles, fics, fic rec posts, etc. Put a nice comment in the tags. Remember that likes, while appreciated, don’t give the writer any exposure, meaning the posts don’t reach more people
  • go to your local fanfic writer’s inbox and talk to them about their fic of your choice. Let them know how long ago you’ve read it and what story point/sentence/scene still makes you smile when you think about it
  • send thank you messages to fic writers. In a world where you have to pay for almost everything, they’re supplying you with countless hours of free entertainment. It can get quite lonely without getting messages acknowledging the hours they spend writing stories - let them know their time and effort is appreciated
  • make fic rec posts and @ the authors whose fics you’re recommending! (believe me, fic writers love to see their stories in these posts)
  • create something inspired by a fic! You can draw fanart, make a moodboard or aesthetic post, or even write a song for the fic you love. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro doesn’t matter - the thought alone is what counts more than anything <3
  • buy the writer a coffee if they have a ko-fi page and you have some change lying around c: Caffeine keeps most fic writers awake when they struggle with a particularly slow draft or a difficult scene. More coffee, more content.

These are only some ideas out of the sea of possible ways to appreciate fanfic writers. On August 21st show the writers in your fandom(s) some love <3

what girls love that guys do

  • when they lean on things
  • dress shirt rolled up to their juicy biceps
  • when they wink at you in a crowd of people and it’s like the most personal but teasing thing in the world
  • licking their lips
  • crying. but like, we’re not sadists or anything… we just like it when they show emotions, you know?
  • light, teasing touches
  • making and planning a future with you
  • shy about telling you their future plans and how your involved in every step of the way.
  • that serious look they have when they’re staring at you from across the room like your the only person that matters.
  • when they’re not afraid to just lay on top of you like your their couch.
  • when they speak another language…like hOT DAMN.
  • cooking with no shirt on. like hOLY JESUS.
  • the look when they have when they’re adorably confused at something in front of them and they look at you for help
  • the sneaky, freaky side that comes out once in a while which parts of you is just like choke me
  • how sweet they get when they meet your parents but sometimes they throw naughty looks in your direction when helping your mum wash the dishes.

p.s. working purely on what books have told me, because let’s be honest here: i have no life. and apparently every guy is good looking enough to do this :D

pART 2: up on profile

  • Ravenclaw: I haven't wanted to write anything in a really long time, and now I'm finally writing, there's only one problem.
  • Hufflepuff: But at least you're doing it! What's the problem though?
  • Ravenclaw: All I've been able to write so far is fanfiction.

“All the best heroes have stories about them from high school, so why–”

New illustration for my friend @blackbarbooks​ fanfiction “My First One And Only”!
You guys know by now that it’s an a+, in-character fanfiction but this time we enter a bit more emotional territory…

Go check Chapter 6 out here!

Please reblog if you can <3


Me: Iโ€™m going early to bed tonight and study for my exam tomorrow.๐Ÿ‘

Me in bed: Iโ€™m just gonna finish this one-shot then Iโ€™m gonna study.

Me: Iโ€™m just gonna finish the next chapter because dammit cliffhanger.

Me at 3AM reading my 37th fanfiction: