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I wanted to draw more fanart for In the Sin Bin, the best Malec AU fanfic ever, by the incredibly awesome @otppurefuckingmagic. Honestly I would write a love letter but words aren’t enough, and I express myself better with colors and lines anyway. So… <3

Bonus detail:

zakeizawa  asked:

How awesome would it be is ponyhead. Tom and star trying to convince marco to hamg out? Of courae they would fight.... rmthen marco hang out with jackie instead

now that i finally done it here…im pretty much happy with my hardwork…(lol)

fuck you for asking me to do this eki

thank you for requesting this i had so much fun drawing this! ^_^) and sorry for the low quality guys…hope you guys enjoy it….0w0)

BTW enjoy life!

Random TVD Rant...

Think of how awesome it would have been if Bonnie had killed Enzo in 7x22, and then raced to the Armory to try and save Damon, either to talk him out of the vault, or have them both go dark for a season.

Not that I want to see Bonnie in more pain, but if the writers are going to do it anyway, they could at least do it well, and give us a real storyline instead of this recycled Delena shit in Bonenzo.Then we could have had a last season of some true character development. We could have watched Bonnie deal with the guilt Enzo’s death and taking a serious look at their relationship (cuz really, wasnt their whole relationship just a case of Stockholm Syndrome - especially since Enzo flat out said he envied the Bamon relationship and wished he had someone like Bonnie, and then a couple episodes later he’s helped convince Damon to dessicate and got Bonnie secluded in a cabin - SHADY) and the consequences of the huntress curse (cuz I’m sure Matt’s still pissed about his leg). Damon dealing with being back and healing their friendship/romance issues, and the two of them discovering together how to live the rest of their lives, because they have a dependence on one another that could be explored in healthy ways. And there still would have been ways to throw in Sybil and Virginia as the villains of the piece. (Even though I think the siren aspect is ridiculous and makes no damn sense.) Or Dark Bonnie/Damon and all the trouble those two could get into together.

My point is, there were so many possibilities to make these last seasons something special, if the writers had any balls. Instead, we get Elena coffin porn, blatant disregard of the Bamon canon they established in seasons 6 & 7, and recycled scenes/plot lines. 

Kurt Vonnegut said “Be a sadist. Now matter how sweet and innocent your leading characters, make awful things happen to them — in order that the reader/audience may see what they are made of.”

And that’s where TVD went wrong, I think. Horrible things happen to the characters, but in the most unimaginative, repetitive way possible. We dont get to see what they are made of - we see them buckle like a belt, backslide, regress, or generally remain the same.  And with network shows like Arrow, the Flash, Gotham and cable shows like Game of Thrones and Walking Dead going balls out every season, its not a surprise that the viewership for TVD has steadily fallen over the years. They never upped their game.

Instead of the writers focusing their attention on the wonderful and talented actors they have, and the potential of the characters,  they are literally spending 2 seasons focused on someone who is NOT EVEN ON THE SHOW ANYMORE.

So much potential, wasted.

Thank god for fanfiction.

@prettypistachio If there’s a fic with that title, please tag me! I would love to read it! O///w///O

I haven’t read that many fanfics yet, but I personally like TeruMob fanfics a lot! So far, I only read like the one chapter-ish ones, the long ones…. I need to find time and mood to read them later :”))

CS Oneshot: A Not So Horrible Day

So @seethelovelyintheworld you are probably already asleep but I wanted to get this published on the day. Writing this for you made my horrible day so much better! I hope you like it and that tomorrow is better (for both of us).

Canon Divergence. Peter Pan’s Curse never happened and everyone stayed in Storybrooke. 

Prompt: "The only thing that can make this crappy day any better is if a gorgeous man suddenly dropped into my lap.“

1.7k | T | | AO3 

When Emma was a kid living in her fourth (or was it fifth?) foster home she came across a copy of “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” given that her life seemed exclusively comprised of horrible and very bad days she had been ready to sympathize with Alexander. Instead she found herself angry, really angry. The kid was complaining about the stupidest things. He was like all the kids at her school who didn’t know how good they had it with their mothers and fathers and new sneakers and home-cooked dinners. She ended up ripping the book to shreds and trying to flush it down the toilet.

It was only much later in life that she finally came to identify with Alexander. About how waking up with one mild annoyance could amplify the others, make them seem worse and as one thing built upon the other they created a day that could only be described as terrible and horrible. Today was one of those days.

The night before Emma forgot to set the coffee maker so when she woke up late there was no coffee ready. When she went to pull her hair back her hair tie broke and there wasn’t another one in the entire loft. She threw a beanie on her hair instead, but not her favorite one because it was nowhere to be found. Still struggling to wake up she had stubbed her toe on the bug and then dropped her keys in a puddle. On and on it went. Her Dad’s patrol car wouldn’t start, Henry needed her to grab a forgotten school project, Neal had wanted to “talk about us” (again), a lost boy vandalized the Game of Thorns, and Regina took issue with Emma’s paper filing abilities.

By the time she left the station and was headed to meet Neal at Granny’s she knew she would need to blow off some steam if they were going to be able to have a semblance of an adult conversation. So she took a detour to the Rabbit Hole.

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Sick - Fred Weasley (requested)

Request: I’m really sick right now. So a really fluffy fanfic of Fred and I would be awesome. Where he is taking care of me. I would really love my name in it too. Well if you do something like that. It’s Maegan. And you run the best Twin account on Tumblr. This blog kicks ass!


Tissues of sort lined the Gryffindor common room floor. Blankets, thick and thin, stocked up on the edge of the couch where a wheezing girl lied sick and tired. Maegan had spent the whole school day, rushing from class to class, writing conspicuous notes and  dealing with unattainable students. All she wished for was to sulk back up into her bedroom and crawl into her snug bed and take a long waited and deserved nap. Dolefully, that wasn’t the case. On the quest up to her common room, Maegan had crossed paths with her worrisome boyfriend, Fred Weasley, who had carried her the rest of the stair length and instructed her to lay on the couch until he returned.  With lack of energy and not wanting to argue, Maegan reluctantly obeyed. A little but half an hour had passed before Fred returned bounding loudly through the common room door with a steaming bowl in his left and a glass cup in his right hand.

“Sorry it took so long, darling. I dropped the first batch of soup so I sort of had to, um, start over again but here you go!” Fred whisked out, breath falling deeply then flat. He smiled warmly to his sickening girlfriend taking pity on her state. If there was anything he could do to make all her pain vanish, he’d simply do it in the blink of an eye. Maegan knew this and never took it for granted, she’d forever do the same back on him.

“Thank you, Freddie. I really appreciate it…” Holding the soup close to her chest, Maegan breathed in the noodle mashed with chicken scent. Taking a sip, her throat and chest felt slightly cleared but it was a working process. Fred shrugged lifting her feet off the surface of the couch, sitting down in their previous spot, then placing them back down resting on his lap.

The cup of raspberry tea lied untouched on the coffee table with a green tissue box and a pair of wool socks she had discarded earlier. Fred’s calloused hands ran aimlessly along the bone of her bare foot, drawing distant circles and other shapes and patterns. Maegan let out an approving hum while Fred’s hand switched trails and turned into a well deserved massage. Working his way up along her body, he rested at her calves rubbing in an eased fashion helping to push her towards a slacken state.

“Scoot over, love.” Fred requested, placing a chaste kiss on her collar bone. Maegan grunted lacking any source of energy. A groan came from Fred as he mocked his stubborn girlfriend. Maegan glared feverishly at him then suddenly sat up straight allowing room for Fred to scoot in next to her and wrap his arm securely around her shoulder blades.

“See that wasn’t so hard.” He joked earning a weak slap from Maegan. Leaning her head to the side directly on his chest, not that he minded. Fred toyed with her h/c strands letting the loose pieces slip in and out of his grip. Maegan yawned sleepily snuggling in further to the gingers side.

Students floated in and out of the main room stealing glances at the couple in adoration and mumbling on about how perfect they were for each other. Fred took note of them but Maegan seemed too far out of it to mind. Finally the room clear and Fred peaked down at the snoozing and lightly snoring girl. Shaking her awake, Fred unravel his body from hers kneeling eye level with her as she remained stirring. Shaking her with a pinch more of force, Fred smiled enjoying the view of his beautiful girlfriend.

“Maegan… darling… I think it’s time for you to go to bed and by that i mean in your own bed.” Folding up the blanket the two had shared, Fred threw it over the backside of the couch pulling a dazed Maegan up from her spot. She moaned of disapproval attempting to fall back to her spot only to be stopped by a chuckling Fred.

“Nice try but I don’t think so!” He intertwined their fingers giving her assistance and practically dragging her up the pathway towards her dorm. Creaking her door open silently in fear of waking her roommate, Fred lead Maegan over to her bed helping to undress then redress her in more suitable clothes for sleeping. Then, her pulled back the duvet and bed sheet giving space for her to stumble in which she gladly did.

“Thank you for everything today Fred it really means a lot. I love you.” The words came so natural. Like breathing came to a child and swimming did to a fish. It was like she had been saying those words to him her whole life and she planned to well from the rest of her life that is.

Fred tucked her in, leaving a silky peck to her forehead the exiting the room, ready to head back to his own. Stopping at the door, Fred glanced back at his already sleeping girlfriend smiling to himself.

“I love you  too, Maegan.”


~ Daizy xx

anonymous asked:

I read your post about the time loop fic and I totally love that idea! it reminds me the song "Kagerou Days" (don't know if you know that song but it's about two kids trapped in a time loop) and I honestly would read a fanfic like that! that ideas is awesome! sorry if this is too long, it just makes me sad that you said your idea was utter shit. it has a lot of potential!!!

ahhhh thank you!!! my confidence in this idea will probably go up once I finally figure out how to develop this idea some more, but sadly my muse hasn’t been cooperating with me lately ;w; which is why currently the fics (yes, meant to be plural) I have planned for the near future are based on other stuff that people have already posted

RJD Fanfic Request

Title: A Little Comfort, Please

Written By: @lyraverse | Lyra Verse  For: Anon

Prompt: Good morning, While I’m not a great writer I am an awesome fanfic reader!  My prompt would be for a reunion after the whole Negan ordeal.  I would want a moment where Rick and Carl just run towards Michonne holding her and hugging her.  Then once their home Judith gives her a hug then to end the night her and Rick hold each other in bed and confess their love.

Words: 3,330

Rating: T

Summary:  The Grimes Family comfort each other after Negan.  (Warning: Spoiler in story - Prospective Lucille victim(s) mentioned.)

A/N: I didn’t follow the prompt exactly, but I kept to the basic concept.  I hope whoever requested likes it.  :D And for everyone else - don’t forget to send fanfic requests to @richonnejustdesserts, so that someone from their writers’ network can claim it and write it.

——————————–A Little Comfort, Please————————————–

Michonne was visibly shaken.  So was Rick.  But he had to take care of her now.

He ran a bath towel over her lean body, getting rid of any nastiness that may have gotten on her.  He only wished he could reach what was beneath the surface too.


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anonymous asked:

I've been wondering what happens to cresswell after the revolution. Mainly about if Thorne ever took cress to meet his family or some parts of his childhood. A headconnon or fanfic on that from you would be awesome.

I do already have a lot of Cresswell headcanons already and you’re welcome to browse through those. Most of them do take place after the revolution. However, there hasn’t been one specifically about the Thornes, which I do think eventually happens.

I’m a firm believer that the Thornes really do love their son, but aren’t able to show it in conventional ways. I mean, look at their offspring! Thorne, himself, admits that he throws around the phrase, “I love you,” willy nilly because he thinks that’s what he is suppose to say–what’s expected of him. And I truly believe that is a direct response to his parents probably not saying it enough to him when he was younger.

  • Cress definitely is the driving factor of Thorne reuniting with his parents, but I think in an indirect way. Cress never truly got a chance to mourn the loss of Dr. Erland or really, the fact that she met her father and loss him in a very short amount of time. As Cress finally takes the time to cope with that and go through the grieving process, Thorne reflects on his situation with his own parents.
    • We should be reminded that Thorne and Jacin are the only Rampion crew members whose parents are still alive. 
  • When the Thornes first hear about the Lunar cyborg who has escaped from New Beijing Prison with a fugitive accomplice, they knew in their gut it had to be their son. It would be just their luck.
    • At first, they are quite furious that Thorne would get mixed up in something like that. It’s one thing to be thrown into jail for being a thief, but it is another thing entirely to get mixed up with a wanted intergalactic fugitive and have an unmerciful psycho Lunar after you. 
    • Their irritation and frustration quickly turn to worry and horror as they (along with the rest of Earth) are subjected to Levana’s wrath and they spend a lot of their time worrying about their son and wondering what could possibly bring him to help a wanted Lunar criminal. 
      • Luckily, the revolution is soon won and much to their surprise, they see their son, looking as handsome and dashing as ever, high-fiving the new Lunar Queen. After that, with Kingsley’s connections, they soon find out that Vargas has hired Thorne to distribute the letumosis antidote through the American Republic and they begin reaching out to him. Unsurprisingly, their attempts go unacknowledged.
  • So it comes to a shock to the Thornes when one day, out of the blue, they hear from Carswell. There is a throwaway apology about being busy and not having a chance to respond sooner, but that he would be in L.A. the following week and had a spare hour.
    • Obviously the Thornes jump at the opportunity. 
    • Their reunion happens at a dingy 24-hour diner across the street from the air fields and is mostly silence studded with two-line conversations and lots of spoons clinking against ceramic until Carswell looks at his watch and says he has to go. The Thornes feel a bit deflated, but is surprised to hear that Thorne would comm them sometime soon.
      • They watch him run across the street and greet a curvy redhead, a tall and insanely muscular man, and a petite blonde girl. 
      • They are double surprised when a week later, Thorne does comm them.
  • Slowly, the Thornes begin to rebuild their fractured relationship and the elder Thornes are quite interested in the cute blonde girl who seems to have made a great impact on their son. 
    • As can be imagined, they are quite eager to meet her and she, them. The Thornes are quickly impressed by Cress since Kingsley appreciates a sharp mind and quick wit and Mrs. Thorne can chat with Cress about all the latest fashions and celebrity gossip. 
      • It’s not surprising that Cress is really the bridge between the two generations of Thornes.
  • On a more fluffy note.
    • The Thornes still have Boots and Cress overhauls her OS which only endears her to them even more.
    • Cress’s favorite thing about visiting the Thornes is seeing Carswell’s old room. It’s full of star maps and pictures of all the places he wanted to visit when he grew up. There are wonderful little gadgets and toys on every surface and she likes to imagine what Thorne was like when he was a kid.
    • Cress loves visiting the Thorne house and going on evening walks with Thorne while he points out all of the significant places of his childhood.
      • Like the tree he fell from and broke his arm. Or the spot where Jules Keller gave him a black eye (”Don’t worry Cress, I got him back and he had green hair for a week!”). 
    • Thorne also made the mistaken of pointing out the spot where he experienced his first kiss, but the criminal mastermind made up for it by pulling her into that little doorway next to the movie theater and giving her lots of kisses to make up for it. 

I’ve seen a lot of these posts around for the popular ships like iwaoi and kagehina, so I thought it would be fun to hold one of my own for this ship. Honestly they’re both adorable sunshine children and this could be a lot of fun.

The ship week will start on May 3rd and end on May 10th (the dates are for any timezone, so post it for your timezone!)

I’ve chosen some prompts that I think would be really cool to do for this ship since they’re both so adorable.

  • day one: video games
  • day two: first date
  • day three: sleepover/kigurumi 
  • day four: wedding/flower boys
  • day five: elementary school/childhood
  • day six: vacation/spring break
  • day seven: graduation

Here are some guidelines/rules for the ship week:

  • you can contribute to the ship week in any way - for example fanart, fanfics, gif sets, graphics etc. - any contribution would be awesome!
  • sfw and nsfw works are cool, but please make sure to tag them for people who might not want to see that in the tags!
  • you don’t have to do all the prompts, just choose which one’s you do and don’t want to do!
  • participating in all the prompts is fine too! in fact you can do as much or as little for any prompt. you wanna do fanart and a fanfic for one prompt, go ahead!
  • i will be tagging nsfw posts as well!

And of course, make sure you tag “yamahina ship week” because that’s the tag I’ll be tracking so I can reblog all of your contributions! 

Also make sure to follow this blog for updates!

Oh and if you could reblog this, even if you don’t know/don’t want to participate, to spread the message around that would be really great! I look forward to seeing all of your works!

The Happy Ending P-1

So umm yeah, this is an Undertale fanfic. First fanfic ever so criticism would be awesome! This is more of a asrisk (Frisk x Asriel) type fanfic that isn’t to cringy. Frisk is a girl and will most likely always be a girl in my kinky ass fanfics. Frisk and Asriel in this fanfic are around 12.  Written in 3rd person. Read slowly and listen to this while you read> It gave me the feels, I hope it will for you too.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     "Frisk… don’t you have anything better to do?“  
  Frisk just stared at him. Slowly gathering tears in her eyes.

“No, I don’t have anything better to do!” Frisk yelled, tears running down her face.

 "Everyone is going to get their happy ending! You Asriel… I won’t stop until you get yours. I’m staying.“

 Asriel knew he wasn’t going to get frisk to leave. Her DETERMINATION wasn’t going to let her until he was happy. But he would turn back into a flower soon, he would not be himself. Flowey would hurt Frisk, or at least try to in some way.

"Frisk, there is nothing you can do to sa-” Frisk quickly engulfed Asriel in a hug, pushing her teary face into his chest.

“Don’t say that… I can save you… I- I have an idea.” Frisk looked up at Asriel putting her soul between them, emitting a warm red glow.

“I am going share my soul with you. It’s the only way.” Frisk starts to tare her soul in half.

“F- Frisk don’t! You don’t know what will happen, or if you can stay alive with half a soul.” Asriel says.

 Frisk didn’t care. she would give up her life just so he could get his happy ending. Frisk pushed half of her soul into Asriel’s chest, then hugged him tightly.

“Asriel, I don’t care about me… I care about you.” Frisk hugged Asriel even tighter, pushing more of her body into his.

“Frisk… Thank you, thank you so much. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” Asriel starts crying, falling onto the bright yellow flowers, along with Frisk still tightly hugging each other.

  Hours past and they were still lying of the flowers together, asleep, hugging tighly. Frisk expects the others may be wondering what’s taking her so long. She finally decided it was time to go. Time to go home.

  Frisk opens her eyes. She doesn’t want to move. She has never felt this comfortable in her life. Asriel’s body heat, his own DETERMINATION. It matches Frisk. She can finally feel a soul resonating from inside him. She doesn’t feel LOVE, but she feels love.  


                          “Yes Frisk?”                
                                                                              “It’s time…”

                                                                                                                         "Time to go home.“


Sorry for it being short Part 2 will be way longer. This is the first time I have ever created a Fanfic, so please criticize my writing and if you see errors please let me know. Want more just favorite and leave a comment to boost my ego.


Part 2

Castiel Reads Gatsby

“I think that it is a very perceptive novel.” Castiel stared down at the paperback book now laying between him and Sam at the table of the bunker. “I feel very much for the hero.”

Sam nodded with a thoughtful look. When Cas had come to him to learn more about the world, he had given him a library card and told him to read the classics. Sam truly believed that the essence of humanity could be found between the inked words of a gripping novel. What he never expected was for Cas to find this specific book and for it to speak so profoundly to the fallen angel.

“Gatsby put his faith into the green light. It was a beckon of everything he thought he believed of happiness and love.” Blue eyes fell to trace some of the light scratches on the table. It wasn’t uncommon for Cas to discuss the novels, but now something seemed different about his tone. “He spent his entire life fighting with everything he had so that someday he would be on the same side as the green light… only to find that when he got there life wasn’t what he had believed it to be… she wasn’t what he thought she would be… and that was his inevitable downfall.”

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Secret Santa

The Mikaelsons + their partners + Caroline’s friends experience with Secret Santa. 25 Days of Klaroline - Day 25: klaroline + christmas (the last day, I’m so sad)
A/N: I’m not sure if everyone does Secret Santa like this, but this is the way I’ve always done it, with the guessing thing and all that.
Anyway, Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone!

Caroline loved Klaus.

She truly, honestly did.

But if he didn’t stop ruining Christmas mood soon, they were going to be having a problem.

“Do we really have to do Secret Santa?”

“Yes, Klaus. You’ll just have to buy something nice to one of your siblings. Or me.”

“Or one of your friends.” He reminded her and she rolled her eyes.

“And you can’t buy them gifts?”

“Technically, I can buy pretty much whatever I want, love, but the point is, I don’t want to.”

She gave him an annoyed look. “Well, I’m sorry, Klaus, but the thing is… I want you to.”

Klaus sighed, knowing that she knew he’d do it to make her happy “Fine. But I hope you realize that this is going to end in disaster, Caroline. Too many former enemies in one room and all that.”

“I’ll make everyone behave.” She said, determinately.

Klaus thought that if anyone could make that work, it’d be her.

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