fanfics with yazzy

  1. read the last chapter of  if you can believe your eyes and ears still getting hyped about my name being in it. gotta read the kids are alright later tonight, i love how she got the title from that movie.
  2. read paperback muses, shit gon get reeeallll complicated, they still need to fuck tho.
  3. read the update to 8 crazy nights. it was fan-fucking-stastic grade A bottom Kendall
  4.  the one and only….

im excited that Emily wrote it so that means its gonna be a good fic. idk why i’m prolonging my self to read it. maybe cause its schmidcest and i feel like im committing a sin or cause i wanna be in the corner of the darkest room with nothing but my phone light, reading it. _____cest is my deepest and darkest pleasure. totally going to the dark side with this one.

sooo its been some time since the last fanfics with yazzy post

i got soooo lazy, i sowie. BUT IM BACK and more emotional than ever! i’ve been reading alot of different fics

are you guys still reading the cherry bomb sequel!?!?!?

CARLOS IS FINALLY PREGNANT WITH A HEALTHY BABY BOY! its about damn time! and about time for his family get out they house. we don’t need that Hispanic shit crazying up the house. but i screamed so loud when Bridget's and my name were options if the baby was girl! now im starting to think that the author follows me on here cause who spells “yasmine” exactly like that? its always “ yasmin” or “ "yazmin/e” but Santiago for a boy? ew really? ever thought how much hell that would put logan through try to not say his name so “blankito-y” ooh gosh Carlos why?

Jett’s back OHHH SHIT. i got a feeling he gonna wanna be in Angel’s life, just for publicity shit. and i know theres gonna be mad drama between Kendall and him. can’t wait!

and all of a suddden dak has a knocked up boyfriend? whats good with that?

and its badass rudeass Julian birthday. Kendall mentioned how he spanks him


you beat that boy’s ass lord knows a time out in a corner or a nap ain’t gonna fix him. we all know that Julian is going through  being the 1st born, waiting all the attention stage. thats what happens when you have kids back to back. at least he and Angel are getting along now.

so how are you guys liking the story?