My part of the OTP trade with

I had to draw a part of her meowrails humanstuck fanfiction! You can read it here, it’s really cute uvu

I tried to extend myself with doing a complicated background this time, which admittedly may have been biting off a lil more than I can chew OTL. Nevertheless this was a fun piece to work on and I really hope you like it!!!

Dance of the Gamblignants

Away on the waves, the Gamblignants roll

Finding their dues, collecting their toll

And o’er the seas, their ships set sail

You won’t get away if they’re on your tail!


Oh, never cross paths with a Gamblignant ship

Trust me, you’ll be in for quite a long trip

They’ll clap you in irons and haul you aboard

And someday you’ll join the Gamblingnant horde!


The Gamblignants put other seagrifts to shame

Bringing more infamy to their bad name

My lusus he said that I should sign on quick

You’re in for a caeger or in for a lick

((Guess what I’m working on…..))