As Katherine walks in the dark alleys of the little town she hears a man shouting at her : “beautiful”.

As she turn around she discover a charming man apprently intrigued by her beauty.

Do you have a name, my lady ?” he ask smiling.

With her most seductive look she answers : “You can call me Katherine”.


What Brit saw in TVD 3.21

Rebekah rushed to Klaus telling him all about Alaric. “We need to leave” she said, but Klaus replied “There is something i need to do first”. Rebekah understood right away what he meant, “Come one Nik you know we cannot stay much longer here ! We need to leave NOW”, she knew he wanted to get Stefan, not only to protect him from Alaric but mostly because he couldn’t imagine living with him anymore, he had missed him since the 20s and he had realised that now. “Bekah NO ! I’m not leaving without him ! You know it” he said quite mad. Rebekah knew it of course, but she still had to try and protect her brother : “but you CAN’T choose him over family”, tears were coming up in her eyes. “WATCH ME” he replied as to defy her. She could have tried and argued longer, but she knew it was useless … and after all she chose Stefan once over Klaus so she, more than anyone else, could understand no matter how hurtful it was for her to admit it.

Gifs and fic by BritCroft

He ran into the bar looking for her, they were supposed to meet there half an hour ago, he was late but she still was not here, or maybe she had left already. He did not know and he knew Alaric was trying to kill Klaus and no matter how much he hates Klaus he knew his death would mean Caroline’s death. Sam entered the bar right after.

“She’s not here” yelled Dean.

“Don’t panic let’s try to call Stefan” said Sam trying to calm down his brother the best he could.

Stefan picked up quickly, yet it seemed like an eternity to Dean.

“Where is she ? What happened ?” Dean was in total panic, this is the kind of moment when you realise how you truly feels.

“Dean ? Is that you ? …. I’m …. I - I’m sorry …”

“What ? Why are you sorry what happened ? where is she ?” Dean’s heart was beating faster and faster.

“Klaus is dead” said Stefan.

Dean’s heart stopped beating for a second, and even though Sam couldn’t hear Stefan on the phone he knew what he had just said.

Graphic and Fic by BritCroft


What Brit saw in TVD 3.21

It took a few second to Klaus to realise what was happening, the same man who a few moment earlier told him i would come with him was literally breaking his heart, with his own hands. As he was witnessing Stefan trying to kill he screamed with all the breath he had left : “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” and then whispered, “Not you Stefan, anyone but not you … how- how could you ?”. Stefan couldn’t befriend Klaus, not after everything he did to Elena, he had to play along with them, and he knew this wasn’t definitive, “I had to” he whispered back. And as Klaus was losing strengh Tyler stepped back and Stefan came closer to Klaus’ ear to tell him, “We’ll meet again, we will” and after a short silence, as Klaus’ heart was bitting one last time, “I promise”.

Gifs and fic by BritCroft

It was night, Dean couldn’t sleep. He left the motel room trying his best not to wake Sam. As he was walking around in the small town with no light a woman, a familiar face appeared on the other side of the road. Dean looked towards her trying to identify her despite the darkness.
“Well, well, well … isn’t that my favourite Vampire Hunter !” She said with a smirk. “Yet i had heard you were dead, how come i meet you here ?”
“I was not really dead … despite what everyone though … i was … you know what it’s none of your business, leave me alone, i’m not in the mood to talk to you”
“I’m surprised you haven’t tried to kill me yet” she added on a mocking tone.
Dean was not responding and his silent made Katherine face change radicaly.
“Something’s wrong … what happened to you” she whispered in his ear. She had always enjoy playing with Dean, making him mad, but she had also always cared about him somehow.

graphic and fic by BritCroft

For the lovely Agata

An alternate ending to season 3 (more like i added a lil somthing from Damon’s POV)

Damon was driving in the direction of the hospital, the song on the radio was Blue Jeans by Lana del Rey, not that it was of import. The melancolie of it was to much to take, he turned of the radio as tears were drawing lines on in pale face. Once he arrived in front of the hospital in stopped the car in a hurry and rushed to Elena. Meredith stopped him and told him she wasn’t dead for good hoping to reinsure him but it wouldn’t. Damon knew Elena didn’t want to be a vampire.
As he saw her lying there he reminded seeing her for the first time. How could he forget that moment ? While he was contemplating her face someone in a room accross the corridor turn on some music, it was the same song he had heard in the car, and suddently the lyrics made so much sense for Damon :
“ But I still remember that day we met in December - oh baby!
I will love you till the end of time
I would wait a million years
Promise you’ll remember that you’re mine
Baby can you see through the tears
Love you more”
Damon would indeed wait a million years for Elena.

Fic and graphic by BritCroft

PART 3 :

Jason woke up and heard the water in the bathroom next door. He suposed he had sex the previous night with some hot girl but he couldn’t remind well, he must have been drunk. As he was trying to sit on the bed his hand touched something wet and warm, it was blood. Then he touched his neck, that was HIS blood. He was confused, what had happened ? Since he was naked he got out of the bed to reach his underwear. While he was putting his clothes back on Katherine got out of the bathroom with her towel.

Though he was scared he couldn’t help but stop what he was doing and stare at her hot and wet body.

‘Leaving so soon ? It’s your house remember ?’ she asked.

Katherine could have just compeled him to forget everything and leave, but she kinda enjoyed that night spent with that Phoebus, and she needed a place to stay, so she just compeled him to forget about being bitten and she used her blood to heal him so nobody would notice the trace she had left on his body.

‘Do you mind if i stay here tonight as well ?’ she asked, like she cared thinking that she could compel him not to care anyway.

'No of course not, you can stay. I’m going to finish bringing the furniture today so i’ll be quite busy but you can stay here, and spend the night.’

'I’ll be busy during the day too, but i’ll come back later tonight then’ she kissed him and left.

Once she was outside she stopped and asked herself why she kissed him like they were some kind of regular couple, but she had things to take care of and she couldn’t just lose time asking her self meaningless question, now was not the time to overanalyse things.

gif and fanfic by BritCroft

previous parts : 1 - 2

An alternative at Elena’s choice making.

Elena remebered her mother’s advice when she was dating Matt. She knew it was high time to make a choice yet she had feelings for both brothers.

She took her phone and went to her contact list, she called Stefan first. He was surprised she called him and he didn’t know whether to be happy about it or not.

“I have something to tell you” she said, “and i need you to listen, to let me finish and not interrupt me, ok ?” she let a silence.

“You asked me if i had feelings for Damon, you sent me on a trip with him, and we kissed, and … well … i like it. And i feel like i have to be honest with you. Not just because we dated, but because i love you. I fell for him sure, but i never unfell for you. And i want to be with you, i really do.” She stopped talking and stood up, walking around in her room and taking a big breath. ” But … But i feel like i will never be able to make you happy if i do not explore those feelings i have for Damon. So … i don’t know if we’ll ever be together again, but for now i guess this is goodbye.”

Stefan had a tear on his cheek, yet no word came out of him.

“Say something Stefan, I love you, I do i swear, I never wanted to hurt you”

“It’s fine, Elena, I understand. I would be lying if i said it didn’t hurt, but i do understand. And you are right, it is better to end things now rather than go back together and have you dream of him. Listen, Alaric is a treat now, we have to do something about it, and as soon as everything is dealt with i’ll leave Mystic Falls adn-“

“Please don’t” begged Elena

“Elena, I don’t want to stand in the way, i don’t want you to feel guilty for anything, just … i can’t be around, i owe this to you and Damon to let you live your story. And maybe one day we will be together again.”

Graphic and fic by BritCroft

Katherine hadn’t been in Mystic Falls for weeks and Elena was worried so when her phone rang and she recognized the voice saying “Missed me ?” she smiled like she hadn’t in a long time.

“Oh my god where are you, i’ve been worried sick about you!” said Elena.

“Calm down princess i’m in New York, and i have some stuffs for you !”

“What did you buy ?”

“Clothes, you know how i hate your style … i had to do somthing about it”

“Well that’s nice !” said Elena kind of offended.

“Come on, you’ll love the outfits i selected … ”

Edit and Fic by BritCroft

Against the World - a #BatB fanfic by BritCroft

Chapter 1 : Murderer.

DISCLAMER, i do not own Beauty and the Beast of course, this is just a work of fiction based on the character and the show.

A/N : Big thank you to Ksana who not only push me and inspire me, but also was my beta reader for this. She is amazing, I keep harrasing her with my crappy writing and she had been SO helpful.

“You brought her in, she’s your problem”. Darius heart was racing, what that was supposed to mean he did not dare imagine. The man on his right released the pressure on his arm and put a gun in his hand as Darius was staring at Heather’s conscienceless body. How foolish of him to take her to the club, he knew they were coming to collect and yet he still came with her. And now she was lying on the ground, defenceless. Everything was his fault.

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Against the World - a #BatB fanfic by BritCroft

Chapter 4 : Careful.

DISCLAMERi do not own Beauty and the Beast of course, this is just a work of fiction based on the character and the show.

A/N : From now on this is my own take on what could happen after the big kiss and the Darius thingy. Yet I will not try to guess what might happen in the show, I’ll just follow my heart ok ! (But remember I’m Evil … they call me Evil Queen on tumblr for a reason. So you’ll have drama beware ! And the story won’t only focus on Cat and Vincent, I like to show all the other characters since they are all so interresting.

And as always, thanks to Ksana.

Ok, done rambling, enjoy this chapter.

JT was waiting for Vincent at the warehouse. It was very late already but after talking with his friend at the cemetery JT was worried. He had known the ex-soldier all his life so it was easy for him to predict his actions. JT was certain Vincent had gone to break up with Cat, and that was a bad idea. Since when was he rooting for those two anyway? He had gone from president of the “stay away from Catherine” club to match maker! This woman had grown on him, sure at first he thought it was too risky for Vincent to be interested in her, and hell! - he simply did not trust that cop; but with time he realized she was trustworthy. More than that, she had brought so much happiness to Vincent, that idiot was obviously in love with that little woman and JT could not ignore the fact that his friend was happy, really happy around her, and it had been years he had not be that joyful… Actually JT could not remember Vincent feeling this way in his life ever, and that was of importance. The bio-chem professor cared about his friend and if that woman could make him smile then he had to give Catherine a chance.

The noise of the door opening made JT startle. “What did you do?” he almost yelled. “You mean beside killing the brother of Catherine’s boss?”, his tone was bitter, it was not really a joke, but he was sarcastic. Vincent could not stop thinking about that, even after all that happened with Catherine afterward. JT tried calming the situation, “Come on man, you know I didn’t mean that … It was an accident, you were trying to - ”

“I know JT, I know”, Vincent sighted tiredly.

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Against the World - a #BatB fanfic by BritCroft

Chapter 3 : Stiking together.

DISCLAMERi do not own Beauty and the Beast of course, this is just a work of fiction based on the character and the show.

A/N : This chapter is the last being highly based on the scenes of “Tough Love”, more and more original content coming. Hopefully you’ll like where I’m taking this story.

Also … it’s probably the one most of you were waiting for … *wink*

And again big thanks to Ksana (talenevertold, check her stories !) who made this chapter a hundred time better with her not so little corrections !

“Can I drive her home now?” Cat asked Tess, whispering so Heather would not hear their conversation.

“Your car is still at the crime scene, how about we find someone to drive you there and I’ll stay here with Heather until you can come pick her up?”

Catherine looked confused – she actually had forgotten that detail…

“You’re right … Thank you, … for everything,” Cat’s voice got tensed, “I know things have been…”

But Tess cut her short not willing to go deeper into their complicated relationship status at the moment : “Don’t, it’s normal, you need me, I’m here … always. Now go!” and she nodded reassuringly prompting Cat to leave for her car.

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Merlin x Ouat AU.  

In which the fire temper of Emma is balanced by the cold heart and soul of Morgana.

Emma and her mother were then brought to a dark Castle in some cold mountains.
“Who are you ?” she asked as she looked up to what seemed to be a throne. It was dark she couldn’t see, who was sitting on it.
A guard approched the throne with a torch and as her face appeared to Emma, Morgana answered : “I am the Queen of what is left of the Enchanted forest”.

edit and fic by BritCroft.

thxforexisting  asked:

Elijah/Katherine ^.^

Let’s make a 1490s fic ok !

Katherine was getting ready for the reception that would take place two hours later while Elijah and Klaus were fighting again. She didn’t know why they were fighting and she couldn’t hear their conversation but there was too much noice for it to be a polite discussion for sure. Yet it was none of her business and she knew it was impolite to listen, so she tryed to concentrate on her hair.

An hour later as she had just finished to put her dress on someone knocked on the door. She was busy looking for a neckless to fit so she just yelled ‘Come in’. Elijah stepped in and she turned around. 'Oh that’s you she said’. 

'Yes …’ she had taken his breath away, this dress was wonderful on her. 'You look fabulous’.

'Thank you’, she said,’ Yet i can’t find a neckless that would suit.’

'I think i can help with that, just give me a minute’ he left her room and came back less than a minute later with the most beautiful neckless she had ever seen in her life.

’ You should wear it tonight’, he said,’ may i ?’

He came toward her and helped her putting it on.

'There, you look even more fantastic, i think all men eyes will be on you tonight, and all women will be jealous’.

She didn’t know what to say, the only words that could come out of her mouth were : 'Thank you’

Asked by Jo - Klefanklaus finding out that stefan is not really stefan but silas

(I haven’t really followed the end of TVD … the Salvatore still live at their house right ? I don’t know … here they do …)

Klaus had decided to come back to Mystic Falls hoping to convince Stefan to go live in New Orleans with him. He couldn’t imagine not being with the young vampire for so long.

He was now standing at the door, and took a deep breath before knocking. Very quickly the door was open and Stefan was standing there, tilting his head.

“Well well well, who do we have here ? I thought you were gone for good.” his tone was almost mocking, Klaus couldn’t tell for sure if it was that or the fact that he was hurt he had left.

Not waiting for an invitation Klaus simply stepped inside, a smirk on his face pushing Stefan against the closest wall. A lamp fell on the ground at the chock of Stefan’s body hitting the wall.

Stefan had not expected this and was just stunned, even more when Klaus’ lips crushed his.

The kiss was awkward for Stefan, he barely responded to it and just let Klaus in control until he let him go. 

Standing their in front of his man Klaus frowned, something was off. 

“You’re not Stefan … ” his voice was filled with rage and fear yet quite low.

Stefan smirked and cocked a brow. After wipping his mouth with the back of his hand he simply said : “I’ve been able to fool everyone so far. But you’re good … ” Delighted at the puzzled expressiong of the hybrid he then asked : “Remember me Klaus ?”

Klaus’ jaw dropped. “Silas” he exhaled.

honourinrevenge  asked:

For the fic thingy - Klaus explaining Hayley's pregnancy to Stefan and Stefan not taking it very well. :)

Ok that’s a challlenge …

Klaus was pacing. He had left Stefan 12 messages for him to come and talk.

Finally he heard the crack of the door and turned around staring untill he saw Stefan entering the living room. He was holding his phone and showing it as he said : “I thought one message was as effective as 12 … Aren’t you the one that said that ?”

Klaus frowned.

“Oh … not in a mood I see ! So what is it all about ?” Stefan asked. He was getting worried, it’s not often you see an hybrid original worried like that.

Klaus turned his back to him and stoke his hands nervously. “There is no easy way to say this …”

Confusion read all over Stefan’s face. Looking back at him Klaus continued. “Maybe you should sit down”

His gaze following the hybrid’s eyes Stefan looked at the couch and walked slowly to sit there. He then looked right back at Klaus, right in the eyes, anxious about what he had to tell.

“Something happened” Klaus started as he sat down on an arm chair accros the room. “And … I did not think it was possible but … I’m going to be … ” he paused and swallowed loudly, “a father, I’m going to be a father”.

“Say what ?” Stefan’s eyes widdened. He could not believe his ears, how could this be possible ? Vampires can’t procreate ? Also that would imply sex with a woman.

“Hayley is pregnant” Klaus explained.

Stefan stood in one quick motion and grabbed the first vase he could find to smash it on the wall. 

“You cheated on me ?” he yelled.

“It just … happened …” Klaus had never imagined in a million years he would have that kind of conversation.

Stefan wanted to kill her, but he couldn’t so he just grabbed a painting, there was an horse on it, probably something Klaus had painted, but he did not care, he just grabbed it and smashed it.

“Calm down …” Klaus walked toward him.

“YOU DON’T TELL ME TO CALM DOWN, I DON’T TELL YOU TO CALM DOWN” Stefan yelled back grabbing another painting without even looking at it.

“Not this one” Klaus ran and took it from his hand, making him look at it. It was the ‘post modern snow flake’ that Stefan loved to much. Klaus had bough it back to the charity auction. That memory made him sad. His Klaus had cheated on him.

Putting the painting down he looked at Stefan’s sad eyes and continue. He knew the news would be devastating, but he couldn’t hide it : “Elijah wants me to keep him, as an heir … we are moving to New Orleans”

That was just too much for Stefan.

“You are, I’m not !” he said with a cold voice. And with that he was making his way back out slamming the door dramaticly and walking out his head held high.

that was for an auction right ? the painting ?

ok i just went with the flow, sorry if there are typos, i’m too lasy to spell check lol !

hope you like it ! it’s weird lol

Against the World - a #BatB fanfic by BritCroft

Chapter 2 : The Hunt begins.

DISCLAMERi do not own Beauty and the Beast of course, this is just a work of fiction based on the character and the show.

A/N : again a big thank you to Ksana, you are the best, but you know it already ! She helped a lot for thepart with Evan and Cat btw.

Thank you to every one that follow, I hope it means you like it ! And of course thanks for the reviews, means a lot and it actually help to have your point of view. I’m very new at the whole writing thing, so your reviews and messages help me get better.

Here is another chapter, still mostly further description of the scenes of episode 14 but starting with the next chapter you’ll get more original content, slowly more and more I promise.

Sorry I’m rambling ! Enjoy this chapter and don’t be scared to tell me what you think even if you dislike !

It was all smiles, laughs and congratulations. Discussions were cantered on Joe and full of hope and joy, but that would not last. How can one get ready for such a call…

During the party cops were called on a crime scene, that was something to be expected in the criminal New York, nothing out of ordinary. Evan as the coroner had to rush there, apparently two bodies were waiting for him.

Ambulances and police cars were singing a sad song, the cry indicating that New York had been the scene of yet another horrible event; it was daily in such a large city, but each time people suffered.

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Against the world - a BatB an fanfic by BritCroft.

Darius’ death is changing everything. Further description, feeling the blank and my take on what may happen after Tough Love.

Rating T.


You can read it HERE (there are 2 chapters so far)

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