fanfic: chustin

Waking up happy

The sun streamed in through the curtainless window in the guest bedroom of Charlie’s apartment. It brightened up the room…and shined directly into Charlie’s face. He shifted in his sleep, eyes fluttering open reluctantly. 

He groans softly, lifting a hand to shield his eyes. It was then that he noticed the warm body pressed against his. Charlie grinned down at Justin, his boyfriend remembering everything from the night before with a giddy sort of happiness. 

Charlie leaned in to lightly kiss the still sleeping Justin’s lips, trying his very best not to wake him up.

Angels: Rane with a side of Klaine, Chustin, and Jogan and assorted Windsors


Reed expertly ducked a Nerf dart, jiggling his doorknob that was determined to ruin his good day. He’d only tripped three times, and only one of which was over thin air; there were no paper cuts or inkblots on his fingers, and he hadn’t done anything embarrassing in front of his boyfriend, Shane.

A foam dart hit him in the cheek and Reed whirled around, glaring as viciously as the cherubic boy could at the two blondes. They suddenly remembered that they had to be anywhere but here and rushed downstairs. Reed tried to yank the door open one more time before sitting on the floor with a sigh. May as well get something done… Kurt and Blaine won’t be back from their date for a while… He reached into his bag and pulled out his sketch pad.

There was a crash from downstairs, followed immediately by yells and laughing. “WES MONTGOMERY, GET THAT GOAT OUT OF THE KITCHEN!” Charlie sounded harassed, but Reed didn’t have to wonder why.

Dwight’s door banged shut when he darted out, buckling on a belt with his holy water sprayer and garlic ropes.

“Dwight, what’s wrong?” Reed asked, “it’s just a goat.”

“Only you would say that,” he snapped. “For Charlie, it’s a parasite-breeding animal. For Kurt and Blaine, it’s muddy and dirty and will ruin their clothes. To Wes, David and the Tweedles, it’s a surefire way of getting detention. And for me, it’s a possible demon. I have to get rid of it.”

“And what if it’s just a goat?”

“My grandparents own a farm and I spent a few summers there. I know how to manage farm animals.” Another crash sounded, and Dwight hurtled down the stairs brandishing his holy water. Reed just shook his head and continued his sketches.

His mother had been angry when Reed had informed her of his intentions for his next exhibition. She had done that derisive sniff he knew only too well, and had turned away with an air of disappointment. He loved his mother, he really did… But Reed didn’t think she actually understood the purpose of art. Art is to help the artist let go of his or her worries, right? Reed’s art showed the world his heart. Like that time earlier in the year that he couldn’t draw or paint anything but Shane.

Another crash drove Reed to scramble to his feet and hurtle down the stairs to skid to a stop in utter shock at the scene. David was standing on top of the kitchen counter, nonchalantly chatting with Katherine, ducking and leaping over Nerf darts that Ethan and Evan were sending in the direction of Wes, Dwight and the goat. Charlie had given up all hope at containing the situation and was closing doors and window shades so that nobody could see the chaos in Windsor.

“What was what?” asked David, “Oh, that? That was nothing. Reed fell again. "He moved his hand over the mouthpiece and hollered across the kitchen, "HEY, REED, KATHERINE SAYS HI!”

Reed giggled and waved at the absent Katherine.

“He says hi.” David said. “No, none of the others are around… Why? Well, they're…studying.”

“I have experience with goats, Wes!” Dwight said, “My Nana has thirteen! Unlucky number for the already demonic little bastards… But still, Wes, I know how to do this!”

Wes was doing his best to yank a notebook out of the stubborn animal’s mouth. “This was hilarious when it happened to Logan! Not so much now!”

Both Tweedles stopped firing, staring at each other. “No wonder he looked so familiar…” Ethan said.

Wes looked up. “You can tell the difference between goats?” he asked in a tone that made it clear that he thought the Tweedles had completely lost touch with reality.

“This is the goat that we locked in Stuart House!” the twins said simultaneously.

All four boys dropped what they were doing immediately. A timid voice came from a speaker (however Reed craned his neck, he couldn’t figure out where Han’s new speaker was hidden) “That might explain why Julian, Logan and Derek were taking a casual walk in my blind spots outside Windsor…”

“You have blind spots?” Dwight shrieked. He took off brandishing all the weapons he had. He was followed by the twins and Wes, all four shrieking the same word.


“Hmm?” David asked. “No, they're…ah…talking about the Holocaust… Sweetheart, I gotta go… I’ll talk to you as soon as I can, okay?” He hung up, grabbing his nearby Nerf gun and followed the other boys in tearing across campus to Stuart House.

Charlie ran to the door. “No! Please! GUYS!” He started blowing his air horn but there was no chance; when the Windsor boys ‘cried havoc and let slip the dogs of war’ there was no stopping them. The goat wandered up to Charlie, finishing off the rest of Wes’ AP Government notes and then snatching Charlie’s wallet from his back pocket and taking off across the lawn. Charlie yelled in frustration and gave chase. “GET BACK HERE, GOAT! GET BACK! COME ON!” His yells were punctuated with purposeless blasts of the airhorn.

Reed looked around the vacated room in astonishment, then down at his previously empty sketch page. He let out a laugh and scampered back upstairs with renewed energy.