all that is left now is to tear you to bits

I need Demon Dean talking about his feelings for Cas with tears in his eyes because he thinks he’s a worthless abomination that doesn’t deserve to be loved but he wants Cas to know everything anyway

I need Cas putting his hands gently on Dean’s cheeks and kissing away every single tear falling from Dean’s black eyes

I need Dean putting his own hands on the top of Cas’ and holding them while he’s helplessly trying to stop his tears

I need Cas peppering Dean’s face with millions of kisses and gently stroking his reddened cheeks and telling him that his soul is so bright and beautiful and simply gorgeous

I need Dean telling Cas to ‘stop saying that, stop lying’

I need Cas shushing Dean with a gentle loving kiss and whispering ‘I love you’s into Dean’s lips

I need Dean falling apart in Cas’ arms

//lies down
I need


OMG!!! <3 Jean and Marco have there own little band going and it’s perfect…!!! .3.

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I’m glad you had fun, too bad it wasn’t all that great. It sounds like what they have at the NY HBO store between seasons… I have a pic of Ned’s head from the store. But I would be thrilled to see the iron throne irl.

Thanks. I saw it for for free since The Fair had free admission from 11am to 1pm this weekend and once you’re in the fairgrounds these exhibits are free to get into. So, yeah, I am glad I went but it didn’t wow me as much as the Star Trek one did. Ned’s head?!!!! That wasn’t on display at this exhibit, but Ned’s sword, Ice, was. They did have Jamie’s severed hand on display, though. :D
[fic] realization; naruhina

in the end, the one he wanted was her. he didn’t want anyone else — no, not even sakura — he only wanted her.

she was the first person who had accepted him, demon and all, and welcomed him, and had always been there to offer unwavering support. she was the first person who had extended her hand towards him while everyone else ran away, blinded by fear.

even though he harbored a monster inside of his body, she had always believed in him. she had always, always believed that he would become a leader that everyone would look up to.

she had always been at his side, whether it be physically or mentally, no matter what, and she had risked her life for him, over and over, without a millisecond of hesitation.

through the years, she had loved him for the person he was, the person he truly was, and not the creature everyone else saw. she had followed him through heaven and hell, just to be able to walk beside him and hold his hand. and she had done it all for him—only for him.

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OH MY GOD, guys look, I just create the best Clexa scene ever.
Clarke is known for her artistic skills, right? Imagine this:
War is won (for now) Clexa is a thing. *romantic mode: ON* They’re laying on a bed (or smth). Lexa is asking Clarke about her life on the Ark. So she’s talking about what it was like to live in space, in prison and that she was drawing all the time. Lexa asks if she could draw something for her, and Clarke suggests that she can draw HER. *now it’s time for remembering Titanic scene*  When Clarke finished, Lexa is delighted and she’s focused on this sketch, then.. Clarke is taking control, pushes L on a bed and they have the best wild lesbian sex in the Universe.

IMAGINE that chemistry, IMAGINE what Clexa fans would feel *heart attacks*, IMAGINE this beauty, I just can’t. 

PS. I’m staring at this gif for about 20 minutes and I really can’t wait for more Clexa. OMFG.

warning: lingfan rant (it gets more or less logical as you proceed)


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Rating: Explicit

Relationship: Esca/Marcus Flavius Aquila

Additional Tags: First Time, Virginity, Plot What Plot

Words: 2250

Summary: Written for this prompt at the eagle kink meme: Marcus has been so busy training to be The Best Soldier Eva, and not wanting to do *anything* to sully his name, that he’s managed to avoid sleeping with women. And within the centurion ranks, he was always so uptight about being perfect (and had that ‘bad omen’ stigma attached to him) so he managed to avoid sleeping with men too. I want (not at all virginal) Esca discovering his former master is a virgin, and mounting a campaign to get Marcus some. But Marcus ONLY WANTS ESCA (but doesn’t know how to go about expressing this). Deviates from the prompt in its total lack of plot.

OH. M Y. G O DDdd. THANK THE GODS ALMIGHTY THAT THE INTERNET ARCHIVE WAYBACK MACHINE EXISTS BECAUSE OTHERWISE THIS GLORIOUS FIC WOULD HAVE BEEN LOST FOREVER AND I WOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO HAVE THE ABSOLUTE DELIGHT OF READING IT (the author has officially left all of fandom and deleted her ao3/lj/etc. accounts back in 2012 apparently, I just found the old link in a rec list and could thankfully recover it through wayback machine)

I.. I just.. My face was literally this throughout the entire thing, j u st:

I- talking about it or trying to explain it any further wouldn’t ever do it any justice, this is just pure gold. and it is truly a shame it is no longer officially online for all to read and I hate that I can’t leave a thousand kudos, but I am so SO glad I could read it. I am so SO here for this entire thing. yes. yes YES YESSSsssssss.

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  1. I went to China with a friend when I was 16 
  2. I’m from Belgium 
  3. I’m half Belgian half Moroccan 
  4. I’m agnostic.
  5. Currently studying psychology.  
  6. I play harp 
  7. I never studied English at school (and you certainly can see it :/) 
  8. I’m dyslexic
  9. I’m going to cosplay Castiel soon 
  10. I have to take 2 busses and 1 train to go to school, that’s nearly 4 hours’ travel time everyday

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