Obvious Feelings (2)

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You and Changmo are roommates and he realises he likes you, so he confides to Beenzino about this and Beenzino suggests that changmo confess, however, you’re completely oblivious // part 1

(Requested) // word count; 788

Changmo x Reader - A/F

You let go of the game controller and moved away from the tv, bored out of your mind and tired of playing games you left the room and decided to entertain yourself. The beach house you rented with your friends was nice, the ocean clearly visible when you stepped onto the balcony or simply glanced out the window.

The air was warm and calming, lifting any stress you had when you first arrived. You weren’t too keen on coming on this holiday but you were glad you did, you got to spend time with your friends, make new memories and just simply enjoy life. One thing, however, that continued to linger on your mind was your friend Changmo.

Changmo hasn’t spoken to you since he confessed his feelings and no matter how many times you texted or called, he did everything he could to avoid you. You thought going on this holiday would give you a chance to talk to him, yet he still managed to run away.

The sun that was setting beyond the horizon was beautiful, the hues of oranges mixed with pinks that burned the sky made you smile. You leant against the railing as you watched the sun gradually start to hide as your thoughts started running wild, as always.

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does anyone else get butterflies in their stomach whenever they’re reading a fanfic… like if there’s a sweet pining scene or when the pairing finally kisses u get that rush that feels almost soft and warm and exciting…… like sure movies and tv are great but…… its never given me the fuzzy tummy feelings like fanfic has

No but just imagine…

They are about to go on a difficult hunt, that might cost their lives and all, and then the night before Dean and Cas are in the library with the radio on, and start some slow song, and Dean is just like ‘fuck it’, and take Cas’s hand and tells him “let’s dance”, and Cas is like “What? Dean I don’t know how to do this” but Dean says “so just move”. Dean puts one hand on Cas’s back and the other still honding his hand, Cas does the same. At some point Dean closes his eyes and one single tear escapes. Their bodies were close, they were breathing the same air, and when the song ends Cas just tightens his grip on Dean, and they continue to move slowly, because if something happened the next day, they had this moment.

I just discovered that I want this to happen

Traffic lights are killing kink fic

Dramatic title, but this rant has been building for some time and I need to get it off my chest. Friends, fellows, lovely fic writers: kink fic in fandom lately sounds like someone is reciting a How To BDSM 101 manual and it’s really starting to grind my gears.

It seems lately that, more often than not, any fic I open with even the teeniest bit of kink spends about half the fic being excruciatingly boring and samey about making sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to consent and who is spanking who in bed. As an Actual Real Live Kinky Person, let me tell you about some things that are seriously pissing me off.

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List of fanfics

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In The Shape Of A Boy

When Lance meets a boy in the middle of a rainy night he doesn’t expect to see him the next day at his new school, but, turns out the dude is an asshole.

Tragic memories and horrific events have changed them but can Lance find the truth behind Keith’s mask?. Can he learn to find happiness in a world that seems so keen on tearing it away from him?.

Shades of Purple

Lance McClain finds his safe haven and comfort online under the username blu97 on a messenger website called UniverseChat. There he meets a person under the username 1redrebel. Smart, charming, and having an amazing sense of humour, they pull Lance in immediately.

But what he doesn’t know is that the intriguing person behind the handle is someone that he could never imagine being with in a million years; Keith Kogane. An arrogant, impulsive, hot head at his school, who he doesn’t exactly like.

Sweet Escape

Lance is bisexual, but he’s only torturing himself by mostly dating girls and surpressing his desire for men other than sexual. Hunk and Shiro try to help him out and set him up, but that proves to be a bit difficult for him. Maybe he’ll get lucky this time when Shiro tries to set him up with a co-worker of his.

Tick Tock

The one where Keith was working and he found his soulmate - who just happened to be his favorite actor, Lance MotherF**king Vasquez.

Embers on Ice Sheets

Lance is the Avatar, as well as the prince of the Southern Water Tribe and boy, does it suck. His life has been an endless list of responsibilities and now an arranged marriage has been added to that list. But before he can marry the princess of the Northern Water Tribe and fulfill the duties to his family and nation, Lance has to travel to the Fire Nation and master firebending. And who better to teach the arrogant, and talkative avatar than the hotheaded and stubborn prince of the fire nation. What could go wrong right?

I named you mine

Lance is looking for shells for his family when he comes across a strange injerd fish. Being the kind hearted kid that he is Lance disides to take care of it, in fear that it might die out in the waves. Many years latter During the voltron surfing competition, After an awful whipeout Lance finds that mabey his act of childish kindness might be repaid in ways he didn’t imagen happening. Along with that mermen are a lot sexier then he first thought. 

To Love Is To Risk

Lance grunted as he was shoved into his locker as the football meat heads walked passed. His blue eyes looked over and narrowed when they spotted the quarterback Keith Kogane laughing and shoving his fellow players. Lance pushed off the locker and readjusted his glasses.

Seeing his friend take a step forward, Hunk put his big arm around Lance’s middle and pulled him towards their first class. “Come on, Lance. Don’t let Keith ruin today for you.”

The Bonds we Build

Lance who was born and raised in the city is sent to work on a farm for the summer. He thinks this will be some awful experience, but really it’s much more.

Especially when he finds out that Keith, the runner of the farm, and his new housemate for three months is actually the cutest person to ever live.

Then two really good series…

How To Train Your Galra

4 works

Seven Days

3 works

  • The Winchesters before: *would make up elaborate lies to protect their identities and went to extreme lengths to stay away from any confrontation.*
  • The Winchesters now: That's the king of hell, an angel, a witch, god left us, and you're pregnant with the devil's baby.
Nessian Feels
  • Cassian: Please just get out-
  • Nesta: Fine, I'm leaving *starts to storm out of the room*
  • Cassian: I wasn't finished.
  • Nesta: *hesitates at the door*
  • Cassian: Please get out of my thoughts, my mind, and my dreams; because you consume them all.
  • Nesta: *heart stutters*
  • Nesta: I don't have any control over your mind, Cassian.
  • Cassian: Believe me, you do.
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Your Mess Is Mine by amory

Chapters: 20/20, 177k

Summary: Louis is the father to the most brilliant little boy in the world who is all Louis really needs, or at least that’s what he tells himself. Harry is a gorgeous boybander fresh off a two year break and a massive scandal that’s left him a little broken and more than ready to move on.

They fall in love.