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My first video edit fanfic. You and Shawn were seen by paparazzi going on a date in New York City. Jimmy calls him out on it.

Does anyone else motivate themselves with fanfiction?

I’m constantly saying, “Think of all the fanfiction you can read once you get this done.” Over and over in my head on a daily basis

I’m The Best You’ve Ever Had Pt.3 // m.c.

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Warnings: smut!!

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Part 1//Part 2//

From Part 2: You flush at the idea of Calum going out of his way to do something so nice while you’re fucking one of his best friends behind his back. “So, uh, can I come in?” he asks, giving you a funny look. You glance nervously behind you before turning back and flashing him a nervous smile, “sure.”

He walks past you and heads to the kitchen, setting the soup and crackers on the counter. Turning to look at you with an unreadable expression, he asks, “you mind telling me why you were moaning Mike’s name when I got here?”

Your mouth goes dry and your eyes widen, “w-what?”

He quirks an eyebrow and crosses his arms, “why, were you moaning Mike’s name?”

“I-I don’t know what you’re-”

“Don’t even try, Y/N, Mike’s car is outside,” you open and close your mouth, trying to think of a response, but he merely continues, “I’m just saying, if you guys are fucking then thank god.”


“I’m tired of you two fighting, glad to see you could put that energy elsewhere,” he smirks at you and begins to walk towards the door.

“I don’t-I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you finally say, shaking off the shock and following him, still trying to stick to your horrible excuse.

Calum just hums, “sure you don’t,” while reaching for the door handle. He twists it open, “bye, Y/N,” he says while starting to close the door, but he turns around, “oh, and bye, Michael,” he yells. You visibly wince as you hear Michael’s voice yell from upstairs, “bye, Calum!” Calum chuckles and gives you a wink saying, “have fun you two,” before closing the door.

You let out a breath you didn’t even realize you were holding and you rub your hands over your eyes. Michael comes down the stairs, still fully nude and clothes in hand, with a sheepish smile on his lips and you roll your eyes. “That went well,” you say with a groan as you walk back to the kitchen. Michael merely shrugs, setting his stuff onto the counter, “he was bound to know at some point, ‘least now we don’t have to worry ‘bout it.” Your eyebrows furrow, “how are you so okay about this? Now he knows I’m fucking his friend!”

“So?” He crosses his arms across his chest, “don’t act like you don’t like it,” he says with a wicked smirk.

You let out a frustrated groan, “shut up, Michael.”

“Why do you even care,” he exclaims, “stop being so concerned about it, it’s just Calum!”

“You say, as if Calum doesn’t matter at all, he’s our friend Michael!”

“Oh I think we both know he’s more than just a friend to you, Y/N,” he sneers. You squint your eyes, stepping closer to him, “and what is that supposed to mean.” He only scoffs for an answer and you clench your jaw, glaring at him, “fuck you.”

He returns the harsh look and spits out, “fuck you.” Your anger is distracted as you glance down when his breath hits your face, not realizing how close you’ve gotten with your lips only inches apart. When you look back up, you see his eyes on your mouth and you let out a small breath of air.

The hungry feeling from earlier returning throughout your body and you grab the collar of his shirt, smashing his lips onto yours, ready to finish what you started. His hands grip your hips bruisingly as he pulls you against him, his boner pressing against your stomach. You pull back slightly and bring his bottom lip between your teeth, enticing a low growl from the bottom of his throat and you smirk. The small amount of dominance you had, quickly ended as one of Mike’s hands drifts under your pajama shorts and runs two fingers through your folds.

You gasp as he puts one finger into your core, still sensitive from before. Michael’s lips curl upward in his signature smirk as he watches your face scrunch up, he knows he turned things around on you and he’s happy about it. You let out a low moan as you feel him slide another finger into your core. You weren’t through with your dominance, though, as you reached between you and grabbed his dick in your hand.

Another smirk formed on your face as you heard Michael’s intake of breath. You gripped his dick in your hand and then slowly started pumping it up and down. Michael leaned forward and rested his forehead against yours, lazily pumping his two digits in and out of you, his eyes closing as he allowed the pleasure wash over him. You slightly squeezed his dick and continued pumping him feeling his precum on your hand.

Michael’s lips found your throat and he bit down on your sensitive spot making you moan as you continued with your hand job. He was almost wrapped around your finger, you knew it. But just before you could get him into your grasp, he pulls his fingers out of you and pushes on your shoulders, “couch,” he hums, and soon you’re stumbling backwards onto the cushions.

You both waste no time in pulling your pajamas off of your body, his hands instantly cup your boobs, thumbs brushing over the hardened nipples and you arch your back. An uncontrollable moan makes its way out of your throat as Michael thrusts his two fingers back into your throbbing hole, curling them while his thumb places pressure on your clit. He hums in approval when he adds a third digit and you clench around him, “you think you’re ready for my cock?”

You whimper at his words and nod your head, opening your eyes to see he’s looking down at you with a dark smirk across his lips, “please, Michael.” You grasp at his shoulders, pulling his mouth back onto yours, and his tongue is instantly battling yours. Suddenly, his tip slips through your folds before he lines himself up with you and pushes himself in completely. Both of you groan at the feeling, and he quickly pulls out and rams back in, one hand next to your head and the other holding your hip. You arch your back up as you feel yourself growing once again closer and closer to the edge, his length filling you up perfectly. The only sounds that can be heard are skin hitting skin and both of your breathy moans. All of the teasing from throughout the night has you responsive to everything he’s doing to you, and when Michael’s tip brushes against your g-spot, you can’t help but scream out, “fuck – Mike – do that again.”

He lets out a low growl and repeats his actions, smirking when you cry out in pleasure, “love it when you scream my name like that.” The pace he’s set doesn’t let up as he continuously brushes your spot relentlessly, pushing you closer and closer to the edge you’ve been chasing all night. Curse words are spilling out of both of your mouths by now without a second thought. When you feel his hand slip between your bodies and rub vicious circles on your clit, waves of ecstasy wash over you as your eyes roll back and your legs shake.

“Such a good girl,” Mike breathily mutters into your ear, “cumming all over Daddy’s cock.”

You clench around him at his words, causing a guttural moan to spill from his lips and his cock twitches, his thrusts becoming sloppy. Clenching around him again, you push him over the edge, just as you’re coming down from yours, and his hot seed shoots inside you as he calms his pace, slowly riding out his high. You both lay there like that, his cock still inside you as you both try to catch your breath, before he slowly pulls out. He lays his head on your chest and you run your fingers through his hair as you think about how all of this came to be, and suddenly, you’re laughing quietly to yourself.

Michael props himself up on his elbows and furrows his brows, “what?”

“Nothing, it’s just,” you sigh, a smile still dancing across your face as you look up at him, “I totally kind of had a thing for you since the first day we met, but you were being such a dick and so I went with it and now here we are.” You pause, trying to gauge his reaction, “I just find it kind of funny is all.”

A small smile twitches onto his lips, “you know,” he trails off for a moment, “I kind of had a thing for you when we first met too, but I was a dick because I thought you were into to Calum.”

Your mouth pops open and you let out a small laugh, “you thought I liked Calum even then? Mike, I’m not sure how else to get it through your head, but I like you. Calum is like a brother to me,” you scrunch your nose up, the thought of having a crush on Calum run through your mind.

His smile grows and his cheeks flush at your confession, “maybe, just maybe, you’re not so bad after all, Y/N,” he says in a teasing tone.

A small chuckle leaves your lips, “you’re not half bad yourself,” you give him a nudge on the shoulder. You pause and there is a small, comfortable silence between the two of you as you lay together.

“So,” you start, eyes flickering between his green ones, “you wanna give us a shot?”

He bites his lip, a smirk trying to make its way across his face, “if we don’t, I’m not sure what you’re going to do with yourself,” he says, causing you to furrow your eyebrows in confusion.

“Because I’m the best you’ve ever had.”

Jump out of your skin

A/N: Aka Roman being an idiot . This was pretty fun to do honestly XD Hope you enjoy!! 

Inspired again by @sanderssidesspook

summary: When Thomas is dared to watch a horror movie by Joan Roman’s pride gets in the way and he couldn’t refuse. 

WC: 1,656

ships: Romantic LAMP

warnings: crying, anxiety attack, blood, knife, mentions of jumpscares, Deceit, gore

Tag List: @punsterterry  @frostedlover

“I don’t like this. Why did Thomas agree to this??” Virgil mumbled his hoodie already up to hide his face.

“Because that would show cowardness and Thomas is not a coward! And besides this might be fun! I thought you would enjoy this being a dark emo and all.” Roman eagerly said already having a large bowl of popcorn in his lap.

Virgil shook his head, “Well I don’t. Who cares about being a coward or not? That rich coming from you.” Even though he tried to ride off his growing anxiety and fear it was starting to show in his voice as it was a bit sharper than normal already. That wasn’t a good sign at all.

Patton sat next to him wrapping his arms around him so Virgil can dig into his chest as he heard Roman’s offended noises. “I don’t like this either Virge. Why don’t we hide under the blankets to ride this over?”

Virgil nodded curling more into Patton, “Sounds great Pat..”

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whenever someone asks me who jared and jensen are, i just show them this gif.

  • You: Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Me, an intellectual: The Bachelor: Tony Stark Edition.

Dear Chris Evans…











Let me just say..

That this asshole over here 

better get his ugly hands away from Steve!

because he is a smol bean!!

 and he is looking hella fine!


*chokes* Na…Namjoon? Ju…Jungkook?….Yeah even without the edited tattoos they are already killing me. Excuse me I need to go lay down in my grave…

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Armys : Trend #WhereisBangtan? Panicking all over twitter,making theories as to why they arent posting..

BTS : …….

Namjoon : Maybe i should help them..just a little

Namjoon : “ Rm#2 ..We’re filming something. and oh i have black hair”

Armys :

Namjoon : ……

BTS : ……


Our destruction monster 😂