fanfic waiting to happen

Imagine your OTP meeting while standing next to each other in line to vote

And they’re both cautious because they’re each blue in a red state but don’t know which party the other one supports, but they end up chatting somehow

They’re careful to avoid talking politics (despite it being the massive elephant in the room) cause they’re gonna be stuck in line for at least another hour and the last thing either one wants is to start a political argument

But while talking about all sorts of other stuff, they really hit it off (and really think the other one is cute as hell) and the long wait isn’t nearly as bad as it should have been

After voting, they go their separate ways

But then they bump into each other again that evening at the local gay bar, which is hosting a party to watch the election results and toast to victory if she wins, or drown your sorrows if he does

And as more and more electoral votes are announced, they clutch each other’s hands tightly in nervous anticipation…


One more stop on the fanfic tour. When I think I have seen everything from them…

You know people may say that snowbarry is dead, that is never going to happen, that is crazy all that…. I’m still gonna ship it. 

The writers can make Caitlin a villain and Killer Frost forever and all that… And I’m still gonna ship it.

They can kill one of them, or both of them… I’m still gonna ship it. 

They can kill me and I will be shipping this so freaking much that I will go to Valhalla in my Snowbarry Stan Ship and I will be talking in heaven or hell about those two adorable dorks.

twice on an actual zombie apocalypse

nayeon: best survival strategy is sticking close to jeongyeon

jeongyeon: badass bitch who can survive on her own but keeps getting into trouble bc of her squad and is always the one to save them

momo: goes insane due to lack of food; wants to become a zombie so she could eat flesh instead

sana: cant hold a gun, drops weapon, trips on nothing, laughs at zombie’s funny faces, has mental breakdown every day

jihyo: group leader whose main concern is not the zombies but her squad’s problematic behaviour

mina: uses game logic as a survival strategy

dahyun: kills zombies with a smile; goes on a rampage because she hadn’t had chocopie in weeks

chaeyoung: will only shoot zombies that are taller than her, jeongyeon’s sidekick 

tzuyu: tries to lure others into a sea of zombie for the lols

//Sorry guys but typed this up on my notes section on my IPad, just sharing this crazy idea with you my fellow Blindspotters, it’s totally a fanfic waiting to happen, I mean can you imagine.

Jane, Weller, Oscar, Roman, the team and Rich (and Nas obviously)

Guys I am literally not shitting you. Some nice guy knocked on my door this evening and offered me a fucking PYREX DISH of apple crisp that he made, because he made too much by accident. I opened the door looking a crusty ass mess and now I promised to make him brownies as thanks??? We’re like baking buddies now???

IT’S GOT LITTLE OATMEAL ON THE TOP and it’s DELICIOUS oh my god this is a fanfic waiting to happen

File under things that won’t happen:

I want an Agent Carter spinoff show that’s just the women of the Griffith. No superheroes, no SSR, no spy plots, just episode after episode of awesome ladies stealing dinner rolls using specially-constructed handbag pockets and sneaking boys upstairs in the dumbwaiter.