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casual reminder that season 2 of aos wasn’t officially announced until literally the week of the season 1 finale


One more stop on the fanfic tour. When I think I have seen everything from them…


The hunt had begun.The rain was coming down in thick, opaque sheets now, and they were hunting you down.You could hear their cheers and primal hollering from the rapidly decreasing space between you, but you continued to sprint for any distance you could maintain. Wet leaves and dirt clung to your feet and legs as you made a beeline for the cliff that came into your view. At this point you decided height was the only thing that would give you more time. The only illumination of your path came from the royal blue that the moon provided through the sea of storm clouds, and your route became harder to discern with each passing minute.You managed to reach the base of the rocky mountain edge and began your slippery ascent.

You would not let them take you.

Song: Crossfire by Stephen

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(1 of 2) today I went to the nurse to get my ankle checked bc I sprained it a week ago and it was acting up and my crush (a total Lance) came in looking for the nurse too bc he sprained his ankle in gym and needed ice but I had the only ice bag

(2 of 2) and so he stole it from me and limped away with it but that was MY ice bag so I ran (limped) after him yelling down the hall GIVE ME BACK MY ICE JERK!

this is a klance fanfic waiting to happen

twice on an actual zombie apocalypse

nayeon: best survival strategy is sticking close to jeongyeon

jeongyeon: badass bitch who can survive on her own but keeps getting into trouble bc of her squad and is always the one to save them

momo: goes insane due to lack of food; wants to become a zombie so she could eat flesh instead

sana: cant hold a gun, drops weapon, trips on nothing, laughs at zombie’s funny faces, has mental breakdown every day

jihyo: group leader whose main concern is not the zombies but her squad’s problematic behaviour

mina: uses game logic as a survival strategy

dahyun: kills zombies with a smile; goes on a rampage because she hadn’t had chocopie in weeks

chaeyoung: will only shoot zombies that are taller than her, jeongyeon’s sidekick 

tzuyu: tries to lure others into a sea of zombie for the lols

The Long Way Home: On Love, Departures, and What Detroit Means to Me

(What originally started off as a little thought-seed about the Very Specific way I imagine my precanon Phichuuris turned into a grossly long-winded ramble about the nature of love???? I don’t know how to explain, omg. I’m so sorry.)

The fourth episode of Yuri!!! on Ice was a pivotal episode for me for many reasons. Prior to that my investment in the series’ early episodes was always tempered by a kind of caution—I’d been enjoying the push-and-pull between Yuuri and Victor as Yuuri struggled to come to terms with the fact that his idol had taken any degree of interest in him and Victor attempted to draw him out of his shell, and seeing the seed of what would eventually develop into a complex dynamic between him and Yuri Plisetsky, partly admiration, partly rivalry, partly a care and concern that neither of them quite knew how to express. But likewise I’d made it a point to be a little guarded—to hang back and wait until fuller character arcs for the protagonists and for the people in their world began to emerge before I gave the series my heart and soul. (I was a little scared, do you see? I didn’t want things to just turn out like another carrot-and-stick game between the shy anxious boy and the hot foreign guy he’d idolized forever who had taken a sudden and inexplicable interest in him. It didn’t help matters that at the time all the conspiracy theories floating around were that Victor was evil, or that he was dying. But anyway.)

All of that reserve flew out the window by the fourth episode, which essentially took the little hints the earlier episodes had been making at the characters’ hidden depths and cranked them up to eleven. There’s so much wonderful insight that comes out of this episode—from the by-now iconic “When I open up, he meets me where I am,” to the way Victor challenges Yuri to put together his own free skate as a way to build his confidence. The conversation they both have with Yuuri’s former coach, Celestino, is especially telling of Yuuri’s personal challenges and what he needs in order to grow: Victor asks, “Why didn’t you let Yuuri choose his own music?” to which Celestino replies that he chooses the music for his skaters unless they tell him that they’d like to pick their own. He proceeds to add that Yuuri only brought him a piece once, but that he’d gone back on it when asked if he believed he could win skating to it: “Please choose the music for me after all, Coach.”

In a sense, this conversation with his former coach reveals to Victor how past!Yuuri failed a kind of test—one that had to do with his capacity to trust his own choices—and that present!Yuuri now needs to face and surmount a similar test before he can move on. The difference is, of course, that Victor’s not going to let him give up on himself. Where Celestino withdraws and lets Yuuri fold, Victor insists on pushing. I also like how this short conversation is illustrative of the fact that, for all that it didn’t work out between them, and for all that his methods differ from Victor’s, Celestino knows Yuuri and has his best interests at heart, and understands what he needs in order to succeed, even if it’s not something he can help Yuuri with at this point.

Suffice to say that there’s a lot to like about this episode, a lot to love, but the real kicker for me came a little under ten minutes in, when Yuuri’s slumped at his desk at a loss as to what to do with his program, and he’s scrolling through his Instagram feed. He sees a friend of his is practicing in Thailand—and right then and there, he calls this friend. Yuuri, who’s anxious and overthinky and shy and has such a hard time opening up to people, just calls up this random boy from Instagram in the middle of the night, like it’s the most natural thing in the world. He greets him with “Sawasdee krab.” Cue me bringing my hand to my mouth in dismay—He has a Thai friend and he’s greeting him in Thai, oh my god. I felt the axe hovering above my head about to drop.

Suffice to say that it was love at first sight for me, as far as Phichit Chulanont was concerned. From his very first appearance as a smiley image on Yuuri’s phone screen, he exudes a natural warmth and an effervescence that it’s difficult to look away from, and that have proceeded to endear him to the fandom surprisingly thoroughly for a supporting character without too much screentime/internal monologue time/poignant backstory reveal time. But more than that, it was the ease with which I saw him and Yuuri talk to each other that intrigued me, and the idea of their shared past—“Detroit’s boring now that you’re gone!” he said, and I felt the axe smash me right down into extrapolation hell, because cute former rinkmate? Cute former rinkmate whose wiki entry later told me was also a former roommate? Look at all the fanfic waiting to happen.

(Spoiler: Happen it did, and then some.)

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You know people may say that snowbarry is dead, that is never going to happen, that is crazy all that…. I’m still gonna ship it. 

The writers can make Caitlin a villain and Killer Frost forever and all that… And I’m still gonna ship it.

They can kill one of them, or both of them… I’m still gonna ship it. 

They can kill me and I will be shipping this so freaking much that I will go to Valhalla in my Snowbarry Stan Ship and I will be talking in heaven or hell about those two adorable dorks.

All Because of Him // 01

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: College AU, Fluff, Angst

Warning(s): Slight/mild language at the end(?)

Summary: When Kim Taehyung made an unconventional entrance into your life, you had not anticipated him to play a major role in changing it.

Words: 1,150 words

September 21

[21:00] You: Hi, how have you been?

[21:02] You: I know it’s selfish of me to ask, but I’m visiting the area tomorrow and I’m hoping we can meet up.

[21:03] You: If you’re okay with it of course.

September 22

[01:30] Him: Sure.

[01:30] Him: Let’s meet in campus at 9.30 AM.

[01:30] You: Which part?

The conversation continuously haunted your mind as you aimlessly wandered around the small college building both of you call campus, still without an answer eight hours later. The familiar places, now full of unfamiliar young strangers minding their own business sparked fond memories of your time here. From the library to the labs, halls, corridors decorated with tables and chairs, you were tempted to tell the youngsters who have their heavily furrowed faced buried in books to take a break and create memories with their classmates while they still can. However, you didn’t want to be judged as a weirdo and get kicked out by security, so you just shuffled away until you saw an all too familiar sign.


A wave of nostalgia hits you as you entered the windowless, empty room. Nothing has changed since you left, you noted, even the seating arrangement as you expertly navigated your way to your seat in the dark, not bothering to switch on the lights to avoid alerting anyone of your presence. The six groups of neatly arranged tables, each group allocating four students, surrounded by apple green and white walls was where most of your classes were held. It was also the place where your life took a spin to a completely different direction, one you had refused to believe when you were much, much younger.

And it was all because of him.

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Title: The Calm Is Terrifying When The Storm Is All You Know [Homestuck]

Chapter 11: A Mistake 

Summary: There were two kinds of trolls who went to Earth: rich shitheads with too much money and free time, and desperate assholes who couldn’t survive on Alternia, even with the best efforts of the young Condesce. Karkat hated the planet almost immediately, but with his home planet too dangerous for mutants, he really didn’t have any choice but to hide out on this weird little diurnal planet. At least he’d be safe. Or so he thought, right before blundering his way into an accidental friendship with the son of an anti-troll terrorist.

Rating: M

Chapter Warnings: Mentions of abuse and neglect, Dave is just generally having a really bad time; Illustrated; Pesterlog 


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You Drive Me Crazy - Chapter 1 - supercali - Emmerdale [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Emmerdale
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Aaron Dingle/Robert Sugden, Robert Sugden/Chrissie White
Characters: Aaron Dingle, Robert Sugden, Victoria Sugden, Adam Barton, Chas Dingle, Original Characters
Additional Tags: F1 AU, Angst, Injury, Fluff

Robert Sugden was the best driver in the world, at least he was until Aaron Dingle turned up.

Imagine your OTP meeting while standing next to each other in line to vote

And they’re both cautious because they’re each blue in a red state but don’t know which party the other one supports, but they end up chatting somehow

They’re careful to avoid talking politics (despite it being the massive elephant in the room) cause they’re gonna be stuck in line for at least another hour and the last thing either one wants is to start a political argument

But while talking about all sorts of other stuff, they really hit it off (and really think the other one is cute as hell) and the long wait isn’t nearly as bad as it should have been

After voting, they go their separate ways

But then they bump into each other again that evening at the local gay bar, which is hosting a party to watch the election results and toast to victory if she wins, or drown your sorrows if he does

And as more and more electoral votes are announced, they clutch each other’s hands tightly in nervous anticipation…

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Hey I love the Bart Allen fanfic! I can't wait to see whats going to happen next on here :). Could I request the "Just jam your knee into my crotch. That'll be fine" with Dick Grayson? I don't know that just seems hilarious (don't do it if you aren't comfortable though or find it weird ). Once again LOVE YOUR STUFF SO FAR! -T

I’M SO GLAD YOU LIKE IT! I apologize for posting this late but I’ve been busy with school and exams.

  “Move, my arm is falling asleep.”

  “At least you can breath. Get off me, Grayson.”

  The two of you groaned but complied to eatch other’s request. 

  “I hate cuddling. Just stay on your side and give me my own space,” you whined and turned your back to your boyfriend.

  “What space, Y/N?” He let out a small chuckle, “if I move an inch I’ll fall off.”

  “Then fall.”

  “Babe, stop being mean.”

  You could just hear him pout. You let out a small groan and turned your body towards him again, hugging his head on your chest.

  He had returned from his crime fightning activities two hours ago. After getting him patched up, he suggested you two cuddle. You didn’t want to, since the bed in your apartment was meant for one person only, but looking at his fluffy hair and blue eyes-they were begging you to say yes-you agreed.

  A decision you immensely regretted now.

  A schreech left your mouth as almost tumbled down the bed. Thankfully, Dick wrapped his arms around you, saving you. Sometimes. you were glad you had a hero as a boyfriend.

  You both let out an irritated sigh.

  “That’s it,” you scowled, “tomorrown we’re buying-,” you accidentally moved your legs a little to fast and ended up hitting Dick in his private parts. You gasped and flew up from the bed, while Dick clutched the throbbing area with a grimace on his face.

  He broke out in a cold sweat. “Just jam your knee up my crotch. This is fine.” His face was now red.

  Laugher bubbled up from your chest. You tried covering up your mouth with your hand, but it was in vain. Dick threw you dirty look and gritted his teeth.

  “Your boobs are small.”

  You kicked him off the bed. 

  “Suffer,” you said and walked out of the room, leaving Dick behind withering in pain 


wait what happen

is this… is THIS??? NOT SO AWKWARD NOR STRANGELY DISTANT 48th single Jurisaku WCenter picture????????

what happen??? I mean they still looks shy to each other but compared to yesterday pic

(distance pls go away)

ore two days ago pic

(…um…what are you two nervous about)

is this…is this because–!!!

—- —- — drabbles———

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