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Haikyuu OTP fanfic portrayal
  • DaiSuga: The perfectly lovey-dovey couple.
  • KageHina: The fluffy, innocent couple.
  • KuroKen: The "I'm in love with my childhood bestfriend, but I'm too dense to realize" couple.
  • IwaOi: The ANGST Couple.
  • KuroTsukki: the SmuTP.
  • BokuAka: The PDA couple.
Home for the Holidays

(I know it’s August but I couldn’t shake this idea.)

Bitty knew this would happen eventually. He and Holster had been dating for months now, and they’d been friends for almost two years before that.

Bitty knew that at some point he would meet Adams family, hell, Holster met his mama his freshman year and met Coach this past parents weekend.

But he met them as Bitty’s friend and teammate, not his /boyfriend/.

And it was just his parents, not his ENTIRE! FAMILY!

You see, mama and coach decided to spend the holidays in Paris as an anniversary gift to one another, which meant Bitty was stuck in Samwell for the Holidays, that was until his sweet as can be boyfriend invited him to spend the break with him in Buffalo.

“It will be your first Chanukah!” Adam had smiled so brightly that Bitty couldn’t help but agree.

It was only now, as they pulled into the driveway of Holsters childhood home, that it hit Bitty what this visit meant.

He’d seen Meet The Fockers enough times to know how badly this could go.

And he really wanted this to go well. He loves Adam, he wants his family to love him.

The Burkholtz residence was quite the picture, with an 8ft tall menorah in the front yard and lights shaped like Dreidels hanging from the roof.

Adam rubbed the back of his neck and sheepishly laughed, “yeah my dad was sick of being the only house not lit up during the holidays so he went on a Home Depot trip and supped up the house. He’s very proud of it.”

Bitty giggled, “I love it! It’s beautiful!”

“Please tell him that, he may love you forever.”

Bitty laughed around the nervous lump in his throat and followed Adam up to the door. Holster took his hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. He raised his hand to knock on the door, but before his fist could collide with the wood, it opened, and a woman a little shorter and rounder than Bitty with bright Auburn hair nearly tears the door off its hinges.

“My schmoopie!!!!! Oh look it’s my big man!!” The woman shouts and engulfs Adam in a hug.

“Hi mom” he grins and hugs her back.

She pulls away and looks at Bitty, “Oh and you must be Eric!!”

Bitty reaches out a hand for her to shake, but it is completely ignored and he is pulled into an equally fierce hug.

“It’s so wonderful to have you! My Adam has told me all about you!”

Bitty grins as he is pulled away from the hug, “oh has he now? Good things I hope! Nice to meet you Mrs Birkholtz!”

“Mrs Birkholtz is my mother in law, please call me Debbie.”

“Well thanks for having me Debbie.” Eric smiles politely.

“Are you kidding me! My son tells me the love of his life is put out on the holidays you think I’m not going to feed him? When you are in this house, you’re family!” She exclaims, “speaking of which get on inside! You must be freezing your little tushes off!”

Bitty then meets Adam’s dad Daniel, who looks like how Bitty imagines Holster will in 30 years, his little sisters Sarah and Hannah, and his Bubby Ruth, who reminds Bitty a lot of his Moomah.

They proceed to grill him, asking intrusive questions with the nicest smiles on their faces. Debbie tells Bitty funny baby Adam stories and Bubby Ruth breaks out baby pictures from her pocketbook.

All in all its nice and easy with the Birkholtzes. Bitty is pretty sure Debbie is mentally planning his wedding.

It’s a lot of firsts that night, the first night of Chanukah, Bitty’s first bowl of matzoh ball soup and first plate of latkes. He plays his first game of dreidel with Sarah and Hannah and he watches his first Menorah lighting.

As Bubby Ruth sings the prayer and Debbie lights the first candle, Adam leans over to whisper into Bitty’s ear, “it’s about miracles. People think Chanukah is just Jewish Christmas but it’s a festival. It celebrates a time when people tried to snuff out the light but it just wouldn’t go out.”

Bitty’s eyes widen and he listens to Bubby Ruth sing the prayer. He doesn’t understand the Hebrew, but he thinks it’s wonderful.

“That’s beautiful.” Bitty whispers back. Adam smiles and rests his chin on Eric’s shoulder, watching the flickering lights of the candle.

Later, when they’re watching the Rugrats Chanukah special, Hannah pops up off the couch and pronounces that “ITS PRESENT TIME!!!”

Daniel laughs and the entirety of the Birkholtzes scramble to their respective present hiding spots to retrieve their gifts.

Daniel gets Debbie a pair of earrings, Debbie gets Daniel a tie.

Bubby Ruth gives all of her grandchildren a crisp $5 each and a wet kiss on the cheek.

Holster gives his sisters each a new video game and they give him a 30 Rock tshirt.

Holster turns to Bitty and hands him a wrapped box.

He seems nervous, and that takes Bitty by surprise. If his boyfriend is one thing, it wasn’t shy.

Bitty looks up at him and then over his shoulder where Bubby Ruth had just sent him a wink.

He opens the box and finds a heavy binder with the title ‘Birkoltz Family Recipes’

Flipping through the pages Bitty finds they are filled with laminated copies of handwritten recipes dating back generations.

He is speechless, so Adam speaks for him.

“I got some help from my Bubby, I know you are always looking for some new recipes and things to try, and she helped me dig through some recipe boxes to find the best ones. There is a secret Birkholtz mandel bread recipe that I had to beg a few aunts to give up, but it was worth it.”

Bitty is near tears as he thumbs through the pages.

“Adam.” Bitty says trying to compose himself because he is determined not to cry in front of his boyfriends family. “Sweetheart this is the best gift I have ever received.” He sets the book down gently and kisses Holster on the cheek before engulfing him in a hug.

“Aww, Danny look at them they are so sweet! His little punim, my heart!” Debbie says behind them.

Once they part Bitty digs his present out and hands it to Holster with a look that says 'you’ll get more later’

Holster takes the small velvet box and his heart starts pounding.

Opening it, Adam shrieks.

“Two tickets to Wicked?????” Bitty laughs as Holster jumps up from the couch, “Orchestra seats???” He shouts. Adam picks up Eric and spins him around.

“You’re the best boyfriend ever!” He laughs setting Bitty down.

“Hey!” Eric teases, “that’s my line!”


My contribution to @shinocchidesu​‘s little project! There were many themes/aus that I wanted to choose from, but this may be the best one I wanted to focus mostly on. From shino’s very own story, Second Chance

I’m very happy to be able to participate in this, so thank you so much for letting me in on your project Shino, especially when I’m able to show you my full love for Second Chance U//U Bless you for your kindness, hard work, and amazingness. I can’t wait to see the end results of the project //v//)9!!

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Hey, can you write a fic where Eliza Wilke realizes years later that she's gay and she tracks Maggie down to apologize cause she finally realizes just how much she hurt her and her life?

Hey, I just posted this chapter to AO3 here

A/N: Slightly nsfw at the beginning, then angst, CW for mentions of past homophobia and internalized homophobia

Also, some of this is written from Eliza’s point of view. I know she doesn’t always get the most sympathetic portrayal in fanfic, but I think hers (at least as it’s prompted here) is also a story worth telling. I think—and maybe I’m projecting—a lot of us have been Eliza, even if the consequences of our actions haven’t been nearly so dire. And maybe it’s just me who sent apology letters like this that were far too many years overdue, but I suspect that there’s something here that just might resonate for others too.

Chapter Text:

Maggie squinted down at her screen, pulling up the same notification that had been blinking up at her all day, constantly drawing her attention back to her phone, to her computer, to the memory of it. She’d gotten very little work done, pulled into focus only for a car chase that was over much too soon.

“Whatcha looking at?” Alex asked, leaning over and wrapping her arms around Maggie from behind. She kissed her cheek and brought her hands up to Maggie’s shoulders. “You feel tense.”

“I’m sure you could help with that,” Maggie flirted, closing her laptop and standing up from the desk. “Why don’t we head into the bedroom and find some way to relax together…”

“Mm, you know I’ll still want to know what happened today to make you this stressed, right?” Alex murmured, even as she dropped her lips to Maggie’s neck, kissing and sucking at the sensitive skin there. She smiled as she felt Maggie shudder, felt her breath catch as she let out a small gasp when Alex’s teeth found her pulse point.

“But bed now?” Maggie managed, unwilling to deal with this conversation at the moment and very much in need of a distraction to drive it from her thoughts.

“I suppose…” Alex trailed off, a teasing smile playing at her lips. With a bend of her knees and a swift movement, Alex scooped Maggie up into her arms and carried her over to the bedroom. Maggie’s squeak of surprise quickly morphed into a needy whimper as Alex slid a warm hand up Maggie’s shirt and flexed her abs, urging Maggie to grind against her. Rather than taking Maggie straight to the bed, Alex turned and brought them over to the wall, pushing Maggie up against it and groaning as Maggie hooked her legs around Alex’s waist, drawing her closer as she claimed her lips in a searing kiss that left them both gasping for air.

Feeling Maggie shifting in her arms, desperately trying to find friction, and hearing the steady stream of needy whimpers just barely stifled when she dragged her teeth across Maggie’s lower lip, Alex pulled back. Before she could ask what Maggie wanted, the other woman was gasping out an order: “Bed. Now.”

With a look of pure want, Alex pivoted and crossed the room in two long strides, tossing Maggie down into the pillows and quickly joining her, bracketing her with arms as she leaned over and flicked her tongue across Maggie’s lower lip, begging for entrance.

Eventually Alex grew impatient and tugged at Maggie’s jeans. “Off?”

Maggie nodded, helping to expedite the process by shimmying them over her hips and down her legs, biting her lip as Alex cast a hungry gaze down at her. Alex hooked her fingers beneath the waistband of Maggie’s boyshorts and slipped them off and down her legs. She dropped to her stomach and trailed teasing kisses and gentle bites up and down Maggie’s inner thighs until Maggie’s fingers tangled in her hair and urged her toward her dripping center.

Deciding there had already been enough teasing, Alex dipped her head down and flicked her tongue between Maggie’s folds, groaning at just how wet she already was. “You taste so good,” she murmured.

Maggie’s grip tightened in Alex’s hair at her words. It had taken a while to get Alex comfortable with really speaking up in bed, but god, when she did…

Maggie let her head drop to the pillow and her eyes flutter closed as Alex worked her up, pushing her higher and higher—but with her eyes closed, all she could picture was the blinking red notifications, the reminders of a past that apparently refused to stay in the past. Shaking her head, she tried to focus in on the moment, to be here with Alex, her very sexy girlfriend who was doing amazing things with her tongue that were apparently not going to have any effect until she dealt with her stress. With a loud sigh, Maggie dragged herself up onto her elbows. “Why do you think Eliza Wilkie sent me a message request on Facebook?”

Alex pulled back, her mouth sticky and an eyebrow arched. “I’m going to assume sex is over?”

“Sorry! I just…I don’t think anything is going to work until I know.”

“Well…did you open the message?”

Maggie shook her head.

“Do you think maybe you should try accepting it to see?”

“Just—I mean, why? Why, after more than 15 years does she suddenly care?”

“Do you really think she didn’t care all those years?” Alex asked, pulling herself up the bed to settle in next to Maggie.

“She’s the reason—the reason for, you know,” Maggie trailed off, finally giving up with a shrug of her shoulders. She had never been one to dwell on all the ways that things could have turned out differently—it wouldn’t change anything; it could only ever upset her—but Eliza’s message had sent her spiraling back into her own past, to all those what ifs she’d tried to suppress for so long now.

“But does she know? Did she know? I’m not defending her—god knows I’d love a chance to go back to Blue Springs and ruin the lives of everyone who made yours a living hell. But I can’t help but think…I don’t know, what would it mean if I reached out to Vicky after all these years? It’s not the same! Not at all. We hurt each other, but not in that same immediate kind of way. But I just, I guess that I’d hope that even after all these years, she’d at least listen to what I had to say, even if she didn’t want to forgive me or try to go back to what we had or anything like that.”

“I—I want to know. I want—I don’t know exactly what I want. I want her to be sorry. I want her to realize that even if she didn’t mean for my parents to find out, for the whole fucking town to find out, that’s what happened. And I had to go through it all alone. She didn’t have to say yes; she didn’t have to like me back; but it would’ve been nice if she—if she didn’t just leave me,” Maggie finished, her voice cracking as she rubbed roughly at her eyes.

“Oh, Maggie, I know,” Alex whispered, wrapping her arms around Maggie and holding her close. “And you don’t have to open her message. You don’t have to respond. But I think, well, if tonight was any indication, I think you need to figure out what you want to do about it, even if it means deleting it.”

“You mean you don’t want to talk about it during sex again?” Maggie joked, trying for lighthearted.

“You know, it wasn’t my favorite form of dirty talk.”

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Jealous Messes

2jae drabble. 563 Words. Characters: Jaebum, Youngjae, Coco. Rating: G.

This is really lame and dumb, and I don’t even know why I did this…

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Also while I’m thinking about it, and it makes me laugh actually, like, I love fanfic portrayals of Danny and all, because they’re all amazing and all and Danny’s this great person, a hero, just a misunderstood 14 year old boy

But then when you actually watch Danny can be such a jerk, like, legit. Like, he’s sassy, he talks back, just generally doesn’t care, even treats his friends like shit sometimes, and just, man i could go on and on because sometimes his behavior really surprises me when I go from fanfic to show.

But then it’s like, he’s 14, still a child, and like, lets be honest, some 14 year old boys really are jerks and yea. Idk, it’s just so funny haha.

It’s the only part of their face you can actually reach, so you lean down and nuzzle their ear. Which is… still really embarrassing, especially because your parents are there watching, but—your helplessness, and your hope, and your grief, and the bright fizzy feeling you get from holding onto them like this—trying to find words to express it all would be even more embarrassing.

(someone else’s fire by @feralphoenix)

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KL fetishizing races creeps me out. Im latina but constantly get mistaken as being asian and ive been called "exotic" too many times its creepy. Ive tried getting into KL but their portrayal of both characters is frankly (not always but a lot of the times ive seen) kinda racist. As someone who isnt even asian I always get asked if im related to literally anyone else who even remotely looks Asian (that's why I can't stand br0ganes). Maybe ive happened to see all the wrong KL but L is always this

Latino Spanish kink and K is a pining pretty Asian boy and I just. No. And I hate when antis say SK is fetishization when all the fetishization and hate sex, gay panic yaoi tropes go to KL which is to be expected when so much of the fanbase there are young teens. I know nothing about the creators of the fic/art that creep me out so I dont wanna assume anything, but their portrayal concerns me. In the end all I have to do is ignore and scroll past anyways. Sorry I had to let all this out though.

I RELATE, MY PARENTS ARE PORTUGUESE & TAIWANESE AND EVEN THOUGH THEY AND I DON’T KNOW JACK SHIT ABOut both cultures I am. legit creeped out by 70% of all K/ance portrayal in fanfics because so often L/ance is reduced to this stereotypical image of a hot, latinx lover (with insecurities, just for the fun of it) and K/eith is a completely unrecognisable, over-feminised, pining pretty boy like… pls keep that shit away from me

It’s gross, it’s so gross and I wish I could just browse the K/ance tag on Ao3 all night but nearly everything I’ve read has racist undertones and I literally cannot bring myself to click on one more K/ance fic I Am Tired

You know what I’d like to see more of in fanfic? Complex portrayals of the Thénardier family.

I’ve seen them occasionally, but not enough to counter the plethora of fics with the stock, mostly musical-based fanon portrayal (”Both parents adore their daughters when they’re little, but both turn completely cold and indifferent in poverty; the girls are sadistically abused by their father and sometimes their mother too; Éponine despises both her parents; the siblings are all ultra-close, with the only antagonism coming from the parents) that I’ve seen again and again.

Give me…

*Fics with a Thénardier who ignores all his children from birth, unless it somehow benefits him to play the loving dad. Fics where Éponine’s lack of attachment isn’t “because he abuses her,” but because he never built any bond with her in the first place.

*Fics where his abuse is only sometimes physical, but more often (a) exploitation, and (b) psychological.

*Fics where Mme. Thénardier always adores her girls, even in the depths of poverty. Yes, she lets her husband exploit them, but because (a) she’s afraid of him, and (b) their situation is just that desperate. Not because she doesn’t care about them.

*Musical-based fics where both parents love their children, despite all shabby treatment, and are both distraught by their deaths. I don’t think this is remotely true for Hugo’s Thénardier, but for the musical’s Thénardier I could see it.

*Fics where Éponine adores her mother. Fics where, hide it though she does, she still feels hopeless, reluctant attachment to her father and longing for his love. Abuse or no abuse, bad people or not, attachment to parents doesn’t just go away - we see that all too often in real life.

*Tragic fics where Éponine and Azelma share their parents’ cold disdain for Gavroche because that’s what they’ve been taught, much like the situation with little Cosette. Where Éponine’s “Don’t let my brother see me” as she lies dying is the first sisterly conscience and concern she’s ever felt for him.

Families are complex. Let’s see that fact in action.

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Wise elder Kris, will you recount the story of whom they call Rude Boy Jongup?

(takes off glasses and leans back in chair) WHOOOOOH SHIT

alright. it was about… mid year 2014? or 2013? one of dem years. on asianfanfics, there was this writer called DeenaDolly, who released a series of fics called called Doctor Doctor, Watch Me and HIS

it was a BAP fic that revolved around a therapist named sorin (who was an OC) daehyun and jongup who was a sex addict. not to spoil any of the fics, but in these fics jongup was just doin the wildest shit, was next level extra and petty, and sexy as fuck about it

the fic gained its own little fandom on tumblr, mainly black kpop tumblr (there were blogs such as HISteamzelo about it, a blog supporting sorin getting with zelo)

and folks would post their own theories & jokes about the storyline which led into Rude Boy Jongup. such as this (which btw was nothing like actual jongup and just played off his character in HIS)

ppl would comment on photosets/gifsets of jongup looking/being “rude” (looking good as hell) which talking about jongup’s HIS character and after awhile, ppl who didnt even read the fic joined in and thought we were making some really extreme image for jongup

that made alot of people mad cause they were like “jongup is sweet and kind he’d NEVER do any of that stuff” and those people made Sweet Boy Jongup posts talking about how nice and kind jongup was 😂😂😂 like they were legitmatelly concerned that we were tarnishing

and it caused a huge fight & folks was gettin dragged and gettin called all types of names it was WILDT

after that ppl still made RBJ posts anyway lol this lasted a little bit after the last HIS update, which was err two years ago

which btw heres the link to HIS encase u wanna read–originalcharacter-jongup-bap-daehyun

unfortunately, doctor doctor and watch me are in drafts. im not sure why deena drafted alot of her fics and made her aff profile blank. she was in on the jokes too lmao

tl;dr: rude boy jongup was based off a fanfic portrayal of jongup that ended up getting popular to ppl who didnt even read the fic and thought we had alot of faith in actual jongup’s sex game lol

dead of night, r stancest ficlet

This is actually just a prologue sex scene from a longer WIP I’m working on, but  since it’s complete and reasonably stand-alone I thought I’d throw it up. Also because kelloggscornflakez asked for fic!

This is mullet!Stan with angry paranoiac Ford, set in a universe where nobody falls through the portal but then they get snowed in by the blizzard during their fight and Stan’s forced to stay in Gravity Falls until thaw.

Second person, Stan POV.

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i’m seeing a lot of fandom drama over a fic called dirty laundry. from what i can see the author already apologized, so if you’re still sending her hate, please tone it down a little because 

a ) this is a fanfic. portrayals are not perfect. this is written by someone in her free time
b ) she has already apologized
c ) the author is a minor

it would actually be nice to see this level of energy and passion directed instead towards commercial works. there really is nothing to be gained by harassing a teenager

What Makes For a Good Incarnation: Amy Rose

To paraphrase the hedgehog herself in Adventure 1, it’s Amy’s turn now.

I used to not like Amy that much. Back in my early days with the Sonic franchise (and by that I mean starting from 2003, not the early 90’s), I just thought she was a little annoying, and the roles and fanfic portrayals that set her up as being the most vicious bratty stalker ever didn’t help. Then I grew enough common sense to realise that the fanfic portrayals didn’t actually speak for her officially, and that the official roles in which she’s close to that aren’t nearly as common as I was previously led to believe. So with that in mind, I like her a lot more now than I used to, now that I’ve acknowledged her for the type of character she’s meant to be, and also because she’s actually pretty adorable.

Anyway, enough rambling. It’s time for me to make my points on what I feel are the required traits you should keep in mind when writing Amy. As I always say with these: This is NOT a list of every single thing I can think of, just the ones that I think are the most important. If you keep these traits in mind when writing for Amy, I think you’ll be fine.

And also as usual: Please keep in mind that this is all just my own personal opinion. I’m not writing all this as though it’s undisputed fact, or that my word is the only one that matters.

Alright, let’s get started. Quickly, before Metal Sonic comes.

She does not get consumed by misery.

A lot of fanfics have a tendency of making Amy depressed. And I don’t mean a tiny bit under the weather, I mean the full Linkin Park routine. Blood, vengeance, shite rants about society, that sort of thing. This doesn’t really work for most if not all characters in this franchise anyway, but especially not Amy. Because this is the exact opposite of what Amy’s character is actually like.

Remember, Amy is forever an optimist. Of course some things may and will upset her, but it would have to take an awful lot for her to act even remotely close to how she acts in the aforementioned fanfics, in which case, you’ve probably already went past the line of keeping things on-track a while ago. It helps that this is often caused by Sonic expressing his uncensored hatred for her, which is uncharacteristic for him.

Amy is always looking at the brighter side of life. She’s one of the most consistently joyful characters in the series, and she’s always willing to see the good that she senses in others, even if they’re a robot made by Sonic’s arch-nemesis. Even if Sonic himself died or something (and didn’t come back to life like in Sonic ‘06), I think Amy would dedicate something special to him, keep him in her thoughts, maybe even do a few things in his honor, and so on. Not become a horror movie monster.

She’s persistent and determined.

And not just when it’s about finding and seeking mutual affections from Sonic. When her Flicky friend was in danger, she vowed to keep the Flicky safe and sound, even if it meant having to run away from ZERO time and time again. Likewise, when Froggy and Chocola were snatched by Metal Sonic (oh sorry, spoilers), she vowed to them that she would help them get their friends back.

One has to wonder if Sonic’s own persistence and determination is one of the biggest things Amy admires about him, considering how she’s almost exactly the same in that department.

Even in a cast full of protective guys and girls, she’s one of the most protective of the lot.

“Fucking Windows Vista letting me down again,” Robotnik wrote angrily in his diary.

Anyway, a few Sonic characters are naturally prone to being protective of their compadres, and Miss Rose is no exception. There’s the Flicky example I already mentioned, but there are numerous other examples. Characters that Amy has developed a big sister-esque relationship with, such as Cream for just one example, are always under the watchful eye of the former. When Sonic was somehow on the verge of being defeated by Silver, Amy swooped in to cover for him (to which Sonic was grateful enough to not question her on how she even reached Soleanna in the first place). How about when she decided to race Wave in response to the latter dissing Tails and his abilities? That had nothing to do with her or Sonic, yet she jumped in anyway.

It’s always made clear from the start with Amy that messing with a pal means messing with her. Next to her Sonic adoration, it’s probably the easiest trait of her’s to notice.

She’s social, a team mother, and always willing to be friendly.

It’s easy to tell that Amy is the bubbly sort, and this extends to her companionship. Unless you’re clear-cut evil or overly suspicious, she will usually be willing to befriend you right off the bat, as the likes of Gamma and Silver discovered. On top of that, whenever she’s helping a group out with something, no matter who or what is in said group, you can be sure that Amy will be the biggest source of support and comfort (or at least one of them, if Tails is also in the group, since he’s the comforting type as well). This has apparently been doing wonders for her connection-wise, because she appears to be a social butterfly to an unclear extent. If there’s any character who is most likely to be revealed to be friends with Manny the Mango-Mangling Mantis who lives in a cave, chances are it’ll be Amy.

How many friends does Amy have that we don’t know about? How many friends does Amy have that Sonic doesn’t know about? This is like a friendship version of The Godfather.

She would never stop believing in Sonic.

Relating to her optimistic outlook, Amy never doubts Sonic’s ability to handle the situation. Never. Not even once. No matter the setting, no matter the circumstance, she doesn’t think twice about whether Sonic can take care of it. She just knows he can, no questions asked. Even when she and the rest of the planet were on the verge of being wiped away courtesy of zinister zhithead Zavok, she still expressed very openly that she had full faith in Sonic to set things right.

If THAT situation wasn’t enough for her to assume the worst, I can’t think of anything that would be.

She can be slightly kooky about matters pertaining to Sonic, she can be suspicious of anyone else who hints at falling for Sonic, she can even let her temper get the better of her now and then, but ultimately, she’s harmless.

Despite there being an unfortunate number of examples in which she is basically portrayed as your stereotypical anime girlfriend (roughly half of them being from Sonic X episodes), a well-characterised Amy is not like that at all. However silly, insistent, or possessive Amy can be with her romantic feelings towards Sonic, she would never go so far to the point of inflicting harm on him, or inflicting harm on anyone else interested in him, or becoming a true stalker, or anything like that.

Don’t let that clumsy boss fight scenario in Heroes, or a number of other cases involving hammers, paint the image for you. Amy is neither a tsundere OR a yandere. Is she eccentric? Without question. Is she deluded? Possibly. But is she malicious, or overly selfish? No way. Amy has proven herself to be one of the nicest and most honest characters in the series, and no amount of imaginary boyfriends named Dexter will change that reality.

She may or may not have skills with tarot cards.

This one isn’t actually that important. I’m just amused by the idea of Amy of all characters having magical abilities, even if low-key ones.

science-queen  asked:

America for the character thing?

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: RusAme, and sometimes (not often) with South Korea and possibly Iceland? :3c

brotp: Kimchi/burger, Ame/Bela, Ame/Ice, and Ame/Liet, platonically.

general opinions: I have… Too many opinions on him, tbh; but, he is a lot deeper character than most people portray/view him as, and I wish we had more fanfic with a deeper portrayal in mind! :3c

ultimate dragon age meme: two book characters (2/2)


She had been in Celene’s court too long.

Too many years of being called ‘rabbit’, too many years of ducking her head and working from the shadows. Too many years of being proud of who she was, a feeling she could cling to like a floating log in a rushing river. It had kept her head above the water, but it had never let her steer her own course.

She would fight for her own people, because nobody else would, and Fen'Harel take whoever got in her way.

“He reached out to snatch a piece of meat from her outstretched hand before shuffling backward on the bed, propping himself up against the headboard with his knees drawn to his chest.

‘Thank you.’

With that, he began to eat, tearing off small bits of the food with his teeth and slowly chewing them. She watched him, his lethargic movements a striking change from those at their last meal, during which his enthusiasm had very nearly choked him to death. But she shrugged at the difference, ascribing it to his obvious fatigue, and took her place next to him to enjoy her can of string beans.”