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In which Markus is too nosy for his own good and I fully accept nolvin as cute 



Sneaking around wasn’t in Markus’ blood. He was more for glitter and sparkles and loud entrances followed by his intro music, but this was a special occasion. After all, it wasn’t every day the bar’s heaviest hitter (literally, Markus still has scars last time Colvin punched him) and the bar’s… Narn, were out alone together by the lake.

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Not from Into the Light. This time its from the previous installment of Catch your breath, there are no breaks, Into the Woods by @defectivevorta


At least I’m practicing comic work, right?

“What do you think, I just  went  down to the local ghost Top Shop?”

as he that sleeps here swim, Where harry is a ghost and louis is drama director. this is interesting, sweet and bitter at the same time. I love it…i love how the story flow and how lonely i feel when i read about Harry. i’m still not into ziam - but fully enjoying how sweet louis is. .

okay, painting is more fun than i expected… gotta do some more :D

You and your birdcage are the damn thorn in my side…

You’re the one that’s going to disappear Doflamingo!


a battle mix for the otp [listen here]

Notes: Angsty fic inspired by a prompt from my bestie @htgawm-tv​ combined with my own evaluation of the characters themselves. Enjoy!

Connor walked through the door leading from the stairwell; his hand drifted into his pocket, grabbing for a key that was no longer there. Staring down the door for the briefest of seconds, Connor paused in thought before knocking. It felt odd to not just enter like he had for so many months prior, but things had changed.
He felt Oliver’s presence on the other side of the door for the longest seconds of his life before the other party pulled the door open, an envelop in his hands. Connor tried a smile, but it felt painful to do so. He mumbled a low thank you as he took the stray piece of mail from Oliver’s outstretched hand.

Connor reminded himself that he had wanted this. He insisted on the break. He insisted on moving out. He insisted on all of this.

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leztisaurio  asked:

For Small Gigant, what do you think of Hinata?

“If I am a sun that has set,

then he is a sun that is learning to rise.”


“Listen, buddy, I have a gun. Do you wanna see my gun?”

I was working and minding my own business and then these girls starting talking and here I am, writing stupid fluffy domestic jeller. @ourstartingpoints @imalittleredtorvette @jeller-ouat @amnesiacandstubbles you are a bad influence :p

They leave Kurt to go down the tools aisle alone and make their way to their desired destination. Three year old Ava follows her mother, skipping joyfully through the store, on their way to the beds section. She is finally moving into a big girls bed and out of the crib and cannot be more excited. It has been all she could talk about for days, even spent ten minutes on the phone with her aunt telling her about it.

Kurt finds them fifteen minutes later, and it is not that hard to. His daughters hearty laughter can be heard throughout the store. And he finds them at the center of a little scene, of their own creation. He sighs and drops his head when he sees them, both of them barefoot, jumping on one of the beds. A few people are gathered around watching, most are entertained, except the poor store manager, who has his hands on his waist, repeatedly urging her “Ma’am please step down.”

For a few minutes Kurt just watches, a small smile on his lips, trying to suppress it as hard as he can, as his wife and daughter give the poor store manager a heart attack. Ava finally sees her father and squeals in delight, “Daddy! Come jump with us! This one is really good!” The store manager turns to Kurt and says, “Sir? Is this your wife? Can you please make them come down or I’ll-”

“You’ll what?” Jane interrupts him, never stopping her jumping, “we’re FBI, show him your badge, Kurt, show him you’re FBI.” She laughs and Kurt just shakes his head. This is not the first time she has done that, threaten an innocent civilian with Kurt’s badge to get away with something. “Jane, it doesn’t work like that,” he mumbles. “Ma’am, please get down,” the manager turns to her, pleading again.

“Listen, my little girl needs to test the bounciness of the bed before we buy, and so we are going to test the bounciness,” she finally stops jumping, catching her breath, she catches Ava in the middle of one of her jumps and settles her on her waist. She takes a deep breath and hops off the bed, handing an excited Ava over to her father. “Ma’am, that’s not really-”

“Listen, buddy, I have a gun. Do you wanna see my gun?” she threatens, but the smile on her lips betrays her, “It’s good we’ll take it,” she says and turns to her husband and daughter, “isn’t that right, baby? You like this one?” Ava nods to that gleefully, her light curls bobbing against her forehead as she does.

The manager shakes his head and despair and walks over to get the details and set up their purchase. “You’re gonna get yourself in trouble some day,” Kurt says and she turns to him, cheeks flush, a proud smile on her face. “Good thing my husband is an FBI agent and can get me out of any trouble I get myself into, then,” she says, leaning in to steal a quick kiss before taking Ava from him and setting her down. He shakes his head and laughs, “you really don’t get how this works do you?”

Calling Mr. Kohler

AN: I’m just gonna leave this here…

some cleverly chosen snips from the Paging Doctors Bondevik and Kohler sequel

I think,” Matthias said very slowly, as if he needed to taste each word that passed through his lips, “I am finally ready to tell you what happened while I was in Africa.” He was met with only silence, but he squeezed Lukas’ hand, the gentle, physical reminder that Lukas was right beside him. The sounds of the hospital around them seemed to drift away, like the whole building was holding its breath while he searched for where to start his story, which words he should use…

Lusaka, Zambia – several years ago

It was strange how everything still looked exactly the same despite Matthias’ world having so recently been brought to its knees. How could all of these people around him carry on with their daily lives when his best friend had just been shot right in front of him? Where were all of the people going in their cars with their smiling faces, oblivious to the monumental event that just took place only a few hours ago? How come nobody had stopped what they were doing for just one fucking moment to let the city fall silent so Matthias could think?

It hadn’t even properly hit him yet; he refused to believe it.

Any moment now he was going to blink and shake his head and she’d be sitting opposite him in the coffee shop, laughing at how easily he fell into his silly daydreams.

“Thinking about the good doctor back home?” she’d tease, lightly slapping him on the arm from across the little cafe table. “I don’t know why you left a man that was willing to put up with the likes of you!” She’d laugh lightly while Mattias rubbed the back of his head.

“I really did get lucky, didn’t I?” he’d say, the blush creeping up his neck and into his cheeks. “I really miss him…” The look in Thandiwe’s eyes would soften and the hand that had just hit him would reach out and lace their fingers together.  

“I know, munandi,” she’d whisper, squeezing his hand.

Matthias shook his head and blinked his eyes several times, readjusting to the reality around him, watching the traffic in front of his apartment. His bag was heavy on his shoulders and he let it fall to the ground while he contemplated what to do next. His passport was burning a hole in his back pocket and he considered calling a taxi and going straight to the airport – straight home to Lukas. He’d have some explaining to do, of course, for turning up early and without warning…

While he was pondering what to do and where to go and how exactly he’d explain himself to Lukas when he turned up unannounced, he failed to notice the unmarked van pull up nearby…

One moment Matthias was staring unseeing at the buildings across the street from his apartment, the next the world was cast into darkness as something was thrown over his head.

Matthias screamed from inside the dark fabric, the air around his mouth already hot and thick, before something cracked on the back of his head and he fell away from the world.
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Guess who wrote the next part of lovesickness?
This is part.. ummm 16? sure? of a series called lovesickness which you can read chronologically here
You can also find this series on aff (i hope that link works..)

Here we go~

Jonghyun stared at the message, baffled before he sent a response. “What do you think you’re saying? I can’t have sex with you!!”

“But hyunnie, I want to have sex.” Jonghyun stared at his phone before sending a response.


“Is it because you broke up with me? That’s not fair! What if I want sex!”

He ignored the message briefly to see what Jinki had texted him, “Ignore Kibum. He’s drunk, and I can’t get his phone away from him.”

“Hey! What do you think you’re doing ignoring me, Woohyun.” Woohyun, right, his ex.

Jonghyun went to respond to his manager, “Jinki, what do I do, he think’s I’m woohyun??”

“Please pretend to be woohyun.” Jinki quickly replied

“Key, I broke up with you, remember? we can’t have sex, go find someone else to have sex with.”

Key sent back three crying faces, and Jonghyun rolled his eyes. Such drama from the idol. He saw his phone light up again, and unlocked it, seeing a picture of Kibum. He was in a hotel room, and his makeup was a mess as it had smeared down his face from the tears.

“Look at what you did, you make me cry ㅠㅠ” The message that went with it read.

Jonghyun sighed, “Why do you want to have sex?”

There was a pause until he was greeted with another message attached to a picture. “Because I’m horny, and I know you’re a good fuck.“ Jonghyun scrolled down to the picture and immediately covered his phone. He felt his face flush at the image the idol had sent him. It was a nude photo, not just from the waist up. Jonghyun saw everything. A little more than he needed to.

His phone buzzed constantly, and he knew it was Key. He glanced around to see if anyone was paying attention. Once the coast was clear, he checked it again.

“what do you think you’re doing ignoring me.”

“It’s because I turn you on, right?”

“It’s because I’m hot, right?”

“look, I want you so bad.”

Another picture, this time it was mostly his face, but his hand was gripping at his crotch, and Jonghyun refused to look at it.

“Kibum, I’m on the train. Stop sending me these.”

Key shot back a text immediately, “You like the thrill of being caught, dont you ;)”

Jonghyun frowned, “I don’t want you to ruin your image.”

Key stopped texting back, and he didn’t reply until Jonghyun was closer to his house. “I don’t care about my image, remember? And you didn’t care either, or did you forget?” Jonghyun didn’t know how to respond, but he didn’t have to until Key sent him another message. “Guess what? our son was adopted.” Jonghyun felt his heart drop at the news, “Do you remember Yoogeun? or were you too wrapped up in your job like always. Your job was so important. More important than me, more important than Yoogeun.” Key paused before he sent a laughing face, “Hahaha, look at me, I’m crying again. How many times have I cried over you? I see you’re reading these, I see you don’t care enough to respond. Jinki wants me to delete your number. It doesn’t matter, I have it memorised.” Another pause where Jonghyun attempted to formulate a response. “Well guess what? I don’t care any more. This is the last time I’ll text you. I’ve found someone else. Someone I like more. More than your sorry ass. I hope you become successful. But I will always be more famous than you, I will always be better, and I will always win.”

Jonghyun sat, shocked at the turn of events. He didn’t want to respond, no, he didn’t need to respond. There was nothing more he needed to say, and he turned off his phone, closing his eyes as he waited for his stop. He felt something on his cheek and immediately went to wipe it off. It was then that he realised he had been crying.

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