fanfic inspired work

stuff that feels rewarding as a fanfic author:

  • when your work inspires fanart/comics
  • when people point out a scene/particular line(s) that tugged at their heartstrings
  • when people ask for your meta of your work that they enjoyed so much
  • when someone comments on a fic you wrote 982783113502 years ago
  • getting recc’d
  • just the small happiness in knowing you made someone out there smile on their way to work/home or at school, in knowing you warmed someone’s heart somehow
I will never let you fall

a/n: This is my gift to my best friend @eroticgropefest​​. Hope you appreciate my first (and maybe only) attempt at a snowbaz fic just for you, bruh! o// I figured since I’m helping turn you into as much of an h/c hoe as myself, you’d enjoy reading some of that as well (also I’m all out of ideas SORRY I TRIED). Enjoy your 26th aging up <3 :P


Snow is infuriating. I’m certain I’m not the only one who sees it: the way he shrugs at most questions, considering it to be enough of an answer; how he gets flustered and fumbles around looking for his words; how he has absolutely no control over his own immense powers; the way he follows the Mage around, like some kind of stray dog on a very short leash, awaiting his commands.

The most powerful magician alive.

I look at him across the room, once again failing at a spell. Bunce looks at him, exasperated, saying something I don’t care to hear. I glare some more at Snow’s ineptitude, feeling a fire deep inside me, something that tells me to shake some sense into him. How stupidly vulnerable he is! The dangers he puts himself in by his complete lack of control. How easy he’ll be to break under my hands when we inevitably have to face each other.

I can imagine myself marching over to him, pushing him up against a wall. I’d hold on to his neck and look right into those eyes, Snow’s unremarkable eyes, so ordinary and plain looking. I’d stare right at him (and I might choke him a little.) (Not too much, just a little. Just enough). He’d growl at me and it would smell of smoke and get unbearably warm. He’d be so close and alive and warm, I might have a taste. Bite a chunk right out of his neck in front of everyone. (or I might just snog the fuck out of him. Either one).

I don’t do any of that. Instead, I shake my head and then glare at him across the room, while Bunce continues to tell the absolute idiot what to do. Soon he seems to feel my stare and looks up at me. At first he seems confused, but his slow brain finally catches up. and he glares right back, closing his fist more strongly around his wand.

Simon Snow never stops driving me fucking crazy.

There are definitely some things people don’t tell you about sharing a room with the chosen one.

One of them is how once he’s put something on his mind, he’ll never drop it. Crowley, Snow might have won an award for most stubborn person ever if it existed (I’m convinced they should create one just for him at this point). He’s incredibly persistent about his moronic ideas, like his obsession with keeping the windows open. No matter how many times I close them, he’ll open them back up. I suspect he’s doing it out of principle at this point, but I won’t give him the satisfaction of acknowledging it.

There’s an infinite number of frustrating things about living with Snow (besides the irony of living with someone you’re supposed to kill, but instead stupidly caught feelings for) (I may be biased on that one though). From the pointless arguments to the loud nightmares he seems to have convinced himself I don’t know about (a good match to my own relentless night terrors). Or even the way he’s completely oblivious to every single redeeming quality I (debatably) possess. Or even the most cruel ones, like the way looks after he falls asleep, all soft angles and relaxed jaw. Or the unyielding sexual frustration of having him so close to the touch and so hopelessly unreachable.

Yet, no matter how bad those things are, they still feel like they’re almost worth the amount of private wanking I have to do in an attempt to get him off my mind (it never works) (why would it?) It still feels more than I deserve, to have him this close to me. It’s almost comforting (almost, when it isn’t absolutely infuriating).

The truly bad thing about sharing a room with the Chosen One that no one tells you about isn’t even the arguing and all the times he loses his patience and grabs me, manhandling me while I cooly remind him of the anathema. It isn’t even the fact that, while he does that, I just want to push him against the wall and kiss him hard.

The worst thing of all is when he just isn’t there. (and you don’t know where he is or what happened or if he’s safe.) (Why would you when he hates you?)

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Paper Planes - Epilogue (Lin-Manuel x Reader)

Summary: You and Lin have very special memories all centered around paper planes.

Word Count: 1,329

Warnings: Ridiculous fluff.

A/N: I wasn’t gonna post this until Friday but I ended up having a really shitty end to my night last night and I wanted to make sure your day ends up being better than mine was yesterday.

This is the epilogue to Paper Planes, which is my pride and joy. Here’s to hoping I did it a little justice with this ending. If you’re still looking for more content I can offer you this post of headcannons or my open inbox. Yell at me, send me your own headcannons, whatever you want.

You stopped having to launch paper planes out of your window years ago but there was something you both clung to when it came to putting words down on paper. It wasn’t really necessary for you to do when you first started dating - you and Lin had exchanged phone numbers and when he wasn’t at the Richard Rogers he was with you - but you continued to do so because of the romance of it all. You couldn’t help but be sentimental about the notion.

After you moved in with him you had decided to exchange paper planes for good morning kisses. Lin, however, persisted. He’d leave you neatly folded paper planes in various places; your purse, your bedside table, taped to the bathroom mirror once or twice. You could never do words justice like Lin could so you’d respond to each one in the form of a conversation, a kiss, or a phone call. It was a quirky dynamic to have one person continuing to write letters while the other professed their love verbally but it was yours and you wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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Being Allen’s child would include...
  • Him crying when he finally held you in his arms.
  • For the first time in his life, he had a family. It fills him with equal parts of happiness and sadness.
  • Sadness because he knows that because of him, you will be put through all sorts of hell and might never be able to have a normal life.
  • And he’s also scared…Scared of the future…scared that he won’t be a good father.
  • He had considered leaving you with Mother, for you to have at least a semblance of normalcy but he couldn’t help but think about his own life in the past…all the times he spent wondering who his parents were and the loneliness eating a hole in his heart when he felt that they had abandoned him…He didn’t want you feeling that way.
  • If Cross was still alive, he knows that that man would scold him but nothing would change his decision…you will be right by his side, until you no longer wanted to.

  • Him leaving the order at his own accord knowing that even though there are people that he trust with his life there, he couldn’t risk your freedom.
  • Him holding your hand tightly whenever the two of you are travelling or are in crowded towns.
  • The two of you getting ridiculously lost together and each time it happened, you would sarcastically comment on it and he would feel guilty but then…you managed to get lost again and again somehow…so your sense of direction is as bad as his, if not worse.
  • Asking Timcampy to follow you around to make sure you’re safe at all times.
  • Him making sure that you know that he loves you all the time…from telling you to giving you small little gifts, whatever he could afford (out of all the gifts, you like the rosary best).
  • Him working as a street clown and you would be his little assistant, sitting on his shoulders or helping him perform tricks (because you can’t stand being left in the inn alone and begged to go with him.)
  • Him making sure that you never follow him when he go into seedy bars to play poker whenever the two of you are strap on cash.
  • Him playing poker with you (just the two of you) and watching with a smile as your face revealed your thoughts.
  • Him pretending to lose to you and watching you grin in delight and declare that you beat the poker King.
  • Him patting your head whenever you’re down and sitting down and making you spill all your problems and worries to him. No matter what it will be, he would always listen with a gentle smile and help you get through it.
  • Him teaching you how to read and write because he knows its essential and he struggled a lot with it because he learned it late (when he first became Cross’ apprentice).
  • Him sneaking off to hunt Akumas while you’re asleep and pretending that he had been there by your side all along (but somehow, you knew)

  • Him making sure that you listen to him. When he shouts at you to run…you run…no matter what happened.
  • He tried to keep you away from the Akumas as much as possible but there’s only so much he can do before one attacks you.
  • He’ll try (desperately) to soothe your fears but you will still dream about the monsters sometimes and wake up screaming in the middle of the night.
  • He would become distant at times…not because he doesn’t love you but because he’s wrestling control with Neah. He didn’t want the two of you to meet. Who knows what Neah would do…and that possibility scares him.
  • Him trying to keep you away from Innocence but somehow you keep gravitating towards it.
  • Horror curling in the pit of his stomach as you one day became an accommodator.
  • What’s done was done. There was no turning back.
  • Him training you till you could hold your own.
  • Him holding you tight whenever he’s emotionally high, mind filled with worries, heart filled with heaviness…No matter how you had grown…he doesn’t want to let go…but deep down inside…he knows that one day, he would had to…

“What do you think, I just  went  down to the local ghost Top Shop?”

as he that sleeps here swim, Where harry is a ghost and louis is drama director. this is interesting, sweet and bitter at the same time. I love it…i love how the story flow and how lonely i feel when i read about Harry. i’m still not into ziam - but fully enjoying how sweet louis is. .

okay, painting is more fun than i expected… gotta do some more :D

“If chance will have me king, why,

Chance may crown me.” (Act I, Scene III Macbeth)

This is loosely based on the fic by @hollyhark on AO3 called Side By Side, Piece By Piece. I read it ages ago and while on the plane rides during my vacation I was working on these while also rereading that piece and I kind of got inspired. I decided to do portraits from when they were still reigning and I thought they’d look extremely put together and elegant with regal poses and crowns and stuff. The details are Ren’s crown kind of based on Loki’s helmet (Thank you Ragnarok trailer inspo!) and Hux has a golden crown of laurels accompanied by some pharaoh inspired makeup  with gold accents that haven’t been added yet (C,WU reference <3). This is a work in progress I intend to finish!

I hope I do… haha.

Not from Into the Light. This time its from the previous installment of Catch your breath, there are no breaks, Into the Woods by @defectivevorta


At least I’m practicing comic work, right?

I needed some inspiration to get me motivated to write my AoKaga fic. So, I made an AoKaga collage with some of my favorite Aomine/Kagami pics!!! 

Look at Where We Are

Pairing/s: Hamliza, Alexander Hamilton x Eliza Schuyler

A/N: Really short Hamliza thing, super fluffy to make up for the last thing I posted, very cheesy A.Ham, enjoy! <3

TW: really gross fluff, like, so fluffy

Eliza let out a short huff as she placed the last box down on the dark wooden floor, she straightened her back and smiled giddily. The large, roof to floor windows of their new apartment showing the proud NYC city scape. Eliza paused. Their apartment. Eliza raised he hands to her face as a bright grin split across her face, she couldn’t believe it was finally happening. She and Alexander were moving in together. Heavy footfalls sounded from behind her and she closed her eyes contently as warm arms wrapped around her waist.

“So that’s the last one huh? We’re officially moved in.” Alexanders tired voice danced through her ears as he leant his chin against her shoulder. Eliza nodded and hummed happily, leaning back into Alexanders embrace, he was always so warm, whenever Eliza was in his arms she couldn’t help but feel safe and loved.

“I still can’t believe it, i’m so happy.” Eliza said softly, placing one hand on Alexanders arms and reaching another up to cradle Alexanders cheek. Alexander leant into her touch, reaching a hand up to hold her hand and place a gentle to kiss to the palm of her hand.
“So am I, I never thought i’d be moving into an apartment with the love of my life, i’m glad you said yes.” Alexander let out a short laugh, Eliza giggling as she remembered the anxious look on Alexanders face as he asked her to move in with him.

He had been speaking so quickly, as he normally does when he’s nervous, Eliza had almost missed what he had said but she didn’t and she can still remember how her heart had started beating rapidly in her chest. She had begun to cry tears of joy, Alexander had nearly fell out of his chair once she did and started apologizing but Eliza had stopped his rambling but jumping out of her chair and wrapping her arms around him. Anyone watching them would have thought he’d just asked her to marry him. It was a sweet moment and Eliza added it to the many moments with Alexander she would never forget.

“Alright my dearest, you sit and relax i’m going to start dinner.” Alex said, pressing a soft kiss to Elizas cheek before making his way to their open kitchen, boxes sat upon the counters and were also scattered across the floor.
“Are you sure you don’t want me to help?” Eliza asked, taking one step forward and placing a hand on the back of their new couch. Alex turned and smiled cheekily at Eliza.

“No, no, no, I can handle it. You’ve been lugging boxes up three flights of stairs all day, you just sit back, read a book, and i’ll handle dinner.” Alexander said, moving back into the kitchen with a teasing smile. Eliza rolled her eyes lightly, an adoring smile on her face as she refrained from mentioning he was also carrying up heavy boxes up three flights of stairs.

“Alright, alright.” Eliza gave in, moving to sit on the couch, a happy sigh left her lips as she sunk into the soft material of the couch. Maybe she did need to just sit for a while. She moved so she was leaning her head against the back of the couch, watching Alexander navigate around their kitchen a rummaging around the various boxes to find pots and pans.

“I love you.” Eliza hummed, watching Alexander with a soft smile. Alexanders face seemed to brighten as the words left her mouth and he looked up from the box he was hovering over, adoring eyes looking into hers.

“And I love you more than words can express my love.” Alex stated, his sincere words making Eliza’s heart flutter. Alexander went back to setting up dinner and Eliza simply watched him, she couldn’t help but smile. Even though at times Alexander moved in fast motion he would never leave Eliza behind, he needed her and Eliza needed him just as much. And with this new big step in their lives Eliza could feel their strong bond only growing stronger, and as she listened to Alexander hum along with a song on the radio Eliza couldn’t help but feel like there was no where in the world she would rather be than by his side.

Just a snippet of the first page or so of my F1 AU (still a bit rough and ready)…

“…surprising news in the Formula 1 world today when it was announced that rookie driver Aaron Dingle has been handed the second seat at the Hotten Team after the unexpected retirement of Matthew Napier just before the season gets underway. He’ll partner team mate Robert Sugden on the grid in Melbourne next weekend…”

Robert stood in the back of his garage, sunglasses firmly in place, waiting for the practice session to start. He was indoors, he didn’t need them, but he could watch without anyone knowing. Right now he was watching his teammate being interviewed. He was discomfited, he didn’t like change, not in his work life anyway. He’d been as shocked as anyone when Matt had quit, they’d only spoken a couple of days before at a team meeting and he’d said nothing. He liked him, they’d always got on well enough and worked together well for the team. It helped that he’d never really challenged Robert’s status as top driver.

He didn’t know what to make of Aaron Dingle, didn’t know much about him, except that he’d appeared almost from nowhere. Being so close to the start of the season meant there weren’t many options open to the team, more so when the test driver had turned the job down.

Aaron was looking good in the car, had come in third fastest in first practice, just in front of Robert. Maybe that’s what was bothering him, he wasn’t used to the changes that had been made to the car in the off season, would take time to get to grips with them, no matter how much testing they’d done.

He was certainly handling the press well enough. He’d been surrounded by them since he’d arrived, something Robert considered a blessing as it meant they weren’t talking to him about the chances of winning back to back titles.

“Looks like he’s right at home.” Robert turned to see his team boss next to him.

“Looks that way.” Robert respected his boss, he tended to trust his drivers to know the cars rather than trying to drive the race for them, but he wasn’t sure a rookie was the way to win another championship. “Still, the weekend’s barely begun yet.”

“I know you wanted Connor in the car, Robert, but he turned us down. What do you want me to do?”

“I wanted Connor because we know how each other works. What I want is someone who backs me up out there. You want more championships, that’s what he needs to do. Is he going to?” He heard his boss sigh, he didn’t care, he had his goal for the season and nothing was going to get in the way of it.

“He’ll do what the team tells him to do. Contrary to what you think, Robert, you don’t run this team. How about you give him a break, he might surprise you.” Robert just shrugged, if he answered he’d say something he regretted. “Now get in your car and show me why the hell I put up with you.”

Robert just laughed. He knew exactly why the man put up with him. Robert won races, he won them championships and he was damn good with sponsors and the press, however much he hated it. As he was climbing in the car he caught Aaron’s eye as he came back into the garage. He was smirking at Robert, and Robert knew exactly what the look was. It was a challenge.

“Ok then.” Was all he said to himself as he got ready to go.

“…And it’s a shock win for new boy Aaron Dingle in Australia with Robert Sugden coming in a distant sixth. Looks like someone isn’t top dog any longer…”


I am not answering questions about Coruscate right now. It’ll be updated when it is updated. I am not discontinuing or abandoning it. I’m taking a break.

I am happy people are enthused about it but trying to write it makes me want to scream and I’m getting more and more frustrated with each “why won’t you update?” “are you abandoning it?” “update!!!!!”

I know. I get it. You like the fic. I’m glad.

If I were able to update, I would. But right now my mind is just not allowing me to work on it. So please just be patient, okay? I’m trying. I’m purposely ignoring any messages about it because each one just makes me fucking twitchy as hell.

I know you all mean well and I know you just want to read it. And me too. Trust. But I just can’t get it out right now.

There are so many other amazing fics to read while you wait. And I would be happy to rec any! Just Please! Let me go at things my own pace!

You and your birdcage are the damn thorn in my side…

You’re the one that’s going to disappear Doflamingo!


a battle mix for the otp [listen here]

Notes: Angsty fic inspired by a prompt from my bestie @htgawm-tv​ combined with my own evaluation of the characters themselves. Enjoy!

Connor walked through the door leading from the stairwell; his hand drifted into his pocket, grabbing for a key that was no longer there. Staring down the door for the briefest of seconds, Connor paused in thought before knocking. It felt odd to not just enter like he had for so many months prior, but things had changed.
He felt Oliver’s presence on the other side of the door for the longest seconds of his life before the other party pulled the door open, an envelop in his hands. Connor tried a smile, but it felt painful to do so. He mumbled a low thank you as he took the stray piece of mail from Oliver’s outstretched hand.

Connor reminded himself that he had wanted this. He insisted on the break. He insisted on moving out. He insisted on all of this.

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Calling Mr. Kohler

AN: I’m just gonna leave this here…

some cleverly chosen snips from the Paging Doctors Bondevik and Kohler sequel

I think,” Matthias said very slowly, as if he needed to taste each word that passed through his lips, “I am finally ready to tell you what happened while I was in Africa.” He was met with only silence, but he squeezed Lukas’ hand, the gentle, physical reminder that Lukas was right beside him. The sounds of the hospital around them seemed to drift away, like the whole building was holding its breath while he searched for where to start his story, which words he should use…

Lusaka, Zambia – several years ago

It was strange how everything still looked exactly the same despite Matthias’ world having so recently been brought to its knees. How could all of these people around him carry on with their daily lives when his best friend had just been shot right in front of him? Where were all of the people going in their cars with their smiling faces, oblivious to the monumental event that just took place only a few hours ago? How come nobody had stopped what they were doing for just one fucking moment to let the city fall silent so Matthias could think?

It hadn’t even properly hit him yet; he refused to believe it.

Any moment now he was going to blink and shake his head and she’d be sitting opposite him in the coffee shop, laughing at how easily he fell into his silly daydreams.

“Thinking about the good doctor back home?” she’d tease, lightly slapping him on the arm from across the little cafe table. “I don’t know why you left a man that was willing to put up with the likes of you!” She’d laugh lightly while Mattias rubbed the back of his head.

“I really did get lucky, didn’t I?” he’d say, the blush creeping up his neck and into his cheeks. “I really miss him…” The look in Thandiwe’s eyes would soften and the hand that had just hit him would reach out and lace their fingers together.  

“I know, munandi,” she’d whisper, squeezing his hand.

Matthias shook his head and blinked his eyes several times, readjusting to the reality around him, watching the traffic in front of his apartment. His bag was heavy on his shoulders and he let it fall to the ground while he contemplated what to do next. His passport was burning a hole in his back pocket and he considered calling a taxi and going straight to the airport – straight home to Lukas. He’d have some explaining to do, of course, for turning up early and without warning…

While he was pondering what to do and where to go and how exactly he’d explain himself to Lukas when he turned up unannounced, he failed to notice the unmarked van pull up nearby…

One moment Matthias was staring unseeing at the buildings across the street from his apartment, the next the world was cast into darkness as something was thrown over his head.

Matthias screamed from inside the dark fabric, the air around his mouth already hot and thick, before something cracked on the back of his head and he fell away from the world.

“Listen, buddy, I have a gun. Do you wanna see my gun?”

I was working and minding my own business and then these girls starting talking and here I am, writing stupid fluffy domestic jeller. @ourstartingpoints @imalittleredtorvette @jeller-ouat @amnesiacandstubbles you are a bad influence :p

They leave Kurt to go down the tools aisle alone and make their way to their desired destination. Three year old Ava follows her mother, skipping joyfully through the store, on their way to the beds section. She is finally moving into a big girls bed and out of the crib and cannot be more excited. It has been all she could talk about for days, even spent ten minutes on the phone with her aunt telling her about it.

Kurt finds them fifteen minutes later, and it is not that hard to. His daughters hearty laughter can be heard throughout the store. And he finds them at the center of a little scene, of their own creation. He sighs and drops his head when he sees them, both of them barefoot, jumping on one of the beds. A few people are gathered around watching, most are entertained, except the poor store manager, who has his hands on his waist, repeatedly urging her “Ma’am please step down.”

For a few minutes Kurt just watches, a small smile on his lips, trying to suppress it as hard as he can, as his wife and daughter give the poor store manager a heart attack. Ava finally sees her father and squeals in delight, “Daddy! Come jump with us! This one is really good!” The store manager turns to Kurt and says, “Sir? Is this your wife? Can you please make them come down or I’ll-”

“You’ll what?” Jane interrupts him, never stopping her jumping, “we’re FBI, show him your badge, Kurt, show him you’re FBI.” She laughs and Kurt just shakes his head. This is not the first time she has done that, threaten an innocent civilian with Kurt’s badge to get away with something. “Jane, it doesn’t work like that,” he mumbles. “Ma’am, please get down,” the manager turns to her, pleading again.

“Listen, my little girl needs to test the bounciness of the bed before we buy, and so we are going to test the bounciness,” she finally stops jumping, catching her breath, she catches Ava in the middle of one of her jumps and settles her on her waist. She takes a deep breath and hops off the bed, handing an excited Ava over to her father. “Ma’am, that’s not really-”

“Listen, buddy, I have a gun. Do you wanna see my gun?” she threatens, but the smile on her lips betrays her, “It’s good we’ll take it,” she says and turns to her husband and daughter, “isn’t that right, baby? You like this one?” Ava nods to that gleefully, her light curls bobbing against her forehead as she does.

The manager shakes his head and despair and walks over to get the details and set up their purchase. “You’re gonna get yourself in trouble some day,” Kurt says and she turns to him, cheeks flush, a proud smile on her face. “Good thing my husband is an FBI agent and can get me out of any trouble I get myself into, then,” she says, leaning in to steal a quick kiss before taking Ava from him and setting her down. He shakes his head and laughs, “you really don’t get how this works do you?”