fanfic by ddagent


Professor Gold Series by ddagent

Something cool landed on his chest. Looking down, Gold could see it was his bookmark. A photograph he had taken of Belle their last field trip to the museum. He had been taking shots of the exhibits, he hadn’t realised until he had got home with the photographs that Belle took up most of the shot. It was a beautiful picture, one he had…stared at a great deal.

“I don’t know what to say, Belle,” Gold whispered. “Are you mad?”

She shook her head, giggling. “For an entire month I kept a photograph I took of you on that trip as my laptop screensaver. I didn’t think I would ever…”

“I didn’t think I would ever too, love." 


The Pack Series - ddagent

  • Colonel Francis Ives has been a cannibal for centuries, eating the weak and running with the strong. On a routine trip to a LA bus station, he meets Hiero, a psychopath with a sweet tooth. They decide to spend some time together, giving in to their mutual attraction and love of killing. Slowly the two of them begin to fall in love and realise that together they are creating the home they have both been searching for.