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Can you please recommend me some really long fics? Thank you💕

Sure! Just in time for SCAWeek too :) I’ll list these by writer, and most of them will be Steter but a few will also be polyamory and I’ll specify those.


Make Your Own (Buns in the Oven)

Stiles opens his mouth a few times, but no words come out as he feels tears welling up again. He takes a deep, shaky breath, exhales slowly to calm himself enough to do this.

Peter waits, brows furrowed in worry as he watches Stiles.

“I think I’m pregnant,” he finally says, “And I don’t know what to do.”

Or the one where Stiles is a human incubator and Peter is not the baby daddy (until he is).

it’s not the color i came in

Stiles is a bit of an anomaly among the Omegas he knows, or everyone on the spectrum really.

For him, heats are about comfort and safety, and not at all about sex.


Bittersweet Creek

When Stiles finally steps off the westward trail to California, he’s the last of his pack. He starts building a den, but then he finds a dying man next to a burnt-down house and it turns out he’s not really much of a settler, after all.

The Time Travel Grammar Book

The story that was supposed to be about time-travel, but is really a stealth AU of the first two seasons where Talia’s a struggling single mom, Peter’s the eponymous teen wolf, and Stiles, Scott and Lydia…are time travelers (so that part’s not totally inaccurate).

The Sphinx of Beacon Hills (Stetopher)

Stiles is a sphinx, and he’s winging his way to visit his buddy Scott when a storm drops him in Beacon Hills, the craziest, crankiest, coldest place ever. And somehow, he ends up with a bunch of werewolves.

Dead Men Tell No Tales (Steterek)

Sociopathic mercenaries Stiles and Lydia pick up some Hales in the middle of killing Kate Argent. They’re not rescuers.

Movement in Alpha Major (Stetopher)

Peter Hale, thirty-four, shady but successful human lawyer, knocks on his nephew Derek’s door one night because he’s just been bitten by a werewolf. Somehow, this ends up being a lot more awkward than one would expect.


Set the Sun, Rise the Moon

Stiles wakes up a werewolf, with no memory of how it happened. Understandably, he panics.

“He wasn’t supposed to come home,” Stiles whispers. He knows Peter can hear him even with the shower running. “He woke me up and I remembered and I panicked…”

“Your father,” Peter says, and it’s not a question.


Sympathy for the Devil

Stiles gets a job as a hospital orderly and finds himself becoming strangely attached to the catatonic man on the long-term care ward, and finds out that there’s a lot more to Peter Hale than there seems…

Get Off (Me)

Stiles hates being left behind with Peter while the pack is fighting monsters, because he never knows exactly what Peter will get up to.

Devil of Mercy

Peter’s heard people talk about what it felt like when they saw their mate for the first time, from those who actually believe in the mystical bullshit. Like a magnet, like gravity. Peter just feels… sharply curious.

Call My Name

After moving to Beacon Hills, Stiles starts having recurring dreams of a man in some kind of prison, who needs his help. Things get so bad that he ends up in Eichen House, where he finds out that the man is real.


Save Me

Peter is the Alpha.
He’s nobody’s savior.
Not his pack’s. Not his town’s. And not that kid’s.
But sometimes salvation goes both ways.

Infinite Space

Stiles needs Peter’s expertise to help stop the latest threat to Beacon Hills.
And, as the pack falls apart around him, he might even need Peter for more than that.


The Hale Wolf Sanctuary isn’t just for wolves.

It turns out it’s for Stilinskis as well.


Baby Boy

What the heck is FetLife?

Stiles is too curious for his own good, and he can’t help himself, so he joins a website advertising to be a good place for “kinksters.” He just wants to be nosy and see what total strangers are up to. Then he meets Peter, who wants to be called Daddy.

Could Stiles be his baby boy?

Pigments and Pentacles

“One–” He stabbed the needle right through skin and cartilage, pulling a loud squawk out of Stiles.

Stiles sucked in a few quick breaths then started to laugh. “You son of a bitch,” he snorted. “You said on three.”

“I lied,” Peter replied, smiling down at him.


All In A Spin

Stiles can’t really talk anymore but, with Peter, he realizes he doesn’t have to. Even if their spoken communication consists of one swear word and stuttered syllables, they understand each other. And that’s what counts.


If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out

Commander Stilinski looked like he fell out of a propaganda video, his armor still smoking as he pulled off his helmet and handed it off to First Officer Argent. He had a few bruises down his neck but his smile was bright.

“Glad to see you safe and sound, Mr. Hale. I’d hate for Derek to lose a member of his family.”

“I told you,” Derek snapped at his superior, “he’s not worth this, Commander.”


Spark of Dark

After being abandoned by Scott, Stiles feels empty and tired. Sick of life. Until Peter re-enters his life and makes him want to live again.
All of a sudden he’s not so alone anymore…and neither is Peter.


Out Of The East, Never See The Sun Rise

In the beginning, there are three absolutes.

One. Stiles is a god, forged of starlight and collapsing galaxies and he is eternal.

Two. Peter is human, fragile bone and viscous blood and he is temporary.

Three. Stiles and Peter are in love; love that claws its way inside one’s heart like fish hooks; all encompassing love that is beautiful but dangerous.

Stiles is a god. Peter is human. They love each other.

Three absolutes.


You Had Me at Canapes

Stiles doesn’t mean to sneak into the Hale wedding, and he certainly doesn’t mean to have cliche coat-room sex with the bride’s uncle, but what had happened, happened, and it wasn’t like he could just leave. At least, not until he got to have some of that cake.


Naughty Hookers (Swathed in Wool)

Stiles is happy with his store, his hobbies, his friends. Peter’s just trying to figure out how to raise his nieces and nephew without fucking them up too badly.

Paths cross.


Runes and all kinds of things

Enough is enough. Stiles is tired of being always a last choice when he always tries to do his best for his precious people, so they better get their act together or face being left behind.


The things in the Argent’s basement get nearly fatal, the Sheriff finds about the supernatural, Allison can have a wicked, wicked mind and Peter Hale appears to be everywhere.

Oh, and Stiles can’t seem to stop breaking the laws of physics with his magic.


Worn Out Shoes

When the dead rise, and the world comes to an end, the McCall Pack must learn to live in this new world, or die in the attempt. This is the story of the end, and of the year that follows.

Proposing To Strangers

At the end of a strained relationship, crime novelist Stiles chooses to hide from the world inside a bar with far too many motorcycles outside it for comfort. Here he’ll meet the man of his dreams, eat food and propose marriage, all within the first five minutes.

Peter doesn’t know who this kid is, but he’s cute and looks like he could use a break. So he feeds him. He’s not expecting a marriage proposal, but with what comes after, he doesn’t really mind.

The Unexpected Marriage of Peter Hale

This is the story of how Peter gets married without technically dating anyone.

“You can bring your boyfriend with you,” Talia says.
Peter stops giving Henry more bits of dried fruit to stare at his sister “Boyfriend?”
“Of course!” Talia gestures at Stiles who looks around behind him with wide eyes. “I’m sure the whole family would be interested in meeting your young man.”


Do You Like to Hurt? (Then Hurt Me)

Stiles shows up at Peter’s apartment, drunk and horny. Peter almost does the right thing—before it all deteriorates into a voyeuristic power game and Stiles has a mind-shattering orgasm. Things snowball from there.

Whiskey is My Kind of Lullaby

Peter is a simple saloon owner on one of the outer planets between the Aaru Belt and the Olympus Galaxy. He’s done with trouble. Done with adventure. So fucking done with rustlers. That is, until a cute young outlaw named Stiles wanders into his bar. Peter has this problem where he can’t seem to resist charming narcissists (perhaps because they remind him of himself). And when said narcissists turn his life upside-down, the worst part is he’s not even that upset about it.

Gamer Trash

Neither of them is aware of it, but Peter and Stiles play the same MMORPG. After Stiles moves away from Beacon Hills and goes to college, he and Peter start raiding together by accident.

Heatstroke (The Strongest Thing I Ever Felt Was Feelings For You)

“Dear god,” Peter snorts. “Alphas and their obsession with bodily fluids. Do you really find the narration of biological processes arousing?”
“You mean you’re not into the idea of smelling like me for days after this?” Stiles grins.
“I don’t know about days. I’m sure the birth control hormones will flush it out after about twenty-four hours.”
“You—what—I thought it suppresses your heats how are you—?”
“I like sex. So I take the pill that gives me shorter pseudo-heats. I’m still infertile. You gonna cry about it?”

(Or the one where Peter is a strong, independent Omega who don’t need no Alpha, but maybe he starts to like having Stiles around anyway).

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♡ Hey there, sweety ;-) : 1) Name three Doctor/Rose fics you would like to see a sequel to? 2) A few Doctor/Rose 10k+ you would recommend to a newcomer in the fandom? 3) Two great Doctor/Rose fic authors and why you love them so much? ;-) Thank you! ♡

OH GREAT QUESTIONS, @julibellule @thedalektables! And this will double as my Fanfic Author Appreciation Week post, because I’ve been remiss in posting my author love. Shame on me.

1) Name three Doctor/Rose fics you would like to see a sequel to?

Here’s a recent one: Met Their Match by @dimensionhoppingrose and @lastbluetardis. Sweet, and fun, with UST, and a wee bit of angst, but not too much, and it ends with so much promise. I want more!

The Air Near My Fingers by @helplesslynerdy and @abadplanwellexecuted.  I know in my heart what would happen in a sequel, and it would break my heart, but this story is gorgeous. I really want to know their next steps.

231 Farrington by @kelkat9. Rose is a dragon. And it is amazing!

2) A few Doctor/Rose 10k+ you would recommend to a newcomer in the fandom? 

I’m going to recommend older stories that aren’t AU. I love AUs and moviefics, and crossovers, but I think newcomers need to read UA, canon compliant, and canon divergence.

I mentioned this one in the previous @thedalektables Q&A, but it needs to be said again: A Complicated Event in Time and Space by aldanon (Whofic). A series of conversations as the Earth is being towed back home. (The entire Complicated series is excellent.) Great characterization. Great explanations. A bit angsty. Hopeful.

A Sky Without Zeppelins by Throughanamberfocus. Oh. My. Goodness. This. Story. Ten gets his forever with Rose, and TenToo is dropped off in an alternative world where there is a Rose Tyler. It completely works. I promise. And holy hawt huminahhuminah. The term, “Guh” was invented because of this fic. Here is documentation.

The Falling Slowly Verse by WhoMe on Whofic. Beautiful. Angsty. Happy ending. Original. Lovely. Also the Lords & Legends Verse. Even more angsty. But amazing.

Inevitability by Teumessian on Whofic. A human nature story. I love it. I don’t know how many times I’ve read it.

Torchwood Babiez  by spastasmagoria. It is a series of comics. To quote the authors, “Is there anything lower than G?” There is even a TV Tropes page about the series. It is not to be taken seriously at all.

Other People’s Pets by @abadplanwellexecuted. I think this may be one of the funniest fics that exists. Total and complete crack and amazing. Rose adopts the Shippy Dalek.

The Calm Before the Storm by Kalleah on Whofic. Her description says it all: “This is the story of a journey for the Doctor and for Rose, as the Doctor comes to terms with his guilt and her mortality and lets go of guards and walls long built up. This is a story of a yearning for deeper meaning even when the mind rejects its validity.”

The Chaosverse by @earlgreytea68. It’s married and kidfic, and some of the best kidfic ever.

I need to stop.

3) Two great Doctor/Rose fic authors and why you love them so much?

I can’t answer this one. Sorry. It would hurt me too much to leave anyone out. Forgive me?

Again, thank you @thedalektables for choosing me to be whofic reader of the month! I’m having so much fun!

Lena Luthor Appreciation Week: Day 3 (Favorite Headcanons/AU/Fics)

Favorite Headcanon(s): 

Lena cooking

Lena wearing college sweatshirts

Lena normally being a top, but not really with Kara

Lena having anything to do with Ireland/Irish tendancies

Lena having multiple degrees/being a total nerd/overachiever

Favorite Fic(s): 

This was difficult for me, because I love so many Supercorp fics, so I tried to narrow it down to very Lena-centric fics.

In Name Only by beyondthesea on Ao3 is amazing. It’s about a young teenage Lena dealing with coming out and the Luthors’ homophobia as well as just normal high school problems, and navigating their high society world. It only has two chapters so far, but they are really long and really immersive. (fyi Kara doesn’t appear)

also Ace from space by D_writes on Ao3 is so great. It’s probably one of my favorite representations of Lena because she’s very sexual/dom but also incredibly understanding and sweet and supportive. I love it!

Favorite AU:

Probably College/High School AUs specifically when the whole school shuns Lena for being a Luthor and Kara befriends her



“We’ve never been that type of band; we all fuck up, and we’re always making mistakes on stage. Except for Calum, he’s the perfect bassist.” -Michael 2015

Karamel Fanfic #35

~Karamel Appreciation Week~
day 7: free choice (fanfiction)

Title: For Love

Prompt: Kara and Mon-El are finally getting married, and they couldn’t be happier about it.

Word Count: 4059

Also posted on AO3

Notes: Finally managed to write a Karamel wedding fanfic, which had been sitting in my prompt list for a very long time now. Honestly, I needed this fluff. 

I hope you like this!

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Fanfic: The Ways We Love (Complete)

It’s difficult for a couple to work through a problem when one of them doesn’t know the problem is there. 

Chapters: 6

Word Count: 14,550

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: (lots of) smut

Major characters: Walter O’Brien, Paige Dineen

Pairings: Waige (focus), Quintis (supporting)

Plot is based on a very strong headcanon I hold about Waige in a relationship.  The headcanon isn’t a relationship issue in itself, but I could see it causing a problem if communication isn’t as good as it needs to be.

Read on FF.Net or AO3.

Family Portrait

“Kakashi! Naruto! Get in here, the photographer’s all set up!”

Uuuuuuugh…” Naruto drags his feet all the way into the room, sounding like a dying cow. If Iruka didn’t know him better he’d rush the boy to the hospital. “Iruuuukaaa, whyyyyy-”

“Stop with the dramatics, Naruto.” Iruka isn’t having any of it. “It’s not going to- where are your shoes?”

Naruto glances down at his bare feet and wiggles his toes.

“I got ramen on them.”

“When on earth did you have time to eat ramen? I just helped you put them on five minutes ago!”

“I got hungry.”

“…Okay fine. We’ll do the photo from the ankles up- where is your tie?!”

“I got ramen on it too.”

Iruka has to remind himself that it is not a good idea to strangle someone in the presence of a photographer who can easily take a picture as evidence. He inhales a deep, calming breath and turns to Kakashi, who’s slunk in after Naruto.

The breath comes out in a furious huff of air at the sight of him.

“You’re wearing your jounin uniform.”

“Yes.” Kakashi stares at him blandly.

“How is that professional attire?”

“Ninja is my profession. Also, it’s my cleanest uniform.” He gives Iruka’s own dress shirt and pressed pants a once-over and lets out a low whistle. “Lookin’ good, Sensei.” Iruka wants to punch him in the eye, but it’d ruin the photo.

“…Kakashi. You’re a friggin’ genius, you know what I meant when I said wear something- is that blood?”

Kakashi’s eye drops guiltily to the dark stain on his thigh.

“…Might be ketchup.”

“It’s blood, Kakashi. There is blood on your pants. Is it yours, or someone else’s?”

Kakashi is conspicuously silent.

“We are burning those pants after we’re done here.” Iruka kneads his throbbing temples and makes a decision. “Listen. Kakashi. Do this for me, and I’ll do Chapter Ten for you.” Kakashi’s eye widens.

“The whole chapter?” he whispers in a small voice.

“The whole chapter. Deal?”

Kakashi is instantly in front of the camera, waiting expectantly. Iruka claps his hands and turns away.

“Good. Great. Grand. We’ll take the picture from the waist up. Now, Naruto- what happened to your hair?!”

“I got-”

“I swear to Kami if you say RAMEN-”

“My head was itchy, so I scratched! I think I have lice.”

“You do not have lice, Naruto. And if you did, I’d have to shave your head. I might do it anyway if this continues.” He ignores Naruto’s overdramatic gasp and rifles through his pockets. “Here’s my comb. Now let’s just- KAKASHI NO-”

Kakashi is halfway out the window before Iruka can grab him around the waist and haul him back inside.

“I thought we had a deal Kakashi-”

“Changed my mind. Deal’s off. I can’t do this. You know I hate pictures-”

“What are you talking about?” Iruka hisses in his ear. “You loved our anniversary present where I took pictures of myself wearing-”

“Pictures of you, yes. Pictures of me, NO.”

“I’m not even making you take off your mask.”

“That’s not the point.” Kakashi refuses to budge on the issue. “And why aren’t the ninken a part of this? They’re family, too.”

“It costs extra,” Iruka admits.

“How much extra.”

“Ten for each dog.”

“Holy Kami forget it.”

“And imagine trying to get them all to sit still-”

“Okay I said forget it.”

“And then the flash goes off-”

“IRUKA ENOUGH I GET IT.” Kakashi heaves a heavy sigh and straightens his rumpled vest. “Let’s just get this over with.”

“Don’t say it like that.” Iruka looks slightly hurt. “I…I just want a picture of everyone. A family portrait. Like the one I have of me and my…” He breaks off, looking away. “I-I won’t even hang it on the wall or show it to anyone if you don’t want. It’ll just be…something I can keep with me and look at when you guys are out on a mission, or when I’m working late at the school, or if I’m feeling a little…lonely. You two are my family, and I love being reminded of that. That’s why I want the picture, so that every time I look at it, I’ll be reminded. Just one picture. I don’t think I’m asking for much, Kakashi.”

Kakashi has the decency to look ashamed, and a little touched, but covers it with rubbing at his nose.

“Okay. Alright. Sorry.” He clears his throat, grabs Naruto by the collar (who has somehow managed to get the comb stuck in his yellow tangles), and drags him in front of the camera, where the photographer would be tapping his foot impatiently if they weren’t trained ninja. “We’re ready when you are.”

Iruka takes a moment to gather himself before joining them, he and Kakashi taking their position in the back, hands clasped, Naruto standing in front, trying to decide which lame pose to adopt.

The photographer counts down from three, and Kakashi’s hand shoots out, snatching Iruka’s hairband just before the flash goes off.

The photograph captures everything, from Naruto’s bare feet, the comb still in his hair, to Kakashi’s rumpled pants with a bloodstain, his Icha Icha poking out of his vest pocket, and finally Iruka himself, his long hair down, looking harried and stressed but with the widest smile he can manage.

Iruka thinks it’s perfect.

(Written for Iruka Appreciation Week Day Two: Family)

Funny Stuff

AJ Styles/OC. And Happy AJ Styles Appreciation Week! For anon: You have an argument with the person you’re rooming with and end up in front of AJ’s hotel room and you’re like “In a moment of rage I left my room and now I have nowhere to go, and I know we’ve talked like twice in our lives, but can I come in?“ and smut happens.

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Pharmercy Appreciation Week, Day Two:  Heroes

I’d love to sit and talk for a few minutes about how excited I am to be back in the saddle, but there’s so much to do that there isn’t really time to spare.  Well, that and I’m so excited to be getting on with it that I can’t really wait.  Even in the process of getting caught up with things that have been long overdue (like this post for @pharmercyappreciationweek that’s two months late), I’ve found myself taking on new tasks.  I originally planned to finish all of the Pharmercy Appreciation Week entries that I planned to do and finish the next chapter of Flight of Fancy before I considered taking on anything new, but when I heard about the prompt for this week, my resolve fell apart like a house of cards.  As per usual, any hope of going into this with some kind of a plan is a lost cause, but I suppose that the important part is that the mental cotton candy will keep coming.

Spacedogs fic recs ♥

First, just a reminder that I have a fic recs page with mostly Hannibal and now Spacedogs fics (and a couple of SW ones), but since it’s Spacedogs Appretiaton Week and I’m only reading beautiful fics and seeing the amazing fanarts, I’m going to contribute by recc’ing the amazing Spacedogs fics I’ve been reading these days ♥ (in no particular order).

Craiglist [+20k] by Llewcie

Merrie [40k] by Llewcie

Saving you [+10k] by princesskay

A Necessary Life (WIP) [+30k] by DarkmoonSigel

Seeing the light of dead stars (WIP) [+20k] by DarkmoonSigel 

Daybreakers [+50k] by drinkbloodlikewine & whiskeyandspite

Midnighters [+50k] (+Midnighters’ timestamps) by drinkbloodlikewine & whiskeyandspite 

The way to a man’s heart is dachshunds [2k]  by PossessiveNoun 

Alnilam and Alnitak (WIP) [+4k] by Chifuyu 

Camp Awkward (WIP) [+9k] by Hannigrammatic

Supernova [WIP] [+20k] by shewhotalkstohyacinths

Stars [3k] by whiskeyandspite

Integrate (WIP) [+4k] by Watermelonsmellinfellon

Who Says You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks by mokuyoubi

Falling from the stars (Series; WIP) [+30k] by sku7314977

Second clumsy attempt to contribute to Spacedogs Appreciation Week, here on the last day. Still counts, doesn’t it? 

“I’m stepping out for a bit.” Gabi paused in front of the counter, fumbling with something in her purse. “Will you be ok while I’m out?”

“What if we get a walk in?” Adam asked, his anxiety flaring. 

“Tell them I’ll be back in twenty. If they don’t want to wait they can come back tomorrow.”

“What if something happens?”

“Like what?”

Adam’s brow knit. “Like a fire.”

“Call 112 and get out of the shop.” Gabi placed a hand on counter just short of his own. “But nothing will happen, so you have nothing to fear.”

Adam gave her a nervous look but nodded. She always managed to be reassuring. 

“I’ll bring you something back with me, ok? A treat.” And she was gone out the door and out of sight, leaving Adam alone. 

He busied his restless hands with inventory. The shop had just gotten in an order of jewelry. He sterilized a few pieces in preparation for any customers that might need starter jewelry and then updated their paperwork. While he was doing that he noticed that they were running low on three colors of ink and tongue studs. He put in an order and - 

The bell over the door rang as someone entered. Not that Adam noticed, far too wrapped up in his work. It wasn’t until the customer started speaking loudly in Romanian that Adam jumped in his seat, spinning around. 

“Um, you’re speaking too fast. I don’t …” Adam frowned, trying to translate. He had yet to make any real progress in his Rosetta Stone program. Too caught up with settling into the city.

“I was asking what it takes to get some fucking service around here?”

“I didn’t hear you come in, I … Can I help you?" 

The man looked at him. "Well, it’s a tattoo parlor…”

“Yes. It is.” Adam nodded, waiting for more information. 

“I’d like a fucking tattoo.”

“Oh. The only artist working today just stepped out. She said she’d be back in twenty minutes. It’s been twelve so far. She’s usually on time. I think she went to get lunch with her boyfriend. That’s what she usually does.” Adam noticed an obvious twitch in the man’s face and just barely caught the hint. “Oh, um. Sorry, she’ll be back soon. If you’d like to wait.”

“Eight, right?”

Adam blinked.

“You said she’d be back in twenty and that it’s been twelve. I’ve always been shit at math but I’m pretty sure that makes it eight more minutes, yeah?”

“Oh. Yes. Well, seven now but - ”

“I’ll wait.” The man reached into his front pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. “Isn’t there some paperwork or something?”

“You can’t smoke in here.” Adam said, frowning at the box.

“Just one?”

“No smoking.” Adam pointed to the front window where a sign was hung.

“Well if the sign says.” The man muttered, cursing under his breath as he returned the cigarettes to his pocket.

“I need your ID.”

The man blinked. 

“For the form. The paperwork. I need your ID.”

The stranger nodded, reaching into his back pocket this time for his wallet.

“Thank you.” Adam said as he took and looked at it. “Nigel.”

“And what’s you’re name then?”

“My name’s Adam.” Adam tried his best to be polite and make eye contact but stopped short at Nigel’s prominent cheekbones. He was just about to drop his gaze when his eyes were forced upward by a hand under his chin. 

“There we go.” Nigel held his gaze for the moment he was allowed before Adam pushed away his hand and stepped back. 

“I don’t like to be touched.”

Nigel snorted. “Maybe you should put it on a fucking sign then.”

Adam glared at him, stumbling backwards into the small office behind the counter. It only took a few minutes to photocopy the ID onto a form and Adam counted the seconds, rhythmic and calming. Soon the form was set down in front of Nigel along with a pen and his ID. His job complete, Adam retreated wordlessly back to the computer.

“How many minutes til that artist gets back, hm?”

“Four.” Adam said without hesitation. If he hadn’t been counting down the minutes before he was now. 

“Four minutes, you and me.”

“Maybe you should wait outside.” Adam didn’t even attempt to hide the hope in his voice. “You can smoke out there.”

“I think I’d rather keep you company.”

“That’s not necessary.”

“Necessary or not, I think I’ll stay.”

Adam huffed a quiet, exasperated sigh, sliding from the stool and retrieving one of the boxes from their new shipment. 

“What in there?” Nigel asked, Adam’s unwelcome peanut gallery. 

“Body jewelry.” Adam said, heading towards the counter. He looked ahead, trying to decide where to set the box when he noticed Nigel had lit a cigarette despite the sign. 

“No smo - ” Adam tripped, his sneaker catching the ground and sending him to the floor. He managed to catch himself, his palms smacking against the hard ground instead of his head. This meant he losing hold of the box though. Rings and barbells scattered, bouncing and rolling away as the box settled overturned. 

Adam pushed himself up onto his knees and started picking up the pieces one by one, somewhat frantic. It wasn’t until his hand collided with another that he realized Nigel was on the ground, helping him. He raised his head to look at the man who’d also paused at the contact. Willingly, Adam met his gaze and a moment of silence passed between them. Nigel opened his mouth to say something but Adam spoke first. 

“Only employees are allowed behind the counter.” His brow knit. “You’re not an employee.”

“I’m helping.” Nigel sighed, dropping his gaze to the floor again. “Once we’ve gathered these up I’ll get back on the other side and all will be right with the world.”

Adam watched him. His hands were large and bruised at the knuckles like he’d been fighting. It was strange to see hands like that so daintily pinching nipple rings and earring backs up off the tile, depositing them into his other hand’s cupped palm. Adam decided to accept the help without further protest.

The bell over the parlor door rang again as someone else entered. 

“Adam! I brought donuts!” Gabi called, not noticing him at first. 

He popped his head up over the counter. “You’re late.”

“The time. It got away from me.” She dropped the paper bag she was carrying onto the counter and peered over. “Oh. Hello there.”

Nigel gave her a nod and said something in Romanian. Gabi answered, glancing around until her eyes fell on the half filled out form. Adam tried not to feel too anxious about what was being said that he couldn’t understand. When Nigel stood, pouring the jewelry he’d gathered into a little pile on the glass, and pointed to the (in Adam’s opinion) ugly tattoo on the side of his neck he decided they must be discussing a cover up job. 

Dumping his own little pile of jewelry onto the counter, Adam reached for the doughnut bag. Nigel still hadn’t moved from behind the counter and he needed to count the pieces to make sure he hadn’t lost any but first he needed a doughnut.

First bite and he felt a little bit better. Foreign tongues faded from his ears as he zoned out. That is until he heard a faint ’Oh’ and Nigel moved from his periphery. When he raised his head Gabi was jogging toward the back, probably to her her sketchbook and Nigel was smiling at him from the other side of the counter.

“Better now, darling?”

“My name is Adam.” Another bite. “And yes. Thank you.”

“Of course.” Nigel glanced in the direction Gabi had disappeared to. “She says it could take a few days to design me something and work me into her schedule.”

Adam stared at him blankly. If there was a point he was missing it.  

“I think we’ll be seeing more of each other.”


Nigel snorted, shaking his head as he reached again for his cigarettes. No reminder was needed from Adam this time though, he caught himself and dropped his hand. This didn’t go unnoticed by Adam, the effort. Nigel’s bruised-knuckled hand left empty, drumming broken rhythms against his thigh. 

Adam held up the paper bag to Nigel, perhaps too close to his face. Perhaps too quick, Nigel gave a little start when he noticed it. Then he looked from the bag to Adam with a question mark of an expression.

"Would you like one?”

Nigel’s smile spread slowly across his lips. “Fuck yes. Please.” And he dipped a hand in. “Thank you, darling.”

“My name is - ”

“Adam, yes. I know.” Nigel took a bite, humming his praise. “Thank you, Adam.

“You’re welcome, Nigel.”

Sherlolly Appreciation Week, Day 7: Free Choice

A/N: I’ve been working on this fic for a while. I meant to post it as a ficlet in chat form, but I couldn’t finish the first draft. Until yesterday. (Yay!) Also, there’s a little bit of Mythea in this.

Rating: T

Disclaimer: As per usual, I own nothing. Everything belongs to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, BBC, Steven Moffat, and Mark Gatiss. If I owned Sherlock and Molly Hooper, then there would be a lot more Sherlolly in the show. All mistakes are mine. Reviews and constructive criticism are welcome.

Mycroft crossed his legs and glared at his brother. Sighing heavily, the former glanced at his watch. “Sherlock, I don’t have all day.”

The detective rolled his eyes. “Why? What coup are you planning today? Are you supposed to be rigging an election or something?” He lifted his left eyebrow. “You’re not behind the rise of racially motivated crimes and police brutality in America, are you?”

“I have nothing to do with what’s happening in America.” He winced, as if disappointed with himself for answering his brother’s questions. He sat back and took a deep breath. “Miss Hooper has been frequenting this flat for several months.”


“And you have been seen in her building multiple times.”

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Hello! Hi! Sorry for just getting to his now! School and finals have taken over my life and will be my life until the end of this week! yay!

1) “Pull over.  Let me drive for awhile.”

Your name: submit What is this?

It was a late night, Shawn had just finished performing at Toronto’s Jingle Ball.  And with some time off from school, you decided that it would be a good time to see Shawn perform before things got a little too hectic with University.  It was quite fun watching him perform, but it was also nice watching the other artist from backstage with Shawn.

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Sherlolly Appreciation Week, Day 2: Established Sherlolly can’t keep their hands to themselves

A/N: Also for sherlockian87, who was looking for fluffy fics earlier. Hope it’s fluffy enough.

Rating: Strong T

Disclaimer: As per usual, I own nothing. Everything belongs to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, BBC, Steven Moffat, and Mark Gatiss. If I owned Sherlock and Molly Hooper, then there would be a lot more Sherlolly in the show. All mistakes are mine. Reviews and constructive criticism are welcome.

“Stop it, Sherlock,” Molly told him while removing his hands from her waist.

“But it’s been a few weeks since we spent a significant amount of time together,” he grumbled as he kissed her cheek and placed his hands on her hips. “The cases that took me away from London required considerable time and concentration to solve. If not for the daily check-ins, we wouldn’t get to communicate at all.” He took a deep breath before planting a kiss on top of her head. “Anyway, I’ve missed you.”

“Aww, that’s so sweet!” she cooed, prompting him to roll his eyes. “I’ve missed you too. But I’m at work. My boss could see us.”

He looked round the lab and smirked at her. “I don’t see anyone else here. Also, I locked the door while you were doing your paperwork. And your boss is too busy dealing with several scheduling conflicts, so I doubt he’ll––”

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Kaidan Appreciation Week - 5

Day 5 - Romance

Day 1 - Family
Day 2 - Childhood
Day 3 - Combat
Day 4 - Friendship

There was an ambient bossa track playing over the stereo system when Kaidan let himself back into Shepard’s apartment, and there was a grunting from the downstairs bedroom.

“Shepard?” Kaidan called. He made a bee-line for the back room, but moved sluggishly–between all the appearances and charity gigs in the last several hours, he felt grimy and exhausted underneath his armor. In the back bedroom, Shepard was on the floor pounding through a set of push-ups at practically boot-camp speed. 

Kaidan crossed his arms, and cleared his throat. “What the hell do you think you’re doing, Shepard?” Shepard looked up, kept himself suspended on his arms and threw Kaidan a brilliant grin. 

“Almost done with my workout.” Beads of sweat were caught in the scars that were slowly healing from his face, and his white shirt had a dark ‘V’ from the collar to the navel.  Kaidan’s pajama pants were actually starting to look tight on Shepard’s legs again.

“You just had an operation today,” Kaidan chided, deciding to gingerly lower himself to sit on the floor after noticing how clean the bed looked.

“A small operation,” Shepard panted, “And I got back hours ago. Even took a nap. You would’ve been proud of me.”

“Yeah, well…” Kaidan shook his head in defeat and tipped back prone on the floor, feeling the muscles in his back slowly relax against the floor. Now it was Shepard’s turn to laugh.

“You look exhausted.”

“I feel exhausted!”

Shepard came to his knees, shuffled over to Kaidan and stretched out again into push-up position over top of Kaidan’s body. The look he gave Kaidan had nothing of the hospital-bed determination Kaidan had been so used to seeing on his face. 

“That’s what you get for packing your whole social calendar into one day,” Shepard whispered, chest still heaving with the exertions of his workout.

“Wanted to make sure I got to spend my time with you,” when Kaidan saw the way his lower lip trembled, his kissed it deeply and folded Shepard into his arms. Any breath Shepard had caught since putting his set on hold had been kissed out of him by the time Kaidan pulled back and ran his hands down his body. “Saw a lot of things that… made me think, today.”

“Like?” Shepard nuzzled into Kaidan’s hair, his hips pressing him down into the carpet.

“Just… kids and… people rebuilding. Bunch of bright new recruits at C-Sec. Feels like the war’s really over…”

“It is Kaidan.” Shepard kissed him again, “We did it. You and me.”

“Yeah,” Kaidan hungrily accepted Shepard’s kiss. 

“So… you ditched your mom just to interrupt my workout?” Shepard said playfully, but there was a needy suggestion hiding just behind his eyes, and Kaidan caught it.

“Miranda called me said they’d be getting dinner together at Apollo’s,” Kaidan said as Shepard began unbuckling his armor with nimble fingers. “Said she’d bring her back here when she was done.”

“Haven’t seen her,” Shepard said, pulling off the chest-plate to find Kaidan’s bare chest beneath. 

“Figured I’d come home early: been thinking about you all day.” Kaidan’s breath hitched when Shepard kissed a line from navel to collarbone. “Worried about you…”

Shepard gave him a skeptical look and settled back onto his chest, taking Kaidan’s face in his hands.

“See, couldn’t you just have left it at ‘I was thinking about you all day?’” The kiss he gave Kaidan was mingled sadness and love. “You don’t have to worry about me all the time.”

“I love you,” Kaidan let the words tickle at Shepard’s ear as he pulled him into his body. “Of course I worry about you.”

“You could pretend to not worry.” Shepard buried his face in Kaidan’s neck.

“I think we’ve done enough pretending.” Kaidan rolled them over, staring down. Shepard nodded and smiled. 

“Alright, Kay. I worry about you too,” he squeezed Kaidan’s hand. “Although, seeing you in that armor puts other thoughts in my head…”

Kaidan scarcely heard, and instead was staring at Shepard’s taped hands. 

“Wha–what’s this? You’ve been using the punching bag?”

“I didn’t have any other way to let go of my tension till you got home.”

“Come on,” Kaidan got his feet, “I’m taking this tape off you! You need to relax!” He led Shepard out to the hall.

You need to take this armor off and relax, lover!” Shepard playfully pushed him into the bathroom. “I think we have plenty of time before your mom gets back…”

“Umm, actually,” came a meek feminine voice from the upstairs, “I’ve been here for about an hour… didn’t want to spoil your exercise, dear. So I’ve been in the living room… just… living…”

Kaidan’s eyes went wide.

“She’s definitely your mother,” Shepard muttered, adjusting himself and blocking Kaidan’s bare chest from view as Mrs. Alenko swept down the stairs with a sheepish blush on her face. “Mrs. Alenko… I’m… just so pleased to meet you…”

Here’s more of the A/B/O AU I promised on finishing! Hope you guys enjoy it!

Spacedogs Appreciation Week is almost over and I have had so many people reblog and like my writing, I am forever grateful! It means a lot to me, seeing that happen!

If any of you have more prompts about Spacedogs that you did not see or have a unfufilled thirst for it, then I welcome any prompts (Spacedogs or any Hannigram AU, for that matter) any time of the year! It’s been great! I’m really looking forward to the next one!

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