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A note to fanfic writers from an artist.

I’m gonna say something that’s been on my mind for a while now. I want to thank the fanfic winters out there who spend hours writing beautiful pieces of work to share with others, and I’m sorry that so many of you don’t get the recognition or thanks that you truly deserve.

 Coming from an artist, I truly believe that writers have it much harder compared to illustrators in terms of gaining fans and receiving recognition. For artists such as myself, it’s much easier to receive followers, likes, and reblogs because people only need a few seconds to decide whether or not they like the art style and if they want to share it or not. I also have a multitude of social media platforms to choose from: Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Patreon, Deviantart, heck even YouTube and AO3 if I wanted to. For writers, it’s much harder (not only because their platforms are more limited) but because most people either skip past the word of text, don’t have the time to read the fic, or ‘like’ the fic to read it at a later time. This makes it very difficult for fanfic writers to get their work circulated and to gain new fans. 

Additionally, unlike artists, it’s extremely hard to profit off writing (unless you get to publish a book in which case- YAY!!!! But the chances of being published is very very slim;;). Illustrators frequently sell merch, have Patreons, or fill commissions to make a little extra money on the side. With fanfic writers, that’s close to impossible to do. I saw a writer I follow try to open a Patreon and charge three bucks a chapter for a fic they spent hours writing. Three bucks for a 5,000+ word chapter. Thats like five double-spaced, five-paged essays. Do you know how long it takes to write that many words? Asking for three bucks was already extremely, EXTREMELY cheap. But of course, ‘paying for fanfic???? Noooo.’ The amount of hate and negativity that the author received just blew me away. Authors spend just as much time on their works as artists do, so why are some people willing to pay $25-$85 for a drawing, but not three bucks for a chapter? I’m not saying that artists don’t deserve the recognition or money they earn because I know that artists put a lot of time and effort into their art, and I applaud them for utilizing their talents to reach where they are today. I just wish that more people would also give some of their love to the amazing fanfic writers who are underappreciated and deserve so much more. It’s very discouraging when you spend hours on something and barely get recognition for it. So please, help support fanfic writers by sharing their work so they can gain new fans and allow other people to see their amazing talents as well.

okay first things first: i love and support everyone equally in bts but i feel i need to get this off my chest. can we just appreciate Kim Namjoon?
can we appreciate how much he’s done not only for bts, for the boys, for bighit, for kpop, for his family but for his korean and international fans as well?

like without him bangtan wouldn’t exist. well maybe it would but not in this kind of form. and let’s be honest; this bangtan is the best bangtan.

he’s such an amazing leader too. he’s always there for the other members whenever they’re sad, exhausted, in need of positivity, feel like giving up… they always have a shoulder they can lean on and it’s Namjoon’s. he always makes sure that everyone is okay, everyone is happy and everyone does their best and works hard. he’s the one who always wants the boys to be a part of english conversations to so he helps them with their english whenever he can. he translates english stuff to korean so the boys won’t feel like they’re left out of something. he protects his bandmates at all cost but he also scolds them if they’ve done something wrong (lol papa Joon has no chill)

he proved that just because you’re coming from a small company, you can still make a name for yourself in the music industry. after all: not the company but your work will affect people.

because of Namjoon bts didn’t stop until they became the first kpop group to win an award, break a voting record with 300 million (!!!) votes but still staying the same humble guys they really are. they proved that a simple group that has an amazing leader at front is capable to do anything. buf ofc all 7 of the boys needed to be a part of this to make it work. y'know TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK❤️

can we also appreciate that RapMon proved his family that they made the right choice that day when they allowed him to be a musician instead of making sure he cares about university and stuff. he proved that his family made the right choice because now everyone knows who bts are and with this he shut every hater’s mouth.

and now comes the most important thing: THANK YOU NAMJOON. Thank you for always talking to us i-fans in english, for teaching the boys english, for translating english speeches to korean so your k-fans can understand you as well and basically for inspiring us. For never giving up on us. For always being there with us. For saving our lives. For taking care of us. For talking to us through your lyrics. For never taking a step back whenever you experience hate, a bad scandal or something tough. Thank you for supporting us, loving us, for empowering us to be stronger, to be more confident. Thank you for telling us not to give up on our dreams, never be affraid to try out something new.

Thank you so much for everything, Kim Namjoon. You saved our lives and you changed our lives. Thank you for being the best leader and taking care of our boys. ARMY LOVES YOU RAP MONSTER❤️


fanfic appreciation: the confessions of sins by erinya @

every moment of my life with jack was like that. all sharp ecstasy and bright desperation, freedom like wine, desire like fate. we were greedy for one another, and we both knew it could not last forever.

not all treasure is silver and gold, you know. or do you? you, my jailor, my confessor, my pardoner, upon whose forbearance my life and another’s hang in the balance? have you had a love like that? 

Malec Fic Rec (part 2)

Ok so on the back of my last post I’ve spent the day remembering all the fics I’ve missed out and quite frankly that won’t do…So did I mention I’m weak…I have to do some more (and there will be some more popular ones in here because I can’t resist)

Bibliophile - Dorkberto (rating T) 3631 words Complete


what can I say apart from this fic is lovely. Featuring Alec the love sick librarian  and a very glittery Magnus. Seriously great writing and another smile all the way through fic

So Bright - Lemonoclefox (rating G) 17504 words complete


Hands down this is probably one of my favourite fake dating fics (sort of). All set within the shadow hunters world but with an alternative timeline.

Fall Without Wings - Vulturemonem (rating M) 19/? WIP


Ok so Im not normally a fan of wing fics but this is perfection. The attention to detail here is off the charts to the extent that each chapter is named after a different bird (which makes me ridiculously happy). When Alec’s life is saved by the high warlock of Brooklyn, a known enemy of the clave, his whole world view is brought into doubt…

Fool’s Rush In - Maleciseverything (rating M) 85198 words complete

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right? Well not if you end up married to a complete stranger…this story is a delight, the perfect mix of humour, angst and fluff…basically all you would expect from this super talented writer.

Oh and check out the WIP Take me To Church…so good

Addicted to You - Alxsteele (rating M) 78701 words Complete


No strings sex without feelings..well that always works out well doesn’t it? This is great, expect pinning, angst and ultimately the happy ending we all need.

Bright Lights, Small Town - Lecrit (rating E) 104298 words complete


Ok I’ve probably heard of this fic before and I’m breaking my own rules but seriously how can you do a Malec fic rec without including something by the wonderful Lecrit.

Seriously all their fics are amazing but this one holds a special place in my heart because not only is it super lovely but it has such beautiful description of grief and finding your place in the world. Also Magnus’ dog’s names…:-)

Never Stand Between Two Mirrors - Oncethrown (rating M) 51758 words complete


I know, I know it’s another classic…did I mention I’m weak…but seriously who can resist alt!Alec being thrown through a portal into the institute…I mean Im only human come on…If for whatever reason you haven’t read this, what are you waiting for DO IT NOW

Trust - MuscleMemory (rating M) 995 words complete


Fluff and angst you say…don’t worry I got you covered..this is the perfect little drabble for you and a wonderful exploration of Alec’s insecurities.

Heck just read all the dribbles in the You Call and I respond, The Sparrow and The Song series…oh and everything else as well…

Lunch Break - damnyoudaddario (rating T) 2909 words complete


This is the perfect little smut/comedy fic. The dynamic between Alec and Magnus is just spot on and lets be honest this is pretty much exactly what we’d expect if the pair of them were caught in a boring Clave meeting together.

Signatures - Insieme (not rated) 3185 words complete


Ok so to end with a fluffy college AU fic because who doesn’t want that. This is so cute and let’s be honest if Magnus was in college we know he would totally use glittery pens to take notes.

No doubt I’ve missed other fics I love but as I have all the organisational skills of a highly disorganised bluebottle (Not that Im judging bluebottles mind you…) that will have to do for now….hey you know as well as I do I’ll be back with more recs soonish, probably with the excuse that I’m an idiot for not adding them before…

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Nosy Rosy Big Brother

Originally posted by oldbucksicle

Summary: Dean’s hit with a strong case of curiosity. Pure, uncontrollable curiosity that leads to him finding a treasure trove of nasty little things.
Paring: Sam/Reader, Dean/Reader (kinda), Implied Sam/Reader/Dean at the end
Word Count: ~2.5K
Warnings: FILTH. At this point it’d be easier to name what’s not in this fic, but I’ll name a few that are; smut (obvy), dirty text, nudey pics, sex videos of Sam/Reader, masturbation, anal play, anal sex, vaginal sex, dirty talk, copious amounts of semen, Sam’s a big fan of creampies (both of the butt and vag variety), more masturbation, voyeurism, NSFW gifs just to really mess y'all up :)
a/n: aight don’t judge me but I only have one fic to post today bc school’s got me fucked up and has literally sucked my soul from my body. I’m still working on some of the requests you guys have sent in and other WIP’s as the mood/will to do anything but cry in a corner hits me (lol but I’m fine tho I swear) I hope you guys enjoy my contribution for Smut Appreciation Day 2017!

The first time Dean “snoops"—it’s by total accident. 

Sam had lent him his phone after Dean’s had been compromised on the hunt that they had just finished. Long story short; phone in pocket plus getting pushed into pool by werewolf equals no bueno. Dean pulled up the messaging app to shoot the hunter that been helping them out a text to let him know that everything had been squared away, but when Dean went to tap compose message, his thumb took a sharp left and ended up pulling up the messages between you and Sam. 

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fanfic writers appreciation day

@plumblackjeon - you love angst, filthy smut and a fucked up Jungkook? This is the place to be. I look up to her so much and she never fails to amaze me with her writing talent. Please send her lots of love! oh and definitely check out ‘Radio Chaos’ & ‘Drug Wars’

@btssmutgalore - Girl, you are the queen of smut. Enough said. I may or may not be a sucker for the Business series. But… not just your writing is amazing. You are a such a kind person! And remember: I always got your back!

@the-third-guy-from-the-left - comedy & cliffhanger queen!!! Seriously, she makes me go crazy with her cliffhangers. Ughhhh whyyyy????? And I cant wait for all the great ideas and stories that are about to come. But pls stoooop making me suffer so much - even if I like it ;)

@jungkookfortunekookies - Fluff & Crack and lots and lots of Jungkook - the funniest stories i’ve ever read! Check out her fanfic: The Roommate

@minsugasnerd - such a great talented writer! You should all check her series ‘Nothing else matters’ because its such a good Yoongi fic. I cant wait for the next chapters, you have me right on the edge of my seat!

@writtenyoongi - Talented. Amazing. Such an unique writing style!!!! Send her lots of love because I literally love every thing she puts out!

@saltyauntsuga - BLOOD WORK! BLOOD WORK! BLOOD WORK!!!!! Y’all better check her stories out, because it’s so well thought out and it always amazes me how much thought and detail she puts into everything. 


Malec Fic Recs

So…Ive been meaning to do this for a while so here goes..Im trying to concentrate on fics I’ve found that have smaller hit rates because quite frankly there are some amazing stories out there by super talent writers that you really, really should give a shot… but realistically there’ll be some more well known ones as well because I’m weak

Anyway enough blithering on here goes…

Permanent Resident - Bumblebeesknees (rating E)  15015 words Complete

Full disclosure I’m a massive mythology geek so this is right up my street. This mythology AU features Magnus/Hades, Alec/Persephone, Jace/Hermes and Maryse/Demeter amongst many others.

It’s a funny and sweet take on a traditional myth and is a joy to read…I guarantee it’ll make you smile :-)

Devotion - JezTheMadFicster (rating T) 3707words Complete  @jezthemadficster

This little fic is simply adorable and a must read. Lecturer Magnus AU and the language of flowers and it’s lovely…truly. Jez is such a talented writer as I hope a lot of you already have discovered but this little gem is perfect in every way.

(Also if you haven’t read Jez’s WIP I Won’t Let You Fall read it cos it’s awesome)

It’s a Kind of Magic - Thealmostrhetoricalquestion (rating G) WIP chapters 3/?


What can I say about this fic…it’s a delight. Featuring Magical Magnus and Human Alec and a very magical flat. It’s sweet and funny and beautifully observed. If you want a fic to brighten your day and make you laugh this is the one for you…

Hour Of Separation - blj2007 (rating T) 5048 Words Complete 


Want some BAMFAlec and BAMFMagnus…well this one’s for you. I literally couldn’t not include it because not only is Britt a wonderful writer but she’s also an all round lovely human being. Seriously this is so good…do check out her other works, I promise you’ll be glad you did…

Sympathy for the Prince - Ketz  (rating M) 31,867 words Complete


Lucifer meets Malec..sign me up…Let’s face it everything Ketz writes is amazing and this is no exception. It’s funny and sweet with a detective background. 

Oh and do read some of Ketz’s other fics as well - you won’t regret it.

Count to Ten and Breathe - StarWitness42 (rating G463 words Complete


Ok so this little drabble post 2x12 is seriously angsty but it’s just so good…it may break your heart but trust me it’s worth it.

Cheer yourself up by reading StarWitness’ multi chapter fic Holding the stick immediately afterwards…honestly so good..

Lead The Way - clockworkswan (rating T) 28806 words complete


Doctor who/Malec fusion and its lovely…truly. Let’s be honest we all know that anything this writer produces is pure gold and this is no exception…I thoroughly recommend binging the rest of this writer’s works too..

Driving Him Insane - LadyMatt (rating M) 1504 words Complete @ladymatt

A perfect little smuttastic drabble by the lovely M. I had to include this because a) its really good and b) LadyMatt is such a great person and doesn’t realise how good a writer she is as well as being an awesome Beta to boot.

ok so that’s it for now… honestly i could go on for days because there are so many talented writers in this fandom I can’t even…. I’ve tried to include the less well known fics here (I’ve cheated a little with some very popular talented writers so there’s that) and there are so many awesome stories that I adore so I will almost certainly rec more soon…If anyone has any recs feel free to tell me - as an avid reader Im desperate for more…

Oh and don’t forget if you like any of these fics don’t forget to comment…you’ll make a writers day - and happy writers tend to write more so it’s win win :-)

I just wanted to belong

A/N: Happy Angst Appreciation Day round three, it’s a day late, but life happens. Reader is Dean’s 17 year old daughter who has a twin brother named Robby.

Dean x Daughter!Reader    Sam x Sister!Reader

Originally posted by sammy-samulet

You stood at the counter of the diner trying to decide if you should go back to the booth where your father, uncle, and twin brother sat, or if you’d have a better time alone at the counter. You’d gone up to ask for more napkins to clean up a spill that Robby, your twin had made. However glancing back you saw that they had waved down the waitress who your dad and brother were both flirting with.

With the roll of your eyes you took a seat at the counter; knowing you’d actually enjoy your meal if you weren’t near your father or brother.

You loved them both dearly and at one point your entire family was so close knit that your absence would have been noticed right away. However as you grew older the bond you shared with your twin and father began to disappear and once you started going on hunts with your dad and uncle, it all but vanished.

At first you told yourself that you were overreacting; that your father was just constantly worried about you, but as time went on you saw how close Robby and your dad still were, yet you remained on the outside.

It was something that your dad and brother both seemed oblivious to. Whenever you’d try to involve yourself in what they were doing they would send you away with some excuse as to why you couldn’t participate with them and soon you just stopped asking.

This never seemed to effect them, but it sure effected you.

Your father and Robby might not have seen what they were doing, but your Uncle Sam sure did. At first he tried to stick up for you, pointing out to Dean all the times it seemed that Robby and him would purposefully leave you out. Dean would deny it and after countless arguments with no change Sam stopped trying. Instead he became the figure in your life you so desperately wanted.

Still, there were times that Sam got sucked into whatever fun Robby and your dad were having; leaving you to be the outsider in your family again.

It was a role you learned to accept and gave up hope that it’d change.

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after reading fanfiction my tolerance was regular books has decreased so much. i mean i know that books are great and all, and i still love them, but where the fuck am i going to find one where i get to have sex with alexander fucking hamilton??


Summary: As a teenager you’d been best friends with Sam Winchester, particularly since your mother and his father hunted together whenever they felt they needed backup. But then you’d moved country, and all interactions with the Winchesters were of the non-physical kind. So when they call on you for backup, you jump at the chance to see your best friend again, not to mention see his big brother, on who you’d had a mild crush on.
The hunt goes well, the rest of the evening, however, doesn’t exactly go your way.  
: Alpha!DeanxOmega!Reader
: 3963
: A/B/O Dynamics. Smut.
AN: This was an Anon Request! I’m quite pleased with this one, and kinda tempted to write a sequel… let me know what you think of that idea!!!
Constructive Criticism Welcome!!!


Your phone started ringing for the third time in a row, and you couldn’t suppress your exasperated groan as you tugged a sweatshirt over your wet hair and damp skin. Snatching it up off the scuff-marked plastic table you chanced a quick glance at the caller ID before answering.

Sam Winchester.

Of course.

“You better have a damn good reason for disturbing my day off, Winchester,” you teased, tucking the mobile between your shoulder and ear so you could return to the damp towel you’d tossed onto the bed and set about drying your hair more thoroughly. The bastard knew you were taking a day to pamper yourself, yet still decided to drive you mad with your own ringtone. How very rude of him.

On the end of the line, Sam just chuckled, and you could just picture him shaking his head slightly in amusement.

“Yeah, sorry about that,” he laughed, but you could detect genuine regret in his voice. “It’s just that I know you’re nearby, and me and Dean could use an extra pair of hands on this one. Dean will hate me when he finds out I rang… he doesn’t like thinking there are more Vamps than we can handle,” he said. A faint scraping sound in the background suggested that he’d just taken a seat, too.

As you once again dropped the towel onto your bed in favour of your hairbrush, you let out an amused titter. “Certainly sounds like Dean,” you mused, “sounds like he’s well on his way to becoming one of those stereotypical stubborn Alphas you get on TV.”

Once again, you heard the distinctive rumble of Sam laughing. That was when a thought hit you, and your face lit up in a smile so broad that your cheeks actually hurt.

“Hold up… does-does that mean I actually get to see you guys? And I mean see you, not just skype or a screen-shared movie?”

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On the day after fanfiction writer appreciation day, and all the other days of the year too, I want to give a shout out to all of the writers who didn’t get a shout out.

To the writers who haven’t written in a long time, you’re still amazing.

To the writers who don’t get all the kudos or comments.

To the writers that the rec lists never mention.

To the writers who don’t feel good enough.

Shout out to all the fanfiction writers. Just because you didn’t make the rec lists this time doesn’t mean you won’t next time, and if you don’t that’s okay.

You’re still great and you’re still appreciated.

Harder (Smut)


A/N: This took me so long to finish. Here’s a mix between some jerking off and some passionate sex. I’d love to hear what you think. 

Word count: 3,295

After Karen and I picked up Shawn at the airport, we went straight back to their house to spend the night. Though Shawn would have rather gone home, he’d finally given in after a couple of hours pouting childishly in the car from the airport and back to Pickering. 

It wasn’t that I didn’t understand he wanted to spend his first night back in his own apartment, but his cousin were graduating tomorrow and driving all the way back and forth two days in a row was just stupid when Karen and Manny had left Shawn’s old room untouched since he moved. 

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