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4 years // For you || part six Dan Howell

A/N: I ended the last chapter on a little cliffhanger so here is part six, i hope you enjoy it!

Word Count: 1.2K

POV: Reader


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The sun was weak as Dan and I headed to Phil’s car that he parked in the drive way. We had gotten up early because we didn’t want Luke to be all by himself when he woke up.

It was soon to be autumn. The air was fresh and the leaves of the oak tree, that I used to sit under when I was younger, started to turn orange.

We walked through the front doors of the hospital together and greeted the old lady at the reception. At this time of the day the hallways were mainly empty. We passed a few nurses and doctors but we seemed to be one of the only visitors.  

Dan knew exactly where to go this time and as we stood in front of Luke’s room the look on his face was extremely different than it was yesterday. Less than 24 hours ago he was terrified and close to having a panic attack, but now his brown eyes sparkled with excitement and it seemed like he couldn’t wait to see his son again.

When we quietly entered his room Luke was still asleep. I saw a soft smile appear on Dan’s face as he saw his son like that and the sight warmed my heart in the purest way possible.

“He is the cutest thing in the entire world.” Dan whispered fondly as we sat down and just waited for our little one to wake up.

I told Dan more about Luke, that he used to kick me a lot during my pregnancy for example. Or that his first word was Mummy and he only ever ate one specific baby food brand.

Dan listened carefully, eager to know as much as possible about Lucas.  

“You are still here!” Was the first thing Luke said when he woke up. His silvery voice was filled with enthusiasm and relief while his light brown hair was ruffled and pointed into all different directions.

“Morning sunshine.” I chirped as I walked over to his bed and picked him up.

He wrapped his tiny arms around my neck and kissed my cheek lightly.

“Of course! Your daddy is still here. He promised you, didn’t he?” I said as I tapped his little nos, earning a bright giggle.

It’s been a few months since Luke’s last chemotherapy and although he was still suffering from its horrible side effects he could still smile and I had never been more thankful for anything in my life.

“Do you want your dad to hold you?” I asked my little angle.

Dan’s head snapped up as his eyes widened. Suddenly he looked nervous again.

Luke on the other hand nodded vigorously.

“Are you sure that I should hold him, Y/N? I really don’t know how-“ Dan babbled awkwardly, as I walked over to him with Luke in my arms.

“Dan” I laughed. “He is not a new born anymore, it will be fine.” I assured him as Dan took Luke in his arms.

“Woah. You’re so much taller than Mummy.” Luke realised in amazement, making Dan and I laugh.

As our laughter filled the small hospital room the world felt at peace for a few short seconds. It felt good, it felt like Dan had never left and like Luke wasn’t suffering from an life-threatening illness.

But then the door was opened, not slowly but with a hurried push.

Dr Lancaster was wearing his white coat and although he had a polite smile on his face most of the time, his eyebrows were furrowed together and his smile was nowhere to be found.

“Good morning, doctor.” I greeted him with an uneasy feeling in my stomach region.

“It’s good to see that you are here already, Miss Y/L/N.” he said. “You must be Mr Howell, right?” he added, eyeing Dan who was still stood in the corner holding Luke who was clinging onto him.

“May I ask you two to come talk in my office?” Dr Lancaster asked, trying to keep his voice neutral.

Dan and I instantly agreed and followed him outside while a nurse took care of Luke and gave him his medication in the meantime.

Dr Lancaster’s office was a small room filled with patient charts and a huge desk. The air was hot and fuggy but that wasn’t the only reason why I was unable to breath.

Being in this room had never meant anything good before and I was sick with worry.  

The older man silently cleared his throat before he started talking.

“I’m sorry to tell you that Luke’s condition has worsened drastically. Our machines detected a few irregularities tonight, we don’t know why yet. The stem cell transplant is currently vital, I fear that it might be our only hope now.”    

I felt Dan stiffen up in shock and concern beside me as my heart sunk to my knees and I felt the need to gasp for air.

“He will make it if we start now.” Dr Lancaster calmed us down as he questioningly looked at Dan.

“I’m here, I’m ready.” Dan almost screamed.

The doctor nodded and asked us to follow him once again. This time he walked us to an empty hospital room where nurses were already waiting and greeted us as soon as we walked in.

10 minutes later Dan had rolled his sleeve up and was resting on one of the beds.

“This is going to take about 4 hours, Mr Howell. Just try to relax.” One of the nurses said the moment she pushed a needle into Dan’s underarm, right into his largest vein.

Dan winced at the sudden pain.

“We need to filter the stem cells out of your blood, that’s why it takes some time. But I’m sure they’ll help Lucas.” Dr Lancaster explained.

I spent all of those four hours holding Dan’s hand while Luke was being prepared for the transplant and I couldn’t be with him anymore.

We were both praying that Dan’s stem cells would help our son and since the doctor assured us that they surely will we were able to calm down a little bit.

Although it probably wasn’t one of the most comfortable feelings in the world for Dan he didn’t complain once and we just talked through it like we did this morning when we were waiting for Luke to wake up and everything was a little bit more alright.

“He really likes you.” I said, making Dan smile.

“I wish I would have been there from the start. I would have loved to hold him as a new born and see him grow up. I think I’ll never forgive myself for missing that.” He admitted.

“I’m just really great you’re here now. He will still grow a lot, you know? Especially since his father is a giant.” I laughed and shot him an encouraging smile.

And for a little while I really thought that we were going to be fine, that the universe was on our side now and that one day soon we could be a real little family.

If only Dr Lancaster hadn’t been wrong…

Mind Games

Author- @skepticalstilinski

Characters- Void!Stiles x Reader

Words-  3174


A/N- I finally finished my fanfic! Oh my god! Thank you so much @villain-void for showing me that insta edit of Void!Stiles, you are literally so awesome, ilysm!! This fanfic is for @villain-void - she inspired me so hard to publish this fanfic, GODD THANK YOU D!!! LOVVVE YOUU!!

Song Choice- Right Here by Chase Atlantic (their songs today are so fucking good, plus the song goes so well with this fanfic!!) hope you enjoy this fanfics and more are going to come xx!

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Hevie Fanfic Community

Hey everyone! :D 

For anyone who likes reading fanfics on, I’ve set up a community there for hevie, so that it makes it a wee bit easier to find stories with the pairing there.

Link: Hevie Stories

I think I found all the hevie stories on it so far… I think… if not and you noticed one missing or have a new one you’d like added just let me know and I’ll add it. 


Group: BTS


Summary: When you’re angry Yoongi turns the air conditioner up so you cuddle up to him.

Genre: fluff

Length: 0.8k

A/N: i don’t feel the cold so this wouldn’t effect me

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“Don’t look at me like that,” you sighed crossing your arms over your chest as you sat on the sofa, moving as far away from Yoongi as possible. He let out a heavy sigh before he stood and walked away, as you called after him, “bye asshole.”

He scoffed head peeking out from the kitchen, black fringe splayed across his head as he pushed it back, “Love you too princess.” Your heart fluttered before you forced your face back into a scowl as you stared at the movie that was playing, vibrant colours throwing shadows on your face as Yoongi leant against the doorframe watching you with a small smile on his face. As he looked at your profile and knew what he had to do to get you to forgive him.

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Rivers ‘til I Reach You by Embodied

pairing: Harry / Louis
rating: Explicit
word count: 29k

Louis can’t begin to understand how he’s always this close and still can’t manage to make Harry his. He stands up and gets another beer. 

AU. louis studies astronomy, harry studies louis. they spend their summers on the water and it shouldn’t be complicated. (spoiler: it is.)

For the @1dbigbang round 5, written by @southerngothicau

the blue notebooks

time travel au

pairing: jimin | reader
genre: fluff, angst
word count: 8.575
warnings: none
author’s note: this story will have a sequel since there is much, much more I want to tell, but I wanted to keep it under 10k and I figured this part worked well as a standalone. please enjoy :)

You meet Park Jimin after a particularly rough landing.

You wish time traveling was as easy as the books like to describe, or as beautifully romantic as the movies depict. It is a concept that’s been overly embroidered with advantages that do not exist — and even if normal humans see it as a fortuitous skill, one they long to have, they rarely realize that having a normal life is out of the question for your kind. Even so, there is no point in wishing for something that won’t happen in this lifetime, not with the time traveling genes burning strong within your veins.

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