So Color Me Green With Disgust (or maybe with envy)

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by lapsus_calami

Derek’s as straight as a ruler and he’s totally okay with that. He’s also okay with Stiles being as straight as a bendable squiggly straw. Or at least he thought he was. Recent events have him wondering if he’s secretly some sort of homophobe, and it’s seriously starting to affect his and Stiles’ relationship in a bad way.

Words: 3828, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Anon requested: For a chubby self conscious reader being teased for being fat and they say no one could pick her up but Gadreel over hears (she lives w/ the Winchesters) and gadreel picks her up so easy and snirks at the dickheads. And walks back to Dean.

A/N: I’ve never written Gadreel before: he’s probably horribly ooc, but I’m satisfied with the result. And anon, I hope I didn’t butcher your request too much: I kinda ran amok with it… And I hope you wanted a Gadreel x reader, because that’s what I wrote.

Let me know what you think. I thrive on feedback. Also, let me know if you want me to tag you in future stories :)

Word count: 3564

The hunt was over. Fucking finally!! After three gruelling weeks, night upon sleepless night of research, and one face palming epiphany, the three of you had reversed the curse that had turned the whole town into mindless zombies more or less.

Of course, Gadreel had helped you out. He spent most of his days in the bunker or on the road with you anyway.

At first, Sam and Dean, but especially Sam, had been super uncomfortable, but the angel had apologised and apologised, doing his best to earn forgiveness. Eventually the Winchesters had grown used to him being there, and you suspected they even began to enjoy his company.

This made you very happy. The angel had grown on you too, and after a few months you realised that you had developed a teensy crush on him. All right. It wasn’t a tiny one: maybe you’d even go so far as to say you were in love – and although you’d never say it out loud, Dean had asked you why you were always humming “that song from Hercules”.

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Can You Hold Me?

Originally posted by silent-rain91

Author’s Note: This is a Happy Lowman Prompt Meme Request for 99&100 “I don’t care what they said, it doesn’t mean shit!” “I adore you.” as requested by Anonymous. Apologies ahead of time for this piece. I’m feeling particularly angsty tonight. 

Can You Hold Me?

She sits at the kitchen table, tears rolling at a steady pace down her cheeks. She’s been frozen to the same spot for hours, the only marker for the time that’s passed is the growing mountain of balled up tissue in front of her. She’s ignored every phone call, her emotions so uncontrollable that she couldn’t even bring herself to go back to work.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. It was never part of the plan; and when the sound of Happy’s bike roaring into the drive way fills the silence she flicks her eyes to the clock that ticks away on the wall. Right on time; as always.

“Babe,” Happy calls out, and she listens, knowing his routine by heart. He shrugs out of his Cut taking a moment to hang it on the peg beside her coat, wallet, keys, and gun in the basket on the living room table. His footsteps are heavy on the kitchen floor and closing her eyes she braces herself.

His hands land on her shoulders, his lips pressed to her hair, and she swears she can feel his lips curve against her head.

“Gemma said you didn’t come back in after your appointment this afternoon,” he says, hands trailing down the front of her, palms brushing over her chest coming to rest on her stomach. “Does it mean what I think it does?”

She hates the excitement in his voice. Hates that she has to be the one to tell him.

“Hap,” her voice breaks, betraying her and he moves quick, turning her chair so that she has no choice but to look at him, but she can’t. She stares at her hands as they grip the material of her jeans.

“What is it? What’s wrong?” he forces her chin up with his fingers.

“I’m not pregnant,” she says, the words barely passing her lips.

“Oh,” Happy deflates, settling back on his heels and with a nonchalant shrug he lets out a sigh. “So we keep trying, you won’t hear me complain.” His optimism makes her come completely undone. She shakes her head furiously as she starts to sob. “What? Babe, what is it? It’s going to be okay.”

“No, Happy, it isn’t. You don’t understand, it’s not just that I’m not pregnant. I can’t get pregnant,” she stammers her arms coming up to wrap protectively around herself as he pushes to his feet. The look on his face is one made of equal parts confusion and devastation, and through blurred eyes she watches him run his hands over his head.

“What are you talking about?” he demands, and she winces. She knew he’d be angry, God knows she’s is, her defective body enraging her.

“The doctor said…”

“I don’t care what they said, it doesn’t mean shit!” Happy cuts her off, “Doctors make bad calls all the time, you see the stories everywhere, hell you cry over them almost daily. Some doctor tells someone they can’t have kids, and boom, baby.” She grabs his hands stilling him from his mad pacing knowing that if she doesn’t tell him the rest now, she’d lose the strength to later.

“I have cancer.”


He’d done and seen things that the vast majority of people could never dream of; but hands down the hardest thing he’s done is watch her get so sick. He stuck with her, there was never a question in his mind of doing any differently, and the one time he overheard someone say he should run while he could, he about took their head off.

There isn’t a thing in this world that could make him run, not from her.

He’d clean up all of the vomit in the world for her, he’d hold her while she was sick, even if it meant gritting his teeth when she started wasting away and he worried that he’d break her if he hugged too tight. He’d stick like fucking glue.

He watches her sleep, his legs kicked up on her hospital bed and because his fingers demand it he reaches over and brushes them over her head, and he remembers the morning two months ago when she woke up and came out sobbing with clumps of hair in her hands.

He soothed her then too, holding her while the torrent of tears ran through her, blowing hot and wild, and when the worst of it had passed and with the help of Gemma and Lyla, he shaved her head; all the while reassuring her that just because she was as bald as him now, it didn’t change the fact that he loved her, and it certainly didn’t make her any less beautiful.

She insisted on covering up with brightly colored scarves, and he let her when they were outside of the house, but when it was just the two of them, he would unwind the material from her head, and press as many kisses as he could to her soft skin, and then when the fatigue from treatments finally caught up with her, as it always did, he’d hold her until she slept, and when he was satisfied that she was out for the night he’d slide out of bed and pray.

First his prayers weren’t so much prayers as they were demands. Demands for a miracle. For a cure. For it to all be some awful nightmare that he’d wake up from the next time he opened his eyes. Slowly, over time, his prayers transformed, turning from anger to simple desperation and brokenness, until finally he’s found himself praying more and more for relief. Not for him. Never for him. He’d suffer whatever hell was asked of him, and he’d do it with a smile on his face, the relief he asked for was for her.

The strength she showed in the beginning started wavering long before he was willing to admit it, but now, as she drops off into sleep more and more often, he knows what’s coming next. No amount of pushing it away will change it.

“Happy,” her voice is whisper that draws a smile to his lips, and turning his attention to her he’s met by a smile of her own.

“Hi baby,” his voice is soft as presses his lips to her hand.

“Can you hold me?” she asks and without a second thought he climbs into the hospital bed with her. She seems so tiny pressed against his side, and when her hand comes up and draws his face down, he curves his lips. Her eyes shine under the dim overhead lights, but it’s her smile that seems to be lighting her up from the inside out. He watches her watching him, her fingers cold as they brush over his face.

“What?” he asks on a chuckle growing nervous under her scrutinizing gaze.

“I adore you,” she whispers, and something inside of him shifts into panic mode, but swallowing it he closes his eyes, draws her closer to him, and holds on.


request: x

You were lying in bed wrapped only in a single white sheet after another evening of bliss with your on and off again fling, Slash. Whenever he was free of tour the guitarist always wound up in your bed, showing up unexpectedly knowing he’d be welcomed in without an issue. 

Your eyes trailed his bare chest while he laid contently on the other half of the bed, another one of your sheets only covering his groin as he watched the television across the dimly lit room; smoke expelling from his lungs following every drag of his cigarette. You couldn’t deny that after months of ongoing rendezvous you had fallen hard for Slash–you didn’t even want to admit that to yourself, but you were succumbing to your feelings and rationalized that it couldn’t hurt anything to share your thoughts with him too. He could have any girl in the world, at any time, yet he returns to you time after time. He must feel the same way. 

Going unnoticed by him, you were twirling one of his curls around your finger and admiring his handsome face. A ’now or never’ stint of encouragement welted in your chest and you couldn’t hold back the truth from him any longer.

“Slash.. Can I tell you a secret?” You hummed with a smile on your face as his eyes switched to look at you and smirk before falling back on the screen.

“Sure Y/N.” He responded phlegmatically with a small chuckle. You took a deep breath and bit your lip as the words came to you, finally spilling out of your mouth after what felt like centuries of holding the truth in. “I think.. I’m in love with you.” 

Yet again, Slash tried to laugh it off as he rubbed his neck and kept his attention forward. 

“What you’re feeling is lust, sweetheart. This isn’t fuckin’ romance.” His harsh conclusion caused your heart jump into your throat, immediately feeling your body wash over with regret. You looked away from him as you felt your heart pulsating and your skin beginning to burn. Why did I say that? I look so stupid. I’ll never see him again now. 

You scurried to the edge of the bed as he was on his feet now, stepping into his boots after getting his tight pants on. You snatched the other boot from his hand, earning a pathetic glare from under Slash’s curls as he looked at you. 

“You don’t have to leave–where are you going? You always stay the night!” You inquired desperately as the shirtless man pried your fingers off of his shoe and pulled it on as you sat and awaited an answer. Slash sighed deeply as he walked back to the nightstand to stuff his wallet and cigarette box into his pockets. You reached off of your side of the bed and pulled his big t-shirt over your head, completely naked underneath after disregarding the sheet to the floor. 

“Y/N–I just have things to do, alright? I’ll call you,” he unconvincingly mumbled before turning to you and letting out another fed up exhale. “Can I have my shirt?”

Frowning, you tugged the cloth over your head and tossed it to him, now sitting fully nude and watching him pull it on before he threw his leather jacket on over it. You jumped to your feet and stood in the doorway with a hand on your hip, blocking his exit. Slash’s eyes stayed on yours as you raised an eyebrow up at him. 

“Just stay–we’ll have some more fun,” you offered before he shook his head and slid past you toward the hallway. You were running out of options and excuses–quick. Following him down the hall, you began yelling like an overbearing girlfriend. 

You know what, you’re not who I thought you were! We’ve been friends for so many years I thought I could trust you, but I know better now!” You stood with your arms crossed over your bare chest as Slash turned back around to look at you. 

“You’re right–I knew I’d end up hurting you Y/N, I never wanted to, but I am who I am–we shouldn’t see each other anymore.” 

Your heart shattered at your feet as tears brimmed your eyes and he turned back for the door, closing it behind himself without another word. Out of frustration you plummeted a nearby roll of newspaper into the door and let the tears fall down your face, accepting your defeat. Years of friendship gone–we ruined everything


It’d been a month without any contact from Slash and you had come to terms that you were likely to never see him again. Your friends had been forcing you to go out with them and talk to other guys, exactly what tonight’s plans entailed too. Your best friend was making you go on a double date with her, her boyfriend and his friend. She showed you pictures of him previously and you had to admit you weren’t disappointed with the handsome male so far. 

You applied a few more dusts of blush onto your rosy cheeks before looking over your tight black dress in the mirror with a smile. You felt confident and ready to take on anything. Grabbing your matching clutch, you put on your sexiest pair of red heels and made your way down the hall. You nearly dropped your bag when you saw no other than Slash sitting on your couch. 

He looked up upon hearing the click of your shoes coming through the hallway, and was more than pleased with what met his eyes. Suspiciously, you looked him up and down before setting your purse on the table beside you. You couldn’t seem to move your feet from the spot you were in. “How did you get in here?” 

“The door was unlocked,” 

Typical Slash’ you thought to yourself. As pleased as you were to see him practically at your feet, your guard was still up from the last time he cruelly abandoned you. “And that gives you the right to come in? I should call the cops on you,” your words were full of venom as you made your remark and he leaned forward on his left hand. “I just wanted to talk to you–where are you going tonight?”

You shrugged indifferently while looking through the phone book beside you. “I have a date.” You proudly made known. 

Slash’s eyes nearly popped out of his head though you weren’t looking at him to witness it. “A date? With who?” He asked with a hint of urgency and disbelief in his voice which made you snicker to yourself. 

“With none of your business.” You dictated, turning around to face him and point toward your door. “As nicely as I can put this, Get out, Slash.”

He frowned and got up, walking toward you instead of the door. You held your breath in hopes of keeping your strong-willed composure. Standing only a few inches from you, Slash’s eyes were searching yours for the girl he knew a month ago that would never deny him, no matter the reason. “Will you just let me talk, Y/N?” His tone was too genuine to turn down and you slightly nodded while staring up at him. 

“I know what I did was real fuckin’ cold–I didn’t know how to handle our situation at first–but I went home and had a few days to myself to think, and I talked to the guys–I realized that I love you too,“ Slash swallowed hard as he waited for you to say something–anything

You felt those old feelings linger back the moment you laid eyes on him sprawled on your couch minutes ago, but you had ambivalence coursing through your veins about what you should do. You weren’t even sure if you could trust Slash again–and here you had a nice, honest man waiting to greet and have dinner with you. How could you stand him up? How could you let Slash walk out of that door again? You were utterly overwhelmed. 

Looking down, your voice was shaky and uncertain as you pronounced his name. “Slash..” 

Before you could compute your thoughts, he’d taken your face in his hands and crashed his lips down on yours. You melted in his embrace like butter. You laid into him while he hugged his arms around your waist tightly, evidently not wanting to break the kiss. You were absolutely breathless when he pulled away and stared down at you. 

“Don’t go tonight, Not with him. Let me take you out–to a nice place–for our first date.” You could feel Slash’s heart racing against your own chest as he despairingly hoped he’d be worthy of another shot. 

You picked your bag off of the table and turned back to Slash–who still appeared unsettled. “So where are you taking me?” You questioned cleverly, seeing Slash exhale in relief before a smile glided across his handsome face.  

Cat and Mouse

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony)

summary: When Tony gets in trouble with Steve, he does the only reasonable thing - he runs. Too bad that he keeps forgetting that outrunning a super soldier is not an easy thing to do

length: 728 words

a/n: this prompt! I also don’t have anything against New Jersey, just to make it clear. just a litte fun moment between Tony and Steve!


Cat and Mouse

Tony’s heart was hammering behind the arc reactor, his lungs and legs on fire. Luckily, he managed to keep his head clear and he was constantly working on the escape plan.

If the distance between two masses is tripled the gravitational force changes by a factor of–

“Friend Tony, what are you doing?”

Tony winced, jumping away from the wall, eyes round as oranges. A factor of a Norse God giving away his location.

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Do You Think the Universe Fights for Two Souls to be Together?

Chapter 22 - That’s why I kind of lost it today

The 100 - Clexa

Soulmate!AU set in modern-verse

Chapter summary:

This is a Lexa chapter that picks up right after the last one and we get more into her past and…well, it’s not pretty. So, BACKSTORY CHAPTER.

******TRIGGER WARNING: Child abuse/mentions of child abuse******

Every time I think I’ve put it behind me something brings it back…and it just gets too much and I-” An involuntary sob escaped her, cutting her off.

“Shh,” Clarke tried to comfort her, holding Lexa much like she had earlier that night as she cried. 

“I’m such a wreck.” She sighed after a moment, her chest feeling tight, almost making it difficult to breathe. “You deserve so much better than this.”

“No, no, that’s not true.” Clarke tried. 

“Maybe I shouldn’t have stayed tonight,” Lexa replied quietly. “I didn’t mean to dump all of this on-”

“You didn’t,” Clarke stopped her.”

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It's Not Quite the Parent Trap

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by omgericzimmermann (HMSLusitania)

Bitty’s a little confused when his six year old son wants to play hockey. He’s concerned when Tommy’s coach is a retired NHL player with perfect cheekbones and piercing blue eyes.

Words: 13403, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Precinct 13
Bering and Wells 80’s Cop AU!

Teaser pages from Precinct 13 episode “Drop Your Weapon” (season premiere) airdate Sept. 20, 1984

This episode marked the debut of Jaime Murray as Det. H.G. Wells; these first two pages of the script, featuring her notes, are from the August 1984 table read—her first as a member of the cast.

[Disclaimer: Precinct 13 is a historical fiction, as are the versions of the actors cast in it. I will tell you that in all notes on this project, I refer to them as “fake-JM,” “fake-JK,” etc. Thus not only is Precinct 13 an AU, but the actors are AU versions of themselves; everything except their names and faces (and, I guess, voices) is made up. Because the real ones aren’t even ten years old yet in 1984, so honestly, this is as fake as can be.]

words by: @apparitionism
image vetted and approved by: @beatricethecat2

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5 Hour Flight (HiJack [Modern!AU])

For HiJack July 2016′s prompt, VACATION, on the very last day… I wrote this today in an hour because uggghhh. Is it ridiculously cliche and cheesy? Yes. Do I regret writing it? For the moment, absolutely not.

“What do you mean, ‘you didn’t book that flight’?” asked Jack, in a panicked voice. The woman behind the desk sighed.

“You didn’t book that flight. The flight you’re claiming to have booked is Flight A17613, from Toronto to Los Angeles. The flight that your ticket has is from Flight A171626, from Toronto to Moscow,” the woman replied, obviously a bit frustrated with Jack. “Now, if you will, Flight A17613 is going to leave in 30 minutes, and there are people behind you, sir.” Jack frowned, and begrudgingly began to leave. However, as if a gift from the gods themselves, the man behind Jack spoke up.

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Handle With Care - Part Three

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for: the final installment of Handle With Care. It took a bit longer to write this one because… well it ended up being 2.5 times longer than Part One ^.^; I thought about breaking it up into two parts, but I couldn’t figure out a good place to do so. ANYWAY. You can read Part One here and Part Two here. I plan to put the fic in its entirety up on AO3 once I get an account there.

The final part of a Meihem fan fiction wherein messes are made and cleaned, but not necessarily in that order.

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I absolutely love this tumblr alot can you please do one of hermione getting hurt by Victor at the yule ball and fred savings her please

I’m all about a naval battle between ships.

* * *

“Hermy-oh-ninny, vait!”

“No, Viktor,” she called behind her, tears streaking her cheeks. “If you wanted alone time with her, you shouldn’t have asked me to come with you!”

Hermione rounded the corner, colliding solidly with Fred Weasley. She let out a soft “oh!” upon impact, backing up quickly. Fred reached out, grabbing her arms to steady her, his face switching quickly from amusement to concern as he saw the mascara lining her cheeks.

“Hermione, what’s -”

“I’m sorry, Fred,” she said, quickly. “I’m s-so, so s-sorry!” Hermione reached up to her face, wiping away the tears with the back of her hand. 

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A Ninja’s Gaiden: Chapter 3

After sneaking onto a cargo plane for sixteen hours, and then another four on a train, the doctor and the ninja finally arrived to Watch Point Gibraltar.

 “I forgot how big this place was.” Genji says looking around the courtyard that they were in.

The courtyard was no longer the grassy field with trees and a neatly paved concrete path that stood when Overwatch was still active. Now it was just dirt with weeds growing in a few areas.

“Looks like the gardners were also disbanded.” Angela chuckling a little at her statement. “But I don’t see anyone. Don’t tell me we’re the first ones here.”

“Let us explore the compou-”

Just as Genji was about to take a step, a gunshot was heard, followed by a the sound of a ‘ting’ from the concrete they were standing on, just a few centimeters from them. The ninja quickly took out his side blade.

“Doctor, stand behind me!” He says as he gets into a fighting stance ready to deflect anymore fire that would come their way. Angela still having her staff in one hand, takes out her pistol with her free hand and takes aim.

“Well, I’ll be damned.” A voice echoed.

In the corner of Genji’s eye he sees a figure jump off the roof of a nearby building, rolling as he lands. Knowing who the figure was, he relaxes his body and sheathes his blade.

The man who was wearing a brown cowboy hat and red poncho stands up straight. His revolver still in his hand, spins it and places it back in his holster in one quick motion. He then pushes his hat up a little to expose his face, a lit cigar in his mouth.

“Jesse!” Angela exclaims with excitement as she runs up and embraces him.

“Hey there darlin.” He says as he pats her back with his metal arm. “Nice to see you again. Look’n mighty fine if ya ask me.” He breaks the hug with Angela and looks over to Genji. “My my, If it ain’t the metal man from the rising sun. How ya been partner?”

McCree extends his hand out to Genji. He does the same and they exchange a handshake. “It is good to see you as well, Jesse.”

“What were you doing out here?” Angela asks holstering her pistol.

McCree takes a puff from his cigar and takes it away from his mouth, blowing out smoke. “Security scanners detected two people were in the compound. The cameras are still being fixed, so I was the poor soul to come out and meet our guests. Sorry about firing at ya.”

“I see your aim has gotten a little off since the last time I seen you.” Genji trying to get under the skin of the man, other than his brother, that can match his high accuracy.

McCree chuckles, “Oh I didn’t miss on purpose. I like to toy with my enemy before I send them to the undertaker amigo.” He pats Genji on the shoulder before continuing, “Now, how about we head inside. I’m sure the rest of the team will wanna see ya’ll.”

He then heads to one of the buildings. The clinging of his steel spurs being heard as he takes each step.  Genji looks over to Angela who gives him a reassuring smile. He nods his head and follows McCree, Angela close behind him.

Walking down a hallway, they could hear voices at the very end get louder and louder as they stepped closer.

“Winston, I’ve been looking over these equations and you made a mistake.”

“What? No, I checked everything twice. I made a chronal accelerator before you know.”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

At the end of the hallway they ended up at what looked like to be the watchpoints main hub. Screens mounted on the wall showing different maps of specific cities of interest, or information on Overwatch agents. In the middle of the room was a woman in snow gear and a gorilla in a white jumpsuit next to a black board.

“Well look what the cat dragged in.” McCree says as he leans onto a console.  

The gorilla looks over at McCree and adjusts his glasses. He notices the two people next to him and smiles. “Do my eyes deceive me? Doctor Zeigler and Genji Shimada, it’s good to see you again!”

Winston ape walks towards them and gives a side hug to Angela. He then turns to Genji and shakes his hand.

“It is good to see you, Winston. It has been many years.” Genji says letting go of his giant hand.

“Same to you. It’ll be nice to team up again.” Winston says as he adjusts his glasses again.

“Mercy!” The girl in the snow gear exclaims, running up to her in a hug. “It is good to see you!”   

“Mei! You haven’t aged a bit. What’s your secret?” Angela says letting go of her.

“Cryostasis, but I wouldn’t recommend it.”

“ Nǐ hǎoměi, tā yǐjīng yīduàn shíjiān.”

Mei looks over to Genji and smiles. “Kore wa, genji ga arimasu. Watashi wa anata to shigoto suru no wa hijō ni kōfun shite imasu.”

“Show offs.” McCree says before taking another puff from his cigar.

“You guys didn’t have any problems getting here, did you?” Mei worryingly says.

Angela giggles looking over to Genji, “Well, we had run ins with some security guards at the airfield, but Genji took care of them. Those 20 guards should be waking up by now. Probably with a massive headache.”

“We would’ve missed our plane if we sat and waited for an opening.” Genji says crossing his arms. “No alarms were set off, so I see that as a mission accomplished.”

“As long as you guys made it safe, and didn’t kill anybody, that’s all that matters.” Winston walks past the group, stopping at the door that leads outside. “If we’re all done talking, why don’t we meet the others. They should be in the mess hall.”

Walking into the mess hall, it brought a lot of memories back to Angela. She remembers how packed it was around dinner time with all the people that were stationed at Gibraltar. Hearing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song multiple times every other day.

During holidays like Halloween, the mess hall would be decorated with cobwebs and  jackolanterns. Same when Christmas time came around. Now it was just rows of tables with empty seats.

But in the middle of the room, there were people around one table talking to one another.  One of the people at the table notices Winston and Mei but gets excited when she sees who are behind them.

“I can’t believe!” The girl with the orange goggles exclaims as she zips to Genji and Angela, wrapping both of them in a giant hug. “I knew you guys would come!”

Angela giggles, “I missed you so much, Lena.”

“It has been sometime since I last seen you.” Genji says putting a hand on Tracers back.

Lena giggles and lets go of the two. “Oh! You have to meet the new people Winston found to help us out!” She then grabs the hands of both Angela and Genji and pulls them to the table she was at.  “The first person I’d like to introduce you is world renowned DJ and inspirational icon. Lucio.”

“Come on Tracer,” Lucio laughs as he gets up to shake his new teammates hands. “Lucio is just fine.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Angela says with a closed eyed smile.

“Yes, I have heard many good things about you. Your music inspires and brings people together.”

“Well thanks robo dude.” Lucio says pulling up his fist for Genji to bump it with his own. Genji graciously bumps him back. “When Winston got in contact with me about restoring Overwatch and I had to join in on the fun. You guys inspired me when I was starting out and now I get to team up with the real deal. This is gonna be bumpin!”

“Let’s not forget another new member.” Lena says before teleporting next to the girl in the pink and blue jumpsuit who was deeply focused into what appeared to be a pink hand held device. She grabs her arm and takes her to the group who were all standing around, the girl in the jumpsuit still playing on her device. “This is Hana Song. Pro gamer, actress, pop icon, and top notch mech pilot.”

Hana places her device onto the table behind her and brings her attention to the doctor and ninja. “Hey ya! The names D.Va. I game a lot and everything I do is for my fans.” She says pulls up one of her hands into a peace sign and winks.

“There are some more people who are here but they’re working on a project I assigned to them. They should be back around dinner time.” Winston says walking past Angela. He stops and turns to her with a smile. Why don’t I show you to your old lab Doctor Zeigler?”

“That would be delightful Winston.” She says beginning to walk with him. She looks back to see Genji watching her leave. Angela gives him a smile and continues with Winston.

“Now hombre,” McCree says as he puts an arm over Genji’s shoulder. “Tell me, you and the Doc. You guys a thing?”

“A thing?” Genji questioned.

“Do tell us Genji.” Tracer says as she teleports to the other side of Genji, hugging his arm. “Did you guys finally make it official?”

“What are you guys talking about?” Genji says turning his head back and forth to McCree and Tracer.

Both look at each other and start to chuckle. Genji still having no clue on what they’re talking about.

“You’ve got a lot to learn, love.” Tracer giggling into Genji’s arm.

“We’ll tell you all about it some other time.” McCree says patting the robot on the back. “But c’mon, you gotta tell us where the hell ya been since the last time we seen ya.”

They proceed to head to the table they were sitting at, and talk with one another.

“Hey! D.Va c’mon, I’m not playing around kid.” McCree says trying to catch Hana who had stole McCree’s hat  and was wearing it.

“Look guys I’m McCree, howdy howdy howdy. It’s high noon, pew pew pew.” She says as her hands are up  in the air mimicking like she had guns.

While this was going on, everyone at the table was laughing. McCree was finally able to get his hat back, and a defeated D.Va sat back in her seat.

“I know it’s not the same but be rest assured, we’ll have it stocked in no time.”

Genji looks back to see Winston and Angela coming back into the mess hall. The doctor takes a seat next to him.

“I assume everything is like the way you left it?” Genji says as he turns to her.

“Some of my books and old pictures are still there.” She says stretching her arms out. “But a lot of my equipment is gone, and medical supplies are very low. Winston says we should have medical supplies delivered tomorrow morning.”

“Alright guys! Dinner is ready!”

Everyone looks over to see Mei and Tracer handing out bowls and wooden chopsticks to the people who were at the table. When Genji looked to see what was being severed, he almost shed a tear at the sight.

“Ah, instant noodles again?” D.Va pouts. “This is the third day we had this! And just because you guys put it in a bowl doesn’t make it look different.”

“Now Hana,” Winston says after taking a big sip from his bowl. “This is the last day we’ll be having this. We’ll be getting a crate of fresh vegetables and other foods tomorrow along with the medical supplies.”

“Whatever,” She says as she breaks her wooden chopsticks apart. She looks over to Genji who was the only one who didn’t have a bowl in front of him. “Hey super ranger! How come you’re not eating?”

“Oh,” Genji bringing attention to Hana. “I cannot eat. My body does not allow it unfortunately.”

“What?!” D.Va exclaims, “You’re a robot?! I thought you were just wearing cool armor.”

Angela, who was about to take a bite of some noodles, stops midway after hearing the the little conversation Genji and Hana were having and frowns.

“Excuse me,” Genji says as he stands up. “I am going for a stroll. Please, enjoy your meals.” He then bows and starts to head for the exit.

“Genji wait up!” Angela says shouts. Genji turns to see her getting up from her seat. “Here Jesse have mine.”

She moves her bowl to cowboy who was frustrated. “I got to eat another one?! God dammit! Someone give me a damn fork. I can’t eat with these stupid sticks!”

“You don’t mind me joining, do you?” Angela asks meeting up with him.

“I would enjoy the company.” Genji says nodding his head.

Angela smiles and they both walk together leaving the rest of the members eating.

“Heh, I totally ship it.” D.Va says before taking a big slurp of her noodles.

After walking around the compound, the doctor and ninja end up at a spot that overlooked the Mediterranean sea. They head to a railing that was just a few feet away from the cliff, and lean on it.

The air filled with the sound of the faint fog horn from the cargo ship in the distant, and the soft crashes from the waves hitting the cliff below. The sun was just about to set behind the hills across the water, making the color of the empty sky in a cool orange. There was a light warm breeze that moved Genji’s ribbon and Angela’s bangs. It was a very peaceful atmosphere.


“Yes Doctor Zieg-” Genji stops himself when he turns to see Angela and is stunned.

She was gazing at the sunset, admiring the sky and how beautiful it was. Genji, however, was admiring her.

He didn’t know what made him be in awe at looking at her. Was it the setting they were in? Or maybe it could be that they were just alone and not in the middle of combat or the presence of other Overwatch members, and he finally takes notice in how beautiful she is.

“I feel terrible.”

Genji snaps out of his thoughts and focuses on Angela. “Is it because you’re hungry? We can head back to the mess hall and find you something to eat.”

The doctor giggles, “It’s not that Genji, but thank you.” Her smile transitions to a frown. “I feel terrible because you didn’t get to enjoy a meal with us. I sometimes forget that you were someone who would eat and sleep. I couldn’t imagine how I would live my life if I was in your shoes.”

“I will not lie.” He says looking back at the sunset. “I do miss those things my human body could do. I can’t even remember what the taste of  ramen is like.”

Hearing this made Angela feel even more terrible. Was she even in the right to have saved his life in the first place. He told her that he was battling himself during his time in Overwatch, and she was convincing herself she was to blame.

“But do not blame yourself doctor.”

Angela takes her eyes off the sunset and looks at Genji. “Like I said before, this body is a blessing. Without it, I could not be the man that I am now.”


They both stare at each other. Angela’s blue eyes gazing at Genji’s green visor. It felt as if time had froze sharing this intimate moment. Neither wanted to say anything, they just wanted to stay silent and enjoy the moment they were having.

While they were sharing each other’s gaze, they didn’t realize their hands that were on the railing, were next to each other. Their pinkie fingers interlocking with one another.

They both take notice and immediately pull their hands away. Genji and Angela both look away in embarrassment.

“I think I got enough fresh air for today. Why don’t we head back Doctor Zeigler?” Genji says rubbing the back of his neck.

“Yea,” Angela chuckles nervously, “Sounds like a plan.”

Legacy Within

read it on the AO3 at

by MooMooEverlasting

The Pack become concerned when Stiles begins to alienate himself from them due to an ongoing relationship with new kid Rafael Tucker.

[Or the one where Stiles winds up in an abusive relationship and tries to cover it up by avoiding the pack. Endgame Sterek, of course.]

Words: 1552, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at
Friday Flash Fic

I wanted to write but working on anything current sounded way too hard. So instead, I opened up my “Writing Prompts” file and picked something random. So here, have a random ficlet written entirely tonight.

OUAT, Swan Queen, basically crackfic, 500 words

“Kiss me.”

Emma crossed her arms, frowned. “No!”

Regina stepped closer as the clock tower slid off the top of the library and crashed to the ground. “Emma. Kiss me.” Dark clouds of magic roiled in the mid distances, somewhere around the park.

“No way.”

“You stubborn idiot–”

“Oh, that’s rich, coming from you,” Emma interrupted. “I’m not the one who spent literally two whole years refusing to allow the theater to repaint.”

“They wanted to paint it pink!” Regina said.

“Better than whatever you call that lovely yellow-brown color it was!”

“That–” Regina shook her head. “That’s beside the point. Emma. Kiss me. Now.”

“No. It won’t work. I don’t love you.”

Regina took a step forward. “Yes, you do. Now stop being an asshole and admit it or we’re all going to die.” Behind her, the ground began to cave in, asphalt crumbling to dust.

“I admit nothing.”

Regina took another step forward, in arm’s reach. She took one of Emma’s hands in hers, and this time, when she spoke, her voice was soft. “You don’t admit that you love me? Fine. But… I love you. I have loved you for quite some time.” Her volume increased again. “And I’m not stupid enough to deny it when the town is literally falling to pieces from a curse that we could break in two seconds if you just kiss me!”

Emma gave a frustrated yelp of rage. “Oh, sure, you’re not denying it now, but last week, you were the one who ran when I tried to talk to you about my feelings! I’m sorry, but I don’t accept a declaration of love only when it’s convenient for the town!”

Regina threw up her hands. “Fine! I take it back. I don’t love you.”

“That’s better,” Emma said.

“Now will you kiss me?” Regina said, watching the harbor sort of… melt. They were cutting this a little close. “After you and I don’t share true love’s kiss and save the town, I’m not going to ask you out.”

Emma uncrossed her arms. “Fine, but only if you don’t buy me flowers, too.”



Regina grabbed Emma’s shirt and hauled her close. “I hate you,” she said.

“I hate you, too,” Emma muttered back, her eyes on Regina’s lips.

Regina leaned in for the kiss. As soon as their lips touched, there was a rush of magic, a stabilizing feel to the ground beneath their feet, a distinct lack of roiling magic smoke.

Regina pulled back. Emma’s eyes were still closed. Regina said, “I’m sorry I ran.”

Emma opened her eyes. “I forgive you,” she said, without any hesitation whatsoever. “I was just waiting for you to come back.”

Regina couldn’t help but smile. “How far away from disasters do we have to be for you to accept a declaration of love?”

Emma eyed her lips again. “At least a dinner.”

“Dinner. I can do dinner,” Regina said, before leaning in for another kiss.
Sens de l'humour - HaxanHexes (PineNeedles) - Overwatch (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Rating: T+
Fandom: Overwatch
Characters: Lena “Tracer” Oxton, Amélie “Widowmaker” Lacroix
Pairing: Widowtracer

Lena Oxton has a terrible sense of humour. Her girlfriend and murderess Amélie Lacroix “hates” it. Also, Amélie sometimes has difficulty sleeping.

A little fluff piece I wrote for @amaranthofdreams. She once drew me some absolutely adorable Widowtracer fan art when I was having a rough day, so I’m returning the love.

This will fit… somewhere in a broader Widowtracer fic-verse I’m working on.

No one beta-ed it and I only went over it twice in editing, so excuse any errors! Comments always appreciated. 

Fanfic List

My fanfic list, also… I am looking for beta reader :-) Should anyone would like to help my awful tenses.

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