News from TomCav’s FanExpo Panel

+ Unsurprisingly refused to say whether Barry and Iris get married in S4 [x]

+ “You will see more versions of Harry. This year we’ll explore how shameless I can get!” [x]

+ “Greg Berlanti lay out the whole season from the start. Not all actors want to know” [x]

+  A day on set of #TheFlash: “We get breakfast rehearse the scene, we’ll play music/ play cards then run the scene…  we’ll do a stunt scene, that’ll invigorate your day, then we’ll have lunch! We’ll share stories, finished off the scenes 4 the day.” [x] / [x]

+ Tom can’t tell us about the crossover but he said it’s gonna be fun and we’re gonna love it. [x]

+ “Expect Harry to have an accent- or 3 this season” [x]

+ Tom on appearing on LoT: “I’m not interested really, I have a great role on #TheFlash“ [x]

+ Various stuff we’ve heard before about Ed, Yogi Bear, Tom&Grant, MATES, and the Reverse Flash just wanted to go hooooooome!


Zac’s full panel on FAnExpo Canada 2017



#GPRepost,#reposter,#notetag @alannamode via @GPRepostApp ======> @alannamode:“I’m in the groove!”
My #Lucio #overwatch #cosplay in motion at #fanexpo! Yeah that’s right, I got his dance moves too. 😆 With the music blasting from my sonic amplifier of course I had to groove! 😁🔊🎧💚
The con floor was pretty busy so I didn’t get to bust a move as much as I wanted, but thankfully @nathantranpr caught it in his awesome Fan Expo cosplay video! Check it out on YouTube!

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WE LOVE ALANNA! We were so lucky to interview her as a cosplayer on our site! Check out her IG page!

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So, I found this video and here’s my favourite moments of it:

The whole reversal role thing and how Natasha plays Laura perfectly.
8:35 Natasha staring Elise
11:00 How Nat gets in to her role as Carmilla
11:13 Natasha raising her hand like a badass Carmilla
12:53 The way Nat stares Elise when she talk
13:38 How Natasha smiles to Elise (Melt my heart!)
14:05 Nat surprised by the mic
14:49 Elise laughing for Natasha’s incest comment
16:46 Natasha says “She works more than I do, so ask her” (Talking bout Elise) Lovely. And then she keeps looking at her while she answered
17:16 Nat’s laugh when Elise says “Watching me weirdly talk”
20:17 The date question
22:23 The whole trailer thing
23:59 How they react to the finale
24:04 Elise touching Nat’s head (Amazingly cute!)

Thanks to  Bailey Lorenz for this video! 

Just a little bit of beautiful ladies from FanExpo.
K listen,I’m trying so hard to listen to them,but all I can do is starring at Nagovanman how they starring at each other😂
Cuz,uh… They’re have such A GREAT chemistry together or just THE BEST,u know🤔 It’s truly amazing.
And how they make it clear to people that being queer is totally OK,this is really important.
So much love in the air☺️🤗