Freddie ‘s 41st birthday fell just five months after the star discovered he had AIDS - the virus which had killed so many of his lovers. His immediate reaction was to throw the party to end all parties. The venue was Pikes Hotel on Ibiza. It was the most incredible example of excess the Mediterranean island had ever seen. It took three days merely to inflate the countless gold and black helium balloons. The hotel made a special 6ft long cake decorated with the musical notes of Mercury’s hit Barcelona. Waiters opened 350 bottles of Moet & Chandon champagne in less than an hour for the 700 guests. There were flamenco dancers…and fantasy dancers. Ever-flamboyant, Freddie played the perfect host. No-one had the slightest idea that the killer disease was already taking hold of his body. In the cold light of morning, hotel boss Tony Pike meticulously drew up the bill - the largest he had ever presented. It was to give him an astonishing insight into how the Queen money machine could pay out massive amounts - yet still subject tiny details to the biggest scrutiny. “I gave the party bill to Queen’s manager Jim Beach who went through it very carefully,” said Pike. “There were items like 232 broken glasses - and suddenly he pointed to one entry of four vodka-and-tonics, and said, ‘Take it off. We didn’t have any vodkas’. “I said that if it was on the bill then someone must have ordered the drinks. But Beach repeated, ‘No-one ordered vodkas’. “I was about to stand my ground when a quiet voice cut in and asked, ‘Is there a problem here?’ “It was Freddie. I explained the situation and he replied: ‘Yes, it’s correct. I bought those myself for the bar staff’.”

He was such a kind and gentle soul, oh how much i loved and still love him today. (top photos of his 44th birthday.)

iluvmerury replied to your photoheaven4everyone: Freddie Mercury in Argentina….

That guy with him is Peter Morgan, the guy he was dating at the time. It was a very brief relationship.

Ah, cool, thanks! Until Jim, I think ‘It was a very brief relationship’ is probably an accurate summary of Freddie’s love life :p I like that he stayed friends with a lot of his lovers, tho, like Joe Fanelli.

Yes it’s another post about Freddie’s sexuality. Sorry.

Maybe this is controversial IDK, IDC.

I feel Tumblr (outside fandom mainly) is so obsessed with Freddie Mercury being a ‘bisexual icon’ that they actually erase his ‘gay’ side. No one wants to talk about his boyfriends or even knows about them because they’re too focused on his few girlfriends. There were only 3 I can name as opposed to lots of men and one of them (Barbara) was not really his girlfriend according to some of the closest people around him. So that leaves just 2.
Surely his personal assistant Peter Freestone who lived with him for 12 years would know whether Barbara was his girlfriend or not?! But he is adamant they were just good friends because he was with a man at that time. OK so it’s only Peter’s personal opinion and he wasn’t in the bedroom with Freddie, but I am inclined to believe him as he has no reason to lie and is often a reliable source of information on Freddie and regularly debunks myths on his blog.
Freddie’s first big relationship with a woman ended in 1970 because she was sick of his interest in being gay. She tried to set him up with people but he wasn’t ready. Then Freddie famously had the long relationship with Mary until he left her c. 1976 for a man called David Minns (interestingly excluded from Freddie’s most famous biographies).

After coming out, there were no more girlfriends until years after he died, his friend Barbara Valentin crawled out and did a sordid kiss-and-tell on him, about how she turned him back to bisexual (presumably by crawling into his bed and smothering Freddie with her vast boobs) whilst in a relationship with a man and that’s it, to The Internet, he’s apparently a bi icon and David Minns, Joe Fanelli, Tony Bastin, Bill Reid, Peter Morgan, Richard Dick, Vince and Winfried Kirchberger are all swept under the rug. Then there are all the one night stands and the rent boys. His PA estimates Freddie to have slept with 10 different men per month!
Freddie’s longest serving partner Jim Hutton is considered a bad person for talking about his relationship with Freddie even though he didn’t portray him in a bad light. Yet people hold on tight to Barbara Valentin’s claims and portrayal of Freddie as a drug addled mess who only had eyes for her and she’s OK! Is it because she is a woman and it helps people’s fantasies that Freddie was sexually attracted to girls?

Yeah you can still be bisexual and only rarely attracted the opposite sex, I know it’s a spectrum, but I am not convinced by the bi-Freddie argument. Of course he loved women, he appreciated them, he had lots of female friends. Didn’t mean he wanted to have sex with them.
Look at it this way:
He struggles with his sexuality while with girlfriend number 1. Rosemary leaves him because he thinks about m/m sex IN THEIR BED, MID SEX!
He struggles with girlfriend number 2, sleeps with girls on tour, probably to keep up appearances in front of his bandmates. He finally plucks up the courage and leaves Mary for a man. Once out of the closet, he becomes promiscuous with 1000s of men. Brian May says he is only seen with men from late 70s onwards.
Then suddenly in the mid 80s, whilst living with a man and having one night stands with other men, he allegedly decides he wants to be with a woman (a known fag hag & beard in the gay scene) and no one close to him, not his band, or his assistants, or his [close friend &] producer realise they’re more than friends???? I don’t think so. Not convinced Sorry.

As an aside I hate that this bisexual erasure argument keeps flooding the Freddie search on this site because it detracts from his music, which is exactly why he never made big open statements about his sexuality and only hinted at it. Let’s talk about what a great composer he was, his drive for life and his witty one-liners, his cuteness, his bad temper, his generosity. Anything but the “he loved girls too so ner!” narrative. This is my only post on the subject before anyone complains I am adding to it!

The Infant Hercules Wrestling with Two serpents. 17th.century. attributed to Francesco Fanelli. Italian 1577-1657. bronze. Sotheby’s July 2007.