The Infant Hercules Wrestling with Two serpents. 17th.century. attributed to Francesco Fanelli. Italian 1577-1657. bronze. Sotheby’s July 2007.

Halo of the Blessed Mother. Three sections of canvas panel reconfigured. Layered acrylic paint; 409 technique; gold enamel pen work. Enlarge for details. In memory of Angela Fanelli Germana.

“There is something soothing about the scrape of a rake,
the rhythmic process of pulling dead leaves,
bending to pick them up, dumping them
in curbside lawn bags,
something soothing about the way the sun
warms your hair one of these last
seventy-degree days as you labor past
soreness in your arms, until you forget
emails to send, reports to file,
take-home work you left at the office,
until you forget the splendid mums will shrivel,
the tree that sheds now will wear nothing soon,
and you will curse the cold.”

“Raking Leaves” by Brian Fanelli from Waiting for the Dead to Speak. © NYQ Books, 2016