Have a mediocre fandub to tide you over until the FT voice challenge!

[TYER] English Ore Monogatari OP - “Miraikei Answer” [feat. Rachellular]

Title:    “Miraikei Answer”
Artist:    TRUSTRICK

Lyrics:   Spiral
Vocals:  Rachellular
Mixing:  Jefferz



Cause if I try~
Every day just- passes by
Though it’s not the story that I planned
Say the answer
I wanna know the answer

I wish these words were easy to say
Just somewhere I could see - a simple recipe!
I feel this distance here in my heart
If only time could change
So you could stay beside me

What I want to say…
What I have to say…
It’s another day…like always
Cause I need to know
What the future holds for you and I
Now’s the time

Cause if I try~
Every day just passes by
Though it’s the not story that I planned
Say the answer (I can change too)

I know It’s strange
This love inside~ my heart
Maybe it was love right from the start

Say the answer
I’m gunna find the answer



English Cover of the song “Again” from the anime Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood!


Can someone please tell me
Just how the hell I’m supposed to reach my dreams?
Down this narrow road
With all of these damn people, blocking my way?

It’s not that I wish to go back
Never to that sad, lonely past
You see I’m just that I’m searching for that
~that, sky I’ve lost
Please say that you understand me
Please don’t cry or cower in sadness
It’s not like you were the one who
~Has sacrificed!

You see our tears won’t end in sin
We must learn to carry it with us
In this complex maze of our feelings
There is no end in sight and
So what am I waiting for now?
Like I wrote in my notes, honesty
Just what am I trying to escape from?
Oh is it reality?

Why am I living? What is the meaning?
In the middle of the night all my memories are fading.
I can’t play safe now, no now it’s time I finally move on…
But there is nowhere to go
There’s so much life left, and all these feelings
It’s too soon to forget them yet
(I’m on the way)
I feel nostalgic
And now I welcome all this pain!

I have to apologize for all I have done.
I’m just so sorry.
It all won’t come out well
And all I ever do is make you worry

All the things I held on to that day
And everything that’ll happen tomorrow
None of it was put together, no order
Please say that you understand me
Please just close your eyes so tightly
I swear you must know all the things that~
That can’t be seen!

Rumors about me for the first place
Can’t you see how stupid they can be?
“Face it and we can be best friends”
Don’t tell these lies to me
My heart, it burns from the inside
This burn, it runs through my body
Waiting for something to happen
Oh is it reality?

Why am I living? What is the meaning?
I want to scream it to the sky, oh please can you hear me?
I can’t play safe now, no now it’s time I finally move on
But there is no where to go
I am just so grateful, for all of the kindness
So I want to become stronger still
(I’m on the way)
Should I be willing…
I welcome all my friends and foes!

How the hell do I open this door?
I’m wondering now, I’m thinking of a way
It’s too late now the story’s unfolded
The story’s brand new, the story’s begun
It’s time that I wake up
It’s time that I wake up

There’s so much life left, and all these feelings
It’s too soon to forget them yet
Why can’t I just start over
And try to finish all that I’ve left undone?
Can we begin again?

Why am I living? What is the meaning?
I want to scream it to the sky, oh please can you hear me?
I can’t play safe now, no it’s time I finally move on
But there is no where to go
I just am so grateful, for all of the kindness
So I want to become stronger still
(I’m on the way)
I feel nostalgic
And now I welcome all this pain!


Splatoon Manga Dub

DubSquad presents it’s first (and hopefully not last!) fandub!


Narrator: Knerrvanha
Judd the Cat: Superfishcake

Blue Team

Studio Headphones: Redasalobster
Pilot Goggles: Kynshello
Retro Specs: Roenos
Sporty Bobble Hat: Inkietta

Yellow Team

Paintball Mask: CodPhoenixVA
Gas Mask: Azurueel
Fake Contacts: Reeflanca
Takoroka Mesh: Splatted Samine


Hello! I’m excited to introduce to you LoZVoices!

What is it? A Group of amateur, non-profit fan Voice Actors, trying to bring your favourite Legend Of Zelda characters to life.

Our plan is to add voice to your favourite Zelda webcomics, fanfic, fanart, sections of the manga, answer asks, cover songs and maybe even our own original content.

Auditions for characters will be open very soon, as well as auditions for script/song writers, editors and artists!!!!

I’m  happy to answer all your questions and don’t forget to follow for updates on the planning and for the official start of auditions!!!

It’s dangerous to go alone so please spread the word and follow so together we can make this work!

Note all the artwork is official LoZ art.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon S!

Hello! Sailor Moon has been really really important in my childhood tying together passions for art, story, girl power, and best friends. I had been holding back on doing a piece about the series, because you know, any time you feel very strongly about something…a strange perfectionist OCD personality takes over and you’re anxious about every stroke you lay down.

I dedicate this to my best friend who watched almost 5 seasons of SM back in the 90s. That was a time where the only option other than 6 am Saturday Cartoons or mailing in checks for ghetto Fandub VHS’. LOL We were so young, we ended up mailing cash (not knowing it was not legal at the time) and getting raw Sailor Stars episodes but it was all fun and worth it in the end haha.

S is my favorite season! With the inclusion of the outer scouts, the Crisis Make Up, and the entire Mistress 9 arc, I was in love. Though I admit I found the animation beautiful in Super S and Stars (more stars…haha oh supers..)

So I hope you all enjoy this piece as much as I enjoyed working on it!


Paranatural Episode 1 - Mayview

Hello everyone! We are doing a dub of Zack Morrison’s webcomic, Paranatural! I hope you enjoy the video and don’t forget to check out the full webcomic by Zack Morrison at: 

Thank you!

Sound Engineer/Mixer - Philly-Spidey
Video Editor - Figgy


Philly-spidey as Max
Jacob West as Dad
Georgie as Zoey
Hit&Miss as Johnny
JDExists as Ollie
MajinBoo0111 as Stephen
Nad as Suzy
Figgy as Collin
Hit&Miss as Isaac
JDExists as Dimitri
Jacob West as Mr. Garcia
Spidey-Bro as Jeff
Saeko as Violet
Perilou as Lisa
Spidey-bro as Cody
Figgy as Ed
Georgie as Ms. Baxter
JDExists as Man in the Shadows


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  • "Ask x A x Hunter" Introductions!

  • Gon: Everyone, welcome! I’m Gon!
  • Killua: I’m Killua.
  • Kurapika: I’m Kurapika.
  • Alluka: and I’m Alluka!
  • Gon: Eh? Where’s Leorio?
  • Kurapika: Leorio’s not here…
  • Gon: Why? Where is he?
  • Kurapika: Most likely off studying somewhere.
  • Gon: What? But this is an important event…
  • Kurapika: You don’t have to worry, he’ll be around soon!
  • Gon: Ah, then it should be alright! So don’t worry everyone, Leorio will be here soon!
  • Killua: So…why are we here?
  • Gon: We’re here to introduce ourselves to everyone!
  • Killua: How will we do that?
  • Gon: Umm, well…For example let’s all say something special about ourselves, just for fun!
  • Killua: Alright. Fine by me.
  • Alluka: Yeah!
  • Gon: Great! Well then, lets start! Hmm something special about me…I have the largest bug collection on Whale Island!
  • Alluka: Cool! How many do you have?
  • Gon: Heheh…all the species on the island…
  • Killua: COOL!
  • Gon: Next is you, Killua!
  • Killua: Me?…alright…I’m 4 cm taller than Gon!
  • Gon: What’s that? Take this seriously, Killua!
  • Killua: Eh? It’s true though, I’ll always be taller than you!
  • Gon: Liar! You’ll see! One day I’ll be taller than you! 
  • Kurapika: Stop it you two! 
  • Gon: Then, how about you, Kurapika?
  • Kurapika: Hmm, I’m a polyglot.
  • Gon: Polyglot?
  • Killua: It means he’s mastered several languages.
  • Kurapika: Yeah
  • Gon: Ooo!
  • Alluka: My turn! My turn!
  • Killua: Ok! What’s yours, Alluka?
  • Alluka: I always win at board games!
  • Killua: Ah, right.
  • Gon: Really?
  • Killua: Yeah…I don’t know how she does it but she never loses.
  • Gon: Whoaa!…then after this, lets play a game!
  • Killua: Oh no…
  • Alluka: Okay!
  • Killua: No, Gon, you’ll never win–
  • Gon: I want to try!
  • Killua: Ugh here we go…

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BGM - Hunter☆Parade and La Valse de Garcons by Yoshihisa Hirano


【English Cover】「未来形Answer/Miraikei Answer」【roux♪】
original. TRUSTRICK
cover. roux♪

Cool Story™ I wrote these lyrics in the shower and had to run out soaking wet and jot them down before I forgot them because I am a goldfish

Shout out to ezekieru and voicehk because I was definitely thinking of you guys when I recorded this!

Squid Sisters Inteference Fandub sample
  • Squid Sisters Inteference Fandub sample

Once I finally got alone time in the house I got started on fan-dubbing Splatoon’s Final Boss theme (2nd Phase), but the summer heat made me too lazy to sing anything outside of the beginning part. Bleh…

Hope the singing doesn’t sound too strange considering that I’m a guy with a feminine voice.

Piano Instrumental source:
“Lyrics” used were from reading an UTAU ust available from here:


A comic by the awesome jaha-fubu that I was lucky enough to voice!

Thank you so kindly for letting me do this ; A; I know it’s not a lot and is really short but I couldn’t resist the urge to do it! 

The original comic is HERE.  Please go reblog it!

Again, thank you! ; A;’’


I voiced another comic as well!

Art by: artkat

Comic: HERE