S1E22: Amnesia in the Addams Family
  • Gomez: Wow, this place is really fucked up, guys.
  • Morticia: Uh, it's your place, dear.
  • Fester: Yeah, don't tell him that! He'll get angry that his place is fucked up.
  • Gomez: I really like this chair, though.

“I was very excited upon hearing that there was going to be a Filipino version of Moana “How Far I’ll Go”. I’ve been waiting for Disney songs to be translated in Tagalog upon theatrical release for a long time. But I was very disappointed that it was sung in English while the rest of the Southeast Asian versions were sung in their respective languages. What’s wrong with ours? I’m thankful that at least there are some really good Tagalog fandubs, with the best being from DisneyDubPH on youtube.”

anonymous asked:

Ok so? I got Tumblr just for the sake of looking up art of my favourite birbs, and I was really surprised how accurate a fandub I saw was to the real voice actor. I go on this profile and so I was right. I remember hearing your voice in game and thinking: "wow this game has really nice voice acting" (this was the first time I heard anything outside of Zelda's voice). Anyways, for a question, we all know r34 applies for all characters. Have you seen r34 of Revali/Teba and what do you think of it?

The following represents the progression of my facial expression the further along I got on this Ask:


Unrehearsed English Dub In One Take

Real-Time Fandub - Ouran High School Host Club

A group of voice actors attempted to dub Ouran High School Host Club without rehearsal or a script. With varying levels of understanding of the source material (most of us never even having seen it), we had to almost exclusively rely on improv.
It was a disaster. It was hilarious. It was Real-Time Fandub.

Cast below cut:

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Several months late. Apologies to those that did the lines right away and thank you for doing them right away. And thanks to Loststeam for stepping in such short notice, so this can be finished. Couple voices in here are their own take. Thanks to @freakxwannaxbe for giving us permission!

Original Comic

Based on the Ancestors scene from Disney’s Mulan

Obi-Wan Kenobi :: John Archer II [https://www.soundcloud/john-joseph-archer-ii]
Padmé Amidala :: Heidi Tabing []
Anakin Skywalker :: Dan Conlin []
Yoda :: Derek Crawley []
Qui-Gon Jinn :: LoststeamVAA []
Mace Windu :: Gary Scales []


A little animatic i did a while ago for “The Rise And Fall of Go! Child” episode of Real-Time Fandub


Steven Universe - @drawnwithoutref
Ruby - @chongoblog
Sapphire - @knittinggiantbeanies

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Real-Time Fandub of Weirdmageddon Part 2: Escape From Reality and Roadside Attraction!

Friday, December 2nd at 3 PM EST!

Poster by @tomatomagica
Commissions available here

Real-Time Fandub is a group of voice actors who dub popular things from memory.
They are only missing one key component: A memory.
Gazemaze in gazemazement as the plot starts out normal and improv changes it into something weird, unrecognizable, and shitpost-esque every time we slip on a line!


¡¡Aqui esta, feliz inicio de navidad!! Los primeros 6 comics de los comics de la REINA, ¡Crayon Queen!

(I hope that you like this!! I made a fandub of CPAU in Spanish, @loverofpiggies, love your comics!! ;u;)


I hate myself for making


DRV3 Fandub Cast Revealed!

Sorry for any typos. ^^;

Star Vs The Forces of Evil Season 2 premiers Monday!!!

In celebration, a group of voice actors are going to try to dub some Star Vs episodes from memory! As we have shown time and time again, we are disastrously hilarious at attempting that.

Saturday 3 PM EST at

Which voice actors? @shelbeanie stars as Star! @knittinggiantbeanies makes her mark as Marco! Featuring many more, such as @tomatomagica (the artist who drew the poster you see above!)
Which episodes? You actually get to pick, viewers! Here’s a link to the poll.

We hope to see you there, although it is gonna get a little weird and/or wild.