Title: Defiance

One Shot

Author: so-small-so-annoying

Original Imagine: Imagine being the only one who can defy Loki and get away with it. 

Rating: T

Notes/Warnings: None

Ever since Thor’s banishment, and the Allfather’s fall into the Odinsleep, you had not seen Loki nearly as much as you were used to, but from what you were hearing, that was probably for the best. Ever since ascending the throne in place of Thor and his absent father, Loki had apparently become an nearly insufferable dictator, and even Sif and the Warriors Three refused to be in his presence for much longer than a few moments if they could avoid it. On the one hand, you couldn’t blame him for allowing his head to become a bit bloated. For decades he had been overshadowed by Thor, and had known he would never be able to be King of Asgard, but even with all of that in mind, this was becoming a bit much.

Even the guards were grumbling as you walked past them, heading towards the throne room. Since becoming temporary King, it was the one place Loki was guaranteed to be, unless he was keeping the Queen company by his father’s bedside. You imagined he liked the throne a bit too much…even though you couldn’t understand for the life of you that it would be at all comfortable to sit on all day. Perhaps the overexcitement of actually sitting on it overwhelmed the kink in his arse.

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