Andrea has come a long way and I’m so happy for her . he deserves everything in life. Ive been with her through the whole journey shes had. From 7th grade Andrea with a flip phone making random and music videos on youtube with her friends . To an 18 year old Andrea who keeps making random youtube videos and makes people smile everyday ! You are my inspiration and the reason I smile everyday. I’m proud of you Andrea Rose Russett. ilysm Happy 18th Birthday!!!!

Flaw'd Clothing
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I know I havent been on this account as much but ANDREA IS LAUNCHING A NEW CLOTHING LINE CALLED “Flaw’d Clothing” She is launching it with Singer Samantha J , Make sure you check that out . Shes having a meet up today like preordering things from the line its in New York and i cant go yay :c  Anyways , the clothing line officially launches on November 29th so follow her on twitter @AndreaRussett and the Clothing Lines Twitter aswell @FlawdClothing for more details.