Fandom shirts! Only $14.95! Start ordering Christmas presents now!

It’s that time of the year again - CHRISTMAS.

Well, almost time. Start ordering fandom shirts for loved ones now! They’ll be shipped off ASAP for Christmas presents.

Order before December 12th to assure the package gets to you in time!

Have a long distance friend? I also have the option of wrapping it myself, putting a little card in saying it was from you, and sending it to them!

Signal boost please! <3


My lovely boyfriend created a survey to help me figure out which products are your favorites! So please go vote for your favorite items and whichever ones seem to be getting less votes will be taken out slowly to make room for brand new items

Even if you’ve never looked at my shop, give the items a quick look and pick which ones you’d be most interested in. It would help me so much if you spent thirty seconds doing it and reblog this for me. :)

Much love