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Excuse me but, I ship more off and Nitw ...Bruh. Why him isn't your matespritship? ;;;;

“Because OFF is to me like a Gregg, he’s like my Gregg, and I’m her Mae. We’re bros. The fact that we get along doesn’t mean we have to date, getting along with someone doesn’t that person has to be your matersprite. In life you also need good friends, OFF is my friend, my best friend. My meowrial”

Rewatching Episodes or Rereading Idk
  • Hetalia: Ah yes! Memories! My countries!
  • Homestuck: Aww look at them! This is what made me trash and is definitely making me go to hell....WORTH IT!
  • Sherlock: *rewatching* Hmm. Such a shame my series is so short.
  • Doctor Who: I feel so old...
  • Supernatural: strange seeing him alive.
Fandoms by how they’d die in a zombie Apocalypse

In The Flesh: first to go, tried to befriend the zombies

Welcome to Nightvale: second to go, purposefully became zombies

Sherlock: got fed to zombies by other fandoms for being a know it all prick all the time

Doctor Who: caught and eaten by the Hannibal fandom during an argument among themselves

Torchwood: died avenging Doctor Who fandom’s death

Hannibal: mistaken for zombies while eating someone and killed by Supernatural fandom

Marvel: dies being unnecessarily heroic

DC: dies trying to prove they could survive the thing Marvel died doing

Homestuck: sacrificed to hoard as a distraction

Star Wars: killed by Star Trek in the midst of peace negotiations

Star Trek: killed by one of their own, sick of how much everyone hates Voyager 

Harry Potter: eaten by zombie after they attempted to defend themselves with a spell

Supernatural: almost survived the whole thing before sacrificing themselves under the belief they’d come back

Walking Dead: survived the whole thing

Your fandom love is showing
  • *English class gives a project*
  • Me: man can I write about my love for fictional characters
  • Friend: wut no
  • Me: Okay how about how fictional characters changed my life
  • Friend: no why
  • Me: How about-
  • Friend: no
  • Me: but I love them-
  • fnaf fandom: game theory is a god
  • mario fandom: yikes
  • earthbound fandom: oh no
  • undertale fandom: uh
  • fnaf: ????? why are you guys being so salty? he makes genuinely good theories and-
  • mario: uh yeah he claimed mario was abusive-
  • fnaf: oh
  • mario: -yeah that and he literally edited footage to make it look like he was right
  • fnaf: OH
  • undertale: and uh
  • fnaf: im scared
  • earthbound: he says ness is sans
  • fnaf: i want to know?
  • undertale: no
  • fnaf: nvm guess he just got lucky w/ my timeline or smth

Your name is Night in the woods! 

You are in short, a trouble maker. It’s normal seeing you running on the roofs of every building. You are sarcastic and nobody can change that but realistic as well, sometimes too much. You considere yourself a huge asshole, but despite all of these flaws you can be a very good friend and you are capable of anything it that means protecting a friend, even shooting someone with a crossbow. 

You like tacos, pizza, junk food in general. 

You can go from being explosive, violent and expressive to quiet, serious and very calm in just a second which can frighten people sometimes. 

You are very fond of anything that has to do with stars and constellations. 

Your Pesterchum is : NoctambulantWhiskers and your planet is Land of Fireflies and Autumn. 

Your title is the Rogue of Doom