This one time I tried a fanfic

*Destiel, lol all aboard that ship

*fan fiction? Okay let me see what thats all about 

*google: Destiel fanfic

*starts reading twist and shout

*next chapter

*finishes Twist and Shout

*whoa okay, I have boarded the wrong ship

*my feelings about fanfic

  • Servamp fandom right now: Evil Mikuni! Envy arc! More backstory! Yes!
  • Me in my corner with a bag of fries: World End, you get out here right now! I have food and I KNOW you want it. Be a part of this story, you broke piece of shit!
1:30 am

- rick sanchez is my husband dont try to convince me otherwise, also miami morty is my spirit animal.

- uhhhh @ the odd squad fandom soooo genderfluid oscar and lesbian oona being smol and queer and goofy together? oscar giving oona beauty tips? oona being the Ultimate Wingwoman™ and yelling “GO GET EM BOSS” whenever oscar interacts w whoever y’all ship him with? oscar and otis being super protective of Smols™ oona+olympia when they start dating?

- batjokes cuddling. just……batsy and his j-bird cuddling. hickey competitions, and whoever leaves the most gets to hog the blankets.

- batjokes only robin has a bad dream one night and goes to his padre and papa’s room and becomes the frail weak bird filling of the bat/clown sandwich……both bats and jokes hug him and tell him they love him and he’s the most amazing son they could ever ask for……………

hey look its my feels they’re all brOKEn anD ON THE FLoOR

  • Me: Matt Murdock is my spirit animal
  • Boyfriend: Really?
  • Me: Yes...My spirit animal is a violent fully grown blind man...
  • Boyfriend: Mine's a goat