fandoms have my life

It’s important to maintain a clear brand.

@welcometothisby : polished, legends/lore/mythology, Aesthetic™️, THE SCORPIO RACES FESTIVAL.

@skatzaa : fanfiction!! R u ready to cry?

@notpuckconnolly : memes n fluff! Dry your tears!

Me: increasingly ridiculous AUs

The Three Different Types of Tumblr Blog Descriptions
  1. “This is my tumblr where I post things that I see and like. I mostly reblog posts but sometimes I make them. I blog about my interests, which are food, cute animals, text posts that have 100,000+ notes, [fandom], and pretty much anything else random haha. If I see a post that I like I will reblog it lol. If I see a post I do not like I will not reblog it. I don’t reblog posts I don’t see because I can’t reblog them since I didn’t see them so how would I reblog them. I blog about my interests. Here on tumblr, I blog about my interests. I use my blog as a blog (for blogging purposes). Sometimes my interests are random. Sorry not sorry but you will see a lot of [fandom]. [Fandom] is my LIFE okay I JUST HAVE SO MANY FEELS ABOUT IT”
  2. “[name] / [age] / [location] / [pronouns] / [sexuality] / [star sign] / links for mobile”
  3. “my name is tony and once I swallowed a bug”
Me in 20 years Fangirl problem #5
  • Son: Mom ! I just find these old manga in the basement can I read them ?
  • Me: Sure, what does they say ?
  • Son: Attack on titan
  • Me:
  • Son:
  • Me:
  • Son:
  • Me: Eren go get your brother Levi I need to tell you a story

I’m sitting on my front porch when it happens: The ground starts shaking.
I’m a small Good Omens meme farmer, enjoying life in my small Good Omens community, but I have seen life in the big fandoms. “They’re coming…”
My youngest son, a stringy chap who only knows this peaceful way of life, stops sweeping the porch and looks at me. “Who’s coming, Ma?”
I stand up and stare at the horizon, waiting for Them. “The Tennant fans, lad. The Tennant fans.”

Here, in case I haven’t quite driven the point home:

maybe this is more me talking to myself but… especially for us older fans where fandom things are viewed as “silly” or “childish” i just want to remind myself (and you if you need it) that it’s not silly or childish or stupid to feel whatever emotions you are feeling right now.  I know many of us are having to keep it together at work or school or whatever and it’s so hard and I don’t feel like I can talk about this with people in my real life because it’ll be brushed off as fandom things or something that shouldn’t affect me as deeply as it does.  But… 

it’s not silly.  

it’s not childish.  

it’s not stupid.  

shinee and all its five members have seen me through some of the highest and lowest points in my life and I love them more than I can ever put into words and that love is real and genuine and it is not, and will never be, silly or childish or stupid.  our pain is a reflection of how deeply we love jonghyun and how strongly we are feeling his absence.     

so feel what you feel

process your grief however you need to

and know you aren’t alone in your pain, even if you feel like you have to keep it hidden from those around you

Me, going into the SU tag: Wonder what’s going on this time?

SU discourse: Rebecca Sugar is racist! Everyone is racist! Shut down the show! Cancel it because of this one drawing that they literally apologized for but that we totally disregarded! Point fingers at them for their mistakes!

Me, already exhausted: Wow. Of course. Why am I not surprised?

So, serious talk.

How is anyone supposed to both have a full time job and be a solo 1d fan?

Like… how?



oh. oh.

I don’t understand why people assume geeky people and people in fandoms have no social life because I don’t know about everyone else, but fandom is probably the only reason I have a social life because I finally have something I like to talk about with people and can have in common with people…