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Tips: How to get out of the fangirlzone

1. You don’t

2. You cry

3. You’re probably like the rest of us

4. Bae will probably never notice you

5. Have a nice day.

I have faith in the teens of today that they will not take dating tips and life advice from fanfiction. I didn’t go out and date a middle aged librarian because I read Giles/Xander Buffy fic, and I trust the intelligence of modern teens to follow a similar trajectory with fandoms like Overwatch and Voltron and Marvel.

Fanfiction is fantasy. It’s a safe way to travel the twisting paths of desire and sexuality and need and identity. It is not reality. 

It’s important to emphasize this and be diligent with warnings, and yes, discuss and criticize in some cases, but let’s not assume that people writing fantasy relationships are actively harming real teens without sitting down and thinking hard and long about whether it’s true or not.

Painting every creator with such a broad brush does a disservice and makes it harder to identify the truly egregious issues.

Even if you believe every morally ambiguous piece of fiction, from dirty One Direction fic to Twilight, should be shunned, censorship almost never works. Better to engage with their readers and again emphasize that these works are purely fictional than to try and restrict them.

When you watch an episode of something with a plot twist but you aren’t surprised at all because you already saw spoilers of it online

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♡ 170225 | Words of Encouragement for NU’EST

As I’m sure all LOVEs are aware, the past day or so has been very chaotic, emotional, and confusing. NU’EST undoubtedly saw the way the fandom fell into distress and hurt, and I’m sure this hurt them to see. Whether we like it or not, the decisions are final, contracts are signed, filming has begun. We need to band together to be as loving and supportive as possible. I know most LOVEs are international fans who don’t speak Korean but would love to send words of love, support, and encouragement to the boys, and I thought I would make a short list of phrases you could copy/paste from your phone and post to each of their instagram accounts. 

You can fill in the blanks with any of these or omit the blanks completely: 
백호 (Baekho)
제이알 (JR)
민현 (Minhyun)
렌 (Ren)


_____ 사랑해요 
“_____ I love you”

_____ 항상 응원해요 
“____ I’ll always support you”

____ 감사합니다 
“____ thank you” 

____ 화아팅!!
“____ good luck!” 

잊지 마요 난 네 편이야!
“Don’t forget, I’m on your side!”*
*This is a lyric from Overcome, and Baekho recently used it in an instagram update. 

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If you're doing ship prompts-please give me Sendak and Kuro. :') I need it pls

ship prompts | sendak / kuro | thank you for being patient!

The face means nothing to you. Familiar only on the surface, a copy-cat of the face of the Arena’s Champion taken, Haggar’s reasoning to this far beyond you, not that you bother to question it. If you had to ask, you would wonder what makes this one so special when you’ve had hundreds, thousands of Champions that championed him; what makes such a small, fleshy yet innovative and agile alien so unique? Nothing beyond being just a little nimbler than the last. Slightly more inventive. Somewhat luckier.

If you resent him, that isn’t the reason why. You could care less about who he’s supposed to be, who he is modeled after; none of it changes the simple fact that here and now, you feel more the test subject than the test subject. Despite being you, one doesn’t just say no to Haggar, and so this test run has fallen upon you to watch over— simply make an effort to integrate it was the simple line of instruction thrust upon you, spoken from the mouth of the subject himself. Infuriating to take an order from something that amounts to nothing more than a create created in a Druid’s lab, but you know better than to complain. 

And you didn’t like it, though your response was predictable. You already read the personal messages sent, the situation had already pleased about the situation.

Even with given time, nothing in you feels as if it changes. It’s as teeth grinding the second month as it is the first. He’s silent more often than not, completely obedient just as any creation of the Empire would be, but the look in his eyes is one you recognize all too well. It’s enough to make you put your guard up, your perpetual walls built ever higher around this… thing.

When all is said and done, you work well with what you are given. Everything is so easy, thinking it a problem at all would be ridiculous. Ordering 117-9875-02 into battle is like ordering a mindless hound; all you need to do is say the word, and you could watch him rip apart your enemies for you until the sun sets, zero hesitation in any action even in the face of crying mothers and children. It’s exactly what the Empire could want, and yet you can’t help an insatiable feeling of spite burrowed underneath your fur. 

Right now, you pace around him like a predator would around its prey, staring him down and all the blood that came with him.

     “  Mission report, promitivac-zahrikir.    Despite the demeaning name that rolls off your tongue in an almost accusingly bored tone, he doesn’t so much as flinch, stuck in a stasis-like position, frozen with his arms at his sides.

    “The mission had followed your plan to the letter, sir. Everything without issue.” The experiment’s voice is completely void of any of the fear or personality his original copy had so much of. As you circle around to his front and stop, his head tilts up for his gaze to meet yours, blank yellow on blank yellow. 

Your hand lifts, the pad of a finger wiping away a streak of violet-purple from a cut sliced cleanly across his cheek, smearing it between your forefinger and thumb shortly after. While you don’t care for him at the best of times, it would be a lie to say you didn’t find some degree of satisfaction in his complete and utter obedience. You wouldn’t have expected anything less of a creation wound from Haggar’s own hands, yet it remains the same sort of pleasing to you regardless.  “  Good. And what was it that I ordered you to do?  

    “Infiltrate the base,” the experiment start slowly, lips thinning as he speaks, “kill them all and leave no survivors. Not a single one. …As you said, sir.”

The smallest smile twists up one corner of your mouth. It was a rebel base to be sure, though it held no operations of any kind– a place to house the civilians, those on the sidelines of the war with its predictable end… Gone and solved now. All dead, be they elderly or too young to walk. Just as you ordered.

     Good,  “  you say again, that small and crooked smile appearing wider on your face. Your hand cups his jaw, holding him in place as you lean in, breaching that bubble of personal space as you all but purr;    You please me. Keep this up, and I may have more to say of you.  

The sudden spark in his eyes ( the only place he seems to betray any emotion, given the impassiveness of the rest of his expression ) is startling, almost, one you’ve seen a hundred times before in the eyes of foolhardy recruits who get in naught but lucky shots. That tangible sense of ambition, an attitude eager to please, both shocked with your sparingly few words of praise and wanting more. It isn’t one you would have expected him, assuming him as… lifeless as you’d thought. Does it make this better or worse?

After your hand draws back to drop to your side, you chin tilts up with a sense of arrogance and pride, only seemingly emphasizing the stark difference between you, both literally and metaphorically.

    ”  Dismissed, 117-9875-02. Go wash off. I’ll inform Haggar of your success.  

    "Yes, sir.”

I’m just gonna say this once, @mtvscream if you kill off Audrey, you’ve got a lawsuit against you for emotional distress
I recommend rethinking your actions if you intend to do so

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Can you please explain what 'alt er love' means?

Ah, well, we tend to read it most simply as “everything is love” (alt er = ‘everything is’ and ‘love’ in English). It’s also has a more layered meaning though, I’m going to quote @stormboxx:

As I see it, it’s meant to be understood in two ways:
Alt er love.
It could mean ‘Alt er lov’ ( literally: everything’s allowed)
or it could mean ‘Alt er kjærlighet’ (everything’s love/love is everything)

Additionally, it’s what Julie Andem posted to reassure the fandom after the very distressing end of episode 8 in season three so it took on an extra layer of comfort from then. ❤

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Is it mean that I'm getting a sick satisfaction watching the larry fandom become distressed over how extra Harry and Tess are. Apparently she's sharing clothes with him, liking his stuff on social media, and now posting pics in his house. It reminds me of Elounor or Douis. But I'm seriously enjoying people who treated Louis badly react to this. They all acted like harry was above it and this whole relationship is like Elounor.

Yep! 🌼

Damsel in distress

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Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Steve Rogers x (SHIELD agent)reader
Genres: humor, awkwardness, smut, fluff
Words: 1.997
Summary:  Reader is assigned to help Steve with adjusting to current times. They grow to be friends and one day, when the reader cooks, she finds herself in a company of a rat. After hearing her scream, Steve bursts into her flat, forgetting to cover himself after a shower. And boom! we all know what happens next. - requsted by @inmateintheasylum

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“i learned more from fictional characters than from real people”
friend, no. nope. get this: real people made up those fictional characters in the first place. you DID learn from real people. you learned through fictional characters. you owe what you owe to the authors, not their characters.

My Boyfriend’s Back (And You’re Gonna Be In Trouble)

One side of this prompt here. Because I cannot resist.

Not everyone would consider a kidnapping inconvenient rather than terrifying. But after years of dealing with ransom demands and death threats, much of the danger left. Tony Stark had been around weapons his entire life. So he was unmoved when his kidnappers would show him death rays or monologue about their diabolical plots. Usually Tony would criticize their designs to kill time.

But once more Tony Stark found himself tied to a chair, an uncomfortable wooden antique practically. At first Tony had thought it had been the second most popular reason to kidnap Tony Stark - money. An explanation that Stark Industries would not pay any ransom had resulted in only laughter.

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