Little Secrets (Steve Rogers X Reader)

Prompts number 15 and 20 requested by @jaqui-has-a-conspiracy-theory Warnings: None

“Now what the hell happened here?” Your boyfriend of three years looked around your apartment with widened eyes.

The sofa pillows were scattered everywhere and Steve’s favourite lamp, some vintage thing, had fallen to the floor.

You shrugged. “The chocolate was empty, I had a breakdown, your lamp had to pay for it.” Steve sighed and run a hand through his hair.

“How do things like that even happen?” “I just explained it to you.” “Yeah but this stuff seems to be happening all the time recently. You’re also acting different, (Y/N).” Why did he sound so serious all of a sudden?

Your mood swings weren’t that bad. Or were they?

You’d found out about your little secret two weeks ago and been trying to find the perfect moment to tell your boyfriend about it since then. “I’m not… acting different.” You pouted.

“Yes you are. Have I done something wrong? Have you- Have you met someone else? Did I-”

His behaviour was starting to annoy you. It wasn’t like you’d started acting like a huge diva, just a bit different. So as he continued asking silly questions, you just couldn’t listen to them anymore.

“I’m acting different because I’m PREGNANT, you Idiot.” His eyes widened in shock and he finally shut up.

“You’re what?”

You already regretted telling him.

“I’m pregnant.”

You murmured with a lowered head, a little curtain of hair hiding your face. Suddenly, a soft, big hand was shoving it aside and cupping your face. Steve was looking at you, with tears in his beautiful ocean eyes.

“I’m… I’m gonna be a dad?” He whispered carefully.

You nodded. “Yes.”

The most beautiful smile you’d ever seen illuminated his face.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N), you’ve just made me the most happy man in the world.”

You couldn’t help but smile, too.

He wasn’t angry or sad, no, he wanted this baby as much as you did - maybe even more.

Before you could say anything else he captured your lips in a loving kiss.

“I love you so much. So much.”

You laughed breathlessly.

“I love you too, Stevie. More than words could describe.”

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Miss kitty the magical flying cat (from outer space) (and myself) love animated /cartoons shows and movies (and I’ll admit I sometimes like to watch curious George (and sometimes the old 80s carebears cartoons/movies ^///^)

To ether of us get a little tried hearing the hold cartoons are just for kids rant or people complaining about how your age stops you from enjoying a animated film,

I mean I can understand curious George, Care Bears and my little pony are cartoons that are aimed at kids and we all really should not forget that but here’s the thing you can enjoy watching them as long as you don’t stop kids from enjoying those show, because guess what adults enjoy animated films and cartoons it doesn’t matter what age you are to enjoy them as long as you don’t wreck it for everyone else

And that means you have to respect others who enjoy these show, and your a fan of a kids show that means you really have to keep it kid friendly
You cannot turn it into something adults can only enjoy where a child can see it

Also you cannot dictate how others enjoy the same shows you do, everyone likes different things in Different ways and that’s ok as long as your not hurting anyone it really is ok

What’s not ok is raging on others for how they like things different from how you like them

The world doe not resolved around what only one person likes and doesn’t like

And why I’m I ranting about this with my Miss kitty the magical cat?

Every time I start getting into anther fandom for cartoons/anime/comics/animations/manga

I swear there is someone complaining about ships or how someone likes the show in a different way to someone else or how they think someone should like it, heck even some complain about how old you have to be to like it

And people wonder why I rather keep to myself and just draw what I like, I just can’t deal with these shipping wars every fandom seems to have (some are better than others though about em) or the fact people make ocs or someone likes this character more over other characters

Who the bloody heck cares if someone likes things different to you in whatever fandom you’re in, everyone has different tastes as long as it’s not Going to hurt anyone it doesn’t matter

And if it’s gonna to hurt others than report it

Just leave your hate and drama out of the tags for whatever fandom you’re in

Everyone should feel safe for liking what they want to like as long as its not doing any harm

I mean really tumblr we’re all getting tried of the bs and drama we just want to enjoy fandoms in piece

But I’m sad to say SOME fandoms don’t feel safe to be apart of now for me (and I get the feeling I’m not the only one who feels like this with some fandoms)

Also if there is a ship you don’t like it’s fine if you don’t like it just stay the heck away from it and it’s tags then leave those shippers alone to their ships, you’d want people to leave you alone to your ships right?
Then leave others the F*** to their ships and stick to your own it’s just that f**##% easy

Not everyone gonna like what you’re gonna like so grow the heck up

And voltron fandom complainers take a few notes out of the transformers fandom about shipping and leave people alone with who and what they ship or better yet

Ship the hold voltron team with all of each other and call it a pride of lions or the voltron pride and have Allura and shiro at the head of it

Or just leave those ships you don’t like alone!

((God I’m getting to old for this drama and work to much and have already to much to deal with in life to deal with the fandom drama and bs

Why can’t we all just enjoy fandom in piece 😭))

Sorry about the long post and rant all just need to get this out before I get overwhelmed by it