Dear Calvin (Leafy)

Here are a list of demands from your tumblr fandom

  1. Post on snapchat more we need to hear your stupid 5 am rambles. It energizes us.

  2. Facecam? We need new pictures to spam we’re about as dry as California was. We need you to give us a rain storm. (bring back the glasses)

  3. when you get a hair cut please post a picture before it grows out to the homeless man mess that it normally is. Please and thank you.

  4. Add me on overwatch cunt

  5. We wanna know if Dylan doing alright? You haven’t mentioned him in forever. did he ditch you?

  6. Another video of random thoughts would be dope we need more audio to masturbate to <3 (this is a joke, but still random thoughts videos are dope)

  7. and lastly go the fuck to sleep and do that stream you’ve been promising

sincerely PaPa and the rest of your dead and tired fandom <3



You’re one of the stars of The Maze Runner and on the first day of filming, your first day of meeting all of the guys, you walk in to see them dancing and you freeze in the doorway until Thomas Brodie-Sangster spots you and they all stop immediately

“Oh, hey Y/N, I’ve heard so much.”

“Yeah, I’m just going to go this way.”

“Great, we freaked out the hot one.”. 


Netflix Sets 'Little Witch Academia' Anime Premiere

Netflix Sets ‘Little Witch Academia’ Anime Premiere

While we’re in the midst of the second cour for Little Witch Academia as it’s broadcast in Japan, Netflix has now announced their streaming plans for the show that they have the rights to. The service has scheduled a June 30th, 2017 debut for the first thirteen episodes of the show…

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Hello everyone!

Due to yet again, a lack of enough and interesting content on my dash, I’ll be conducting my second follow spree (and my first one of 2016!) Reblog this post if at least 2 of the following apply to you:

  • Multifandom blog / 80% of your posts aren’t limited to just one fandom
  • Posts things not related to anime (e.g.: video games, TV shows, movies, aesthetic, etc.) aside from anime
  • ******* Tags things

Please also put in the tags which of these apply to you and also what are your main fandoms. Only reblogs count and only reblogs with these tags count. I also will not follow anyone who is 15 and younger in 2016, no exceptions will be made. Just so you know, I’m 22 this year, so if that makes you uncomfortable, don’t reblog this post. Also, you don’t have to feel obligated to follow me back if I do follow you after checking out your blog! I would just like more blogs to follow ^^

Mutuals are welcome to help me signal boost this as well!

'The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance' Netflix Series Announced

‘The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance’ Netflix Series Announced

Netflix certainly knows how to engage various types of fandom in giving them what they want and the latest is a reveal of a new ten-episode prequel series for The Dark Crystal called Age of Resistance. Set for a fall production with a release date to come much later, it’s set to be d…

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Final 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Trailers Debut

Final ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Trailers Debut

While Wonder Woman is now ranking as the most anticipated film of the summer, things are going very well for the upcoming release of Spider-Man: Homecoming. We’ve gotten two trailers already and now that we’re closing in on the debut Sony and Marvel have put together the third and fin…

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Seven Seas ACquires 'Devilman' & 'Devilman Vs. Hades' Manga

Seven Seas ACquires ‘Devilman’ & 'Devilman Vs. Hades’ Manga

(LOS ANGELES, May 19, 2017) – Seven Seas Entertainment is thrilled to announce the license acquisition of the original 1972 Devilman manga series by Go Nagai and the 40th anniversary Devilman VS. Hades manga series by Go Nagai and TEAM MOON! Devilman: The Classic Collection is the original manga …

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New ‘Gangsta’ Anime Dub Clip Simmers to a Boil

New ‘Gangsta’ Anime Dub Clip Simmers to a Boil

With the limited and regular editions of Gangsta coming out back on May 16th, 2017, Funimation has now brought out a new dub clip for the show that previously saw a simuldub produced for it. Both sets are pretty solid in the extras as it’s getting an audio commentary, a video commentary, the 9.5 …

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First 'Inuyashiki' Anime Adaptation Details Surface

First ‘Inuyashiki’ Anime Adaptation Details Surface

The noitaminA block announced back in December the fall 2017 plans for an adaptation of the Inuyashiki manga from Hiroya Oku of Gantz fame. The property is getting both a live-action film and an anime TV series but we’ve heard little about either for a bit. The project previously set K…

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'Samurai Jack' Scores Big Win As Toonami Anime Holds Even

‘Samurai Jack’ Scores Big Win As Toonami Anime Holds Even

The final episode of Samurai Jack landed this past weekend and the show had a good gain of about 100,000 viewers over last week to make it the top show on Adult Swim for the night. On the Toonami side of things, Dragon Ball Z is still tops but it dropped by about 75,000 over last week w…

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'Saiyuki Reload Blast' Anime Premiere Scheduled

‘Saiyuki Reload Blast’ Anime Premiere Scheduled

The upcoming Saiyuki Reload Blast anime adaptation of the manga of the same name is closing in and the official site has now updated with more information. While we do have a couple of new cast additions below, the big piece is that the series has been scheduled for a July 5th, 2017 premiere in …

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