your life is spelled out across your skin, scars telling your story in jagged, sprawling lines across your back

one day you will meet a boy who will trace those scars with shaking fingers and ask ‘who did this to you?’ and you won’t have the heart to tell him the truth

this boy will have scars of his own, scars in his mind and in his blood, whispering ‘traitor’ in his veins, and if you ask how they came to be he won’t have the courage to tell you the truth

some scars heal and some scars hurt but you will meet another boy with scars of his own who will do anything to protect you from yours

—  blood red scars || s.b.a.

catholic boy-
are you good?
do you want to be?

you fight because you want to feel something
rushing blood and breaking bones and punches flickering out like fire
light firecrackering behind your eyelids in a mockery of pain
you crave the rush of blood to the head and the dull ache to remind you of feeling something long after it has passed

catholic boy-
are you good?
do you think you could be?

you are unseen and you are unseeing and you drag your ghosts to the altar where pious crosses and prayers war with screamed curses and the pleas of dying men
you will get down on your knees for them but you have yet to find a confessor for all your sins

catholic boy-
are you good?
have you ever been?

—  holiness is not equivalent to happiness || s.b.a.
Sigh No More (A Castiel Inspired Poem)

[roughly inspired by this video and several other things]

Beyond your duty you stood proud

A rebel midst the common crowd

Remember those who you stood for

My little angel, sigh no more

There are brothers, sisters, come and go

Nothing compares to family you know

They’ve been there, after and before

My little angel, sigh no more

At God’s speed you never take a rest

Forgetting how you’re truly blessed

Just take your wings and learn to soar

My little angel, sigh no more

When home is lost amongst the flame

Do not hang your head in shame

When paradise is just offshore

My little angel, sigh no more

Even when your hope is long lost

Nothing seems so worth the cost

Your friends will help you through your war

My little angel, sigh no more