fandomless oc

oki !!!  so  these  seem to be  a lot  more  effective  then  a graphic promo  from  what i’ve  seen,  so imma  give it  a shot !!  my  name is  zoila  (  but feel free to call me zozo for short if you want !!  )   please  feel  free to  REBLOG  or  LIKE  this  post  if  you’re interested  in  interacting  with  an  indie /  highly selective /  crossover  friendly  witch  oc  named,  rosemary  !!  she’s a  bit  hard to be  friends  with  at  first  since  she’s   such   a   closed  off  person  with  an  awful  past,  but  once  someone  warms  up  to her,  she’s  actually  really kind  &  sweet  !!  pls   give  my  smol   witch  oc   some    love.  ❤

       FIGURE 02 : THE PROPHET .

                        as created by NEO .  

                           (  PERSONAL BLOGS & K/RP BLOGS DO NOT REBLOG .  )

Yes hello I’m having trouble finding active rp blogs to interact with, so would you be interested in interacting with an OC in this trying time?
Her name is Chante and:

  • Is a space goat looking for companions because space is lonely
  • A timid, sweet bean who is a good friend
  • Also has psychic powers like Telepathy and Mind Link
  • Has gotten hurt from bad people in the past
  • Likes to stargaze, really loves stars
  • Has a FNAF verse!
  • Really she just wants to not be lonely and have a good time

The blog is multiverse, multiship, and open to interact with both OCs and canons and stuff! Give the post a like/reblog (reblogs preferred but you do you) and I’ll check you out, yeah?

          hey !! if you like tol , swole , ocean - loving , sun - kissed boys who dedicate their life to literally saving lives , then have i got a boy for you !! meet JASPER EISEN , your local twenty three year old hunk of a life guard that’s ready to help you with your tan & teach you that do’s & don’ts of swimming in the ocean !! if you’re interested in getting cpr from him having a safe , fun time at the beach with jasper , please LIKE or REBLOG ( preferred , to spread the word ♥ ) & i’ll come check out your blog !!

do you like guys who just seem to stay the same age & live forever? no? don’t worry, he feels the same way about himself. introducing my first ever independent oc, lucifer ! an immortal failure who was once the king of babylon, then a guardian angel, but was able to not succeed both times; thus introducing him to the life of immortality. please like or reblog if you’d be interested in interacting ! the blog is currently a WIP but i’m looking for new people to interact with !  (   penned by clarrie.  )

Hey guys! I recently had to unfollow some people and my dash is kinda dead now. And since these go around faster, please reblog or like if you want to interact with a super powered criminal oc named Jeremiah. I’ll most likely look at your blog and follow back.

Some info about Jeremiah:

  • Has darkness powers
  • Is an asshole
  • he likes sex and drinking
  • doesn’t need friends/lovers but he wants them lol
  • he’s badass but loves poetry
  • closet n’sync fan and jt fan
  • has tragic past written all over

HEY these promos seem to go around faster than others so mcslam that LIKE or REBLOG button if you’d be up to interact w/ a fandomless OC!! he’s tiny, an expert at pissing people off, WILL fight you (and probably lose), and is 80% rage. small and ready to brawl. disclaimer: i am not responsible for your stolen snacks, interact at your own risk.