WIP Wednesday!

These are my 2 current WIP’s. I have others still on the needles, but they’re languishing until I pull them out later on.

They’re both socks inspired by Sherlock. The first is a very subtle pattern of diamonds worked in possum, merino and alapca yarn, and the second is a sock for Lestrade. I have a headcanon that he makes his own socks as stress relief and they’re usually crazy wack and loud. These, he wore to work while dealing with Moriarty breaking in everywhere. The patterns are Business Casual and Sign of Four.

I’m on the second of both and so far I’m avoiding Second Sock Syndrome pretty well!

Guess what’s ready for test knitting? My Hiddlestoner Shawl is! Head over to the Free Pattern Testers Group on Ravelry to participate! I’m only accepting 4 test knitters, so head over before the spaces fill up!
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Star wars scarf for hubby for Christmas.

Feeling a bit “meh” about it. I had to change from doubleknit to stranded because I just wasn’t enjoying it. It’s not perfect but will do. Yarn is Novita Nalle (not fancy) and this took about 1,5seasons of Supernatural to make. So that’s a lot. And I hid it from the hubby.

Hope he likes it. He better.

The charts can be found with the “starwars scarf” tag or something. I didn’t follow them all the time but close enough. It’s a great chart. Pic is crappy, but there is no light what so ever and I had to wrap this up while hubby was playing with kids.

I've been working on my third square for my Sherlock Blanket...

…and it has been a bitch. I’ve had to restart it several times due to errors in the pattern. I’ve just about finished it, and i thought it looked too small… so I  measured it against the other squares. It was FIVE inches too small. THE WHOLE FUCKING PATTERN WAS WRONG. I HAVE TO FROG TWO FUCKING WEEKS OF WORK.