30 Day Non-Specific Fandom Challenge

Apply to any fandom of your choosing.

Day #1 First Encounter With This Series (i.e. how you discovered it, first episode you watched, etc…)

Day #2 The Moment That Made You Fall in Love with this Series

Day #3 Favourite Female Character

Day #4 Favourite Male Character

Day #5 Favourite Romance/Rivalry

Day #6 Least Favourite Female Character

Day #7 Least Favourite Male Character

Day #8 Least Favourite Romance/Rivalry

Day #9 Funniest Moment

Day #10 Saddest Moment

Day #11 Something You Wish Hadn’t Happened

Day #12 Something You Wished Would Happen But Never Did

Day #13 A Song That Reminds You of this Series

Day #14 Favourite Villain

Day #15 A Character Everybody Else Loves That You Hate

Day #16 A Character Everybody Else Hates That You Love

Day #17 The Character You Love To Hate

Day #18 The Top Three Things on Your To-Do List if You Suddenly Found Yourself in the Series

Day #19 A “Ship” in the Fandom You Can’t Stand (canon or non-canon; of characters or actors)

Day #20 The Worst Fanfic You’ve Ever Read of this Series (include links if possible)

Day #21 On a Scale from Secret Admirer to Panty-Sniffer, How Obsessed Are You with this Series?

Day #22 The Character You’d Want as a Drinking Buddy

Day #23 The Character You’d Want as a Fuck Buddy

Day #24 The Character You Find Most Relatable

Day #25 Favourite Object/Prop

Day #26 Favourite Costume

Day #27 Favourite Quote

Day #28 Favourite Climax (i.e. series finale, battle, conclusion of a subplot, etc…)

Day #29 A Moment That Made You Question Whether You Would Continue Reading/Watching…

Day #30 Will Anything Ever Replace this Series for You?

Fandom Challenge

Fandom Challenge

Choose 4 fandoms in random order
1. Lying game 

2. Revenge 

3. Pretty Little Liars

4.Vampire Diaries 

The first character you fell in love with
1. Ethan Whitehorse 

2. Nolan Ross

3. Toby Cavanaugh

4. Tyler Lockwood

The character you never expected to love
1. Mads Rybak

2. Amanda (fake one/ dead one)

3.  Ezra Fitz

4. Klaus
The character you’d slap
1. Ethan 

2. No one 

3. Spencer


Three favorite characters
1. Ethan,Mads,Emma

2. Emily,Nolan,Declan

3. Toby,Spencer,Mona

4. Damon,Stefan,Jeremy

The character you love that everyone else hates
1. Ethan

2. Victoria, Conrad (they are so hilarious)

3. Mona  (so unpredictable), Toby (I wont give up on YOUUU)

4. Rebekah (such a hilarious Bitch),Klaus (hes just misunderstood) 

The character you don’t like that everyone else does
1. Char (but shes gone)

2. Aiden (hes so bipolar),Padma (FAKEEEEEE UGHHHH FAKEEEEE)

3. Paige McCullers (she is cray!!!!)

4. Elena (ewww like no,just stop you are so self centered)

Your OTP
1. Ethan and Emma

2. Emily and EVERYONE i just cant choose 

3. Toby and Spencer

4. Rebekah and Stefan, Jeremy and Bonnie

30 day fandom challenge: Breaking Bad

Day #1 First Encounter With This Series (i.e. how you discovered it, first episode you watched, etc…

The first time I heard about this show was actually when it first came out. My dad had started watching it and told me about it, but I didn’t start watching it then. I only started watching the show less than a year ago when my sister’s dad told me I HAD to watch it and that it was on Netflix. So, my boyfriend started watching it together.