I feel like this would happen with the space fandoms
  • Star Trek: *hanging around on the Enterprise*
  • Star Trek: Why the hell is a giant blue phone box in space!?!?
  • TARDIS: *randomly appears on ship*
  • Doctor Who: *walks out*
  • Star Trek: Who are you!?!?!?
  • Doctor Who: I am-
  • Black Hole: *appears out of nowhere*
  • Galra Ship: *comes out of black hole*
  • Voltron: *follows Galra ship out of black hole*
  • Star Trek: ?????
  • Star Trek: Beam that weird robot person up, Scotty!
  • Scotty: Aye, sir!
  • Voltron: *is beamed onto the ship*
  • Doctor Who: I'm sorry but what is going on????
  • Voltron: Quick! That Galra ship needs to be destroyed!
  • Star Trek: But why-
  • Voltron: JUST DESTROY IT!!!
  • Star Trek: Okay, okay!
  • Star Trek: Fire Photon Torpedoes!!!!
  • Photon Torpedoes: *destroy the Galra ship*
  • Voltron: Yes!!!! Okay, now I need to get home!
  • Black Hole: *disappears*
  • Voltron: ...shit.
  • Some random Enterprise crew member: Sir, there are two other ships that came out of the black hole. They appear to have life-forms on them. Should we beam them up?
  • Star Trek: Sure.
  • Homestuck and Steven Universe: *appear on the ship*
  • Doctor Who: *under their breath* oh no
Fandoms Reaction About Who Won the Election
  • Hetalia: *faints*
  • Homestuck: Oh boy...we need sburb to be real now...
  • Doctor Who: Haha byyyye! *goes into tardis*
  • Sherlock: I guess he lowered the IQ of most of the states with his talking...

Your name is the DANNY PHANTOM FANDOM, or as you sometimes like to call yourself, the PHANDOM. Despite being 16 YEARS OLD, you consider yourself to be annoyingly PREPUBESCENT. You are also HALF GHOST like the main character of your show, but you are MUCH WEAKER.

You have many HOBBIES, such as GARDENING or PLAYING VIDEO GAMES. A lot of your time is also spent DRAWING FANART or WRITING ANGSTY FANFICTION. Because of this, you tend to have a vivid IMAGINATION which contributes to your strong ability to DENY THINGS, specifically a LARGE PORTION of your 3rd season and the FINALE that NEVER HAPPENED. You also enjoy MEMES.

You are the Yuri!!! on Ice fandom and you were born to make history!

Your show is a SPORTS ANIME focused on ICE SKATING, which is pretty out of the NORM. It boasts fluid ANIMATION, amazing MUSIC, lovely CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT and, the most IMPORTANT thing of all, a canon SAME-SEX RELATIONSHIP. Suck on that FREE!.

Your INTERESTS include, aside from ice skating, BALLET, FLAMBOYANT COSTUMES, and INSTAGRAM. Your favorite food is KATSUDON and you love both CATS and DOGS. Not many people know that you’re also great at BREAK DANCING and POLE DANCING but you would rather not let that get AROUND.

Your strife specibus is ICE SKATE KIND and your chumhandle is eroticKatsudon. Y❅ur w❅rds are❅n ice just as much as y❅u are! 

[[I come back from the dead with this shit. I am totally in love with this show and it’s ending in two episodes! *cries* Also I can never get away from fandomstuck no matter how much I try…

Picture credit to @releasethellamas a.k.a. Kurobasu mun.

Fangirl over YoI with me at @the-wicked-xen]]

Analyzing (possible spoilers of Sherlock S4)
  • Supernatural: Sherlock you haven't slept at all after the first episode of your show. What the hell are you doing?
  • Doctor Who: You're rewatching it so many times.
  • Sherlock: I don't need sleep. I need answers. I'm analyzing this. You see in one of the scenes where John gets off the bus I believe, the new villain, is on the board. It says murder which could mean one thing. That there's going to be a murder! It could be a sign of foreshadowing! Also with Mary saying 'go to hell Sherlock' it could possibly mean that Sherlock is going to have a near death experience! BUT YET I DON'T THINK THAT'S IT!
  • Supernatural: *slowly backs away* Don't think to much of it.
  • Doctor Who: We're leaving now. *whispers* come on!
  • Sherlock: Come on THINK!

Wallpapers I’ve made today~
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a New trinity trash for Fandomstuck

Ya you heard the title or read it there is a new trinity trash for Fandomstuck, it got me excited and this is the original post:

like SPN, DW and SH MIX together, it GOT me another idea for this New trinity trash.




Hetalia Plays HetaOni
  • Hetalia: Hey, Homestuck, I'm gonna play this new fangame.
  • Hetalia: It's called HetaOni!!!
  • Homestuck: Cool. Do you want me to play it with you?
  • Hetalia: No, I'm gonna try it myself this time!
  • Homestuck: Ok.
  • ~One week later~
  • Supernatural: Hey, Homestuck, have you seen Hetalia?
  • Homestuck: I think he's in his room.
  • Homestuck: Come to think of it, he's been in there all week...
  • Supernatural: I'm gonna go see him.
  • Homestuck: I'm coming with you.
  • ~A few minutes later~
  • Supernatural: *opens door* Hetalia?
  • Homestuck: Hetalia, are you in here?
  • Hetalia: *trembling in the corner* Oh, hello...
  • Hetalia: *maniacal laughter*
  • Homestuck: ...Um...
  • Homestuck: Oh.
  • Homestuck: The game.
  • Homestuck: Supernatural, I know why he's acting like this. He-
  • Supernatural: He's possessed by a demon!!!
  • Homestuck: What!? No, he-
  • Supernatural: GET THE SALT
i just realized something

Doctor Who = show is still on going
Supernatural = show is still on going
Sherlock = a lot of hiatuses, but show is still on going
Hetalia = show is still on going
Homestuck = webcomic just ended

Homestuck is the only one and the very first one among the Big 5 to have something end. 

Could you imagine how heartbreaking it is for the other 4 seeing Homestuck, crying, sobbing, having a mental breakdown, and kept locking themself in their room on their birthday? The day when Homestuck ends

I don’t know about you but, I just broke my own fucking heart.