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About Star Trek Discovery, I just hope that the writers for it don't confuse REAL Social Justice writing (which early Star Trek such as TOS, TNG, DS9, etc are famous for) with crappy Social Justice Warrior writing (like most of modern Marvel's comics like FemThor, Ghostbusters 2016, Mass Effect Andromeda, etc)

Positive female representation is not “crappy social justice warrior writing.”  

TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, and ENT had some great episodes calling out social issues, I definitely agree, and I hope Discovery keeps up the tradition of being relevant to today’s world issues. But they were still incredibly sexist. 

Troi - how many times did she get assaulted just for a plot point? 

Gates McFadden literally got fired for calling out sexism. 

“Borg Babe”

Grace Lee Whitney was sexually assaulted and then fired.

T’Pol’s decon scenes

Riker leering and creeping on every hot alien his dick sees.

I could go on…

We need Discovery to treat it’s women fairly, something Trek has lacked to do in the past. Not only is a woman the star of Discovery, but she’s also a woman of colour. We haven’t had a main female character of colour since Hoshi (and her screentime was so minimal) Torres in Voyager, and before that Uhura. Three women of colour as main cast members in 50 years of Trek is pretty bad.

I hope Discovery is filled with “crappy social justice warrior writing” because that’s exactly what Trek has done in the past

I’ve got news for you, when TOS came out and black people were treated equally in Starfleet: that’s “crappy social justice warrior writing”

TNG: a woman as the CMO?  that’s “crappy social justice warrior writing”

DS9: a black man in charge of a space station: that’s “crappy social justice warrior writing.” Not to mention that the only visible white human man on DS9 was O’Brien who wasn’t the stereotypical woman chasing white man a la Riker and early Tom Paris.

The entirety of “Far Beyond the Stars” is one big ol’ bag of “crappy social justice warrior writing”

VOY: A woman? As captain of a starship?? That’s “crappy social justice warrior writing”

Judging by your confession, I think Star Trek Discovery is already doing it’s job and earning it’s place on the Trek shelf by tackling relevant social issues. 

I hope you watch it.  I hope you love it.  And I hope you see how archaic this way of thought is. 

Discussing Teleportation at 3AM
  • Gallusrostromegalus: I mean, that's allegedly how teleporters work
  • Gallusrostromegalus: but with more murder
  • Gallusrostromegalus: depending on your point of view.
  • CloudyDrake: yeah, good point
  • CloudyDrake: breaks down your molecules, beams the data to the computer at the other end, it rebuilds an exact copy of you
  • CloudyDrake: you literally die every time scotty beams you up.
  • CloudyDrake: Highest body count in the federation
  • Gallusrostromegalus: HE'S A MONSTER
  • Gallusrostromegalus: and since he's from scotland
  • Gallusrostromegalus: he could be
  • CloudyDrake: :D?
  • CloudyDrake: :D :D :D?
  • Gallusrostromegalus: THE LOCH NESS MONSTER

Happy Blog Birthday 🎉

It’s been a year. In celebration I thought I’d put on a little buffet of my favourite pieces.

I thought my first year had been and gone but I had a notification from Tumblr today. I should probably get more fresh air. It’s been a lot of hard work and learning curves. The Voyager episode ‘Basics’ paint was one of my first digital pieces and I’m constantly trying to improve my technique.

The top Janeway, is my newest and I haven’t quite finished with it yet but it seems fitting to post it now. I kinda blasted on a colour scheme and it still deserves some tinkering.

Most of these pieces are available at my Etsy shop: