• BENEDICT:Like all interviewers, I should first of all thank you, Tom, for taking this time.
  • TOM:[laughs] Thank you, Benedict. We should just thank each other for our time. For the rest of our lives.
  • BENEDICT:And then, in typical British fashion, we should just apologise for everything as well.
  • TOM:I'm sorry for disturbing you.
  • BENEDICT:I'm more sorry than you.

ONE MORE MIRACLE | Sherlock and John

‘I asked you for one more miracle. I asked you to stop being dead.’

‘I heard you.’

So now I know how to download music off YouTube and how to add voice overs and I had to vid my favourite scene in the entire series; this is the end result!

Martin’s very funny, so there’s a lot of space for Martin, but he does it very tactfully, he won’t do it when there’s a big moment for someone else, but I mean he is one of the funniest men you’ll ever meet, so that happens.
—  “Everyone has said what a happy set it is to work on, is that a double edged sword? Does it mean that you’re so comfortable that you’re corpsing & playing pranks rather than getting on with things?” Benedict Cumberbatch on stage at Sherlocked 2016 - (From notes taken during the talk, so there might be slight errors in wording)

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I’m terribly fond of the people on this job, and I’ve got some incredibly strong and close friendships from it, great loyal friendships and I think that does reflect in the work, in the ease with which we work with each other, definitely and it is like a family.
—  Benedict Cumberbatch on stage at Sherlocked 2016 - (From notes taken during the talk, so there might be slight errors in wording)

Imagine: Sherlock loving that you still manage to be so innocent and happy even with all that you’ve seen helping him on cases. [x]

Sherlock: You’re smiling? You’re smiling after all of that?
Y/N: The case is over, Sherlock. It’s finished- we solved the case and now our work is done.
Sherlock: Oh… Right.
Y/N: So smile, Sherlock! Separate yourself from the case- from work, because right now we don’t have any cases.

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The Hidden Language Of  The Soul

( Martha Graham about dancing)

Let me come back to TSoT. I know, it is painful but there are some thoughts I would like to share. Much has been said about the symbolism of dancing in this episode and I would like to take a closer look.

What is the meaning of dancing in the individual scenes and how does it symbolise Sherlock’s emotional development?

Mrs Hudson discovers Sherlock dancing alone to the waltz he has composed for John and Mary. 

MRS HUDSON: You were dancing.
SHERLOCK: I was road-testing.

He deflects. He feels caught in the act which has been foreshadowed by Lestrade repeatedly using these very words in the Waters gang story. And the fact that he deflects proves that Sherlock allowed himself to dream of dancing with John even before we learn that he gave John lessons. And what is also important: he is dancing a waltz which is meant to be danced by two people, not alone

Then there is the scene with Janine. He teaches her how to waltz (like he did with John) and confesses that he loves dancing. This is something he has not even told Mrs Hudson, else she would not have been so surprised. So we have Sherlock who wants to dance with Janine even though she is just a substitute for John - now as a dance partner, later on in HLV as his love interest. But there ist more. 

SHERLOCK: I love dancing. I’ve always loved it.

And then he does a pirouette, an element of classical ballet usually executed alone. There has never been any mention of Sherlock and ballet dancing so I suppose it is something he did in the past ⇒ “I’ve always loved it”. He loved to dance alone in the past and now wants to dance with another person. Dancing alone is a thing of the past for him. He has realised that he would prefer to dance with a partner, in this case Janine as a stand-in for John. 

(As a little extra, here is the ballet scene from TPLoSH: X in which male ballet dancers are presented as gay and bi. Would anyone put it past Moftiss to play with this association?)

Sorry in advance to put you through this again, but after deflection and confession there is of course sacrifice.

SHERLOCK: Both of you, now, go dance. We can’t just stand here. People will wonder what we’re talking about.
JOHN: Right.
MARY: And what about you?

I have no idea if this is another dig at Sherlock or true compassion, but it boils down to this: clever Mary feels that something is off. This is not how such things are supposed to go, weddings, pregnancy announcements, etc. Because of his sadness Sherlock has become the spectre at the feast (no need for Mycroft here). And Sherlock’s sacrifice (not dancing/being with John) is paired with John’s rejection:

JOHN: Well, we can’t all three dance. There are limits!

Followed by the horrible “closed curtains” remark. But there is also hope if we take John’s “We can’t all three dance” not just as a rejection but also as foreshadowing. 

There will be no crime-solving trio, there will be no happy family plus uncle in series 4. Because in this show only two can dance and we know who these will ultimately be. 

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Insults from our favorite sociopath!

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