So as said yesterday, my brain decided that doing Killian in the Flying Dutchman Curse was a good idea…don’t ask me why idk myself. 
As Will Turner was too nice and Davy Jones too terrible, i’ve made a in-between who is well unexpected perhaps weird but cool.

And I hope there will be a one-shot from @spartanguard to go with soon! 

bc she’s a marvel and i love her so much and she has done a mermaid fic that is amazing! so if the flying dutchman isn’t your taste, perhaps some mermaid!killian will be… ♥

Movie Musings

// I just finished watching On Stranger Tides, ( what, you say? It’s taken you this long to watch it? Yeah, yeah. I’m behind, I know. ) and it sure was an odd instalment. For one, most of the ‘main’ characters were missing. Elizabeth? Will? The monkey? The whole of the Pearl’s crew we’d come to love? Those two redcoats? Pintel and Ragetti? Oh well. We got a lot of Barbossa, and I’m not complaining. Yet most of it isn’t even taking place on a ship, and that struck me as odd. 

You know, I’ve likely missed the boat, and this has all been extensively discussed and y’all have found reasons for it and everything. 

Good movie and all. But a bit of an odd deviation. 



I saw the new pirates movie and can honestly say I have no idea what everyone else is talking about. The movie is so good!! That 10 second Willabeth reunion made my year pretty much. I can also firmly say that I definitely was not crying my lil heart out all the way from Barbossa’s death to the end credits.

Henry Turner and Carina Smyth Yale AU: Chapter 1

Hi everyone! This is chapter 1 of @elizabeth-svvann’s Yale AU . It will be cross posted to AO3 once I can make an account there. For now it will be available under the “Keep Reading” link. Hope you enjoy!

Word count: 6170

Summary: Carina had always been one of the smartest people in the room her entire life. She graduated high school at 15 and is currently studying at Yale University to earn a Ph.D. in Astrophysics. Over the past year, the physics department has been hit hard with budget cuts, and the latest one was the nonrenewal of Carinas favourite professor, Dr Jack Sparrow’s contract. Enraged by this, Carina attends an annual Yale fundraiser to confront the Dean of the University, Weatherby Swann.

At the event, the first person she meets is Henry Turner, a classics student getting his master’s in said field. Henry is instantaneously smitten with her, while Carina is uninterested in him - her only purpose there is to talk to Dean Swann. All night she is unsuccessful in getting a moment alone with him. As she waits for her drink at the bar, she overhears two women gossiping about the Dean, mentioning all the favours and grants given to his son in law, Professor William Turner, over the years. The conversation then shifts to Swann’s grandson: Henry Turner. Immediately Carina formulates a plan to use Henry to get to his grandfather, in hopes that history repeats itself and Dean Swann’s nepotism will carry down to her as his grandson’s new girlfriend.

The guilt of using Henry soon starts to grow as she falls for the classics nerd with his terrible Latin jokes and constant babbling about Greek and Roman mythology.

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In honor of my favorite POTC character: The best Hector Barbossa video in existence.


PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN –> Fathers and Children

You knew my father. I knew him. Good man. Good pirate.