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  • Lily Evans, Harry Potter
  • Caroline Forbes, The Vampire Diaries
  • Brooke Davis, One Tree Hill
  • Rebekah Mikaelson, The Originals
  • Phoebe Buffay, Friends
  • Regulus Black, Harry Potter
  • Diana Prince, DC comics
  • Penny Pingleton, Hairspray
  • Katherine Pierce, The Vampire Diaries
  • Regina George, Mean Girls

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Can I ask what made you not care for elena even at the start of tvd when she was at least a somewhat nice character, and what did you liked most or least about season 1 caroline?

I could never relate with Elena. Yes at the beginning she was written decently but she was always the kind of heroine that I could never relate with. Bland. Snowflake-y. Mary Sue. The kind of unrealistic trope we see everywhere. And the one thing I hate the most. She was not ‘like the other girls’ which is a misogynistic trope that always annoys the hell out of me. And then as the show progressed you could see that all that compassion and gentleness was nothing but hypocrisy and selfishness.

As for Caroline. Even though the exterior pointed out to the kind of mean girl that you could not relate easily with and was more or less an annoyance if you paid closer attention you could see an insecure girl that despite being an extrovert she was still sidelined by those that should care for her. She was depressed. She had self esteem issues. She covered her pain with smiles and bitchiness. Her friends acted as if she was a burden and they were doing her a favor of even spending time with her and her parents were not the kind of people that should have become parents to begin with. Caroline was not perfect. She was not special. The narrative did not cater to her. And she was also a normal teenager. She cared for parties and boys and her looks and basically what most young girls care for. She had the age maturity-immaturity that is normal to have in that age and should not be portrayed as a negative trait.

Caroline was never my most favorite character either and it took me some time to relate with her too, even though from the female characters in S1 I liked her more than Elena by far, but still I warmed up to her slowly and the writing for her especially in S2 gave her great character development. The more other characters digressed the more Caroline shone. At least up to S3 give or take. Caroline was flawed and I could relate easier with her because she felt like a character that struggled and more so she was also a survivor that persevered. An abuse and rape survivor at that. She challenged herself, she grew stronger through adversity and she liked to prove others wrong and stand her ground. That was admirable. She went through the hard road and grew up from a girl to a woman. And more so she fitted the vampire lore very nicely and she thrived at being a vampire and since I signed for a vampire show it was a relief to see characters thriving in that element.

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Have you figured out your poses yet for comic con?

Nope, I keep changing my mind :/ also I’m like okay will the person be up for it… 

Tim Rozon - No clue 

Keegan Allen - him fake arresting me (?) / the shh seems too generic 

Matt Davis - No clue 

Jenna Coleman - No clue 

Ian Bohen - something funny? 

Linden Ashby - hugs 

TW group photo- linden & Ian: Ian attacking me and linden protecting me ? Or all three of us doing like a ready to fight pose •


There is nothing more emotional than when footage is released from a tv series or movie franchise that’s come to it’s end, and you hear the “that’s a wrap!” and the crew that’s been together for years starts crying and hugging