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What about Omoi ? Could you write something with him, please ? He's such a cutie :3 Thanks !

There’s some here. And God, we need more Omoi, he is just so adorable. Also, you didn’t specify so I just choose my favorite type of headcanons… ~Admin Night

Omoi Fluffy Headcanons

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• He is always calling to check you up.  Omoi can only be a few minutes without you before his hands begin to twitch. His pessimistic self always imagines the worst scenarios. You were walking to the grocery store and were confused for a violent criminal, they’ll catch you and throw you in prison and you’ll cry for him. Suddenly, he is calling you. Omoi questions vary from did you have trouble? to how many trees you see around you? If you don’t answer your phone, he is going for you. Omoi has the habit of running around the village half-dressed searching for you.

• Omoi loves kissing your cheek. It is warm and soft and the skin feels like home. He finds it even more intimate than kisses on the lips. He does it all the time: his hand on your chin, fingers drawing you closer and his lips touching your cheek. After that, you can always hear a muttered I-love-you.

• Omoi was ready to kiss you, he really was. But then, before he could eliminate any distance, he thought: what if they think this date was only a friendly outing? Then they are going to reject me and everything will be awkward and I’ll have to leave the village and I’ll end up with a group of mercenaries that steal jewels from kind, old ladies. When you saw him stop inches away from your lips, you couldn’t but smile; his breath was uneasy, his happy expression suddenly transforming into worry. And you kissed him. At the beginning, he tried to stop you, because he didn’t want to steal for living, but anyways, he continued kissing you. His lips had the sweet, soft texture of lollipops.

• He tries to have imaginative dates but is always afraid to do something new. If he can, Omoi likes to stay with the known. Usually, it is dinner in the restaurant you always eat, a bouquet of roses, and sightseeing from Kumokagure’s tallest building’s roof. He always leaves his new plans seconds before the date, too afraid something new might discomfort you. He only chooses something risky if he is jealous; then, he uses all his abilities to make sure you love him more than you love someone else.

• When he hugs you, his train of thought stops. Then, he doesn’t worry about the future of the village, or about his next mission. You are warm and soft and your breathing is calming. Omoi loves embracing you. He does it every time he sees you, before a mission, when he is back to the village, on your birthday, etcetera. He especially likes absorbing your smell. He swears he can still feel it caressing his face days after.


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I like it so much I have translated it so everyone else can read it too. (Not sure if it’s already up here, but I thought I’d dedicate some time to translating it since I like it so much)

Some translation notes: The word “Kawaii” in the context of describing a girl, (usually guy -> girl he likes), it means something more than cute. It’s deeper  than that, kind of like, cute/hot/sexy, but I left it as cute in English, since that’s not too bad.

Also, this is Part One. I’ve done part two by popular demand. :9

UPDATE: Part 2  is up! [LINK]

Please check out the artist [here].
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She was so nice about it when I asked her. : )

Also, fml I am a translator not a typesetter, or re-drawer, so mega apologies in advance for the horrible ts-ing and redrawing. 
New found appreciation for my scanlation team.

  • Person: So, how's your fandom going?
  • Me: I'm not sure, I haven't been on tumblr in a few days.
  • Me: *logs onto tumblr*
  • *Everyone from the fandom are running around screaming. Everything is on fire. The world is burning. People are dying*
  • Me: Nothing's changed.

Can I just say that in the Naruto 700 + 9 raws, Sakura refers to Sasuke as “Anata”. This is translated in to “Darling” in English because it’s the nearest translation. I think the translation in English is just fine. 

In Japanese, there are not a lot of endearment terms. “Anata” actually means “you”, but in conversation Japanese, people do not refer to each other as “Anata”. In a formal setting, using “anata” to a higher up or someone you are not familliar with may be considered impolite. 

However, another use for “Anata” is between wife and husband. At home, it is more or less a term of endearment, in which the wife (and only the wife) can refer to her husband as “anata”, without it sounding awkward/wrong. Hence in English, it is often translated in to something like “Honey”, or “Darling”, which may be the closest thing the English language has.

I’m writing this because a lot of people are saying that “Darling” is a horrible thing to call Sasuke because it’s like some horrible phrase from a very outdated movie - so just to clarify, the word used was “anata”, not ダーリン (Darling) in Katakana. (Which, fyi might sound weird to English speakers but you actually hear “Daa-rin” a lot in Japanese movies/anime etc., it’s more natural to them.) 

If you don’t like Sasuke and Sakura, that’s okay.
If you ship Sasuke and Naruto, or whatever, that’s okay.

What’s not okay is if you keep finding reasons to discredit other people’s ships to try to validate your own. Why don’t you just support your ship and be happy for it, don’t be a bad ambassador for your ship and make it look bad. 

Your ship must mean something important to you that it may not necessarily mean to everyone else, but hold on tightly to the significance it has to you and cherish it. Everyone else may not feel the same way, as we all have different experiences but that’s okay, isn’t it? 

I like Sasuke and Sakura, and now that they seem to be working out after everything that happened, I’m really happy. Seeing Sakura, Sasuke and Sarada makes me smile.

I like Sasuke and Naruto, they represent to me the image of a great friendship about perseverance, acceptance and forgiveness. I will never forget that.  

I actually also find Kakasaku sexy af but I know that probably won’t happen, but hey I still enjoy the fics and the fandom and my fellow shippers who like Kakasaku.

Respect Kishimoto’s story and the way he wants to write it. Naruto taught me a lot, and helped me through hard times, so whatever happens I will still love the story for what it is.

Look for the nice things instead of spreading so much hateeee, onegai dattebayo!


fandoms doing their thing
  • naruto fandom: yelling about which female character is the worstest
  • bleach fandom: angrily hissing at themselves and each other and being super salty over really little things
  • one piece fandom: sobbing into a pillow about whatever the hell's going on with sanji
  • fairy tail fandom: alternating between which ship they feel like fighting about and getting angry at cleavage
  • attack on titan fandom: explodes once a month in a burst of glory before immediately forgetting it ever existed
  • steven universe fandom: everything is problematic except what i like
  • jojo's bizarre adventure fandom: spent the last 29 years trying to figure out the plot; still hasn't gotten anywhere
  • yuri!!! on ice fandom: so gay very homosexual much wow
  • gravity falls fandom: slowly sinking into an existential crisis (possibly five existential crises)
  • my hero academia fandom: anxiously quadruple-checking saisai-chan's blog to see if there's anything new
  • yu-gi-oh! fandom: probably still confused about pot of greed??? idk lots of memes about hair
  • puella magi madoka magica fandom: crying about gays
  • ouran high chool host club fandom: pressed up against the window like creepers but no one notices
  • fullmetal alchemist fandom: but is it legal in japan????? no??? how about germany????? how about germany in 1912?????
  • pokémon fandom: still trying to catch 'em all
  • danganronpa fandom: all your faves are dead
  • game of thrones fandom: all your faves are dead or suffering
  • lord of the rings fandom: may or may not have ceased to exist altogether
  • doctor who fandom: hiding from the supernatural and sherlock fandoms
  • supernatural fandom: hiding from the sherlock and doctor who fandoms
  • sherlock fandom: hiding from the doctor who and supernatural fandoms
  • superwholock fandoms: sitting in a dark room, rubbing their hands together, and giggling maniacally
  • harry potter fandom: desperately awaiting the sweet release of death (or the next fantastic beasts movie)
  • hayao miyazaki fandom: anime was a mistake
  • voltron fandom: obsessing over keith, lance, klance, pidge's gender identity, shiro's ptsd, and allura's allura
  • rwby fandom: watching the bumbleby and black sun fans viciously circling each other like angry coyotes
  • dragon ball fandom: very tired at this point
  • abridged fandom: y u no update
  • star vs. the forces of evil fandom: the most passive aggressive ship warring i've ever seen tbh
  • avatar fandom: still bitching about zutara and makkora i guess idk
  • buffy the vampire slayer fandom: peering out from behind trees, probably waiting for the sun to sink
  • avengers fandom: either bickering about tony stark, screaming at sharon carter's existence, or dead inside
  • durarara!! fandom: fuck fascinating characters, development, and story; i want unhealthy gays
  • baccano! fandom: softly sobbing in the distance
  • warrior cats fandom: trying to pretend they never existed to begin with
  • rick riordan fandom: has either read every single thing he's ever written or gave up years ago
  • rave master fandom: sniggering as the fairy tail fandom loses its shit again
  • twilight fandom: rewriting the series so it doesn't suck as much and/or making cactus jokes
  • over the garden wall fandom: listening to "into the unknown" and sobbing
  • discworld fandom: secure in their superior sense of humor but sad because a great man has left us
  • a series of unfortunate events fandom: aggressively glowering at anything related to the movie
  • seven deadly sins fandom: confused af right now
  • vamp! fandom: has the best vampires ever created and fucking knows it
  • seraph of the end fandom: thinks they have the best vampires ever created (and are incorrect bc vamp! exists)
  • his dark materials fandom: making dæmons for themselves, their ocs, and literally anybody
  • star trek fandom: speaking in kling-on or whatever
  • star wars fandom: kylo ren discourse
  • miraculous ladybug fandom: arguing over which of four ships is the best even though they're all the same two people
  • thomas sanders fandom: deeply in love with thomas sanders bc it's really hard not to be