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For the callback they made me learn ‘Defying Gravity’. I was doing really well, then I totally cracked on the high, high note at the end. I screamed ‘F***!’ at the top of my lungs. Then, without the piano player, I sang the note again to show that I could actually hit it and I kept going. (Director) Joe says that’s what got me the role. He could see that I was able to play a witch.- Idina Menzel

I added color!

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Norbert Leo Butz sings “Defying Gravity”

“It was the bees,” said someone, full of rage.

“Oh, was it?” came Elphie’s calm voice. “They’ve been asleep for so long.  

Wouldn’t there have been screams if they’d attacked a man in the middle of the night?  Did the bees sting his throat first, to swell his vocal cords shut?  Very talented bees, those.”

“It was the bees,” was the mutter, and the implication was clear.  You, too.

“Oh, I forgot the size of the human imagination,” Elphie said meanly.  “How very large it is, after all.”

-Wicked, by Gregory Maguire

Defying Gravity- Instrumental
Defying Gravity- Instrumental

The official, full instrumental to ‘DEFYING GRAVITY.’

This recording is apparently given to cast members of the tour to practice at home.

EDIT: I’ve read conflicting opinions about if this is a real orchestra or an electronic one.   My contact could only tell me that  they are “reduced tour orchestrations.’   There is debate because, many of the tracks do not sound exactly like they do in the show. But these ARE official.

you know what I love? No matter what production of Wicked, wherever in the world it may be, and whatever actress is playing Elphaba… without fail, they will always majorly use clips from the German production in Wicked videos