fandom: tudors

If there is a heaven.....

I really headcanon that when Henry VIII died, he was greeted by his mother who has four of his wives (Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, and Catherine Howard) with her and she just starts ripping him a new one for how he treated all of his wives and how that isn’t how she raised her son

Meanwhile Henry Vii is just like “youre screwed.”


From Letters and Papers Illustrative of the Reigns of Richard III and Henry VII, Henry VII’s emissary to Pope Innocent VIII in 1485; 

“The beauty and chastity of this lady are indeed so great neither Lucretia nor Diana herself were ever more beautiful or more chaste. So great is her virtue, and her character so fine, that she certainly seems to have been preserved by divine will from the time of her birth right up until today to be consort and queen. “