fandom: the weapon we have is love

headcanon in which levi is the cutest thing when he is sleeping. he may be a badass in the daylight, but when it’s time to go to bed he turns into this giant kitten who insist on cuddling. he is still really, really strong, so his cuddles result in eren nearly suffocating. whenever eren tries to complain, levi just whines and cuddles closer.

eren may or may not have evidence of this to use as future blackmail.

anyways books belong to their readers and you can’t tell me that hogwarts castle doesn’t flexibly adapt to students’ needs

 you can’t tell me that autistic wizard kids aren’t generating magic stims of light and sound and touch, fidgets that move and reshape themselves and repattern. you can’t tell me that students aren’t charming parchment to transcribe speech, take notes, become whatever alternative format is needed. imagine a spell that, with just a tap, changes an ink writing into Braille– and if the library books can scream they can change their formats for you. i want library books that will speak their information to you, and it’s so much better than a text-to-speech program or a muggle audio format of a textbook bc you don’t have to fuck with the table of contents or struggle to scroll through it you can just ask it 

give me students who use dictating quills to take notes and write papers, students who lug their goddamn muggle tech into the school because the wizarding world’s still using quill and ink, and so dumbledore has to change the school policies regarding muggle tech

i want disabled wizards trading useful spells, disabled students trading information on secret rooms, on the best moving staircases, on secret passageways. i want disabled wizards whose wands are their canes, hagrid’s umbrella style, and bewitched braces that adapt and loosen and tighten and restructure themselves during the day. Deaf wizards who sign their spells, who always win duels because they’re the greatest at nonverbal spells. autistic wizards who are incredible at fighting off legilimency because their minds work differently, students with depression who have all the skills to combat dementors

i want the castle itself to start adapting to the needs of disabled students. the walls themselves start to give directions to students who have difficulty navigating the complicated moving layout, the walls themselves give labels, the stone walls raise themselves into Braille or whatever alternate format. no elevators in this castle? go to the landing of the stairs and they’ll move for you to where you want to go. 

students of all houses uniting because two of the dormitories are in the basement, in the dungeons, and two are in high towers, and this is not gonna work, dumbledore, you gotta get your shit together

i want there to be an office of disability services so students don’t have to organize all this shit by themselves. i want students with testing accommodations who don’t have to take exams in the goddamn great hall, magic interpreters, individualized class schedules, a counseling center- especially given that these are kids who were raised in the aftermath of a world in trauma. i love the idea of disabled students finding ways to survive with room-of-requirement stuff but let’s also get some institutional support in here too

 are there students who have individual rooming instead of the at least four to a space situation we see with harry? are disabled students isolated from the traditional dorms because there’s stairs to each place or do they deal with that? are there students with service dogs? are there students with service owls or rats or toads because those are the only animals technically allowed does hermione have a cat because crookshanks is a service animal

it’s just. it’s lazy storytelling to tell me you can magic away disability. tell me how you can incorporate magic into accessibility efforts, tell me how magical and non-magical resources can be connected and improved by each other. tell me about disabled kids who take muggle studies, who apply magic to accessibility in the muggle world, who apply muggle technology to the wizarding world and adapt it and enchant it. tell me about disabled kids in transfiguration who aren’t transfiguring themselves into nondisabled folks but are transfiguring things around them to be resources. that vanishing cabinet sounds great for sensory overload and oversocialization, tell me about that. tell me about disabled kids in herbology using old wizarding herbs and medicines, about disabled kids studying wizarding law and developing wizard equivalents of the ADA 


This is love. Harry Potter quote-induced happiness. 

These aren’t mine – they’re from Full credit goes there. I stumbled across this Tumblr blog today, and I have to say, I think it’s really cool. The kinds of things the girl chooses to use in documenting her experiences reading are great, and her typographic art is beautiful. 

people who have dark mark tattoos confuse and distress me. when i see a dark mark tattoo it says to me “hi! i am a harry potter fan who has so purposefully & pointedly misinterpreted the meaning of harry potter that i have decided to get the primary symbol of prejudice and violence in the series permanently etched onto my body" 

On my way back from class I was able to stop at the McDonald’s across the street to speak to the manager and supervisor about the current fast food strikes and having them read a facts in regards to treatment of fast food workers and raising the wage to $15.

I said I was there on behalf of the HPA(to which the manager laughed at the mention of Harry Potter) and I presented the fact sheet. As she read she seemed to realize that this was no joke and was promoting betterment of the workers. She had asked If was interested in speaking to the supervisor which I did. . When asked what it was about I Made light of the strikes of fast food workers around the country in response to increasing the wage, and focus on better treatment of the workers. I would say it was a rather successful interaction. Terrifying at first but definitely worth it.


LeakyCon in Motion 2011. 

This is amazing. Ashley, you are amazing for making this. Last week was amazing. <3


Geekycon thought

The one thing that keeps worrying me about Geekycon is already I see people saying they are worried about new people doing to the convention because it will ruin the family of leakycon.

If the magic of Harry Potter and its fandom is that we create a family and safe environment, then its imperative that we continue this by WELCOMING the new attendees at Geekycon - not fearing their existence is somehow tainting the love we all share.

IDK its on my mind, just a thought. 

I love the Leaky community

Like, I love all of you, a lot.  The staff, the volunteers, my close friends and my not as close friends and the people I haven’t met yet.

Because the thing is, in that community I have finally found a safe space that will never go away.  When I am at my worst, I can remember what my best feels like.  I can remember four days each year of smiling and laughing where the only tears are happy or bittersweet when it’s finally time for goodbyes.

Last night when I seriously considered self-harm for the first time after being clean for years because I felt worthless, I remembered that even though I felt worthless then, I have had people tell me that they wouldn’t have become a part of the Leaky community without me or they wouldn’t have fallen in love with it like they did had it not been for me.  Helping someone else to find that community is something that’s beyond any defined worth for me.

On my own, I might feel weak and hopeless at times, but as a member of the community, I know that we made sure that the Boy Who Lived became the Boy Who Will Live Forever, that we have done the impossible time and again, and that makes us mighty.

Thank you, all of you, for giving me back me, and for helping me to find happiness in the darkest of places.  Thank you for being my light.


We’re foregoing #FanFriday this week to reflect on the events of this morning. Our friend and collaegue from the HPA Lauren Bird summed it up with her video herein, but we have this to add. You should never be afraid to celebrate who you are and what you love. In fandom, we say this a lot, but it’s never been more true today: The Weapon We Have Is Love. 

#FanFriday returns next week.