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There Are Now 2 LGBT Characters On Disney

In case you missed it, last friday, June 23rd, was a huge night for LGBT representation. Two shows currently airing on Disney Channel, one in the UK and one in the US, featured scenes with characters revealed as LGBT. Josh played by Joshua Sinclair-Evans on The Lodge and Cyrus Goodman played by Joshua Rush on Andi Mack.  Spoilers for the shows and my thoughts below.

On The Lodge Josh is talking to a friend and when the conversation turns to girls, well one girl in particular, Josh casually states that she’s not his type and then clarifies later that he’s not interested in any girls because “girls aren’t really my type.”  It was refreshing to see him come out in such a casual way.  I must admit I’ve never seen The Lodge before so I don’t know too much about his character or the show but I’m certainly going to be checking it out.

On Andi Mack we’ve seen Cyrus interacting with his friend Jonah for a whole season and it seemed obvious that he’s had a crush on him. We also knew from an article in the New York Times that there would be a story line involving a boy coming to terms with his sexuality. Unlike The Lodge, Cyrus hasn’t said out loud who he is interested in yet but with a very simple action our suspicions were confirmed.  In the finale, while Jonah was talking with Amber about Andi she said “if she turns to look back at you it means that she likes you and not just as a friend.” Jonah leaves before he sees that Andi looks back and then a few seconds later so does Cyrus. Cyrus likes Jonah!  (There’s even a video of the cast watching this scene together and cheering ecstatically when Cyrus looks back.)  This was a very intentional moment and I appreciate how they executed this scene.  Andi looks back and that clearly implies that she likes Jonah it makes sense she’s the lead of the show, she’s said many times that she likes him, the viewer easily accepts that she looked back because she likes him.  Then we see Cyrus do the exact same thing are we supposed to come to a different conclusion because he’s a boy and looked back.  Absolutely not. The show has already been renewed so this story line will continue and develop next season.

I’m really happy to see Disney taking these steps to bring representation to their network. Everyone who watches Disney needs role models and characters they can relate to and that’s been lacking for a long time!  If you aren’t watching already I’d recommend you check them out and spread the word so these shows can stay on the air!


Aegis (In This World or Any Other)

A Reylo retelling of Hades & persephone, with a twist. 

Those whom the gods love die young. To obtain a god’s attention is to hand over your life, so keep your head down and pray that they never notice you.

She took pity on the god no one ever visited, the god she doesn’t believe in, when she started leaving small offerings at his feet. She should have listened to local superstition.

“Still watching the girl, my Lord?” Mitaka asks with airs of resigned patience, yet still with an underlying thread of nervousness. Kylo’s eyes follow the man as he comes forward with Kylo’s meal, placing it gently to the side, within reach of Kylo’s hand. Kylo’s subdued smile never eases.


Mitaka holds his torch closer to the pool, shining its pale blue light over it, but the girl is long gone.

“Of all the beings in the universe, why that one?” Mitaka asks, unable to keep the wonder off his voice. Kylo supposes that, when there’s nothing else in the way of entertainment centuries at a time, even his Master’s curiosity becomes Mitaka’s own. Kylo can hardly blame him. He chuckles.

“She talks.”

Mitaka gives him a strange look, as if to say, ‘well of course she talks. All humans do,’ but he remains silent. A wise choice.

(Exerpt from Chapter One, On AO3)

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Like, i’m not saying that writing for villainous characters is difficult but - 

If you write villains as villains you are accused of: obviously endorsing every negative thing they do, glamorizing crime, normalizing abusive behaviours and being a generally bad person.

If you write villains as less villainous then you are accused of: ruining their character, erasing mental illness (more often than not), woobifying ‘bad’ people and being a generally boring person.

How can you win lmao?

People should be allowed to like/relate to character regardless of what they have done/said in their canon fictions.

Cause here’s the kicker.

It’s fiction.

I.e. Not real.

And attacking people- real people- or invalidating them because they like a certain character, I find, is a far worse crime than finding something in fictional character that I can like/relate to.