fandom: one direction

He kisses you (1D preference)

Harry: ‘Sometimes I don’t even FUCKING know why I’m still with you!’ You yelled at him. ‘You know what, Y/N? SAME HERE!’ He yelled back, throwing his hands in the air. ‘Maybe it’s better we end it here then!’ Your voice didn’t spill any of the fear you had saying those words. ‘I definitely think it’s better to end it here.’ He stared emotionless into nothing, hands supporting on the couch, looking down. You started slowly nodding… Not really sure of what to do. ‘Are you leaving or am I leaving?’ You wondered, ignoring your fear of being alone. It made him look up, staring right into your eyes. You both stood there for a while, looking at each other. ‘Nobody… please nobody.’ Harry said desperately, moving forward, cupping your face and kissing you passionately. ‘I was hoping you would say that.’ You said in between his lips. When his lips parted from yours after a while you smiled at him. ‘We suck at breaking up.’ You stated and he laughed about your statement, tugging a strand of hair back behind your ear. ‘I absolutely, surely do not mind at all.’ He said, just before he crashed his lips on yours again.

Louis: ‘And now, Louis Tomlinson, you may kiss your bride.’ The priest said. Finally. You had waited for this moment for such a long time and it was finally here. Louis was your husband and you were his wife, and you couldn’t wish for anything better in your life than him. The way he was looking at you, during the whole ceremony, during his vows, during exchanging rings, you’ve always looked for in love. You always thought you were never going to find it. But here he stood. Right in front of you. Ready to kiss your lips. Ready to be your last first kiss again. Last first kiss as a wife. He softly pulled you closer to him, cupping your face. And just before his lips met yours he opened his mouth. ‘I am so happy you are the one I’m marrying.’ And with that he gave you the most perfect kiss you’ve ever had. He was the reason you were breathing, nowadays. He was the center of your existence and you were so ready to conquer the world with him and so was he. ‘I love you so much Mrs. Tomlinson.’ He whispered just after your lips parted and just before you had to walk down the aisle together, like you will  walk together for the rest of your life. And you were absolutely ready for it.

Liam: You were so done with this. Where the fuck was he staying? He was supposed to be here by now. It was over 10 pm and he said he would be here at 10 and you were absolutely done. You were done with missing him, you were done with him being away from you, you were done with skype, you were done with texting, you were done with everything related to not seeing him. You checked the board again. His plane landed twenty minutes ago. The doors opened and closed but only the wrong people walked through and you hated every single one of them for not being Liam. You were staring so focused at the doors, not really knowing what you would do if he really walked out. After three months you kind of get stressed about it again. It’s like the first date. And suddenly you met his face, and you couldn’t keep yourself back anymore. You basically ran through all the blocking bars and jumped in his arms. He catched you safely and kissed every single part of your face in a gentle but also needing way. ‘You’re late.’ You said between his lips, trying to sound angry but you failed miserably. ‘I know babe. I almost killed the pilot for it. ‘ You chuckled pulling yourself even closer to him. ‘Don’t ever leave me again.’ You whispered desperately, kissing him again. ‘I’ll never leave you babe, even when I do, I won’t.’ And you knew you couldn’t get any better answer than that. ‘I know.’ You smiled at him. Ready for the most perfect two weeks with him home.  

Niall: Positive. It said positive. You stared at the little device in your hand, thinking it could just change again. But it didn’t. Positive. Pregnant. Baby. Oh God… With shaking hands you walked out of the bathroom and Niall jumped up from the ground, looking at you concerned. He looked at your face and you knew he knew he didn’t had to ask anymore. He knew the answer. ‘You are going to be great. We are going to be great. Our child is going to be great.’ He told you pulling you closer into his chest. ‘And I know that it’s scary. It’s scary because it’s the unknown. But I can tell you one thing… One thing that’ll never change. And that is that I don’t want any other girl being the mother of my children than you.’ And with that said he kissed your lips and that kiss made you regain all the strength you lost in the bathroom because of the fear. With this kiss he told you it was all going to be fine. And he would be there and you would be there and it was enough.

Zayn: ‘Were is Y/N?’ You heard your boyfriend shout just behind the door. ‘Sir you can’t go in there, you-,’ But Zayn was already entering the hospital room and when his eyes met yours he let out a frustrated growl, walked over to you, cupped your face and kissed you hard. Not even caring about all the things you were attached on. ‘Don’t you ever do that to me again. Ever. You understand?’ You kinda found it funny seeing him angry like this. ‘You scared the crapping shit out of me, you know that?’ He said, when his lips parted from yours. ‘How are you? Are you okay? Are you hurt? What do you feel?’ You chuckled from all his rambling and he looked confused. ‘Babe, this is not funny! You fell from a staircase! People die from those kind of accidents!’ He stated with a serious voice. ‘I’m sorry, Zayn. You’re just cute when you’re worried.’ He relaxed a bit after hearing those words and he smiled back. ‘Of course I’m worried. You’re my partner you know. You’re my girl. I need you here.’ His voice was softer now and he kissed your forehead. ‘I know babe… I’m not going anywhere.’ 

Preference #83: He Misses the Birth (Requested)…

Louis: You woke up in extreme pain and reached for Louis side of the bed. You were distraught as your hand fell to the empty mattress. “LOUIS,” you screamed louder than you knew possible with how much pain you were in. You tried to get up but fell back to the mattress fearful you might fall over in pain without help. After screaming for him a few more times you realized he had yet to make it home. You called his phone hoping he was close, but you got the voice mail. You knew a cab was your best bet and were lucky to have a service on speed dial. As you instructed, the kind cab driver came to the front door to help you out and even helped you make your way into the hospital. The nurse was fine company do to the circumstances. She continued to ask where the father was and reminded you to call him every 5 minutes. The doctor came in to the room to check how dilated you were again. “We’re going to have to start pushing,” the doctor instructed. “No we have to wait, Louis will come he will be here,” you pleaded. “I’m sorry but we have waited as long as we can, if you don’t start pushing now we could run into complications,” he continued to get ready and the nurse stood next to him ready to assist. You scanned the room for any free familiar face or object, but were on your own. The only humans were busy delivering your baby, so you grabbed on tightly to the arm rest next to you hoping if you closed your eyes hard enough you could pretend it was Louis hand. “I’m ready,” you hesitantly breathed out.

Harry: You were staying at Harry’s family’s house for the 10 days around your due date. So when your water broke, you were at ease. “Mom,” you called for Anne. “Yes dear,” she ran up probably able to hear the emotion in your voice. “I think I’m going into labor,” you announced. She looked at the sheets around where you were siting. “Oh you are most defiantly going into labor,” she went to help you up and grab your bags. “Where’s Harry,” you asked. You begged him to go to the show that night, but they should have been back by now. “Call him on the way,” she instructed as she handed you your phone and lead you to her car. You continued to call him all the way there, and all the way to your room, and the entire time you were lying in your bed. “Where is my brother,” Gemma appeared to be scolding more than asking the second she arrived. “Stop calling him and concentrate on your breathing,” she demanded stealing your phone. You could hear her yelling through the door. “Harry Edward Styles your wife is in this room getting ready to deliver your son. She needs you now more than ever, and if you are at an after party I promise to castrate you myself. Call me the second you get this!” She hung up the phone violently and tried to calm herself for your sake. The doctor was getting ready to deliver, “He must be dying or injured,” she guessed as she took one of your hands and her mother took your other hand. “He still has time,” you tried to be optimistic. “Actually we don’t,” the doctor corrected.

Zayn: Once you realized that you were alone in the house and that Zayn was not answering his phone you decided you would have to take matters into your own hands and grabbed the keys. As you were opening the door another contraction hit and you screamed out the pain. “Mam, mam are you okay,” you looked behind you to see a young boy about 17. “I’m fine, just got to get to the hospital.” You tried to ignore him and get in the car to go. “Let me drive you,” he insisted. “I’m sure I can manage,” you huffed out. “I can’t let you go like that you’ll crash in that kind of pain,” you could tell he was going to be persistent. “Fine, but if you don’t get us there safely my husband will probably kill you,” you held onto your baby bump and wobbled over to the passenger’s side. “Where is the daddy anyway,” he pried. “I don’t know,” you admitted and that shut him up. Once you got to the hospital the boy pushed your chair all the way to the room. “Thank you, do you need cab money,” you asked realizing how weird the situation was. “No, I’m staying till no show comes,” he was really set in that. “Zayn, that’s his name. Besides it could take hours before it’s time to deliver he has plenty of time to get here.” You were already being examined, “actually you are ready. You’re lucky.” The nurse left the room excited for you. “You shouldn’t have to see this,” you pleaded. “I’m not letting my neighbor go through this alone,” he was stern. “What’s your name,” you were shocked. “Ricky.” He smiled at you and it eased your nerves, “thank you Ricky,” you grabbed his hand and prepared to start pushing.

Liam: You decided that it was time to give up and waited to hear the beep and begin: “Liam Honey. It’s me, (y/n). Um… your baby’s coming. She’s not very patient clearly, because the nurse just told me she was going to get the Doctor and in about 5 minutes he’ll be in here to start pushing. Probably gets the impatience from you,” you tried to ease your nerves more than his. “I don’t really know where you are, but if you could try and get home that would be great,” you tried not to cry realizing that he would be able to tell and that you would have a whole team of people coming in. “You know where the hospital is, you practiced. Umm… room 56… that’s where they put me.  I guess you’ll probably call first. Yeah, you should do that… call me when and if you get this. I don’t mean to scare you or make you feel bad,” you were having a hard time thinking and probably sounded like a wreck. Your contractions were making your words come out like grunts and sometimes you were forgetting to breath. “You don’t have to worry, they said that everything looks great. It’s going supper smooth and everything. Everything should be fine. I know you’re not going to believe me, because of how I sound…” you realized you were babbling and that half the stuff you were saying was no longer important or useful. “Okay, I’ll wrap it up because they’re going to be in here soon… Believe me when I say we’re going to be fine, alright? The only reason it sounds like we’re not going to be is because… I’m scared… I love you.” You hung up because your brain went blank and you couldn’t come up with anymore words.

Niall: Your friend had gotten you to the hospital and you were so grateful for that, but why wasn’t Niall picking up his phone? Where was he? “How you doing,” your friend asked coming in with a glass of water. “Confused,” you answered honestly starting to take a drink, but spilling it a bit when another contraction hit. “Mrs. Horan, I’m afraid we may have some bad news…” the nurse started out giving you a near heart attack. “We are going to have to perform a C-Section, the baby is not in the right position to do a natural birth.” You sighed slightly relieved, “but my baby is fine?” You asked for clarification. “Everything looks healthy and should be okay. This procedure is very safe and I promise you have the best surgeon in the world to do it getting ready right now.” She squeezed your hand to assure you with a smile. “Right… like right, right now,” your voice squeaked as you prayed for the answer to be no. “Yes it needs to happen now there is no way we can wait any longer. We need to roll you back there immediately. “One last try, please. Let me just call him once more. I promise to be quick.” She looked conflicted but then nodded her head, not seeing any other option. You picked up your phone and waited for the 5 rings that had become so imbedded in your brain to play out. Once the message machine started you put the phone down and took a deep breath. With the most confidence you could muster you informed them, “he’s not coming. Let’s do this.” With that the nurse was pushing you out of the room through the hall.