fandom: once

we are dancing / we are flying / and he’s taking me back to the skies

emotional harmonies: a mix of harmonies that make me cry when i listen to them 

1. loneliness of evening from cinderella / 2. a step too far from aida / 3. in my life/a heart full of love from les miserables / 4. sunrise from in the heights / 5. you love who you love from bonnie & clyde / 6. first date/last night from dogfight / 7. if only (quartet) from little mermaid / 8. suddenly seymour from little shop of horrors / 9. once and for all from newsies / 10. make up your mind/catch me i’m falling from next to normal / 11. when your mind’s made up from once / 12. what you own from rent 13. the one from first date / 14. the song of purple summer from spring awakening / 15. as long as you’re mine from wicked / 16. the i love you song from the 25th annual putnam county spelling bee


Lets have one giant fandom hug

No matter what you ship, no matter who your favourite character is. we’re all from the same family


GIRL: Yeah, we go to New York and we will tell no one! And no one will ever be able to find us again.
GUY: No one! And we’ll have a great band and we’ll sell out loads of places and it will be just great!
GIRL: And we’ll make an album together.


More videos clips from the Arthur Darvill and friends concert (with a surprise appearance from #GlenHansard !!!!!) #arthurdarvill #doctorwho #rorypond #once

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