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Meet Lumpy the Lever Guardian

Lumpy is the watcher that guards the level in Layer 2 of Lower Pthumeru. But Lumpy is not your regular watcher. Lumpy is awesome watcher.

What makes him so awesome is that he drops outrageously powerful cursed (mostly physical) gems considering how early you can get to him (after defeatng Blood-starved Beast and doing the first two chalices). He’s my regular stop on every new char/build because a hour or two of farming him will pretty much set me up for the rest of the main game.

The physical bonus on his gems ranges from 18.8% to 20.6%. Here are some examples of what he gave me on this run:

(remember that the WPN durability down curse doesn’t stack, so if you commit to wearing one you might as well settle for 3)

Yeah, this guy can drop stronger gems than Winter Lanterns in Mensis, with the obvious disadvantage that they are radials so you’d probably need to find a different prey to fill your waning/triangle slot, although he CAN drop out-of-shape gems as well if you get lucky;

He definitely hides some interesting gems in his drop table;

Glory to Lumpy!


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