fandom: alternative universe

  • Person A: *pouts*
  • Person B: What?
  • Person A: *pouts more*
  • Person B: Talk, you idiot!
  • Person A: *tears up* I never thought I will have to say this, love. I never thought it would come the day that you will chose something over me and that I would doubt your feelings for me! Where was the time when you swore that you'd make me happy and give me everythi-
  • Person B: GODDAMN IT. FINE. Take the last slice, fucking hell. *shoves the last pizza slice to A*
  • Person A: *grins sheepishly* I love you so much!

i never understood why some people are such cunts when an artist draws a person/character in some other universe, like y’all are seriously that petty and boring, wow. congrats. good job. please find something else to do other than complain and shit on artists, thank you.

edit: i’m just thinking aloud here, really. nothing really happened to me specifically. just seen it with a lot of other artists. then people vague blog. yknow. :P

OTP shenanigans
  • Person A: I'm gonna do the thing!
  • Person B: You won't. You're not gonna do that thing.
  • Person A: I'm gonna do the thing!
  • Person B: Fine. But only if I get to do it with you.

Ranger’s Apprentice Everyone is Transported to Present-Day AU

Cassandra and Alyss are huge feminists.

Cassandra loves that she can wear pants/shorts whenever she damn well pleases.

King Duncan is really confused by a coffee shop being named after him. Especially since they spell his name as “Dunkin”

Halt, Will, and Gilan drink soooo much coffee.

Alternate Universe ideas
  • ‘we work on the same floor and you always break the printer’ AU
  • ‘I went to the shelter to buy a cat but you want the same cat’ AU
  • ‘we are in the same cooking class and one time you forget to put the top on the blender’ AU
  • ‘I always sing along to the song you are playing on the piano in the apartment below’ AU
  • ‘we are on the same bus and you always read my favorite book’ AU
  • ‘In my art class you are a model that the class has to draw/paint/sketch’AU
  • ‘I was walking down the street and saw you doing something very suspicious so i followed you’ AU
  • ‘We are apartment neighbors and you snore really REALLY loud’ AU
  • ‘I was dancing in my room just to realize my window was open and you live next door’ AU
  • ‘We are in the same bird watching group’ AU
  • ‘I go to a medieval festival and you are one of the knights there’ AU
  • ‘My water bottle wouldn’t open so I threw it and it hit you’ AU
  • ‘I got to comic con and you are dressed as the character that many people ship with the character I am dressed up as’ AU
  • ‘ I was walking down the sidewalk and you fell out of a tree just as I walked by’ AU
Imagine your immortal!OTP

Imagine person A is a time traveller and person B is immortal. In year 1678 they met the first time and fell in love, though person A knew they couldn’t stay for someone who’d die anyway and person B couldn’t let someone mortal have their heart. Knowing this, B still gave A a silver bracelet, a gift symbolising their love and formed bond. Two month after that, A disappeared because they feared to watch B die, though they would come over every two years, watching B from afar and after 20 years B moved away. A believed them dead by then.
After nearly a century A and B meet again when they bumped in each other on the street. Both are speechless because they thought that their loved ones were already under the earth. Not believing that A is A, B tries to flee, but A grabs their arm and shows them the silver bracelet.

Random AUs

“I went over to your room because you were blasting music to find you lying in a pile of pillows sobbing and listening to some love song and now I don’t know what to do” au

“I work at a library and you continuously ask me to help you find books about the most random topics are you on some sort of quest??” au

“Your parent is suing my parent over a property line… and wow I didn’t know I had a hot neighbor hello there” au

“I work as a taekwondo instructor and you started taking classes even though you’re weak as hell, and where are those bruises from OH MY gOD I SWEAR I’LL MURDER ALL THE BULLIES AT YOUR SCHOOL” au

“I found your tumblr but you don’t know and urg now you’re posting about your crush on this cute person oh wait is that me” au

“You seem really quiet but I sit right in front of you and I keep hearing you whispering salty comments to yourself in class” au

“I got lost on this campground at night and I am so sorry I thought this was my tent and now I’m waking up next to you helloooo” au

“I rescued your cat from a tree and brought it back to the address on the collar. Also, I’m allergic to cats and I need to go to the hospital now” au

“You were having a panic attack in the hallway and I was the only one who took any notice” au