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JYP Groups as Types of Siblings

Wonder Girls

  • Oldest, late 20s
  • Already married and has a couple of kids
  • Wine mom AND vodka aunt 
  • Family oriented, but calls only once a week
  • Was extremely popular in school 
  • Probably was the cheer captain 
  • Used to smoke but blamed it on 2pm
  • Laidback and super cool
  • Has a Wonder Woman sticker on the back of her mini van
  • Values education 
  • Still the life of the party
  • Hotter than you will ever be 


  • Older, popular twin, mid 20’s
  • Had a fuckboy phase
  • Now is now a gentleman
  • Has a kid who lives with his ex
  • Used to be Got7’s role model during the fuckboy phase
  • “Boys have swag, men have class”
  • Still lives at home, but is only there to sleep and eat
  • Loving older brother, but teases a LOT
  • Can probably bench press over 200lbs
  • Enlisted in the army
  • Is somehow involved in politics and business???
  • Plays Pokemon in his underwear in the living room


  • Younger, forgotten twin, mid 20’s
  • Sentimental, cries a lot
  • Wears glasses and often has them stolen by the others
  • Collects pop figures
  • Moved out years ago and no one noticed
  • Wanted his own birthday party instead of sharing with 2pm when they were kids
  • Awkward
  • Tired and done
  • Never comes home, only calls during special events
  • The “you’re adopted” sibling
  • Used to be just as crazy back in the day before reality hit him hard
  • The only one who knows how to do taxes

Miss A

  • Early 20’s
  • Doesn’t remember name of all her siblings
  • Dramatic as hell
  • Used to be a bitch
  • Moved away for college and never came back
  • Calls regularly, but is in different places every time; Shanghai one day, Jamaica the next 
  • Stone cold resting bitch face
  • Probably catfished a sugar daddy on social media before
  • All business no play
  • Used to be a theater kid
  • “I’m finding myself”
  • Smells like a walking cashmere candle


  • Late teens
  • “skate fast, eat ass”
  • Dropped himself as a baby somehow
  • Says “yolo”, “swag”, and “dude” in his daily vocabulary
  • Immature but loveable
  • Is lowkey deep
  • Got a tattoo when he was 16 and now regrets it
  • Gets all the girls
  • Class clown in school
  • Made it into an ivy league school on a sports scholarship
  • Tries to act tough but is actually a cutie pie
  • World’s best uncle


  • Mid teens
  • Is highkey emo
  • Girlfriend broke up with him in 4th grade and he hasn’t been the same since
  • Writes poetry and always wears beanies and hoodies
  • All the genius genes went to him
  • Could get as many girls as GOT7, but is too shy
  • Discusses social issues and ways to solve them with justice during family dinner
  • Knows every internet meme and what’s trending at all time
  • The sweetest of sweethearts; protects Twice from boys
  • Is Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr famous
  • Does daily vlogs
  • Gifted in every way possible


  • Early teens
  • The family favorite
  • Softest, protect her at all costs
  • Likes making arts and crafts for her family
  • Loves hugs and kisses
  • Cannot go to sleep without hugging something or someone 
  • A little ditzy, clumsy, and sometimes annoying
  • Still has all her stuffed animals, barbies, and legos from when she was smaller
  • Gets bullied at school, but fights back “with love”
  • Doesn’t know she’s gay yet, but everyone else knows
  • Role model is Beyonce, but used to crush on Justin Bieber
  • A child prodigy and a future legend

Stray Kids

  • Tweens
  • Edgy™
  • “Fuck you, dad! I’m going to live with mom!”
  • Is the actual incarnation of Damian Wayne
  • Can’t watch horror movies
  • Broke his leg once while riding a ripstick
  • Angst at an early age
  • Wears sunglasses indoors
  • Listens to both rock music and classical music
  • Misunderstood and needs a hug
  • Gets into fights with internet trolls on Minecraft
  • Actually overwhelmed by life and needs urgent help
  • Gets babied and likes it but will not admit it 

Wth 😂😂


[29062017] Youngjae commented & sent hearts during Bernard’s IG Live. Bernard was at 2PM’s Wooyoung’s house with Wooyoung of course & 15&’s Jimin. 

Youngjae asked Wooyoung to dance Sexy Lady (Wooyoung’s solo single) and he did. After that Youngjae wrote, customer satisfied. kekeke 

I’m really happy right now because Youngjae & Wooyoung are my biases so when Youngjae being the fanboy of Wooyoungie really makes my fangirl heart happy. My two ultimate biases ♥‿♥

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New accounts to follow

I noticed have way too much nct/exo/bts content on my dash and not enough of other groups I like! I also run a underrated and/or rookie boy group blog, so I’m looking for accounts I can follow for both of those reasons! Here are a list of groups; if you post/reblog content for any of these actively, please reblog and I’ll check you out! If you feel like it, put which groups you post/reblog for in the tags. Thank you~

Cross Gene*
Golden Child*

*Starred groups are my particular favorites/groups I would most like more of on my dash.

Where is the lie 💀💀

Daddies - (M)

Genre; Smut

Length; 600+ words

Originally posted by mayfifolle

Originally posted by br1ankang

As the pink and orange tinged rays of sunshine came through the window, illuminating the room, you lazily forced yourself up. 
“Mhmmm..” Your boyfriend, Jae, mumbled as your movements interrupted his sleep. 

A small, soft giggle escaped you as your tired eyes loomed over him then moved over to your second spouse, Nichkhun. Both men peacefully laid there, looking ethereal even in their slumbering states. You thought you had hit the jackpot when you first started dating Khunnie, but then the two of you introduced Jae into the mix and everything turned from a paradise to heaven. 

Just as your mind dwelled further into your adoration for them, a familiar low voice snapped you back into your sweet reality. 
“Baby..” Nichkhun raspily cooed, bringing his hand up to your face; brushing your messy bed hair behind your ear. “What are you doing, princess?” 

Hearing your beloved pet-names had your cheeks flushing a bright red, instantly, “I was just admiring the view,” You shyly replied, biting your lower lip as you felt Jae’s large hand caress your thigh. “What can a woman not admire her gorgeous men now?” 

Before either of them responded, they tugged you down- sandwiching you between them. As Nichk peppered gentle kisses all over your face, Jae pressed his lips against your neck and shoulders, “You’re so precious, y/n..” He sleepily purred, his warm breath brushing against your sensitive skin. “Our sweet little angel.”

The more they continued their gentle attacks while pressing their bodies against you, the more your body seemed to react. 
“Mhmm, please stop-” You giggled, your breaths already becoming shallow as your arousal steadily increased. “I have work in a couple hours and I don’t need to go in all sexually frustrated because of you two.” 

Both men seemed to get a kick out of your little statement, but at the same time- they spared each other mischievous glances silently plotting against you. 

“Oh but babygirl..” Jae raspily cooed, pressing his lower half against your practically bare bum; bucking his hips ever so slightly as Nichkhun began to do the same. “We wanna play before you go..” 

Their movements automatically ignited that fire in your core while soft whimpers began to escape your parted lips. 
“We always miss you so much when you go, kitten..” Khun softly murmured, ghosting his mouth over your exposed neck and chest. “Just let us have some fun before you do.” 

As you open your mouth to say some snarky remark, both men bit down on your most sensitive spots at the same time- Jae sunk his teeth right into the crook of your neck while Khun harshly bit the top of your breasts. 
While throwing your head back- burying it into your pillow, nothing but airy, needy whimpers escaped you as they began licking and sucking the afflicted areas. 

“God- God damn it,” You whined, letting out the most delicate gasps as the continued their little assaults. Your hands finding their way to Khun’s biceps, raking your fingernails down to his toned forearms. “Why must you guys do this to me?”  

Jae lifted his mouth from you, his lips curling into a pompous grin as a soft snicker escaped him. “Because, babygirl..” He purred, his hand running down your waist to your thighs; roughly groping them. “It’s just so fun watching you come undone… Isn’t that right, Hyung?” 

Nodding, Nichkhun stopping his nipping, giving your bruising skin faint kitten licks. “Damn right it is..” He added while his hands moved down your body as well; stopping just above your heat. “Now tell us kitten, how do you want us to play with you?” He asked, ghosting his fingers over your clothed slit. 

“Do you want us to take turns on you? Or… Shall we fuck you senselessly at the same time? Hm?” 

To Be Continued~