((OOC: i was walking back to my flat wearing my Gryffindor scarf when a very enthusiastic Scottish man stopped me and asked for directions.. he later told me that he had been lost on campus for ages feeling too anxious to ask anyone for directions. BUT because he saw me wearing a Gryffindor scarf he felt like he could trust me. I don’t really know why I’m posting this, i just think the fact that something as simple as a scarf made a person feel they could overcome their anxiety and ask for directions says something pretty awesome about this fandom))

a big fucking shout out to fandom artists and writers that provide hours of entertainment for free

a big fucking shout out to artists that take commissions, $ make that money honey $

a big fucking shout out to people that contribute to the meta pool, can I crawl inside of your brains and live there for a little while?

a big fucking shout out to people flexing their creative muscles and sharing their OC’s with us, because all of our OC’s carry a little bit of ourselves in them so in a way you are sharing something very personal with us and that is so brave and cool and good!!!

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I am in love with your jaywing AU!!!! It’s honestly so adorable, makes INFINITELY more sense, and I ship mothpool so badly you have no idea. The art you drew for it was fantastic!! It’s one of my favorite AU fan art pieces in the whole fandom!!

THANKS its my pride and joy. have mothwing and leafpool and their beautiful children

The Hogwarts Houses When They Fail A Test


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*puts on old timey glasses* Back in my day of fandom, people prided themselves on making the most outrageous, weird, ships. Oh they're brothers? SHIPPED. Different species? SHIPPED. Age difference? HELLA SHIPPED. And now it's like "oh you ship these characters with a one month age difference, wow u are literally a pedo go die." Like, what the fuck happened? Where did the crack ships or guilty pleasure ships go?? Why can't people fucking live anymore?????